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MMS Scholar's Bowl 3

His most famous concertos are a set of four for the violin known as "The Four Seasons" Vivaldi
In Louisa May Alcott's famous novel "Little Women" which of the March sisters is a tomboy and a nonconformist? Jo
A faulty coilling system caused extreme damage to its nuclear reactor cor in 1979. Luckily the protective building housing the nuclear reactor prevented radioactive fallout from entering the earth's atmosphere. Name this plant near Harrisburg, PA Three Mile Island
What famous ballet features a German girl named Clara who received an interesting Christmas gift from her mysterious godfather, Herr Drosselmeyer The Nutcracker
This man was a member of the Regulators, a posse formed during the Lincoln County Wars. He was known throughout his life as Henry McCarty and Henry Antrim before he was shot in the back by Marshall Bill Garrett. Who is this famous outlaw of the Old West? Billy The Kid (William H. Bonney)
What Russian chemist devised the first Periodic Table? Dmitri Mendeleev
What are the elements called that are found in family 18 on the Periodic Table? Noble Gases
By most estimates, over 1000 languages are spoken on this continent which has abundant resources but is the world's poorest. What is the name of this continent surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea to the north and the Suez Canal to the NE? Africa
In the song "The 12 Days of Christmas", how many maids are milking? 8
What does a bibliophile love? Books
Which leg of the Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing takes place every year on the first Saturday in May at Churchill Downs? Kentucky Derby
What is the scientific formula for the gas compound that is exhaled by humans? CO2
What ancient culture invented acupuncture which involves the insertion of extremely thin needles through the skin at strategic points on the human body to ease pain? Chinese (China)
Which explorer tried to find the Fountain of Youth a legendary spring that could rejuvenate anyone who drank from it? Ponce de Leon
What is the capital of Grenada? St. George's
What is the capital of Jamaica? Kingston
A one celled fungi that is used to leaven bread is called Yeast
How many sides do all quadrilaterals have? 4
What is the sum of the interior angles in a quadrilateral? 360 degrees
What large vulture is the largest flying bird in North America? California Condor
What smooth material is found at the ends of long bones? Cartilage
This fairy tale like book is from Irish author Eoin Colfer and is about a 12 year old boy who kidnaps Captain Holly Short of the LEPrecon unit Artemis Fowl
This first book in "His Dark Materials" trilogy created much controversy when it was turned into a movie. The book's main character, Lyra is in search of her friend Roger and her father Lord Asriel. The Golden Compass
What musical piece by Giachino Rossini is better known as the theme for "The Lone Ranger"? William Tell Overture
What Sir Edward Elgar musical piece is heard on loop at many Graduation ceremonies? Pomp and Circumstance
In what quadrant is (-8, -16) located? Three
In what quadrant is (-1, 2) located? Two
What is the most common element found in the earth's crust? Oxygen
What is the smallest particle of water that is still called water? Molecule
This term literally means a renewed interest in learning and knowledge. The word also refers to a time period from the 14th century to the 17th century in Europe where there was a great revival of art, music, literature, and knowledge. Renaisaance
This book by Louise Fitzhugh offers a look at society as seen through the eyes of a lonely 11 year old girl growing up on the Upper East Side of Manhattan who spies on her neighbors and classmates. Her nemesis is Marion Hawthorne. Harriet the Spy
This actress was born Norma Jean Mortenson in 1926 to Gladys Baker. She became famous for her roles in "How to Marry a Millionaire", "Bus Stop", and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes". Marilyn Monroe
The Pennsylvania Dutch are descendants of immigrants who came to Pennsylvania from what country? Germany
What type of scientific transformation occurs when two substances form a new substance that has completely different properties? Chemical Change
What memorial is situated between the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington monument on the Mall in Washington D.C. and features 56 pillars and two arches? World War II Monument
What city hosted the first Impressionist Art Exhibit in 1874? Paris
What scientific term for the birds, or class of vertebrates that has feathers and wings called? Aves
A biological term that refers to the front of an organism is called Anterior
What South American country has two different capitals of La Paz and Sucre? Bolivia
What Dutch impressionist painted "The Potato Eaters" in 1885? Vincent Van Gogh
What ancient Greek physician is associated with the oath that states the obligations and proper conduct of doctors? Hippocrates
The original actor chosen for the voice of the Donkey in the movie Shrek as Chris Farley but he died before the movie as made. Who ended up voicing the character Donkey in the movie Shrek? Eddie Murphy
I am a clever animal in Aseop's fables. In one story, I flattered a crow with a terrible singing voice causing it to drop the cheese which I then devoured, What type of animal am I? Fox
Arnold Schwarnegger noted actor and governor of California was not born in the United States. In what country was he born? Austria
This type of plane is sometimes called a seaplane because it can take off from land or sea Hydroplane
What country am I? The 56th Meridian and 34th Parallel intersect my southern half. The Rio de la Plata flows past me in the Atlantic. My neighbors are Brazil and Argentina. My capital is Montevideo. Uruguay
In what state would you find the cities of Gulfport, Tupelo, and Biloxi? Missisippi
In what state would you find the cities of Uttica, Buffalo, and Syracuse? New York
Who was the only NBA player to ever score over 100 points in one game? Wilt Chamberlain
These lines are neither parallel nor intersecting. They exist in different planes and never cross the path of one another. What are these lines called? Skew Lines
What is the formula for calculating the area of a triangle? A=1/2BH
What type of triangle has two equal sides and two equal angles? Isosceles
Who was the 15th president of the US and the only one who never married? James Buchanan
This first US colony to allow complete religious freedom was Providence Rhode Island
The product of the mass of a body and its velocity is called Momentum
A material with electrical conductivity intermediate between metals and insulators and is used with a range of electrical devices is called a Semiconductor
Most symphonies are subdivided into four shorter sections that can be played separately or together as one long piece. What are these sections called? Movements
In what country was the Baroque composer George Handel born? Germany
In what country was the Baroque composer Antonio Vivaldi born? Italy
What was the name of the main character in the "Dolphin Diaries" book series? Jody
What Ellen Raskin mystery won the 1979 Newberry Medal? The Westing Game
What human body part is found on the Great Seal of the United States above the pyramid? Eye (Eye of Providence)
This magnetic element combines with oxygen to form rust and has the chemical symbol of Fe. This element is used to make steel Iron
In what class of lever is the force applied between the fulcrum and the weight? Third
In the movie Cars, what was the name of the sponsorship "Lightening" decides to stay with out of loyalty? Rust-Eze
In the movie Cars, this car rammed The King to come in first at the Piston Cup championship only to be booed by the crowd for his unsportsmanlike behavior. Chick Hicks
The Horsehead Nebulae is found in this constellation. According to myth, the nearby constellations of Canis Major and Canis Minor serve as this constellations hunting dogs. What is the name of this constellation that features the stars Rigel & Betelguese? Orion
This Italian physicist developed the first nuclear chain reaction in 1942 Enrico Fermi
This is the only brass instrument that is played with the fingers on the left hand French Horn
How many strings are on a violin? Four
This author from Hannibal Missouri was the quintessential humorist. He said "the reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated". Name this author of "Huck Finn" Mark Twain
A poetry rhyme pattern in which each line has five metric feet Pentameter
A story intended to teach a moral lesson or answer an ethical question is called a Parable
According to archeological evidence, this lake has dried up 3 times in its history. Bordered by Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania, it forms the White Nile. Named for a British monarch, what is the name of this largest lake in Africa? Lake Victoria
What state's coast is known as the "Graveyard of the Atlantic"? North Carolina
In what US city can you find the prison referred to as "The Rock"? San Francisco
What is the absolute value of -66? 66
What property of addition states that the sum of a number and zero is the number? Identity Property
Often seen in small print, this type of written information can denote a citation or additional comment on specific material. What is this term for an explanation or reference to other works that is printed at the bottom of a printed page? Footnote
In Monopoly, what is the name given to the yellow draw pile in the middle of the board? Community Chest
How much money does it cost to buy Boardwalk in the Monopoly game? $400.00
In 1867. this surgeon became the first physician to use antiseptics such as carbolic acid as an aid during surgery. What is the name of this British pioneer who used antiseptics to kill germs on a surgeon's hands thus saving many lives? Joseph Lister
A cave formation built upward from the floor of a cave is called a Stalagmite
A type of bacteria that is shaped like a ball and can cause a severe sore throat is called Streptococcus
In Roman mythology, this patron goddess of Rome is the mother of Mars and Vulcan. Her Greek equivalent is Hera and the 6th month of the calendar is named after her. Who is this wife of Jupiter? Juno
He wants to climb to the top of the Citadel even though his father died attempting this in the book "Banner in the Sky" Rudi
This Caroline Cooney character discovers her own face on a milk carton Jamie
This edifice was built around 2580 BC-1560BC and was the burial vault for the pharaoh Khufu. It was the tallest manmade structure for over 3,800 years. What is the name of this only remaining ancient wonder of the world? Great Pyramid of Giza
This former first lady was the first to be elected to public office Hillary Clinton
In 1973, this Vice President of the US resigned from office Spiro Agnew
This series of books is about a group of middle school students living in the fictional town of Stoneybrook, CT. Name this popular group of books written by Ann Martin that follows the adventures of several girls who provide a service to the parents The Baby Sitter's Club
The nine year old nephew of a mathematician coined this term for this extraordinarily large number in 1938. Used as an Internet search company in a slightly different spelling, what is the name of this # that is 1 followed by 100 zeroes? Googol
What 7 letter word is the name given to a person that believes there is no God? Atheist
What is the name of the underground point where an earthquakes vibrations begin? Focus
This land mass contains 60% of the world's population and comprises 9% of the world's total area Asia
What 19th century art movement derived its name from the title of a painting done by Claude Monet in 1872? Impressionism
Who is the only character in Disney's animated movie Dumbo that does not speak? Dumbo
Haiku is a form of Japanese poetry. How many total syllables are in a Haiku poem? 17
What is the title for an official who represents his or her nation in a foreign country and controls the local embassy? Ambassador
This man was known as the "Man who saved the children" after finding the vaccine to fight polio. Dr. Jonas Salk
An organism that feeds on dead organisms is called? Scavenger
A conjunction is a word that links words or group of words. What is the term for conjunctions that are used in pairs, such as neither or nor? Correlative Conjunctions
Into how many boroughs is New York City divided? 5
Where is the National Park The Everglades located? Florida
Where is the National Park The Grand Tetons located? Wyoming
Who had the nickname "Magic" in the NBA? Earvin Johnson
Who had the nickname Dr. J in the NBA? Julius Erving
Balboa became the first European to sight this body of water when he climbed up on top of a mountain in the middle of the Isthmus of Panama. What modern body of water was named the South Sea by Balboa in 1513? Pacific Ocean
Working with William Kelly, this man found a way to make a cheaper and more efficient way of making steel. He also helped to further the use of the early steam engine. Henry Bessemer
In 1769, this man patented the modern steam engine. It became the new way to drive spinning and weaving machines. James Watt
Energy and work are measured in foot-pounds. In what other unit can they be expressed? Joules
What instrument in an airplane shows the airplane's distance above the ground? Altimeter
How many concertos are included in Bach's Brandenburg Concertos? 6
Who invented the piano? Bartolomeo Cristofori
Who invented the modern flute? Theobold Boehm
Les Miserables by Victor Hugo is one of the best known novels of the 19th century. He wrote another famous novel in 1831 also set in Paris. What is the name of this novel that features the characters of Quasimodo and Esmeralda. The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Name the author of the Hardy Boys Series Franklin Dixon
Name the scientist who was the first person to demonstrate that white light is a mixture of all the colors of the visible spectrum when he passed sunlight through a glass prism. Isaac Newton
What are the three types of columns found in Greek architecture Ionic, Doric, Corinthian
This is the former site of the estate of Robert E Lee's wife who was descended from Martha Washington. It is now a cemetery across from the Potomac River in Washington D.C. Arlington National Cemetary
Where would you find the words written "Here Rests in Honored Glory an American Soldier Known but to God"? The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetary
After dropping two cannonballs of different sizes and masses from the Leaning Tower of Pisa in 1590, which Italian scientist theorized about gravity? Galileo Galilei
What do the letters SS stand for in a ship's name? Steamship
What Italian born Renaissance artist painted "Saint George and the Dragon" which is located in the Louvre, and "The School of Athens" which is inside the Vatican? Raphael
Name the Nordic countries Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark
This southwestern state was admitted to the Union in 1912 as our 47th state. What is this state known as "The Land of Enchantment" and whose largest city is Albuquerque? New Mexico
What scientific word am I? I am an area in intergalactic space that contains little or no molecules. Vacuum
Professional boxing has 17 weight divisions. In what weight division do boxers weighing more than 200 pounds box? Heavyweight
What unit is used to measure heat energy in the metric system and is defined as "the amount of energy that is needed to raise the temperature of one gram of water by one degree Celsius"? Calorie
What is the name for the pad of account records that is kept by a bookkeeper? Ledger
Who said "Give me Liberty or Give me Death" during the Revolutionary War? Patrick Henry
Who led the Green Mountain Boys during the American Revolution? Ethan Allen
In what city would you be is you visited the Basilica of Sacre Coer, the Louvre, and the Eiffel Tower? Paris
This island is located at the toe of Italy in the Mediterranean Sea Sicily
This is the largest island in the world that is not a continent Greenland
Sponges are distinguished by the level of complexity in their bodies. Into which phylum are sponges classified? Porifera
These marsupials live and feed off the eucalyptus trees in eastern Australia Koalas
These antlered mammals also known as reindeer, migrate from Canada and Alaska in early May to their summer feeding grounds. Caribou
The solid rock layer beneath sand or silt is called Bedrock
What Australian building is made up of over 2,000 concrete sections that are held together by 21 miles of steel cable and resembles a sea creature rising out of the harbor? The Sydney Opera House
What science word means not dissolvable in a liquid? Insoluble
What science word means capable of being mixed? Miscible
Most of the play Romeo and Juliet is meant to be read aloud and is written in unrhyming lines that sound similar to everyday speech. What is the literary term for verse consisting of unrhymed lines mainly of iambic pentameter? Blank Verse
Which US amendment states "No soldier, shall in the time of peace, be quartered in any house without the consent of the owner" Third
What is the medical term for ringing in the ears? Tinnitus
Who said "In starting and waging a war, it is not right that matters but victory". He was neither right nor victorious and was known as "the Fuhrer" during WWII Adolf Hitler
She was an escaped slave named "Moses" who became a successful conductor on the Underground Railroad Harriet Tubman
The second man to walk on the moon was Edwin Buzz Aldrin
The U.S.S.R.'s first artificial satellite was called Sputnik I
The Soviet cosmonaut who became the first person in space was Yuri Gagarin
The first US astronaut to fly into space was Alan Shepard
This US president had the second shortest tenure in office besides William Henry Harrison. After a few months in office, he was shot and killed by an attorney Charles Guiteau who did not receive the government job that he wanted. James Garfield
The term for this era of art history was derived from a Portuguese word for "pearl". The era saw the works of Caravaggio and Bernini. What term indicates the period of art from 1600-1750 after the Renaissance? Baroque
Who created the character of Count Dracula? Bram Stoker
Name the Dutch astronomer that confirmed the theory that the galaxy is rotating and proposed his own theory that their is an immense swarm of comets orbiting the sun in a cloud named after him Jan Oort (Oort Cloud)
This man served as Secretary of the Navy, Secretary of the Treasury and as the Governor of Texas. He is most famous for being in the car with President John F Kennedy when he was assassinated in Nov 1963. John Connally
Angry that Othello has promoted Cassio over him, this antagonist of Shakespeare's play betrays his lord by making him distrust his wife. Name this Shakespearian villain. Iago
What author from Salinas California in 1962 won the Nobel prize for literature for his realistic and imaginative writings. He wrote "East of Eden", "Of Mice and Men", and "The Grapes of Wrath"? John Steinbeck
Chinese alchemists were the major force behind this invention when they were researching eternal life. The alchemists heated sulfur and saltpeter in order to transform them and later added charcoal. What invention was created by mixing those ingredients? Gunpowder
Who was the king of the Danes in Beowulf whose sleeping warriors were eaten each night by Grendel until Beowulf killed the monster? Hrothgar
This Indian American director is a master of creating tension and building suspense and then capping off the movie with a twist. His first major success was "The Sixth Sense" with Bruce Willis and then "Unbreakable", "Signs" and "The Village". M. Night Shymalan
This Ohio city is known as "the glass capital of the world" because of its manufacturing glass and glass components. It is home to Owen's Corning. What is this city home of the Mud Hens minor league baseball team? Toledo
What New England author who is a descendant of the pilgrims used his family history as a basis for the ballad about an English military officer who supervised the Plymouth Colony in the poem "The Courtship of Miles Standish" Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
The 18th and 21st amendments to the US Constitution are both concerned with the same subject which is.... Prohibition (Sale of Alcohol)
He served in the Continental Army and was a member of the New York Assembly and the US Senate before being elected VP in 1800. He was also in a famous duel with Alexander Hamilton Aaron Burr
He was one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence and served in the US House of Representatives and as governor of Massachusetts before being elected in 1812 but is most famous for his policy of "gerrymandering" or redrawing political districts Elbridge Gerry
This book describes human beings as "the most pernicious race of little odious vermin that nature ever suffered to walk upon the face of the earth". In what Jonathan Swift book can we find that quote? Gulliver's Travels
"The powers not delegated to the US by the Constitution nor prohibited by the states are reserved to the states respectively or to the people" Which amendment is this? 10th Amendment
"Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishment afflicted.." Which amendment to the US Constitution is this? 8th Amendment
What is the name of the snobbish professor of phonetics who is the protagonist of George Bernard Shaw's play Pygmalion? Henry Higgins
