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POB test 3

Review for test 3 Principles of Business

The personal satisfaction people feel when they have done a job well intrinsic reward
What is an extrinsic reward rewards that come from someone else in recognition of good work
the tendency for people to behave differently when they know they are being studied is? The Hawthorne Effect
In Maslows list of needs food, water, and shelter are physiological needs
Safety needs according to Maslow are needs people have for security at work and at home
The practice of moving employees from one job to another is called job rotation
Theory X managers think what of employees? that they are lazy and unwilling to accept responsibility
Examples of negative reinforcement are? reprimands, pay reductions, and suspensions
What is a job specification? A statement that identifies the minimum qualifications required of a worker in order to perform a specific job
Promotions and transfers are what type of sources available to HR in recruiting? internal sources
Internet based training courses are sometimes called what? distance learning
Under what type of shop agreement must workers belong to the union before they are hired? Closed shop
What is a lockout? when management temporarily closes a business to deny employment
The four P's are major components of what? marketing mix
what consists of all the techniques sellers use to persuade consumers to buy their goods and services? promotions
What type of data is collected by surveying, interviewing, and mailing out questionaires? primary data
What is any paid, nonpersonal communication through various media by oragnizations advertising
What has the largest share of advertising expense cable and broadcast television
What is the best advertising medium to reach a specific target market? direct mail
What do you call paying to put your product in a popular television show? product placement
giving free items to people with paid admission to an event is an example of? sales promotion
What is the name of the free stuff that you receive for hyping up products in chat rooms? Swag
What is a testimonial a letter from a customer praising a firm's product
What is an online diary that looks like a web page but is easier to create? A blog
What is feedback? The characterisitc of work that is concerned with the amount of direct and clear information employees receive about performance
What is human resource management? the process of evaluating human resource needs and then recruiting, and developing employees
What is an employee organization that represents workers in employee-management bargaining over job-related issues? A Union
What is a product? Any physical good,sevice,or idea that satifies a want or need
What is a word,letter,or group of words that differentiate the goods and services of a seller from those of competitors? brand name
Taking information from published articles and other journals is what type of data secondary data
What encourages people to tell other people about goods or services they have enjoyed word of mouth
Created by: Christy.Waterman



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