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Grapes of wrath review

Who does Tom Joad meet on his way to his farm in Oklahoma. Preacher Jim Casey, a christ allegory.
Why does the Joad family leave their farm in Oklahoma for California? They've been "tractored off their land." The government has come in and taken the land and is plowing over it. They choose California because they've seen handbills advertising work.
Grandpa dies shortly after the family begins their journey. The family is depressed about leaving. What connection(s) can be made between the death of grandpa and the departure from the land? grandpa was the land, that was where his heart was. they lived for the land and once it was gone they had nothing to live for.
How does man's inhumanity to man enhance the novel? -shown through derrogatory use of okies- migrants treated like animals and treated like criminals- landowners refuse to help the migrants
HOw does the lack of land-ownership and moving relate to the story? - because they lack a home, the familial bonds weaken, they're more tied by journeys than by land- lost their identity so forced to regain it- Joads and Willson's (family meet on side of road) become a cohesive unit b/c bond over similar experiences a
How does the Joads refusal to be beaten exemplify wrath? -self respect= key to survival- without food,lose of Connie, Rose of Sharon's husband, Grandpa and RoS's baby, no food or $ family rises above- RoS feeds starving man from breast- people, esp men will remain strong “as long as fear [can] turn to wrath
Created by: goalinator19