In the 1890's this region in southern Africa fell under British control. It had a large population of British settlers that dominated the land for decades. Finally it gained independence in 1980. What is this country that was once known as "Rhodesia"? Zimbabwe
This Ernest Hemingway novel tells about the lives of a group of men and women whose adulthood was consumed by WWI as told by the narrator Jake Barnes. The Sun Also Rises
In 1619, the Virginia Company established its own legislature that was elected by the "free men" of the colony. What was this legislative body called that began the tradition of representative government in America? The House of Burgesses
What US presidential library is in Independence, Missouri? Harry Truman
This body function known as ruminant eructation is a means of discharging carbon dioxide a major waste product of the fermentation process. What do we more commonly call this body function that may be caused by drinking too much soda quickly? Burping
What former First Lady of the US published her husband's letters in a book in 2002 titled "I Love You, Ronnie"? Nancy Reagan
This African American author was born in 1931 as Chloe Anthony Wofford and released the books "The Bluest Eye" and "Sula". She won the Pulitzer Prize in 1988 for her book "Beloved". Who is this author? Toni Morrison
What Article of the US Constitution discussed that the President is the Commander in Chief of the army and navy of the US? Article 2
Which candidate for US president in 1858 stated "A House Divided Against Itself cannot Stand" Abraham Lincoln
What pointillism artists work "A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte" hangs in the Modern Wing of the Chicago Art Institute? Georges Seurat
This short story is set in a New England village in today'stimes. There is excitement in the air when Joe Summers draws a slip of paper from a black box and announces the name of Tessie Hutchinson where she is stoned to death. Written by Shirley Jackson The Lottery
What date is the deadline to file one's taxes in the US? April 15th
In Greek mythology, this creature lived in Lake Lerna and was killed by Hercules, the second of his 12 Labors. What is the name of this 9 headed water snake that could shoot poison venom from its eyes? Hydra
In Shakespeare's romantic comedy "A Midsummer Night's Dream" this supernatural character is in a quarrel with his wife Titania over a child she promised to raise. What is the name of the king of the fairies? Oberon
Virginia Dare's grandfather returned to America from England with supplies and found no trace of the 115 colonists that had been there except for a post with the word "Croatoan" carved into it. What was the name of this first English colony in America? Roanoke (The Lost Colony)
What clause states that the US Constitution and all laws made by Congress are the law of the land and that the executive branch is given power to enforce these laws? Supremacy Clause
What clause is found in Section One of the 14th amendment? Equal Protection Clause
This country had a devastating famine between 1841 and 1851. Many people immigrated to the US when a blight spread through this country and killed off its main crop, the potato. What was the name of this country? Ireland
What is a sculpture called in which part of it protrudes from the background and can be seen from all sides except from behind? Bas-Relief
What is the term for a person who loves books? Bibliophile
What lower 48 state has the longest border with Canada? Montana
According to this scale, a tropical storm becomes a hurricane when the maximum sustained wind achieves 74 mph. Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale
Who am I? I joined the Continental Army when I was 13. I was the first Democratic president and my face appears on the Twenty Dollar Bill Andrew Jackson
Who am I? I have written over 300 books and began writing at age 9. I write mostly humor books for young adults. My most famous series is the "Goosebumps Series" R.L. Stine
This sea lies between the southern areas of Russia and northern Iran. It is the largest enclosed body of water on earth by area. what is the name of this sea which is regarded as the world's largest lake? Caspian Sea
What is the name of a left handed pitcher in baseball? South paw
Two geological terms are used to describe the way a mineral break. One is cleavage. What is the other? Fracture
What motor company was formed by William Durant and grew so large that people often said that what was good for this company was good for America? General Motors
This production company has earned more than 20 Academy Awards. The studio's 10th release was the film "UP" which was the first feature film to use digital 3-D. What company also produced "Toy Story", "Finding Nemo", and "WALL-E"? Pixar Animation Studios
What type of chromosomes do male mammals have that female mammals do not? Y-Chromosome
Early settlers traveled through the Cumberland Gap to get to Kentucky. What mountain chain did the Cumberland Gap cross? Appalachian Mountains
This US colony was originally conceived as a place for English prisoners who could not pay their debts in England Georgia
What is the name of the Chapel in the Vatican where Michelangelo painted the ceiling? Sistine Chapel
From what material was Michelangelo's Statue of David carved? Marble
Who was the Allied Commander during World War II (and helped plan the D Day invasion) who later became the 34th US president? Dwight D. Eisenhower
IN what major key is a piece of music being played if its key signature includes B Flat, E Flat, and A flat? E Flat
On what continent was the first heart transplant performed by Dr. Christiaan Barnard in 1967? Africa
This Swedish author became well known for her fictional childhood characters including Ronia, Emil, and a boy detective named Bill Bergson. Name this author who is best known for her red headed free spirited character of Pippi Longstocking Astrid Lindgren
What is the name of the American test pilot who was the first to break the sound barrier in 1947? Chuck Yeager
The noble talking lion who frees Narnia from the spell of the White Witch in C.S. Lewis's "The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe" Aslan
The winner of the Golden Apple inscribed "To the fairest" in the mythological beauty contest Aphrodite
The Heavyweight boxing champion born Cassius Clay Muhammed Ali
The American frontiersman and soldier who during the American Revolution led the "Green Mountain Boys" Ethan Allen
The German composer of "Ode to Joy" in his Ninth Symphony Ludwig Beethoven
The highest peak in the Alps is called.. Mt. Blanc
German composer of the Brandenburg Concertos J.S. Bach
One stroke under par in golf is called a Birdie
French word for "feeling of having already undergone such an experience" Deja Vu
A term for a politician in office only until the inauguration of the new official and generally considered ineffective Lame Duck
Country in which Christopher Columbus is allegedly buried and whose capital is Santo Domingo Dominican Republic
Triangular area of land formed from sediments at the mouth of a river so named because it resembles the shape of a Greek letter Delta
Describing word for a forest made up of trees that annually lose their leaves Deciduous
Large, extinct flightless bird whose name completes the simile: Dead as a ------ or Dumb as a ------ Do Do
State of suspended animation for many plants part of the year Dormant
Surname of the 3 children who go with Peter Pan t his magical land and whom he rescues from the pirates. Darling
He won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for playing Trip in 1989's movie "Glory". He also played the main character in Training Day, Rubin Carter, Remember the Titans, and The Great Debaters. He most recently won an Oscar for his film "Fences" Denzel Washington
Latin word for a elephant Pachyderm
Branch of physics that deals with the physical relationship between electricity and magnetism Electromagnetism
Warm current that periodically appears off the coast of South America and causes water temperature to rise resulting in atmospheric pressure El Nino
Formal name for mercy killing Euthanasia
State of an object in which opposing forces either exactly balance or equal each other Equilibrium
American poet who recited "The Gift Outright" at John F Kennedy's inauguration Robert Frost
Fictitious story illustrating a moral thesis Fable
Term designating a line along which the earth's plates shift Fault
Small flute with a high piercing tone Fife
Native character in William Defoe's novel Robinson Crusoe Friday
Political movement that works to achieve equal rights for women Feminist
Hero of Jules Verne's Around the World in 80 Days Phileas Fogg
Country that contains the home of Dracula, Transylvania Romania
Form of gymnastics that features a rope, ball, hoop, ribbon, or clubs to choreographed music Rhythmic
This actor helped break the race barrier when he won an Academy Award. He appeared in "The Heat of the Night", "Lilies of the Field" and "Guess who's coming to Dinner" Sidney Poitier
In what part of your body would you find your femoral artery? Thigh
This man who was a minister started a TV show for kids in the 1960's & ran for 40 years. His show featured the characters X the Owl, and Henrietta Pussycat. His theme song was "Its a wonderful day in the neighborhood" and "Won't you be my neighbor" Fred Rogers
In Shakespeare's Play who was told to "Beware the Ides of March" Julius Caesar
If a plant is exhibiting heliotropism, it is reacting to what stimuli? Sunlight
In what country would you find the Tay River, Loch Lomand, and Loch Ness? Scotland
K'ung Chi'u was a Chinese philosopher who trained his disciples to be ethical. By what name is he better known as the spreader of wisdom? Confucius
What device of literature is demonstrated by the phrase "Fair or Foul, fate favors few"? Alliteration
In New York City, this famous place is located at the intersection of Broadway, 42nd Street, and Seventh Avenue. Times Square
Rickets is the result of a deficiency of what vitamin? Vitamin D
This man probably lived between 2000 and 1500 BC. He was born in Ur. Receiving a promise that God would make him a great nation, he moved to Canaan. Who was this Biblical patriarch known as the "Father of Many Nations"? Abraham
Born in Hodgenville, KY, this man received little formal education but worked hard. He served as a captain in the Black Hawk War. He became a lawyer and gave brilliant speeches. Who was this "Great Emancipator" and the 16th president of the US? Abraham Lincoln
Invented in Berlin in 1822, this free reed musical instrument had 10 melody buttons and two bass buttons. During the 1850's a keyboard was substituted for the melody buttons. What is this instrument popular in Austria and is used in polka music? Accordion
This state's flower is the Hawthorn and the state bird is a bluebird. It is referred to as "The Show-Me State". Name this city the home of the Gateway Arch and whose capital is Jefferson City Missouri
Born in1642, this man was considered the most influential scientist of his time and developed theories of motion and universal gravitation and outlined Calculus in his book "Principia" Sir Issac newton
What was known as "The Greatest Show on Earth" P.T. Barnum's and Bailey's Circus
Name the "Iron Clad" warship used in the Civil War battle with the "Merrimack" that was designed by John Ericsson. Monitor
This piece of navigational equipment was used to determine the elevation of the sun or other celestial bodies in order to determine the latitude and longitude of the navigator. What instrument was used to determine the angular distance between 2 objects? Sextant
In this battle, the English were faced with a superior French army. However, with the help of longbows, the English were victorious. What was the name of this 100 Years War battle that was the focus of William Shakespeare's Henry V? Battle of Agincourt
This French-American Jewish author survived the Nazi concentration camp in Auschwitz. He wrote several famous books including "And the World Remained Silent", "The Forgotten", and "Night". Who was this Nobel Prize winning author? Elie Wiesel
What musical piece by Stravinsky is featured in Disney's Fantasia as the swan song of the dinosaurs? The Rite of Spring
This football player played for the Chicago Bears and was the subject of the movie "Brian's Song" Brian Picolo
Who was the last British monarch from the House of Hanover who reigned from 1837-1901? Queen Victoria
What was the name of the last Aztec emperor who was defeated by Hernan Cortez in 1521? Montezuma
What Aztec god did Montezuma think Hernan Cortez was when he let Cortez into his village? Quetzcoatl
What is the name of the 1899-1902 conflict between the Afrikaners and the British in South Africa? The Boer War
What is the common name of the disease is carried by the Tsetse Fly in Africa? Sleeping Sickness
What was the South African racial policy of "separateness" called? Apartheid
What African country was founded in the early 1800's by freed American slaves? Liberia (Capital of Monrovia after US President James Monroe)
Who was the President of Uganda from 1971-1979 who had over 500,00 of his countrymen killed and plunged his country into chaos? He was the subject of a book and movie called "The Last King of Scotland" Idi Amin
This famous natural wonder is nicknamed "Smoke that Thunders". It was named by the Scottish missionary and explorer David Livingstone who named it for the queen of his country. Victoria Falls
What is the deepest lake on the continent of Africa? Lake Tanganyika
Known as an anaerobic bacillus when it is introduced into the human body at the time of an injury and multiplies quickly destroying muscle tissue, what is the name of this serious infectious disease often called Lockjaw? Tetanus
This structure features a six story ramp that spirals upwards and encircles a large open center lit by the buildings dramatic glass dome. Identify this New York City museum designed by Frank Lloyd Wright which opened in 1959. Solomon Guggenheim Museum of Contemporary Art
This battle was fought April 21, 1836 in Harris County Texas. The Texan commander General Sam Houston had a small 800 men army who were outnumbered by the larger Mexican army of Santa Anna. Name this decisive battle of the Texas War of Independence Battle of San Jacinto
"Never has so much been owed by so many to so few" was a quote by Winston Churchill after the English victory in this battle. Name this WWII battle in which the British Royal Air Force defeated the German Luftwaffe. Battle of Britain
"What is it going to be eh?" is a quote found in this classic science fiction book in which the author Anthony Burgess envisions a future state terrorized by teenage gangs who speak Nasdat, a language created from Russian, American, and British slang. A Clockwork Orange
This cave system contains many features including the "Frozen Niagara". This cave is the world's longest cave and is the US's 10th most visited National Park. Name this large cave in southern Kentucky? Mammoth Cave
At a depth of 1000 feet, it is 27% solid sodium chloride. It is known as a winter health resort because of its healing properties. Name this lake that lies 1,296 miles below sea level and it located on the border of Israel and Jordan? The Dead Sea
He was an Italian court composer in Vienna who wrote operas, and cantatas. His students included Franz Liszt, and Franz Shubert. However, he became famous for allegedly murdering Wolfgang Mozart and he was the subject of the movie "Amadeus" Antonio Salieri
He was a Danish physicist who received the Nobel Prize in 1922 for his work on creating the atomic structure and after he fled Denmark during WWII, he worked on the atomic bomb in Los Alamos New Mexico Niels Bohr
On October 31, 1938, who was responsible for the famous radio broadcast of "The War of the Worlds" that panicked America with tales of intelligent aliens invading earth? Orson Welles
On October 31, 1517, he nailed the 95 Theses to the door on a church in Wittenberg, Germany and began the Protestant Reformation. Martin Luther
What was the name of the Welsh explorer who set out to find Dr. Livingstone in Africa and was rumored to state 'Dr. Livingstone, I Presume" upon meeting him. Henry Stanley
Name the two novels by Charles Dickens that contain an atomic element in its name David Copperfield and Nicholas Nickelby
What mark is found on Harry Potter's forehead? Lightening Bolt
Which US President was nicknamed "The Gipper"? Ronald Reagan
Which US President was nicknamed "Old Hickory"? Andrew Jackson
What was the first message that Samuel Morse sent over the telegraph he invented? "What hath God wrought"
In ancient Roman culture it was a sand covered wax tablet. In medieval culture, it was a table ruled into spaces representing the positions of the counters. Modernly, it is a frame with beads strung on parallel wires used in math. Abacus
What was the name of the Swedish chemist and philanthropist who left over $9 million to individuals whose contributions benefit mankind and has an award named after him? Alfred Nobel
This South American desert is known as one of the driest places on earth. Atacama Desert
Crowned Emperor of the West on Christmas Day in 800 AD by Pope Leo III, this man became one of the greatest rulers of his time. Name this Frankish King the first of the Carolingian dynasty Charlemagne
Who is the scientist known for creating a way of classifying names for plants and animals? Carolos Linnaeus
Which US scientist was known as "The Wizard of Menlo Park"? Thomas Edison
On October 21, 1805, this Royal Navy defeated the French and Spanish at famous battle in which Horatio Nelson died from his wounds. Name this battle off the Spanish coast, that forced Napoleon to cancel his invasion plans of England Battle of Trafalgar
This country in the South Pacific Ocean is very rugged. The country's natives are called Maori's. It has many active volcanoes. It's capital is Wellington and most of "The Lord of the Ring's Trilogy" was filmed there. New Zealand
They obscure the sun and although they are associated with continuous rain, sleet, or snow, they are rarely accompanied by thunder or lightening. What is the name of the dark rain clouds with ragged tops that have bottoms a few 100 feet above the ground? Nimbostratus
In October 1962, John F Kennedy was faced with a dilemma. The Soviet Union was building missile bases 90 miles from US soil. Name this incident which led to a blockade of the only Communist nation in the Western Hemisphere Cuban Missile Crisis
It's Latin name is Plumbum and this element was used by the Romans for plumbing. However, it is not smart to drink the water through pipes made from this material as it can lead to poisoning. Name this element with the atomic number 82 and symbol of Pb. Lead
He was born in New York City in 1919 and after college, became a recluse. His character Holden Caulfield cebame the template for the rebellious and confused adolescent in the 1951 book, "The Catcher in the Rye"? J.D. Salinger
The original title of this book was "4 and 1/2 Years Struggle against Lies, Stupidity, and Cowardice". Under its familiar name, its author was able to able to rise to power in the 1930's. What was the name of Adolf Hitler's book he wrote while in prison Mein Kampf
This Greek is considered the first true historian. Name this scholar who chronicled the invasion of Greece in his "History of the Persian Wars" Herodotus
This Greek son of a stonecutter in 399 BC was brought to trial for "corrupting the youth of Athens" and sentenced to death by hemlock. Socrates
On what coin is Abraham Lincoln's image found? Penny
What political party did Abraham Lincoln belong to in the 1860 Presidential Election? Republican
Who assassinated Abraham Lincoln? John Wilkes Booth
What opponent did Abraham Lincoln debate against 7 times during his 1858 Senate campaign? Stephen Douglass
Which of Abraham Lincoln's speeches contains the words "and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth" Gettysburg Address
Where was Abraham Lincoln when he was fatally shot? Ford's Theater watching a play
What country is known as "The Land of the Midnight Sun"? Norway
The "City of Brotherly Love" is the nickname for which US city? Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
The Declaration of Independence was based on the political ideas and philosophy of which man who said that the state exists to preserve the natural rights of man? John Locke
In the 19th century, Lord Acton wrote that "Absolute power corrupts......" Absolutely
The concepts of thesis and antithesis are central to which political philosophy? Dialetical Materialism
A person who subscribes to the doctrine of "laissez faire" opposes governmental intervention in.... Business matters
What is the only US state split by one of the Great Lakes? Michigan
He was the first person to die in the Boston Massacre and the American Revolutionary War Crispus Attucks
This element is the most abundant in the Earth's atmosphere Nitrogen
On some early New England flags there was a pine tree with a serpent coiled around the trunk. Below the design were the words ...... "Don't tread on me"
Complete the following quote: "Familiarity breeds contempt, while rarity wins......"? Admiration
Archimedes shouted "Eureka!" upon his fortuitous discovery of the theory of ....... he noticed that when he stepped into the bath, the water rose, when he stepped out, the water went down. Displacement
What is the name for the ancient Egyptian unit of measurement as the distance between the elbow and the tip of the middle finger? Cubit
The 360 degree circle and the 60 minute hour were developed by which ancient civilization? Babylonians
