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terms associated with cyberbully

Hate Crime targeting a person or group because of their race, ethnicity,gender, or other traits
Gossip spreading untrue rumors
Netiquette good manners while using the internet; appropriate use of digital communication
Bystander someone who witnesses an event or bullying but is not directly involved
Ethics doing what is right
Social Media forums for communicating such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat
Bystander Effect the larger the number of bystanders, the less likely someone is to intervene
Harassment repeatedly texting or messaging someone to cause fear or manipulate them; continually bothering someone
Empathy ablility to understand exactly how someone feels because of your experiences
Sexting sending inappropriate photos by phone or other communications
Cyberbullying harassing someone by repeatedly texting or posting mean/untrue statements about them on social media
Traumatic something that changes a person physically, mentally, or emotionally
Anonymous unknown by not giving your name
Victim the person who is being bullied or harassed by others
Bully someone who verbally or physically attacks another person causing fear or harm
Forum a place where people meet to discuss and exchange ideas
Created by: brintlek