This novel's protagonist enters a simulated "Fairyland" after defeating an obstacle called "The Giant's Drink". Children attend Battle School where they are trained to fight aliens. Name this book by Orson Scott Card Ender's Game
In this Supreme Court Case, a man was arrested in 1963 for kidnapping a young girl. He was not told that he did not have to incriminate himself or that he was entitled to a lawyer. As a result of this case, everyone is read these rights upon arrest. Miranda v Arizona (Miranda Rights)
This painting was created in a sanitarium in Saint-Remy France. Name this painting that depicts a swirling dark blue sky dotted with celestial objects Starry Night
Granite is an example of the "felsic" class of this type of rock Igneous
An example of non-crystalline felsic igneous rock is this black glass rock found in lava flows which is sometimes used to make blades Obsidian
This statue was designed by Frederic Bartholdi and is the first view of the US that many immigrants have passing through Ellis Island New York. Statue of Liberty
This poet called the Statue of Liberty the "Mother of Exiles" in her sonnet "The New Colossus" Emma Lazarus
This title means "great lord" in Japanese but its synonymous with "magnate" in English. It connotes someone whose business ventures have brought great wealth and power. Tycoon
This character develops a fear of water after she is tortured at the Capitol. Name this axe wielding resident of District 7 who won the 71st Hunger Games Johanna Mason
The concentration of these mixtures can be measured using molarity. Name these homogeneous mixtures made by dissolving a solute into a solvent. Solution
The revolving Sky City Restaurant is near the top of this 605 foot tall Seattle Tower which was built for the 1962 World's Fair Space Needle
Name the 13th century poet who wrote the Divine Comedy Dante Alighieri
This process consists of both light dependent and light independent reactions. Name this process in plants that uses light energy to create carbohydrates Photosynthesis
In Muslim countries, this title was held by many medieval and early modern Islamic rulers. The first four men to hold this position were known as the "rightly-guided: ones Caliph
During its second voyage, the HMS Beagle carried this English naturalist who developed the theory of natural selection in his work "On the Origin of Species" Charles Darwin
Who said "Veni, Vedi, Vinci" which means " I came, I saw, I conquered"? Julius Caesar
What two rivers flowed through ancient Mesopotamia and is now in modern day Turkey and Iraq? Tigris and Eurphrates
This force is present in every object on earth. Converting kinetic energy to thermal energy, it stops objects from sliding around. What is this force that resists the motion of contacting surfaces? Friction
Name the Asian religion that was founded by Siddhartha Guatama Buddhism
This man wrote about the Joad's family's attempt to escape the Great Depression by moving to California from Oklahoma. Identify this author of "Of Mice and Men" and "The Grapes of Wrath" John Steinbeck
As an art major he took up sculpture and then started illustrating and writing books. One book was a tale about a brother and sister who find a mysterious board game from which wild animals emerge. Name this author of the Polar Express and Jumanji Chris Van Allsburg
Sir Frederick Gowland Hopkins received the Nobel Prize for medicine in 1929 for the discovery of “essential nutrient factos”. What is the name by which these factors are currently known part of which is the Latin word for “life”? Vitamins
He was the son of the patriarch Enoch and the grandfather of the patriarch Noah. It was said that he died in the year of the deluge at the age of 969. Who is this longest lived man of the Old Testament Patriarchs? Methuselah
What is the endocrine gland that secretes hormones such as LG, GH, prolactic, and known is the Master Gland? Pituitary Gland
Many of Islam’s more radical members are arguing for it to be Islam’s 6th pillar. Identify this term for the Islamic Holy War. Jihad
Which nurse worked during the Civil War distributing supplies to wounded soldiers and founded the American Red Cross? Clara Barton
Who was the first woman to run for president of the United States? Geraldine Ferraro
What was the name of the pamphlet that Thomas Paine wrote in 1776 to argue for colonial independence from England? Common Sense
What is the name of the spiral galaxy closest to the Milky Way? Andromeda
What type of rock is Marble? Metamorphic
What is the scientific name for the vocal cords? Larynx
What is the Japanese form of paper folding called? Origami
What is a tax on an imported product called? Tariff
Madonna starred in a 1996 film version of the Broadway hit. With music and lyrics by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice, this musical features the song "Don't Cry for me Argentina". What is this musical that tells the story of Eva Peron? Evita
What war ended with the Paris Accords Treaty of 1973? Vietnam War
When learning to play guitar, one must learn the finger positions for chords by placing them on these markings. What are the raised ridges called on the neck of a guitar that assist the musician to locate the correct finger position? Frets
Johann Christoph Denner invented which woodwind instrument? Clarinet
This man served as a delegate in both the First and Second Continental Congress and was the first Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court John Jay
This is the temperature on the Fahrenheit Scale at which water boils 212 degrees
This is the coldest possible temperature on the Celsius scale -273 degrees
Who am I? I am a cool space ranger who crashes into Andy's room and refuse to believe that I am just a toy. Buzz Lightyear
Name the Mexican general ho defeated the Texans at the Alamo Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna
This song began as a poem penned by an English professor who was inspired by her journey from the East Coast to Colorado. This poem was later set to music a hymn called "Materna" by Samuel Augustus Ward. What Is the name of this song? America, the Beautiful
The composer of this song was a Russian immigrant named Irving Berlin. Thes song was first played on the radio on Armistice Day in 1938 and sung by Kate Smith. God Bless America
This American professor and poet will forever be associated with the story of Santa Claus. He wrote the famous line "Twas the Night before Christmas" Clement C Moore
Included in "The Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon are the stories of RIp Van Winkle who slept for 20 years and "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" Washington Irving
This European city stretches across 118 islands which are connected by canals in the Adriatic Sea. It gained most of its wealth from trading in spices and silk. Known for its gondola rides, identify this Italian city Venice
This is the large basin shaped crater found at the top of a volcano Caldera
Thomas Jefferson's home in Charlottesville Virginia was called Monticello
George Washington's home in Alexandria Virginia was called Mount Vernon
What instrument is the largest and lowest-pitched member of the brass family? Tuba
This philosophical movement was centered in New England in the 19th century and produced famous writers such as Thoreau and Emerson. Transcendentalism
A pathological state in which a person vastly overstates his or her own importance is known as.... Megalomania
A structure of large stones including such ancient constructions is known as a...... Megalith
This refers to a large urban area formed by chains of metropolitan areas Megalopolis
Name five of William Shakespeare's poems that are set in Rome Julius Caesar, Antony and Cleopatra, Coriolanus, Titus Anndronicus, Cymbeline
When Romeo and Juliet meet at the ball, the first 14 lines they speak are in what poetic form? Sonnet (Iambic Pentameter)
England has had 8 kings named Henry. Which four were subjects of plays written by William Shakespeare? Henry IV, V, VI, VIII
This ancient king killed his father and then married his mother Oedipus Rex (by Sophocles)
In which book did a Russian government official's pregnant wife fling herself under a train? Anna Karenina (By Leo Tolstoy)
In this novel, a madwoman long imprisoned in an attic, sets the house on fire and then leapt to her death Jane Eyre (by Charlotte Bronte)
In this Poe novel the skeleton of a wine taster was discovered behind a brick wall in a mansion cellar The Cask of Amontillado
When Einstein made his famous comment "God does not play dice with the universe", he was expressing doubts about what theory of matter? Quantum Mechanics
In crop rotation, why are legumes such as soybeans and alfalfa planted in the third and last stage? They are nitrogen fixing plants
Who wrote these lines "He gives his harness bells a shake, to ask if there is some mistake, the only other's sounds the sweep, of east wind and downy flake" Robert Frost (in Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening)
The name of this southern city appears both in a 1953 Manifesto and in Dr. King's "Letter from a ....Jail". Name the Alabama city Birmingham
Which two US states were created entirely out of other states? Maine (from Massachusetts) and West Virginia (from Virginia)
Ernest Hemmingway chose a verse from Ecclesiastes at the title of which of his novels? The Sun also Rises
Since light cannot escape, how are Black Holes detected? Radio or X Ray Astronomy
What percentage of the House of Representatives is elected every two years? 100%
What percentage of Senators are up for re election every year? 1/3
What do ecologists call the efforts by individuals of common or different species in a community to use the same limited resources Competition
How many circles can be tangent to each of two intersecting lines? Infinite
He was the first African American to win the Wimbledon men's single's championship Arthur Ashe
A homogeneous mixture of 2 or more metals such as bronze is called an... Alloy
This is the dwelling place of the gods in Norse Mythology Asgard
20th century Mexican painter who painted murals of rural Mexican life and was married to fellow artist Frida Kahlo Diego Rivera
This is the Hebrew word for teacher and is used to designate a synagogue leader Rabbi
According to legend, they are the founders of Rome Romulus and Remus
Holy month of fasting in the Islamic religion Ramadan
This is the name of the religious group that helped the slaves escape on the Underground Railroad Quakers
This word is the minimum number of representatives that must be present in order to conduct business such as in government. Quorum
This is the name of charged particles that scientists believe make up protons and neutrons Quarks
This is the old name for the element mercury Quicksilver
These are the most distant objects in the universe whose names means "quasi-stellar" Quasars
This is the capital of Educador Quito
Geographer's term for the treeless area where the topsoil thaws in summer but the ground below still remains frozen Tundra
The Vietnam War battle when the Vietcong attacked many military and civilian targets on a Vietnamese holiday on January 30, 1968 Tet Offensive
An electronic device that increases or decreases the voltage of an alternating current is called a ..... Transformer
Term for paint in which pigment is mixed with egg yolk as a binder Tempera
19th century author of the essay "Civil Disobedience" who influenced Martin Luther King Jr. Henry David Thoreau
Nickname of Louisiana because of its many marshy slow moving inlets Bayou State
Author of the books "Superfudge" "Blubber" and "Are you There it's me Margaret" Judy Blume
Elephant in a children's book series by French author Jean du Bruhoff Babar
African American scientist who helped survey Washington D.C. and plan the streets. He also published an almanac Benjamin Bannaker
Kentucky pioneer hero known for his hunting and shooting skills who died at the Alamo Jim Bowie
1996 Summer Olympic Champion in Track who won 9 Gold Medals, 1 Silver, and 10 World Championships in Track and Field in 4 Olympics. Carl Lewis
The songs "It's a Hard knock Life" and "Tommorow" are from which Broadway musical? Annie
Christian period of 40 Days of repentance and fasting that ends on Easter Lent
Author of "A Wrinkle in Time" Madeline L'Engle
Famous stone bridge that was dismantled in England and is now in Lake Havasu City, Arizona London Bridge
Disease carried by a species of tick and named after a Connecticut Site Lyme
The capital of Cambodia is..... Phnom Penh
Name given to the Louisiana descendants of the French settlers from the Acadian region of Canada Cajun
British leader who said in 1940 "We shall go on to the end....We shall defend our Island nation" Winston Churchill
This heroic figure is introduced at the tavern in Bree as Strider, a ranger from the North. He is revealed to be the heir to the throne of Gondor. What is the name of this Lord of the Rings character who defeats Sauron in the battle for the One Ring? Aragorn
Unlike a water color medium, this painting process uses pigments from a substance made from the dried ripe seeds of the flax plant. Becoming popular in the 15th century, what is this type of painting that can bee seen in Monet's Water Lilies ? Oil Painting
This gland controls the amount of proteins in our bodies as well as our body's response to hormones. It is controlled by the hypothalamus and the pituitary. What gland at the base of the neck regulates metabolism? Thyroid
What are the numbers placed in front of symbols in a chemical equation to help balance the equation? Coefficients
What number is indicated by the Roman numeral MCXCVII? 1197
This state's coin shows two steam locomotives facing each other symbolizing the joining of the Union and Pacific Railroads at the town of Promontory Point Utah
In Les Miserables, they are the owners of the inn who live according to their won survivalist moral code and want to take in the orphan Cosette in order to put her to work Thenardiers
In Les Miserables, she is the single mother or Cosette who dies of Tuberculosis Fantine
Japan signed a neutrality pact with this country in 1941 U.S.S.R. (Soviet Union)
Of all the boys marooned on an island in William Golding's famous novel, this merciless cadet is the most evil. What immoral character tortures a pig before he intentionally kills Piggy by smashing him with a boulder? Roger
This character is Harry Potter's protector and godfather Sirius Black
This character in Harry Potter is a member of Slytherin House and is Harry's arch enemy Draco Malfoy
The islands in Boston Harbor are categorized as this piece of land formation formed by a glacier. From a Galeic word for "mound". What is the name of this oval shaped hill that was created when mounds of glacial deposit are rounded off by glacial ice? Drumlin
Unsorted till deposited either along the sides or the ends of a glacier are called Moraines
The sudden breaking away of a mass of ice from a glacier is called.... Calving
Approximately 150 of these government representatives are appointed by the president to establish a positive US presence in countries around the world. What is the term for people that are the highest ranking diplomats to represent a nation? Ambassadors
This two word Italian phrase is a dynamic marking indicating that the selections should be played medium loud. What is the musical direction denoted by the letters "m-f" on sheet music? Mezzo Forte
According to the Ice Age films, this character was responsible for the separation of Pangea. All 3 movies open with this saber toothed squirrel trying to hang onto an acorn. Who is this character who tried to warn Sid and Manny about saber toothed cats? Scrat
Identify the main metallic ore in hematite Iron
Identify the main metallic ore in cinnabar Mercury
What nationality of people started a colony on the Delaware River where Wilmington now stands and built the first log cabin in America? Swedes
Samuel de Champlain founded the first permanent French settlement in America. What city is the present day site of this settlement? Quebec
Gennifer Choldenko's novel begins when Matt Flannigan (Moose) and his family move to this island for his dad's work. Moose dislikes Piper Williams but they start a laundry business at school. What's the setting of this book "Al Capone Does my Shirts?" Alcatraz
Considered a parallelogram, this geometric shape contains diagonals that bisect each other and create perpendicular angles. Name this kind of quadrilateral that has 4 congruent sides but not necessarily four 90 degree angles Rhombus
When a vocalist uses this technique only the edges of the vocal chord vibrate providing a higher pitched sound usually an octave higher. Frankie Valli of the Four Seasons mastered this singing style Falsetto
Chief Joseph who said "My Heart is Tired, Sick, and Sad, I will fight no more Forever" was from what Native American tribe? Nez Perce
Your back muscles that lifts your head and pulls your shoulders backwards is called your..... Trapezius
Your chest muscle that pulls your arm forward and toward the body that also rotates your arm is called your.... Pectoral Major (Pectorals)
Who wrote "Because of Winn-Dixie"? Kate DiCamillo
What is the capital of China? Bejing
What is the capital of Morocco? Rabat
What type of sentence is this "Are you watching the debates on television tonight." Interrogative
A starchy substance from the cassava that is used in a type of pudding Tapioca
A pastry shell with shallow sides and no top crust that has a variety of fillings such as custard or fruit is called a ..... Tart
The scientific name for this tiny, flat body is thrombocyte. What I the more common name for this component that swells when bleeding occurs to stop the bleeding? Platelets
What type of seismic waves were first to be recorded on a seismograph? Primary Waves (P Waves)
What type of seismic waves travel parallel to the earth's surface and are the most destructive? Surface Waves (L-Waves)
This is the term for members of Congress in 1812 such as Henry Clay who aggressively supported the war with Great Britain War Hawks
What scientist devised a law that states "when the pressure of a gas at constant temperature is increased, the volume of a gas decreases"? Robert Boyle
What river flows through Rome? Tiber
In what space capsule did John Glenn travel when he made his historic 4 hour 56 minute flight? Friendship 7
This terrifying tale is set in the Spanish city of Toledo during the Spanish Inquisition. A line from this story reads "The odor of the sharp steel forced itself into my nostrils". What is the title of the short story by Edgar Allen Poe? The Pit and the Pendulum
What is the main character's first name and her parents occupation in L'Engle's " A Wrinkle in Time"? Meg or Margaret/Scientists
What gas filled sac in the body of a fish gives the fish its buoyancy? Swim Bladder
To kill the fatted ..... means to have welcoming feast Calf
This music term describes music that contains a simultaneous combination of tones that are pleasant to the ear. It is often represented by a chord that is considered to be stable as opposed to unstable. What is this term that means musically harmonious ? Consonance
Currency used during the Civil War not backed by silver or gold was called ..... Greenbacks
Nickname for the British Army during the Revolutionary war Redcoats
Who said "Don't Fire until you see the white of their eyes" at the Battle of Bunker Hill during the Revolutionary War? General Israel Putnam
Astronomy term referring to the light waves of an object that is moving away from an observer Redshift
Who is credited with riding throughout the territory stating "The Redcoats (Regulars) are coming" during the Revolutionary War? Paul Revere ( but it was most likely Samuel Prescott)
What miner's disease is caused by the inhalation of coal dust? Black Lung
What condition occurs when a blizzard reduces the visibility to zero? White Out
Who wrote the 2015 Newberry Medal Book "The Crossover" that was written entirely in verse and prose? Kwame Alexander
In an attempt to transmit secure messages during WWII that could not be deciphered by the Axis Powers, the US military enlisted members from what Native American tribe who were known as "code-talkers"? Navajo
An organism that derives its nutrition from a living host is known as a..... Parasite
Fergie, Taboo, and will.I.am are members of what rock group? Black Eyed Peas
What is the name of the oven in which clay is fired? Kiln
What state is known as the "Cornhusker State"? Nebraska
What state is known as "The Magnolia State"? Mississippi
What state is known as "The Hoosier State"? Indiana
What state is known as "The Constitution State"? Connecticut
What state is known as "The Natural State"? Arkansas
What state is known as "The Show Me State"? Missouri
What state is known as "The Granite State"? New Hampshire
What state is known as "The Palmetto State"? South Carolina
What is a group of quail called? Bevy
This 1937 film was Disney's first full length animated movie. The film depicts a princess who lives with her evil stepmother and is forced to work as a maid. There is an evil queen who often asks the magic mirror "Who is the fairest" Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
This is the scientific name for clouds that are commonly called "Thunderheads". What is the name given to these clouds that bring inclement weather in the form of heavy rain and lightening? Cumulonimbus
A cone shaped deposit of the mineral calcite that hangs from a cave's ceiling is called Stalactite
This Civil Rights activist was the youngest person to ever win a Nobel Peace Prize in 1964. He founded the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and led the 1955 Montgomery Bus Boycott. Whose tombstone reads "Free at Last" Martin Luther King Jr.
Which man shocked and outraged the South by instigating a slave rebellion in the south in 1859? John Brown
This fictional character is the kindly old former slave who serves as the narrator of 7 books and folktales from the Deep South. He introduces Bre'r Rabbitt and Tar Baby. Who is this man created by Joel Harris and who sings in Disney's "Song of the South Uncle Remus
Which US state is known as "The Beehive State"? Utah
Stanley Yehats, X-Ray, and Hector Zeroni are characters in what Newberry Award Winning book? Holes
Two lines intersect creating two pairs of opposite angles. What is the term for a pair of congruent angles opposite one another? Vertical Angles
How many beats is an eighth note in 6/8 time? One
How many beats is a quarter note in 6/8 time? Two
Each reproductive cell contains this number of chromosomes. How many chromosomes are contributed to a human offspring from the mother's egg? 23
This English born author moved to Tennessee as a teenager and began writing stories for magazines at 19. She married and moved to England where she wrote her famous novels "A Little Princess" and "The Secret Garden". Francis Hodgson Burnett
Who was Dorothy's female care provider in Kansas in "The Wizard of Oz"? Auntie Em
A joint project between Canada and the US, this waterway was officially opened by Queen Elizabeth II and President Eisenhower in 1959. What system of locks, canals, and channels provide ocean going vessels travel from the Atlantic to the Great Lakes? St Lawrence Seaway
This is the scientific measurement that is used to describe a unit of frequency equal to one cycle per second Hertz
This short novel tells the story of a gentleman scholar, Humphrey Van Weyden who is rescued by a seal hunting schooner after a ferry boat accident in San Francisco Bay. Identify this Jack London novel that features Captain Larson as its protagonist The Sea Wolf
A compound word that refers to an interruption in the action of a literary work whose purpose is to recount something that happened at an earlier time Flashback
A three word term for the angle from which the story is told such as a stream of consciousness or third person omniscient Point of View
This Washington DC Monument honors a branch of the military and was dedicated in 1954. It was based on an iconic WWII photo by AP photographer Joe Rosenthal. What monument depicts 6 servicemen putting up a flagpole on Mount Suribachi? Iwo Jima Monument
What Vermont blacksmith led a group of colonist rebels called the Green Mountain Boys and attacked Fort Ticonderoga in May 1775? Ethan Allen
What British general lost a thousand troops but eventually took Breed's Hill in an early battle during the Revolutionary War? Thomas Gage
Zeus was afraid that the gods would fight each other for the hand of his beautiful daughter Aphrodite, so he married her off to this unattractive god. What was the name of this lame blacksmith who made lavish jewels for his lovely but unfaithful wife? Hephaestus
Who wrote the Little House Book Series? Laura Ingalls Wilder
Who wrote the Princess Diaries books? Meg Cabot
The title of this 1960 musical is often associated as a concept with the Kennedy family. This musicals cast featured Julie Andrews as Queen Guinevere and Richard Burton as King Arthur. What was the name of this Broadway musical by Loewe and Lerner? Camelot
What play featured the protagonist of Walter Lee Younger? A Raisin in the Sun
What play featured the protagonist of Amanda Wingfield? The Glass Menagerie
Since his mother was deaf, this innovator was concerned with the transmission of sound. In 1876, his most successful patent helped people communicate with each other. What is the name of this Scottish engineer who uttered these words "Mr. Watson come here Alexander Graham Bell
What is the most common metal found on earth? Iron
What metal do copper and tin make? Bronze
Once known as Tom Riddle, this evil wizard is finally killed by Harry Potter Lord Voldemort
This civilization established the city of Tenochtitlan and they were the first to enjoy chewing gum, popcorn, and chocolate Aztecs
This civilization established many centers of power such as Chichen Itza and their 365 day calendar was the subject of modern end of the world predictions Maya (Mayan)
In this novel by Susan Cooper, all mortal characters lose the memory of any magical dealings and Bran chooses to stay with his friends rather than choose immortality. Identify this final book in the series "The Dark is Rising"? Silver on the Tree
Along with Eurasia and Eastasia, what is the third superstate in which most of George Orwell's 1984 takes place including North and South America, Australia, and the UK? Oceania
What is the three word term for the short time during which Party Members must watch the film of Emmanuel Goldstein in order to stir up contempt for enemies of the state in Orwell's 1984? Two Minutes Hate
This form of energy produces no greenhouse gases, yet only 1 % of the world's energy is generated from this source. The largest of these power plants is in California and is called The Geysers. What is this type of energy obtained from heat in the earth? Geothermal Energy
What is the birthstone for February? Amethyst
What is the birthstone for April? Diamond
What is the birthstone for May? Emerald
This woman began her career working for the Children's Defense Fund and as a partner in the Rose Law Firm in Little Rock, Arkansas. She was elected senator from NY in 2000 becoming the first senator from that state. She served as Sec of State in 2008 Hillary Clinton
What article of the Constitution deals with Amending the Constitution? 5
What article of the Constitution talks about the executive branch? 2
What are the set of graduated metal bars that are carried in a marching band called? Glockenspiel
This is one of the two types of defamation of character. One is libel because It is written but the other is harder to prove because it involves verbal damage to one's character Slander
A trial without a jury in which the judge listens to the evidence and decides the verdict instead of a jury is called a.... Bench Trial
The act of making false statements while under oath in a courtroom is called.... Perjury
Sulley, Mike, and Randall Boggs are characters in what Pixar movie? Monster's Inc. (Monster's University)
This is the geological plate on which the Hawaiian Islands are located Pacific Plate
In this year, FDR officially opened the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C, Mount Rushmore was completed, and Walt Disney released Dumbo. The most significant event in this year was that Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. 1941
In what US city was Martin Luther King Jr assassinated? Memphis
In what US city was Malcolm X assassinated? New York City
Who wrote "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty"? James Thurber
This American author of children's books is known for her series of novels about the Logan family. In 1977 she won the Newberry Medal for "Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry". Who is this author from Mississippi who shares her last name with the 12th president Mildred Taylor
A rapid scale passage produced by sliding over keys or strings on the piano, harp, or other instrument is called..... Glissando
The metal band that attaches to a reed or mouthpiece on a musical instrument is called a ........ Ligature
The song "Memory" is from which Broadway play? CATS
The songs "If I were a Rich Man" and "Matchmaker" are from which Broadway play? Fiddler of the Roof
What unit of measurement is equal to 5,280 feet? 1 Mile
What unit of measurement is equal to 43,560 square feet? Acre
What unit of measurement is equal to 3,600 seconds? Hour
Who are the 4 presidents on Mount Rushmore located in the Black Hills of South Dakota and created by Gutzon Borglum? George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, and Teddy Roosevelt
This mountain range divides Spain and France Pyrenees
This poem is about a wedding guest who has been stopped on the way to the ceremony and compelled to listen to a strange tale by an old sailor who suffers from guilt about killing an albatross.What is the name of this Samuel Taylor Coleridge poem? The Rime of the Ancient Mariner
In what Shakespearean play is this line spoken "Is this a dagger which I see before me? The handle toward my hand"? Macbeth
In what Shakespearean play is this line spoken "I will wear my heart upon my sleeve for daws to peck at"? Othello
What planet does the moon Calypso orbit? Saturn
What planet does the moon Triton orbit? Neptune
What 2014 movie based on a novel features the character of 12 year old Jonas who is chose to be his dystopian community's receiver of Memories The Giver
What 2014 movie features Tris who does not fit into any of the 5 factions that represent different virtues and must help save her people with the help of the Four. Divergent
This Native American helped Lewis and Clark on their expedition and has her face on a $1 coin. Sacajawea
This woman was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean in 1928 and won the Distinguished Flying Cross for her effort. 10 years later she disappeared over the Pacific Ocean and her body has never been found. Amelia Earhart
Polly Horvth's Book: "Everything on a ....... Waffle
Gary D. Schmidt's Book "The ...........Wars" Wednesday
What US city is nicknamed "The City of Big Shoulders"? Chicago
What US city is nicknamed "The Crescent City"? New Orleans
This book set in medieval England is from author Karen Cushman and is about a homeless girl named Alyce who helps ill tempered Jane care for birthing mothers Midwife's Apprentice
This man founded the Yuan dynasty in China in the 13th century and expanded his empire . His summer capital was Xanadu and he was visited by Marco Polo in 1275. He was the subject of Samuel Taylor Coleridge's poem and was the grandson of Ghenghis Kublai Khan
Which character stated "To die would be an awfully big adventure" Peter Pan
What singer was Born to Run in 1975 and Born in the USA in 1984? Bruce Springsteen
According to legend, Odysseus left Ithica on a 10 year voyage. Name his wife ,son, and dog Penelope, Telemachus, Argos
How many basic tastes can the human tongue detect? What are they? 4-Bitter, Sour, Sweet, and Salty
What is the superlative form of the adjective beautiful? Most Beautiful
What is the name of the island sea that borders both Turkey and Russia? Black Sea
A bolt of what is equal to 120 feet? Cloth
A cord of what is equal for 128 cubic feet? Wood
What southern poet wrote the poem "The Bells"? Edgar Allen Poe
In 1880 this state became the first one to declare itself a dry state. Name this home of John Brown and whose capital is Topeka. Kansas
What famous female scientist and anthropologist is noted for her studies and writings on chimpanzees in the wild? Jane Goodall
Which type of radiation is screened out by the earth's ozone layer? Ultraviolet
What is the Italian word for "scratched drawings" that today we call unsolicited public displays of art? Graffiti
This Greek nymph of Diana was shunned by Narcissus and faded to nothing but a voice. Later she was condemned never to speak first and never to be silent when anyone else spoke. Who was she? Echo
This rich Texas businessman ran a successful third party presidential campaign in 1992. Although he did not win, he did garner 18% of the popular vote which was the highest among third party candidates. Ross Perot
The belief in many gods is called..... polytheism
In ancient Rome, this was the name of the ordinary citizens Plebians
The real name of the North Star Polaris
Spongy textured rock created when lava is blown out of a violent volcano Pumice
What country borders Denmark to the south? Germany
What fictional physician is known for talking to animals? Dr. Doolittle
In 1967, this singer was the first on a Rolling Stone cover. Who was this Beatle? John Lennon
Po. Tinky-Winky, Dipsy, and La La are more commonly known as this group Teletubbies
What are the three primary colors? Red, Yellow, Blue
This female artist who painted scenes of rural life did not begin painting until she was in her 70's. Her most famous works are "The Old Checkered Inn Summer" and "Sugaring Off" Grandma Moses
In Roman myths, this minor god lived in the fields and woods. He looked like a man but with the pointed ears, small horns, and legs of a goat. The most famous one was Mr. Tumnus in " The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. " Faun
What author created the character of Tarzan? Edgar Rice Burroughs
Once called the Sandwich Islands, this island chain is now a US state Hawaii
Walt Whitman wrote the poem "O Captain, My Captain! about the death of what famous American? Abraham Lincoln
What gas is needed for photosynthesis to occur? Carbon Dioxide
This American female artist painted "Black Iris", "Black Flower", and Blue Larkspar" She was often called "The Mother of American Modernism" and was known for her landscapes of the American deserts. Georgia O'Keeffe
Name given to the intersection of the x, y axes of the coordinate plane. Origin
She was the American markswoman and star attraction of Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show Annie Oakley
This American playwright authored "The Iceman Cometh", and "Long Day's Journey into the Night". He was part of the Realism movement with Chekov, Ibsen, and Arthur Miller. Eugene O'Neill
Famous African American track star from Alabama who won 4 gold medals in the 1936 Olympics. Adolf Hitler refused to shake his hand after he won his gold medals. Jesse Owens
This city is the capital of Norway Oslo
This was built from the Tyne to the Solway in 122 to 126 AD. What is the name of the structure that served as the northern border of Roman Britain? Hadrian's Wall
What digestive organ is well developed in grass eating herbivores but is underdeveloped in humans and often removed when it becomes inflamed? Appendix
Roman Catholic religious order founded by St. Loyola in the 1500's Jesuits
Laws passed in the 1890's that deprived African Americans of their civil rights and equality Jim Crow Laws
This is the name for a skilled tradesman who has completed a prescribed apprenticeship Journeyman
British general who surrendered to George Washington at Yorktown Lord Cornwallis
This US battleship was bombed in 2000 off the coast of Yemen in a terrorist attack by Al-Qaeda. 17 US Soldiers were killed and many more were wounded USS Cole
The US Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum is located in this US city Cleveland
Kentucky politician known as "The Great Compromiser" who helped broker deals in the Nullification Crisis and the slavery issue. He tried to run for president three times and founded the Whig Party. Henry Clay
The scientific name for the collarbone is the..... Clavicle
This waterway separates England and France English Channel
He composed "Pomp and Circumstance" which were a series of marches and is used today in the US for many graduation ceremonies. Edward Elgar
This is the capital of Scotland Edinburgh
This is the name for the cartilage at the base of the tongue that guards the opening to the larynx. Epiglottis
Organic catalyst that affects particular chemical reactions Enzyme
Transcendentalist American poet who wrote "The Concord Hymn" Ralph Waldo Emerson
Buddhist term for perfection, heaven, and utopia Nirvana
This political cartoonist created the Republican and Democratic symbols of the Donkey and the Elephant Thomas Nast
This is the terms for the foreign and domestic policies of President John F Kennedy New Frontier
This artist became famous through his posters of Parisian entertainers and nightlife. Who made the Moulin Rouge memorable by his use of graphic artificial colors? Henri Toulouse-Lautree
Who was the first man in space? Yuri Gagarin
Composer of the ballets "Rodeo" and "Appalachian Spring" Aaron Copland
The study of birds is called ...... Ornithology
The study of bees is called..... Apiology
What American playwright wrote "Night of the Iguana", "A Streetcar Named Desire", and "The Glass Menagerie"? Tennessee Williams
In what state would you find the Appomattox Courthouse where Lee surrendered to Grant ending the Civil War? Virginia
What stage name does the rapper Stanley Kirk Burrell go by? M.C. Hammer
Which planet has the two moons Phobos and Deimos? Mars
What Charles Dickens novel includes the character of Abel Magwitch? Great Expectations
Which French philosopher is known for his principle of hydraulics and his triangle in mathematics? Blaise Pascal
This Norwegian was one of the most influential figures in modern theater. His plays rebel against restrictive social conventions such as in "A Doll's House", "Ghosts" and "Hedda Galber". Henrik Ibsen
What river is sacred to Hindu's? Ganges
This scientist was the first person to receive the Nobel Prize twice. Name this discoverer of radioactivity and radium Marie Curie
This American poet served as a nurse during the Civil War and then a printer, teacher, and newspaper editor. Name this poet who wrote "Leaves of Grass" which includes the poem "Song of Myself". Walt Whitman
Who wrote about Jeremy Fisher, Mrs. Tiggy Winkle, and Peter Rabbit? Beatrix Potter
What is the measure of the distance around a circle called? Circumference
What is the chemical name for Chalk? Calcium Carbonate
In which Shakespearean play does the title character commit murder after a prophecy by three witches? Macbeth
What three US National Parks lie across the Continental Divide? Rocky Mountain, Glacier, Yellowstone
What is the only French speaking country in the Americas? Haiti
Many writers who used this narrative technique include Virginia Wolfe, James Joyce, and William Faulkner. What is this technique where the author presents directly the uninterrupted flow of a character's thoughts, feelings, & impressions w/out diaglogue Stream of Consciousness
What was the name of the Nazi Germany Minister of Propaganda? Joseph Goebbels
Who was the German general during WWII known as "The Desert Fox"? Erwin Rommel
Which French chemist proved that water is a compound of oxygen and hydrogen and gave oxygen its name? Antoine Lavoisier
What World War II General was known as "Old Blood and Guts"? George S. Patton
This ancient Greek poet's works are notable for their vivid imagery and powerful depiction of emotion. Name this reputed author of the epic poem "The Iliad and the Odyssey" Homer
Born in England, this 17th century Puritan was expelled from Massachusetts and went on to found the colony of Rhode Island Roger Williams
In music, what term refers to a displacement in rhythm of an accent onto a beat that is normally unaccented? Syncopation
Which Revolutionary patriot said "Give me Liberty or Give Me Death"? Nathan Hale
Capital of the Netherlands where the International Court of Justice is held Hague
What cartoonist created the characters of Lil Abner and Daisy Mae? Al Capp
What weather condition characterized by a layer of warm air lying over a layer of cool air, when mixed with air pollution creates smog? Thermal Inversion
German Composer of "The Flying Dutchman", "Tannhauser" and "Lohengrim" Richard Wagner
State that houses the Buffalo Bill Museum and has the landmark of Devil's Tower and is the location of the Bighorn National Forest Wyoming
Poet who wrote about the Lake District of England and the poem "Daffodils" which is also known as ""I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud". William Wordsworth
What was the name of the infamous prisoner of war camp that was located in the State of Georgia? Andersonville
What did the astronomer Clyde Tombaugh discover in 1930? Pluto
Originating in Tuskegee Alabama this music group had hits with "Brick House", "Still" and "Easy Like Sunday Morning". What group had its lead singer Lionel Ritchie? The Commodores
The Italian physicist who invented the first electric battery Alessandro Volta
The Hale Telescope the largest in the world with over 200 inches across is located in California in what observatory? Mount Palomar
Chinese alchemists were the major force behind this invention when they were researching the secrets of eternal life. The alchemists heated sulfur &saltpeter in order to transform them and later added charcoal. What was the result of mixing all of these? Gunpowder
What Italian born High Renaissance artist painted "Saint George and the Dragon" which is located in the Louvre and "The School of Athens" which is located in the Vatican? Raphael
Who said "Give me Liberty or Give me Death"? Patrick Henry
In what US state which was the birthplace of Mark Twain, did the Oregon Trail begin? Missouri
This is the largest island in the world that is not a continent Greenland
Sponges are distinguished by the level of complexity in their bodies. Into which phylum are sponges classified? Porifera
What scientific word means "capable of being mixed"? Miscible
This science term is derived from an Indonesian word and is a type of mudflow or landslide that is composed of nonclastic material and water that flow down from a volcano. What is this terms for a dangerous mudflow? Lahars
Because of its highly reflective clouds, which planet in our solar system has the highest albedo (proportion of light or radiation that is reflected of any body) in our solar system? Venus
In 1845, this African American published a narrative of his life as a slave and then escaped to England but was recaptured and returned to life as a slave. He eventually secured his freedom by buying himself and then spent his life trying to fight slavery Frederick Douglass
This Sinclair Lewis novel set in Gopher Prairie, Minnesota portrays the struggles on Carol Kennicott and young freethinking love of the town doctor. What is the title of this parody of small town life? Main Street
This process forces milk through small openings in order to break up the fat particles so that they no longer separate into cream. Name this process that prevents a layer of cream from forming on top of raw milk. Homogenization
This president had the second shortest tenure in office besides William H. Harrison. In 1881 after a few months in office he was shot by Charles Guiteau because he did not receive the government job he wanted. Who was this 20th president of US? James Garfield
The narrator of this Edgar Allen Poe story has the motto "No one provokes me with impunity". He takes revenge on the man who insulted him by walling him alive in an underground catacomb. What is the name of this Poe story? The Cask of Amontillado
What gas compound with the chemical formula C3H8 is commonly used as a fuel and for outdoor cooking grills sold in 20 pound tanks? Propane
This literary character makes appearances in films and theater. Some of the actors who have played this character are Bela Lugosi, Frank Langella, and Tom Cruise. Who is this fang toothed demon created by Bram Stoker in 1897? Count Dracula
In 732 AD, Charles Martel led the Frankish forces at the Battle of Tours. Give the name for the Spanish Muslims who invaded the Frankish empire and with whom the Frankish army were fighting. Moors
What is the largest and smallest country in Africa? Largest Sudan, Smallest island nation of Seychelles
What is the name of the mountain chain that run across North Africa in Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia? Atlas Mountains
What is the capital of Morocco? Rabat
What is the deepest part of all the oceans? Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean (36,178 below sea level)
What does the 7th amendment deal with? Trial by jury in civil cases
What does the 9th amendment deal with? Powers not given to the US government are given to the states such as education, driver's and marriage licenses etc
What does the 22nd amendment deal with? Limits the terms of the presidency to two terms
When and where were the first Olympic games held? 776 B.C. in Athens, Greece
Who was the founder of Buddhism? Siddhartha Gautama
In what battle did Scipio Africanus defeat Hannibal in the 2nd Punic War? Battle of Zama
What is the name of the period in Roman history where there was peace and no wars from 27 B.C. -180 A.D. under Emperor Octavian (Augustus)? Pax Romana
What was the name of the Volcano that erupted in 79 AD wiping out Pompeii? Mt. Vesuvius
What was the name of the King of Sparta, the brother of Agamemnon, the husband of Helen who fought Paris for Helen's love during the Trojan War? Menelaus
What was the name of the Spanish architect who created many famous buildings in Barcelona such as La Sagrada Familgia? Gaudi
The expulsion of the Jews from Palestine by the Romans in 79AD is called the..... Diaspora
What is the capital of Turkey? Ankara
The nationalist movement that called for Jews to re establish a Jewish state in their ancient homeland is called.... Zionism
What is the capital of Syria? Damascus
What is the lowest point on any continent that is the world's saltiest body of water? Dead Sea
What waterway connects the Black Sea to the Mediterranean Sea? The Bosporus
What is the capital of Lebanon? Beirut
What desert covers most of southern Saudi Arabia? Rub al Khali (which means Empty Quarter)
What are the two main branches of Islam? Sunni and Shiite
What are the supreme religious leaders of Iran called? Ayatollahs
What is the capital of Iran? Tehran
The code of moral and religious law derived from religious prophecy and the Koran, as opposed to human legislation for Muslims is called.... Shariah Law
Which countries are currently members of OPEC (Organizations of Petroleum Exporting Countries)? Algeria, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Nigeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Venezuela.
What is the main difference between Sunni and Shiite Muslims? Sunnis chose Abu Bakr, the prophet’s adviser, to become the first successor, or caliph, to lead the Muslims. Shiites favored Ali, Muhammad’s cousin . Ali and his successors are called imams, and are considered to be descendants of Muhammad.
This 17th century style of art and music involved flamboyant and ornamental forms. Nobles commissioned this type of art and music because it flaunted their wealth. It evoked human emotions and passions. Baroque (Barrocco means oddly shaped pearl)
A sketch that exaggerates a physical trait of a person to make the quality appear ridiculous is called a..... Caricature
What was the name of the late 19th century art movement that entailed dabbing unmixed primary colors to simulate light. Monet, Degas, and Renoir were famous painters of this medium Impressionism
This country is known as "The Land of the Rising Sun" Japan
What are the five major islands in Japan? Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu, Hokkaido, and Okinawa
What mountain chain divides Europe and Asia and is in Russia? The Ural Mountains
What river has the nickname "The Yellow River"? Huang He
This river is sacred to the Hindus in India Ganges
Mount Everest the highest point on earth is located between which two countries? Nepal and Tibet
The largest lizard in the world, the Komodo Dragon, is found in what country? Indonesia
The Hebrew name for the first 5 books of the Bible Torah
Complete this biblical saying from Ecclesiastes " _________, __________, and _________ for tomorrow we die" Eat, Drink, Be Merry
What are the three Christian theological virtues? Faith, Hope, Charity
What are the four colors associated with the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse? White, Red, Black, and Pale (Ashen)
What is the name mentioned in The Book of Revelations in which Christ will reign for 1,000 years and will be a period of happiness, peace, and prosperity? Millennium
This place is mentioned in the Bible as the place where Cain was exiled after killing his brother Abel as well as mentioned by author Jonathan Swift used as a pun for the "land of sleepiness" Land of Nod
What are the nerve cells that act as messengers in the human body called? Neurons
What are the five parts of the brain? Cerebrum, Cerebellum, Medulla, Hypothalamus, and Thalamus
Which body part connects the brain to the spinal cord and controls one's breathing and heart rate? Medulla
What part of the brain stimulates the pituitary gland linking the nervous system and the endocrine system and controls body temperature, blood pressure, hunger, thirst, and sleepiness? Hypothalamus
Your heart is encased in a protective bag called the..... Pericardium
Skeletal muscles are attached to the bones by.... Tendons
The muscular contractions of the esophagus that push food downward is called..... Peristalsis
What organ is the heaviest in the human body? Liver
What is the largest organ in the human body? Skin
This is the largest artery in the human body Aorta
What are the 4 main components of blood? Plasma (made up of mostly water), Red Blood Cells (Erythrocytes), White Blood Cells (Leukocytes), and Platelets
What do the Red Blood Cells do? They carry oxygen from the lungs to the body of the cells where oxygen is exchanged for Carbon Dioxide
What do White Blood Cells do? Protect against infection and fight infection when it occurs in the body
What blood type is the universal donor? O
An Austrian monk who discovered the basic principles of heredity through breeding plants Gregor Mendel
Dutch scientist who discovered bacteria with a microscope and is known as the "Father of Microbiology" Anton van Leewenhoek
English scientist who coined the term "cell" Robert Hooke
The term for an organism that cannot make its own food and is dependent upon organic substances for nutrition Heterotroph
What are the 5 phases of cell division or Mitosis? Interphase, Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, and Telophase
What is the scientific name of identifying organisms devised by Swedish scientist Carolus Linnaeus? Binomial Nomenclature
What are the 7 levels of scientific classification (Taxonomy)? Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species
What is the scientific word for 2 unlike organisms living together and have a mutualistic relationship? Symbiosis
Dinosaur National Monument Park is located in the two US states Utah, Colorado
Herpetology is the scientific study of Reptiles
Icthyology is the scientific study of Fishes
Entomology is the scientific study of Insects
The only mammal that can fly is the..... Bat
The smallest bird in the world is the..... Hummingbird
The largest living land bird is the ...... Ostrich
Russian who won the 1904 Nobel Prize for his work on the concept of conditioned reflexes with his studies of the salivation of dogs Ivan Pavlov
The scientific name for mammals that have four feet and chew cud such as cattle, deer, and giraffes Ruminants
What are the three main parts of an insect? Head, Thorax, Abdomen
How many eyes does a bee have? 5
How many chambers are in a bird's heart? 4
What are the 4 major types of apes? Gorillas, Chimpanzees, Orangutans, and Gibbons
African sleeping sickness is spread from what arthropod? Tsetse Fly
What arthropod causes both Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever? Ticks
What arthropod transmits malaria? Mosquito
Your coccyx is also known by this nickname Tailbone
Known as the "sunshine" vitamin this is important for healthy bones and teeth as well as for preventing rickets Vitamin D
She was the first U.S woman to receive a medical degree in 1849 Elizabeth Blackwell
The smallest blood vessels are called.... Capillaries
This Scottish scientist discovered penicillin in 1928 Alexander Fleming
This contagious disease is called "Rubella" German measles
This component gives blood its red color Hemoglobin
This Greek physician was known as the "Father of Medicine" and the one who inspired the Hippocratic Oath which is an ethical guideline for doctors Hippocrates
This English physician first introduced antiseptics to surgeons Joseph Lister
This French "Father of Bacteriology" who killed microbes by heat and saved the French wine industry also developed the pasteurization process for milk, beer, and food Louis Pasteur
Greek term meaning "suffering" or "disease" that designates a disease causing agent Pathogen
This is the medical term for "Whopping Cough" Pertussis
This blood disorder primarily occurs in people of African descent Sickle Cell Anemia
What are the 4 kinds of taste on the human tongue? Salt, Sweet, Bitter, Sour
What are the 3 chemical elements in Carbohydrates? Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen
How many permanent teeth are found in a typical adult? 32
What are the 4 blood types? A, B, AB, O
Why are British people sometimes referred to as "limeys"? They used to take barrels of limes on ocean going voyages to prevent scurvy
Which hormone is secreted by the adrenal gland produces the "fight or flight" response? Adrenaline
In which Battle did Britain defeat Napoleon in October of 1805? Battle of Trafalgar
The Prime Meridian runs through which city in England? Greenwich
What countries make up the Benelux region of Europe? France, Germany, Switzerland, Andorra, Lichtenstein, and Austria
What is the longest river in France? Loire River
The French speaking people in Belgium are called.... Walloons
What mountain range divides Spain and France? Pyrenees
What are the two smallest countries in the world located in Europe? Vatican City and Monaco
The Iberian peninsula is made up of which two countries? Spain and Portugal
What is the longest river in Italy? Po River
What body of water connects England and France? English Channel
What is the capital of the Netherlands? Amsterdam
An atom that is not balanced and has either gained or lost electrons is called an .... Ion
Atoms of the same element that have a different number of neutrons in the nucleus are called..... Isotopes
What two elements are liquids at room temperature? Mercury and Bromine
Fe2O3 is more commonly known as Rust (Ferrous Oxide)
C12H22O11 is more commonly known as Sugar
H2O2 is more commonly known as Hydrogen Peroxide
C3H8 is more commonly known as Propane
The process by which a gas is changed directly into a solid is called.... Sublimation
This scientist organized the Periodic Table in the 1860's and 70's which lists elements by their atomic masses Dmitri Mendeleev
What are the two types of chemical bonding? Ionic or Covalent
Which type of chemical bonding occurs when two atoms share an electron? Covalent Bonding
The movements of electrons from one place to another is called..... Electricity
Materials that do not allow electrons to pass through are called Insulators (wood, rubber, glass, glass, rock)
What are the two types of electrical circuits? Parallel and Series
The unit used to measure the amount of electrical current that flows past a particular point in a circuit in one second is called ... AMPS
The current in a wire (I) is equal to the Voltage (V) divided by the resistance (R) is known as what law? Ohm's Law (R=V/I)
The rate at which electricity does work is known as ... and it is measured in ..... Power/Watts (Power= Voltage times Current)
What are the 3 metals that attracted to a magnet? Iron, Nickel, and Cobalt
What is the chemical symbol for Tungsten? W
What is the chemical symbol for Einsteinium? Es (#99)
She was a Polish born French scientist who with her husband discovered Polonium and Radium and she won a Nobel prize in chemistry in 1911 Marie Curie
He was a German born American who won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921 for his work in theoretical physics Albert Einstein
Splitting an atom nucleus into 2 parts release a tremendous amount of energy is called.... Fission (Nuclear Fission)-Atomic Bomb
A substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction but that is not consumed in the reaction is called a .... Catalyst
The amount of heat required to raise the temperature of a kilogram of water by one degree Celsius is called a ..... Calorie
A form of energy that can pass through space in a vacuum is called..... Light
Process of combining two nuclei to make a tremendous amount of energy is called ...... Fusion (Nuclear Fusion)-Hydrogen Bomb
The study of heat and transfer of energy is called..... Thermodynamics
The chemical formula N2O is more commonly known as .... Laughing Gas
What does the E, the M, and the C squared mean in the equation E=MC2? Energy, Mass, Velocity of Light
What are the 3 major units in which heat is measured? B.T.U.'s (British Thermal Units), calories, and joules
What two elements make up the alloy of brass? Copper and Zinc
What two elements make up the alloy of bronze? Copper and Tin
Name the 6 Noble gases that do not react readily with other elements Helium, Neon, Argon, Krypton, Xenon, and Radon
In this bloody Civil War battle at a church in Pittsburg Landing TN, Confederate commander Albert Johnston fought Union general Ulysses S. Grant. Grant finally defeated Johnston who was killed after holding down "The Hornet's Nest". Over 23,000 men died Battle of Shiloh
This was the bloodiest day of the US Civil War when over 22,000 men died in one day in Maryland when Confederate leader Robert E Lee discovered Union attack plans wrapped in 3 cigars. Battle of Antietam (Sharpsburg)
Confederate leader Stonewall Jackson was wounded and eventually died by his own men at this Civil War Battle where "Fighting Joe Hooker" was the Union leader. Battle of Chancellorsville
What is the major religion in Central and South America? Roman Catholicism
What 3 countries border Mexico? US, Guatemala, Belize
He conquered Mexico for Spain in 1520 Hernando Cortez
Mexico lost the territories of Utah, Arizona, California, Nevada, Colorado, and New Mexico in what Treaty with the US after the Mexican American War in 1848? Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
This Austrian composer is considered the "Father of the Symphony". He is famous for his "string quartets". He wrote over 144 symphonies including his most famous "The Surprise Symphony" Joseph Haydn
This Austrian composer only lived to age 35, however he completed over 600 works including "The Marriage of Figaro", "The Magic Flute", and "Don Giovanni". Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
This German composer wrote nine symphonies even though he was deaf. HIs famous symphonies include his Third Symphony called "Eroica" which he dedicated to Napoleon, his 5th symphony with its big introduction and his best known sonata "Moonlight Sonata". Ludwig Von Beethoven
This German composer was the "Master of the Fugue" of which he composed 40. His best known works are "The Brandenburg Concerto and "Fugue in G Minor". Johann Sebastian Bach
This man was England's most famous composer during the Baroque period for his operas and oratorios. His most famous works include "The Messiah" and "Jeptha" George Frideric Handel
This Italian composer created 30 operas in ten years. His most famous opera is "The Barber of Seville". Giaocchiamo Rossini
This Austrian composer created 9 symphonies and he wrote the famous "Ave Maria" song. Franz Shubert
This German composer wrote many concertos. His best known work is "The Wedding March" from a "A Midsummer Night's Dream" Felix Mendelssohn
This Polish composer was famous for his waltzes and mazurkas. He is also known for many Etudes. His most famous works were "Polonaise in A Minor", "Funeral March", and Revolutionary Etude" Frederic Chopin
This Hungarian composer wrote many rhapsodies and seveal symphonies including "Faust", "Dante", and the song "Liebestraum" (Lover's Dream) for the piano. Franz Liszt
This German composer created the Opera "The Flying Dutchman" and he composed "The Bridal Chorus" called Lohengrin. Richard Wagner
This composer is known as "The Waltz King". His most famous work is "The Beautiful Danube" and "Vienna Woods" Johann Strauss
This Russian composer created "Romeo and Juliet", "The Nutcracker Suite", "Swan Lake", and Sleeping Beauty" Peter Tchaikovsky
This Norwegian composer created the "Peer Gynt Suite". He married his cousin and composed the song "I Love Thee" for her Edvard Grieg
What are the 3 classifications of rocks? Sedimentary, Igneous, Metamorphic
Fossils are often found in which type of rock? Sedimentary
These types of rocks are formed by erupting volcanoes? Igneous
These types of rocks used to be sedimentary or Igneous? Metamorphic
This rock is usually brown, black, or tan and if you wet the rock and smell it, it will smell like mud. Shale
This specific type of rock is light gray in color. It is created by shells and bones of sea animals. If you put a piece of vinegar on the rock, it ill bubble and "pop". Limestone
Coal contains which 3 elements? Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen
This is the hardest type of coal? Anthracite
This is the soft type of coal? Bituminous
This is a shiny black rock that looks like glass created when the molten rock from a volcano cools very quickly Obsidian
This is the most common rock used in buildings and tombstones. It contains feldspar, mica, and quartz and is pink or gray in color Granite
This rock is created when steam and gases from a volcano cool and fills it full of air holes. It is light enough to float in water Pumice
What main properties do mineralogists use to identify minerals? Color, Luster, Hardness, Streak, Crystal Shape, Density, Cleavage or Fracture, Gravity
On Moh's hardness scale what mineral would be at 1? 10? 1 is Talc and 10 is Diamond
A large basin or carter formed by the collapse of a cone of a volcano is called a Caldera
Process by which salt is removed from the ocean and made into drinking water Desalination
A mass of ice that moves on the land is called a Glacier
Water that seeps through the rocks and soil under the earth's surface that supplies wells and springs is called... Groundwater
The scientific study of water is called.... Hydrology
German meteorologist who came up with the Continental Drift Theory Alfred Wegener
This scale measures the intensity of earthquakes Richter Scale
What percent of the earth is covered with water? How much is saltwater? How much is frozen in the Ice Caps? 70%, 97% saltwater and only 3% of fresh water with 1% frozen in the Ice Caps
How many time zones are there and how many degrees of latitude is each time zone? 24/15 degrees
What word means "equal night" and is used to designate either of the two days of the year when the sun is directly above the earth's equator? Equinox
What marine biologist wrote a well known 196 book called Silent Spring about the dangers of pesticides and chemicals tainting the food chain? Rachel Carson
Form of pollution produced by sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide resulting from a combustion of fossil fuels Acid Rain
Ocean regions near the equator known for dead calm and light fluctuating winds Doldrums
Wide gray clouds associated with stormy weather Stratus
Dark, ragged clouds that produce thunderheads Nimbus
Layer of the atmosphere where long distance radio communication occurs because of electrically charged particles Ionosphere
Economic system based on private ownership of land, factories, and other means of production sometimes referred to as free enterprise Capitalism
Assets pledged by a debtor to a creditor to guarantee repayment of a debt Collateral
Profit a company distributes to its shareholders Dividend
Acquisition of money through dishonest means especially by public officials is called.... Graft
Unlawful practice of making a trade on the stock market after having access to information that is to available to the general public. Insider Trading
Shares of a specific company are called.... Stocks
Who is considered the "Father of Modern Economics"? In 176 he advocated the principles of laissez faire economics in his book "The Wealth of Nations" Adam Smith
President Reagan's economic theory that stressed the reduction of taxes as a means of encouraging business growth and stabilizing the economy Supply side economics or Reaganomics
Identify the animals associated with a person who buys stock in anticipation that the stocks will rise and those that sell the stocks in anticipation that the stocks will fall Bulls and Bears
She was a feminist who wrote "The Declaration of the Rights of Sentiments" in Seneca Falls, New York in 1848 Elizabeth Cady Stanton
She was an reformer and women's rights activist who wrote the words to the Battle Hymn of the Republic Julia Ward Howe
The first black woman to run for president of the US was.... Shirley Chisholm
In 1916, she was the first woman elected to Congress. She was from the state of Montana Jeanette Rankin
This feminist was the first woman to ever run for President in 1872 when she ran under the Equal Rights Party Victoria Woodhull
He was known as "The Sun King" and ruled France for 72 years. He had a great palace at Versailles Louis XIV
What is the largest lake in the world? Caspian Sea (it is a lake and not a sea)
What is the largest lake in North America? Lake Superior
What is the highest mountain in the US? Mt. McKinley in Alaska
What is the most populous city in the world? U.S.? Tokyo/New York City
What is the only country located on two continents? Turkey (97% is located in Asia and 3% in Europe)
What three South American countries does the Equator run through? Ecuador, Columbia, Brazil
What place in the world receives the most rain? Mt. Waialeale, Hawaii (460 inches a year)
What body of water separates Russia from Alaska? Bering Strait
What country owns Greenland the largest island in the world? Denmark
What US State is nicknamed "Land of the Midnight Sun" Alaska
Which state is referred to as the "Jayhawk State"? Kansas
Which state is referred to as the "Bluegrass State"? Kentucky
Which US state is referred to as the "Land of a Ten Thousand Lakes"? Minnesota
Which US state is referred to as the "Bayou State"? Mississippi
Which US state is known as "The Land of Enchantment"? New Mexico
Which US state is known as "The Volunteer State"? Tennessee
Which US city is known as "Mile High City" or "Gateway to the Rockies"? Denver, Colorado
What are the three largest US states? Which US state is the smallest? #1 Alaska #2 Texas #3 California Rhode Island is the smallest
Which 2 US states are known for having the Confederate flag as part of their flags? Georgia and Mississippi
Which 2 US states have a red shaped X cross as part of their flag? Alabama and Florida
Which Great Lake is the only one located entirely in the US? Lake Michigan
Which 2 Great Lakes is located on Niagara Falls on the US/Canadian border? Lake Ontario and Lake Erie
Which Great Lake is the largest? Lake Superior
What 5 US states border the Gulf of Mexico? Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida
What 4 state capitals are named after US Presidents? Jefferson City, Missouri, Madison, Wisconsin, Jackson, Mississippi and Lincoln, Nebraska
What are the 5 boroughs of New York City? Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, State Island
What is the name of the 5 Beaches that the Allies stormed in Normandy? Utah and Omaha (US Landings), Sword, Juno, Gold (British Landings)
In this Mark Twain novel written in 1894, a young slave woman trades her light skinned child with her master's child The Tragedy of Pudd'nhead Wilson
In this Mark Twain novel written in 1881, a child from a royal family and a child from an extremely poor family exchange clothes for fun. However, they get more than they expected when fate suddenly casts them into each other's worlds. The Prince and the Pauper
The chemical symbol for mercury is:... Hg
The lowest part of the brain that controls balance and coordination is the.... Cerebellum
The part of the brain that connects the spinal cord with the cerebrum is the.... Brain Stem
This fictional feral child was raised in the African jungles by the Mangani, a fictional species of great apes. Created by Edgar Rice Burroughs, what son of a British lord and his wife experiences civilization only to reject it and return to the wild? Tarzan
This literacy character in the novel "The Cay", rescues Phillip and taught him survival skills. Timothy
In the Westing Game, this millionaire is murdered. Sam Westing
Canada's highest mountain is called .... Mount Logan
A bust of this Egyptian queen was unearthed in 1912 and is thought to be 3,400 years old. What queen of the important Pharaoh Amenhotep IV was a model of feminine grace and beauty? Nefertiti
The season of Spring is represented in this famous painting by Sandro Botticelli. Also known as the Allegory of the Spring, what tempura panel now located in the Uffizi Gallery features 6 female figures & 2 males along with a blindfolded cherubic child? Primavera
Who wrote "Summer of My German Soldier"? Bette Greene
He was known as the "Father of Public Education" Horace Mann
He was known as the "Father of the American Navy" John Paul Jones
This was the kindly, wise wizard and benefactor of Bilbo Baggins who always seems to know more than he reveals in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Gandalf
This was the name of the evil, white witch in C. S. Lewis's The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. Jadis
Charles Dickens wrote this novella about a man who had been isolated and humiliated as a boy only to carry his childhood burdens into adulthood by becoming mean & stingy. In what story do we witness the transformation of him after visits from ghosts? A Christmas Carol
This American folk hero was a legendary steel-driver who won a race against a steam powered hammer only to die in victory with a hammer in his hand. John Henry
This American folk hero was a train engineer who was always on time until he died saving the lives of passengers in a stupendous train wreck Casey Jones
Which Hawaiian volcano is the tallest volcano in the world, measuring over 33,000 feet high from its base on the ocean floor to its summit? Mauna Kea
This is the name of the operating system first introduced in 1985 that surpassed OS/2 and MAC OS. What name is given to the operating platform that includes the titles of Vista, XP, and 2000? Microsoft Windows
How many TAB keys are on a computer keyboard? One
In addition to the escape key, what type of keys appear on the top row of most computer keyboards? Function Keys
This Atlanta businessman and one America's largest landholders donated over $1 billion to United Nations causes. He founded CNN, the Cable News Network in 1980. Who is this man who also has the cable TV networks TNT & TBS with his acronyms Ted Turner
What is the main ingredient in the dip hummus? Chickpeas
What is the main ingredient in the dip guacamole? Avacados
In which Rick Riodan's "Percy Jackson" book does Percy kill the Minotaur that takes his mother captive? The Lightening Thief
In which Rick Riodan's "Percy Jackson" book is New York City silenced by a powerful sleeping spell from Morpheus? The Last Olympian
These birds were called "flying jewels" by Spanish explorers because their color comes from iridescence & not pigment. They are capable of flying backwards & forwards. Name these tiny birds that feed through long thin tube that darts into flowers. Hummingbirds
A young horse is called a.... foal, filly, or colt
Edouard Manet chose this particular waterway as a subject of an 1875 painting that features gondoliers navigating their boats through the city of Venice. What is the title of this painting named for this famous water road? The Grand Canal
What female impressionist artist created the 1893 oil painting titled "The Child's Bath" ? Mary Cassatt
How many molecules are found in acetic acid: C2H4O2? 8
Identify the verb tense in this sentence: The scientist is examining the samples for traces of DNA. Present Progressive
Identify the verb tense in this sentence: By the time the reinforcements arrive, we will have depleted our supplies. Future Perfect
Also called achromia, this is a congenital condition in which a hereditary lack of pigmentation occurs in an organism. What is this condition that results in pale colored skin and white or light blond hair? Albinism
This flagship of a famous expedition to the New World was the only ship of its group that did not return to Spain after being wrecked off the coast of Haiti. Joined by the Nina and the Pinta, what was the largest of Columbus' Three Ships? Santa Maria
What type of bridge is the Golden Gate Bridge? Suspension
The courtyard of this historic building features a large glass & metal pyramid designed by I.M. Pei which serves as its main entrance. What is the name of this world acclaimed art museum located on the Seine River what houses DaVinci's "Mona Lisa"? Louvre
This British word was originally formed as a contraction of the words "fourteen" and "nights". What is this two syllable word that may be used as a substitute for the phrase "two weeks"? Fortnight
This is the scientific name of the largest of the tarsal bones. It is located where the Achilles tendon attaches to the foot. What is this bone often referred to as the heel bone? Calcaneus
Even though this politician developed a healthcare plan of his own as governor of Massachusetts, he ran against Barack Obama & Obama Care in the presidential election of 2012 but lost the election. Who was he? Mitt Romney
What bone like layer located under the enamel of the teeth composes most of the actual tooth? Dentine
A twenty sided geometric figure is called an.... Icosahedron
A twelve sided geometric figure is called a... Dodecagon
This American country singer is well known for his tours "No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem" & the "Flip Flop" tour. Name this successful artist who had hits with "The Boys of Fall" & "She Think's My Tractor's Sexy"? Kenny Chesney
What classic rock group sang "Hotel California"? The Eagles
What classic rock group sand "Stairway to Heaven"? Led Zeppelin
The songs "My Favorite Things", "Climb Every Mountain" & "Edelweiss" come from what musical and movie? The Sound of Music
This is the scientific term for the speed of sound Mach 1
This city was led by King Leonidas for 10 years in 490 B.C. Known for its rigorous military regimen its boys were put through at an early age, name this ancient Greek city that gained fame after the heroic stand of the 300 at the Battle of Thermopylae? Sparta
Who invented the lightning rod? Benjamin Frankin
Who invented the steamboat called the "Clermont"? Robert Fulton
In Harry Potter, what is the term who someone who can converse with snakes? Parselmouth
With its origins in the Greek word meaning stone or rock, this is the process by which organic material is converted into stone. It mostly refers to wood but all organisms can undergo this process Petrification
This soft white mineral is used to make drywall and plaster of Paris and is number 2 on the Moh's hardness scale Gypsum
This physical science term is defined as "speed in a given direction". What is this variable that is calculated by dividing time into distance? Velocity
This Disney princess lives under the sea and is based on a Hans Christian Anderson character Ariel
This Disney princess appeared in the "Princess & the Frog" and was the first African American princess. Tiana
What branch of earth science deals with terms like granite, earth flow, & weathering? Geology
What branch of earth science deals with terms like continental shelf, abyssal plain, & sea mount Oceanography
Where was the location of the 1961 unsuccessful attempt by CIA Operatives to overthrow Fidel Castro of Cuba? Bay of Pigs (Cuba)
Writing primarily for young readers, this author is known by his 3 letter name that his twin sister gave him as a child. His books inlcude "The Traior's Gait", "Strange Happenings" , "Crispin", & "The Book without Words". Avi
What would a line be called that is drawn from one vertex of a rectangle through the center to the opposite vertex be called? Diagonal
A compound made up of only carbon and hydrogen is called a...? Hydrocarbon
This Irish band's 12th studio album "No Line on the Horizon" was released in 2009. One of their tours was called "360 Degree Tour". What is the name of this band that includes Adam Clayton, Larry Mullen, The Edge, and Bono? U2
The popular phrase with the words "Thirty days hath September" and the name ROY G BIV, PEMDAS, or HOLMES are examples of this effective learning technique. What is this learning tool called that significantly assists the brain to retain information? Mnemomic Device
The military code name for the D Day Invasion is known as ... Operation Overlord
In the Lord of the Rings trilogy, this is the name of the dark lord who forged the one ring to control all of the other rings of power. Sauron
Based on a novella of the same title written by Prosper Merime this opera tells the story of a gypsy & her love triangle with a soldier named Don Jose & a bullfighter named Escamillo. The songs of "Habanera" & "Toreador Song" are from what Bizet opera? Carmen
How many justices are on the Supreme Court? 9
What is the name of the physical change of an object changing from a solid to a liquid? Melting
What is the name of the physical change of an object changing from a gas to a liquid? Condensation
What time signature is most likely to appear on a piece of waltz music? 3/4
This war was known as "The War To End All Wars" and "The Great War" World War 1
This sour dish is paired with meat products to provide an acidic flavor to protein in German cuisine. Due to its long shelf like, it & fermented cabbage that is often served with sausage? Sauerkraut
What part of the plant do we eat when we eat cabbage or spinach? Leaf
What is the main ingredient in a tortilla? Corn
In this book set in New York City, an 11 year old aspiring writer lives in the Upper East Side where she follows a regular route to watch people and record observations in her notebook until it is found by her classmates. Harriet the Spy
This book set in New York City, Claudia and James Kincaid hide out in the Metropolitan Museum of Art where they try to solve the mystery of the marble angel statue. From the MIxed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler
This part of the brain consolidates information from short to long term memory. It has a ridge of tissue located in the floor of the lateral ventricle within each hemisphere. It is located under the medial temporal lobe under the cerebral cortex. Hippocampus
What type of muscles are biceps and triceps? Skeletal
What type of muscles line the stomach and esophagus? Smooth Muscles
This military general joined with Ethan Allen to capture Fort Ticonderoga from the British in an early Revolutionary War victory. Who was this strategists who later turned traitor when he turned West Point over to the British? Benedict Arnold
Working with William Kelly, this man found a cheaper and more efficient way of making steel that involved using oxygen to burn off impurities. Henry Bessemer
In 1769, this man patented the modern steam engine. It became the new way to drive spinning and weaving machines. James Watt
These tall slender towers are important architectural features of the Islamic houses of worship. What is the name for these structures which provide visual focal points and are used in the call of worship? Minarets
Identify this art style: The use of geometric shapes to portray ideas or figures: Pablo Picasso Cubism
Identify this art style: Dots are blended together to form a picture: Georges Seurat Pointillism
Triangle ABC and Triangle XYZ each have the same angle measurements. But side AB is twice the length of side XY. What 7 letter adjective can be used to describe the relationship between these 2 triangles? Similar
How many faces does a tetrahedron have? 4
What is the more common name for a regular hexahedron? Cube
This chemical element which is also known as wolfram is found naturally on earth. It has the highest melting point of non alloyed metals. It compounds are most often used as catalysts. Its chemical symbol is W Tungsten
Classify this lever: Baseball bat or tennis racket Third Class
Classify this lever: Bottle Opener or Nutcracker Second Class
Home of the William McKinley presidential library, this city is where McKinley spent his career. Visitors can go to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in this city where the NFL was founded in 1920. What is the name of this northeastern Ohio city? Canton
In what country would you hear the Burmese language spoken? Burma or Myanmar
In what country would you hear the language of Tagalog spoken? Phillipines
Also known as caving, this recreational activity involves ascending or descending pitches, negotiating around sections of deep or shallow water, and squeezing through holes and crevices. What is this hobby that involves exploring wild cave systems? Spelunking
Identify the suffixes that have the following meaning: "state or condition" that can be added to words like bore Dom
Identify the suffixes that have the following meaning: "condition or quality" can be added to words like brother Hood
Damage to this part of the brain can cause disorders in motor learning and equilibrium. Trauma to this portion can lead to temporary paralysis or having to learn to walk & talk. What part of the brain is concerned with coordination and muscle activity? Cerebellum
What is the scientific name for the vocal chords? Larynx
What is the scientific name for a red blood cell? Erthyrocyte
This frontier settler who died at the Alamo in 1836 was known for his coonskin cap and outdoor image Davy Crockett
This author is known for his poetry and his biographical accounts of Abraham Lincoln Carl Sandburg
This congressman from Pennsylvania was our only president who remained a bachelor. He served as president when South Carolina succeeded from the union. Who is this president who served before Abraham Lincoln in 1861? James Buchanan
This medal for excellence in art in children's books is awarded every year. Names for a famous illustrator of books for young readers, what award is given to the illustrators of "This is not my Hat" in 2013 and "Locomotive" in 2014? Caldecott Award
How many atoms in the chemical formula C3H8? 11
Walmart was the largest music retailer in the US until 3 years ago when this company sold its 10 billionth song. What online company is now the biggest seller of music in the US & is represented by a circular blue logo featuring a black note? Apple's I Tunes
What rock group had a tour called "Living on A Prayer" that grossed over $100 million? Bon Jovi
What rock artist had a tour called "Born to Run" that grossed over $100 million? Bruce Springsteen
This continent lies between 15 & 33 degrees south latitude. It's flag is red, white, & blue and & includes images of the Union Jack, the Commonwealth star, & the Southern Cross. Identify this 7th largest continent that is also a country. Australia
What is your demonym if you are a resident of Thailand? Thai
What is your demonym if you are a resident of Laos? Laotian
Identify the part of speech in the following sentence: to: I went to the birthday party yesterday with my best friend. preposition
Identify the part of speech in the following sentence: continuously: Those kids continuously taunted the neighbors dog while their mother looked on. Adverb
What is the nickname of the football team from Iowa State? Cyclones
What is the nickname of the football team from UCLA? Bruins
What is the nickname of the football team from Virginia Tech? Hokies
What is the nickname of the football team from Kansas? Jayhawks
What is the nickname of the football team from Mississippi? Rebels
This is the minimum age a borrower must be to obtain credit from most American banks or financial institutions. At what birthday does a person achieve adulthood in the legal sense & they earn the right to vote in an election. 18
What term in economics means the continuous increase in the price of a product? Inflation
What term in economics is a tax placed upon an imported product? Tariff
When you agree with a service provider to pay for its service, you usually sign this type of document. What is the name of this legally binding agreement between 2 or more parties that covers a specific action & is enforceable by law? Contract
What word means a plant that lives for more than two years? Perennial
What word means the act of lying on the witness stand after one has sworn to tell the truth? Perjury
Madonna starred in the 1996 film version of this Broadway hit. WIth music and lyrics by Andrew Lloyd Webber & Tim Rice that features the song "Don't Cry for Me Argentina". This musical tells the story of Argentine political leader Eva Peron. Evita
What musical features the characters of Maria Rainer, The Mother Abbess, Frau Schmidt, and Leisl Von Trapp? The Sound of Music
What musical features the characters of Curly, Laurey, Aunt Eller, Will Parker, & Ado Annie? Oklahoma!
Two years after Yuri Gagarin became the first human to travel into space, this woman piloted the Vostok 6 spacecraft that orbited the earth 48 times before landing. Name this female cosmonaut who became the first woman to travel into space? Valentina Tereshkova
What scientist discovered X Rays? Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen
This is the 3rd book in a series about a Utopian society that features the characters Jonas and Kira. What is the name of this last book in the Lois Lowry trilogy that includes the "Giver" and "Gathering Blue"? Messenger
This Greek son of Zeus and Leto and the twin brother of Artemis directed the choir of the Muses Apollo
This Greek son of Hermes was born with the legs and horns of a goat Pan
Along with the US, what country signed the Paris Accords of 1973? Vietnam
What war involving the US ended in 1953? Korea
This famous Shakespeare character was also a famous politician & general of ancient Rome. His speech "The Tragedy of Julius Caesar" begins "Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears". Who is this Roman figure who had a relationship with Cleopata? Mark Antony
In the Harry Potter series, Salaxar Slytherin's locket was placed in a cave, moved to 12 Grimmauld Place and later owned by what teacher at Hogwarts? Dolores Umbridge
In the Harry Potter series, who beheaded Nagini with Gryffindor's sword? Neville Longbottom
This two word term for the amount of water vapor in the air when expressed as a percentage of what the air can hold at that temperature Relative Humidity
Each US political party chooses this assistant leader in the Senate who estimates the number of votes the party will receive & tries to get members to support the party platform. What is this assistant leader in the Senate called? Whip
What US military branch has its academy in Annapolis, Maryland? Navy
What US Military branch has its academy at West Point? Army
Johann Christoph Denner invented what musical instrument? Clarinet
Theobold Boehm invented what musical instrument? Flute
When learning to play the guitar, one must first learn the finger positions for chords by placing them on these markings. What is the name of the raised ridges called on the neck of a guitar that help the musician to locate the correct finger positions? Frets
Compounds that contain only the two elements of Carbon and Hydrogen is called a what? Hydrocarbon
Born in New York City, this man served as a delegate to both the First and Second Continental Congress. Identify this important American figure who also served as the first Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court. John Jay
What military branch's official song begins with the words "From the Halls of Montezuma, to the shores of Tripoli"? U.S. Marine Corps
What temperature on the Fahrenheit scale does water boils? 212 degrees
What is the coldest possible temperature on the Celsius scale? -273 degrees
This animated Disney character appears in "Mickey's Christmas Carol" as the Ghost of Christmas past. He sings "When You Wish Upon a Star" in Pinocchio. Name this character who wears a top hat & spats & carries an umbrella Jiminy Cricket
Who is the cool Space Ranger who crashes into Andy's room and refuses to believe that he is just a toy? Buzz Lightyear
What is the name of the Prospector who was introduced as a character in Toy Story 2? Stinky Pete
This German scientist was employed by a rich banker to identify minerals. He cataloged the characteristics of the minerals including what minerals were able to scratch others. Who was this scientist who created a scale to determine a mineral's hardness? Friedrich Mohs
Which planet has both the largest volcano and the largest valley? Mars
Identify the Mexican general who defeated the Texans at the Alamo Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna
Identify the Indian civilization that lived in southern Mexico & surrounding areas in 240 AD and built pyramid temples Mayan
What is the first name of the mouse whose memoir entitled "Ben and Me" supposedly tells the true story of Benjamin Franklin? Amos
What is the name of the part wolf, part dog animal in Jack London's novel of the same name? White Fang
This series of books written by Mildred A Wirt Benson under the pseudonym Carolyn Keene talks about an independent girl detective & includes the title "The Clue of the Broken Locket" Nancy Drew
What planet does the moon Callisto orbit? Jupiter
This 10 letter musical term is a synonym for decrescendo and instructs a musician to gradually become soft. Denoted by an elongated "greater than" sign & derived from the Latin word for decrease, what is this antonym of crescendo? Diminuendo
This song began as a poem penned by an English professor who was inspired by her travels from the East Coast to Colorado. This poem was set to the tune of a hymn called "Materna" by Samuel Augustus Ward. America the Beautiful
The composer of this song was a Russian immigrant. His song aired on the radio on Armistice Day 1938 and was sung by Kate Smith. This song's composer was Irving Berlin God Bless America
Finish the following proverb: Don't Look a Gift Horse in the .... Mouth
Finish the following proverb: Once bitten, Twice,,,,,, Shy
Finish the following proverb: Necessity is the mother of ...... Invention
Finish the following proverb: The love of money is the root of all.... Evil
Finish the following proverb: He who hesitates is..... Lost
Finish the following proverb: A stitch in time saves..... Nine
What is the antonym of the word "parasite"? Host
What is the antonym of the word "Artery"? Vein
The infamous Jimmy Hoffa became president of this labor union in 1958. Though at one point it was heavily involved in organized crime, it is now on the largest labor unions in the world which includes truck drivers. Teamsters Union
Identify this economic term: The selling of merchandise & goods to a retailer instead of directly to the public? Wholesaling
Identify this economic term: A guarantee that the seller issues to the buyer, that the quality of a product or service is good. Warranty
Identify this geological term that starts with "c". A steep walled semicircular basin in a mountain that may contain a lake. Cirque
Identify this geological term that starts with "c". A large basin shaped crater found at the top of a volcano? Caldera
Identify the mythological legendary goat men Satyrs
Identify the mythological legendary bull headed man Minotaur
How many US Presidents have been elected US President without winning the popular vote? Only five US presidents in history have been elected despite losing the popular vote: John Quincy Adams in 1824, Rutherford Hayes in 1876, Benjamin Harrison in 1888, George W. Bush in 2000 and Donald Trump this November.
These dense areas in space form when massive stars collapse at the end of their life cycle & they continue to grow by absorbing mass from their surroundings. Name these objects that have a gravitational field so strong that not even light can escape. Black Holes
Which branch of the US Government has the power to declare war? Legislative
Which branch of the US Government commands the Armed Forces? Executive
Fargo and Bismark are cities in what US State? North Dakota
Cedar Rapids and Davenport are cities in what US State? Iowa
Portland and Eugene are cities in what US state? Oregon
Rockford and Peoria are cities in what US State? Illinois
If you do not make any changes to your computer ti will display a group of settings identified by this adjective. What is this 2 syllable word that refers to the original computer configuration as programmed by its manufacturer? Default
For what large computer company was DOS originally designed? IBM
What innovator founded the immensely successful online bookseller, Amazon. com? Jeff Bezos
What type of sweet potatoes are you making if you parboil them with a mixture of butter and brown sugar? Candied or Glazes
Males of this unusual animal have stingers on the heels of their feet that produce venom. Even though it is a mammal,it's classified as a monotreme since it lays eggs rather than giving live birth. It has otter like fur, a beaver like tail, & a duck bill Platypus
What US President declared his "War on Poverty" campaign? Lyndon B Johnson
What South African leader was sentenced to life imprisonment in South Africa but later ended up becoming the country's first black president? Nelson Mandela
This artists painting No. 5, 1948 sold for $140 million in 2006. He was known as "Jack the Dripper" Jackson Pollack
This gray lustrous metal is the first metal listed in Group 6 of the Periodic Table. This element is added to steel to make it highly resistant to corrosion. (making stainless steel). What is the atomic element #24 and symbol of Cr. Chromium
The freshwater Hyrda was five to twelve appendages that surrounds it s mouth and are used when capturing food or attaching to a rock. What are these appendages called? Tentacles
Into what scientific order is the housefly classified? Diptera
Ronald Reagan National Airport is located in what US city? Washington D.C.
From the Bible: Alpha and the ________, meaning beginning and end Omega
From the Bible: As you sow, so shall you ________ meaning you will be rewarded or blamed depending on your actions. Reap
Related to the armadillo & anteater, this slow moving furry mammal lives in trees in the tropical forests in South and Central America. It eats, sleeps, and maneuvers upside down by using its sharp claws to cling to trees. It is synonymous with laziness Sloth
The number of arms on a seastar 5
The rear of back section of an arthopod Abdomen
This colony was the first North American settlement founded by a group of separatists fleeing religious persecution in England. Becoming part of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, what was the original colony established by the Pilgrims & John Smith in 1620? Plymouth Colony
The monoplane Charles Lindbergh flew non stop over the Atlantic Ocean Spirit of St. Louis
In what city would you find "The Creation of Adam" by Michelangelo? Rome
In what city would you find "The Last Supper" by Leonardo da Vinci? Milan
The Greek root carp- is associated with what part of the body? wrist
The Greek root cephalo-is associated with what part of the body? head
In the comic strip Peanuts, who is known for his security blanket and his philosophical revelations? Linus
What is the name of the World War I Flying Ace in the Peanuts Comic Strip? Red Baron
This Greek letter denotes the ratio between the circumference and diameter of a circle. What is this Greek letter that is equivalent to 3.14 in most Geometry problems? pi
IN a unit circle, what is the length of the radius? 1
What kind of line touches a circle at only one point? tangent
What country musical artist had a hit called "Boys Round Here"? Blake Shelton
This pop singer sold more than 175 million albums passing Elvis Pressley. She holds the record for the longest running #1 single with "One Sweet Day". Name this Diva vocalist who was a judge on American Idol for 1 season &who was married to Nick Cannon Mariah Carey
Complete the following proverb: The best defense is a good... Offense
Complete the following proverb: Misery loves..... Company
Complete the following proverb: Laughter is the best.... Medicine
Complete the following proverb: Jack of all trades, master of.... None
A trench in the earth made by a plow is called a .... Furrow
What is a financial adviser who purchases and trades stocks for individuals and companies called? Stock Broker
"Can you Feel the Love Tonight" is a popular song in what musical and movie? The Lion King
"The Bare Necessities" is a popular song in what musical or movie? The Jungle Book
This Swedish professor originally taught astronomy but is most remembered for his temperature scale that bears his name. Who is this innovator whose scale that defines the freezing point at 0 degrees &the boiling point of water at 100 degrees. Anders Celsius
In Swiss Family Robinson, Grizzle was swallowed by a boa constrictor. What type of animal was Grizzle? Donkey
In Harriet Beecher Stowe's "Uncle Tom's Cabin", what did little Eva give to everyone when she was dying? Her hair
This German passenger airship was the largest aircraft to ever fly. Before a tragic fire occurring in 1937 destroyed it and killed many of its passengers, this was a pioneer in the development of trans- Atlantic service. Name this "Titanic of the Sky" Hindenburg
This early Rocky Mountain explorer was known as "The Pathfinder" John Fremont
He was the dictator of Spain from 1939 to 1975 Francisco Franco
In what month is Columbus Day? October
In what month is Earth Day? April
If a major crime is committed in Texas and the person flees to Arkansas to avoid punishment, the governor of Texas could ask Arkansas to send the fugitive back. What is this process called? Extradition
This musical instrument used by the early Greeks to accompany singers or poets is sometimes used metaphorically to refer to the skill of a poet. Name this member of the harp family that has two curved arms connected at the upper end by a crossbar. Lyre
A 10 letter word beginning with "r" that refers to the group of compositions that a musician will be performing. Repertoire
A word beginning and ending with a vowel that means to create music spontaneously while playing. Improvise
A voter wants to vote for a Republican congressman but a Democratic senator. What nickname is given to the ballot that she cast by voting for candidates of different political parties? Split Ticket
In Newton's 2nd Law, this variable is defined as force over mass. What five syllable word not only refers to a change in velocity, but also refers to the increase in speed of an object over time? Acceleration
This is the character in "Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted" that becomes smitten with Gia the Jaguar after working with her in the traveling circus. What is the name of this aerobatic dancing lion voiced by Ben Stiller? Alex
The two Disney chipmunks that make life interesting for Donald Duck Chip and Dale
A Disney movie character: King Triton's mermaid daughter who refuses to believe that people are dangerous Ariel
Human behavior can often be described as a verb derived from an animal. What animal means to brag, gloat, or exult? Crow
Human behavior can often be described as a verb derived from an animal. What animal means to track or trail persistently? Hound
When used as a verb this 7 letter word means "to tire out completely" and when used as a noun refers to a car's discharged gas fumes. Exhaust
The nickname of this US President was "Silent Cal" Calvin Coolidge
The nickname of this US President was "Old Rough and Ready" Zachary Taylor
The nickname of this US President was "The Great Communicator" Ronald Reagan
The nickname of this US President was "The Trust Buster" Teddy Roosevelt
The nickname of this US President was "Bubba" Bill Clinton
The nickname of this US President was "Ike" Dwight D Eisenhower
The nickname of this US President was "Old Hickory" Andrew Jackson
The nickname of this US President was "Tricky Dick" Richard Nixon
The opening line of this book begins "It was a pleasure to burn" Fahrenheit 451
The Latin root opt-means having to do with what part of the body? eye
What does the acronym POW mean? Prisoner of War
A thin pancake rolled and filled with jam or fruit is called ..... crepe
Teddy Roosevelt' foreign policy was "to Speak softly and carry a __________. big stick
The common name for the Progressive Party that Teddy Roosevelt formed in 1912 Bull Moose
In what quadrant would (-7, 18) be found? 2
In what quadrant would (14, -6) be found? 4
These objects have a rear slot called a nock.    Zenoʹs”fletcherʹs paradox” argues that one of theseobjects can never be in motion.  People were said to fall in love due to golden objects of this type wielded by Cupid.   They are shot from bows Arrows
In this country, a ”lion monument” lies in the cliffs surrounding Lake Lucerne , which borders three cantons.  This countryʹs southern border with Italy extends through the Matterhorn mountain.   Bern is the capital of which Alpine Country? Switzerland
In this book a rule is established that only the person holding a conch shell may talk during group meetings.   Glasses belonging to Piggy are broken by the choirboy Jack.    School‐aged children are stranded on an island in what book by William Golding? Lord of the Flies
Whoever kills this character is cursed by God to suffer “sevenfold vengeance.”    He becomes upset after God disapproves of his offerings from the soil.    He asks ”am I my brotherʹs keeper?”  Who from the Book of Genesis who murders his brother Abel. Cain
Half of this shapeʹs perimeter is used to find its area in Heronʹs formula.    This shapeʹs side lengths and angles are related to the law of cosines.  The interior angles of this shape add up to 180 degrees triangles
One of these items depicting an upside‐down airplane is called the Inverted Jenny.    The study of these objects is known as philately. When they retain their value despite rate increases, they are described by the word “forever.”   Name these objects Postage Stamps
An old dog of this name lives with a fanged rabbit in Howeʹs novel Bunnicula. In a picture book by Crockett Johnson, a boy with this name draws a moon with a purple crayon. Name Georgeʹs best friend in Dav Pilkeyʹs Captain Underpants series? Harold
A man with this surname caused the death of Mary Jo Kopechne in the Chappaquiddick incident.    Another with this surname was shot at the Ambassador Hotel.    A third man was killed at Dealey Plaza in Dallas. Give the surname of Ted, Bobby, and John. Kennedy
Name this field of physics.    Its “second law” states that the total disorder in the universe never decreases Thermodynamics
Thermodynamics defines this quantity as a materialʹs average kinetic energy.    This quantity can be measured in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit Temperature
A movie subtitled “Skull Island” featured this giant ape, who climbed the Empire State Building in a 1933 film. King Kong
The first spinoff of The Lego Movie was named after this character voiced by Will Arnett Batman
Emma Watson played a French girl who fends off the advances of Gaston in this live‐action remake of a 1991 Disney film. Beauty and the Beast
Twin brothers competed to find the most favorable omens while arguing about where to build this city.    Name this city founded by the brother of Remus Rome
Remus and his brother Romulus (the founders of Rome) were said to be the sons of Rhea Silvia and this Roman deity Mars
After being abandoned as infants, Romulus and Remus were rescued by one of these animals, who fed the twins her own milk. Wolf
The title character of this novel concludes ”we must cultivate our garden.”    Name this novel that parodies the optimistic philosophy of Gottfried Leibniz and whose author was Voltaire Candide
This presidentʹs assassination by Charles Guiteau led to the elimination of the ”spoils system” by which government jobs were awarded. James Garfield
This party, led by Henry Clay, proposed the American System of ”internal improvements” such as roads and canals.    Four presidents were members of this party, which died out by 1854. Whigs
This president advocated for the Interstate Highway System, which was later named after him.    The law authorizing the system passed in 1956, during his administration. Dwight D Eisenhower
The H. L. Hunley was a vessel of this type.    Name these ships that strike from underwater, and include the American George Washington class vessels. Submarines
These German submarines were used during World War I, most notably in the sinking of the Lusitania U-Boats
In his first appearance, this character tries to keep Harry Potter from returning to Hogwarts.  Name this house elf who prevents Harry from boarding the train back to school. Dobby
In the Harry Potter Series, Dobby seals off the secret entrance to the Hogwarts Express, which departs from this numbered platform 9 3/4
The rocks of the Burgess formation in Canada contain many of these preserved remains of prehistoric plants and animals. Fossils
The Mona Passage is east of this island.   Name this Caribbean island that is divided between Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Hispanola
The Mona Passage separates Hispaniola from this island, which is a U.S. territory governed from San Juan Puerto Rico
The 2017 French presidential race was won by this 39‐year‐old candidate of the party En Marche Emmanuel Macron
Examples of these errors in argumentation include ”begging the question” and ”no true Scotsman.”  Name these instances of improper reasoning, such as assuming that correlation implies causation Fallacies
The fallacy of attacking oneʹs opponent, rather than the opponentʹs argument, is given this name, from the Latin for “to the man.” ad hominem
This man is the only baseball player with nine 200‐hit seasons.    He was known as the “Georgia Peach,” and played most of his career with the Tigers in the early 20th century. Ty Cobb
This Yankee captain and shortstop had eight 200‐hit seasons.    He wore the number 2, and retired in 2014. Derek Jeter
One of the events that inspired the Black Lives Matter movement was the 2013 acquittal of George Zimmerman, who shot and killed this unarmed teenager. Trayvon Martin
The Black Lives Matter movement gained traction after the killing of Michael Brown, prompting demonstrations in this Missouri city where Brown died. Ferguson
In plants and certain other organisms, the cell membrane is surrounded by this tougher layer that provides structural support. Cell Wall
During this war, John II of France was ransomed after being captured at the 1356 Battle of Poitiers. Name this war between France and England that actually lasted for more than a century. Hundred Years War
A turning point in the Hundred Yearsʹ War came in 1429, when Joan of Arc helped to lift the siege of this French city.    Joan became known as the “Maid” of this city. Orleans
This author retold a folktale about the rooster Chanticleer in “The Nunʹs Priestʹs Tale.”    Pilgrims compete to tell the best story in what authorʹs book The Canterbury Tales? Geoffrey Chaucer
The first story in The Canterbury Tales is told by a man identified by the name of this occupation.    Other people with this occupation sat at a Round Table in Camelot Knights
Otto von Bismarck led efforts to unify various states into this country.    Name this European empire formed in 1871 from Prussia and other nearby states. Germany
”Eye of newt,” spelled “N‐E‐W‐T,” is an ingredient used by witches in this Shakespeare play about the murder of a Scottish king Macbeth
Chittagong and Calcutta are ports on this bay, which is a northern arm of the Indian Ocean.    What bay is the largest in the world? Bay of Bengal
Dhaka is the capital of this densely populated country that lies on the Bay of Bengal. Bangladesh
This man sits despondently on the bed of his teacher, who is seen accepting a cup of hemlock, in a painting titled "The Death of Socrates". Name this man who walks next to his student Aristotle in a painting titled "The School of Athens" by Raphael Plato
The Death of Socrates is a work by this French neoclassical artist, who also painted The Coronation of Napoleon and Napoleon Crossing the Alps. Jacques Louis David
She was 130 years old when she had her third son, Seth.    One of her children was exiled to Nod after murdering his brother.    She was tempted by the serpent to eat from the tree of knowledge. Name the mother of Cain and Abel, the 1st woman in the Bible Eve
Residents escaping the Black Death in this city tell 100 stories in The Decameron.   This city on the Arno River is the site of the Uffizi Gallery and was once dominated by the Medici family. Name this city birthplace of the Renaissance.  Florence (Italy)
A man in this novel almost wins a steeplechase making a mistake that breaks the back of his horse Frou‐Frou.   The title character of this novel ends her affair with Count Vronsky by throwing herself under a train.   The book was written by Leo Tolstoy Anna Karenina
This rock is felsic & has a lower specific gravity, but is very similar to scoria.    Volcanic eruptions near the ocean produce large rafts of this rock, which is often used as an abrasive.   Name this extremely porous volcanic rock that floats on water Pumice
What political partyʹs first president was Abraham Lincoln in 1860? Republican
This desertʹs Dragonʹs Breath Cave contains one of the worldʹs largest underground lakes.    The Namib Desert is west of this desert.   Most of Botswana is covered by what desert of interior southern Africa? Kalahari Desert
This spacecraft took a photograph known as the Family Portrait, & it took the first picture of volcanic activity on Io . Despite its name, it was the 2nd probe launched with a “Golden Record.”  Name this NASA probe the farthest man‐made object from Earth Voyager 1
A leader of this African country claimed to be the the uncrowned king of Scotland.    The controversial film Kony 2012 was about a rebel leader originally from this country. Idi Amin led what African country opposed by the Lordʹs Resistance Army? Uganda
This man uttered ”nevertheless, she persisted” in describing why Elizabeth Warren was punished.    Donald Trump tweeted at this fellow Republican to “get back to work” & fix health care. Name this Kentucky senator who has been Majority Leader since 2015. Mitch McConnell
The Mayans used a tortoise shell shape to represent this number.    It is the number of moons that orbit Venus. What value when added to any number leaves that number unchanged? Zero
  Leo X excommunicated this man after he refused to retract his views on indulgences at the Diet of Worms. Name this reformer who nailed his Ninety‐Five Theses to a church door in Germany Martin Luther
The name of this element means ”light‐bearing.”    Name this nonmetal, whose “red” form replaced its “white” form for use in lighting matches. Phosphorus
In order to gain wisdom, Odin the Norse god, sacrificed this body part, leaving him with only one. Eyer
Odin wields Gungnir which is this type of weapon.    In Irish myth, Cú Chulainn uses one called the Gáe Bulg Spear
The Île de la Cité is an island in this river, connected to the rest of the city by the Pont Neuf , Parisʹs oldest standing bridge Seine
The Île de la Cité in Paris is home to this Gothic cathedral, which was one of the first buildings to use flying buttresses Notre Dame Cathedral
Jacques de Molay was burned at the stake in front of Notre Dame in 1314.    He was the last Grandmaster of the “Poor Fellow‐Soldiers of Christ,” the Catholic military order better known by this name Knights of the Templar
Mary I of England who was nicknamed “Bloody” for her persecution, belonged to this family dynasty that ruled England from 1485 to 1603. House of Tudor
The last Catholic queen of England was Mary of Modena, the wife of this Stuart king deposed in 1688 James the Second of England or James the 6th of Scotland
The Battle of El Alamein in World War 2 pitted Allied troops against armies led by this Nazi commander known as “the Desert Fox.” Erwin Rommel
This opera premiered on Christmas Eve, 1871, in Cairo.    Name this opera in which the Egyptian military commander Radamès falls in love with the title prisoner, an Ethiopian princess Aida
The Opera Aida was composed by this Italian, whose mid‐career hits included Rigoletto and La Traviata Guiseppe Verdi
Circuits are often made using this technique that uses heat and a metal alloy to fuse objects together.    It is contrasted with welding and brazing Soldering
About 1,000 plant species are gymnosperms. Most gymnosperms, including cedars, firs, and pines, house their seeds in these woody organs that consist of plates called “scales.” Cones
The intense color of this product is caused primarily by the compound crocin .   Name this thread‐like spice with a distinctive golden‐orange color.    It is generally regarded as the worldʹs most expensive spice. Saffron
Saffron is a key ingredient in paella often considered a national dish of this country where it originated Spain
“Black Balloon” was the first single from this bandʹs 1998 album Dizzy Up the Girl, which also featured their hits “Slide” and “Iris.” Goo Goo Dolls
During this singerʹs Dangerous Woman tour, pink balloons dropped as she sang “Sometimes.”    She released the song “No Tears Left to Cry” in 2018. Ariana Grande
The landscape in this paintingʹs foreground is replaced by a series of rectangular bricks in a 1954 painting titled for its disintegration.”    Name this 1931 painting by Dali that features the Cap de Creus peninsula and a number of melting clocks The Persistence of Memory
In 2003 astronomers dubbed this event as the Halloween Storms. . The interaction of those storms with the Earthʹs magnetic field resulted in the “borealis” form of these phenomena, which are often called the Northern Lights. Aurora (Borealis)
This actress sang “The Trolley Song” in Meet Me in St. Louis.    Name this actress whose best known character lives on a farm in Kansas with Aunt Em, Uncle Henry, and Toto Judy Garland
William Tweed was the “boss” of this New York City political machine, which opposed pro‐labor factions in the 19th and 20th centuries. Tammny Hall
New York City was the site of a 1911 conflagration in this building that resulted in the deaths of over 100 garment workers. Triangle Shirtwaist Factory
In a book by this author, a homeless teen awakens in a 540‐floor hotel after he dies in Boston while trying to retrieve a sword.    The hero of Magnus Chase series is cousins with Annabeth, a daughter of Athena.  Who wrote the Camp Half‐Blood Chronicles? Rick Riordan
As a note, this letter of the alphabet is the subdominant in the key of C.    The bass clef is sometimes named for this letter, which also Name this letter that, when used as a dynamic, signifies “loud,” or forte F
The 7th version of this software, called “Nougat,” was released in 2017.    Windows may have been surpassed by this OS as the most‐installed in the world.  What mobile operating system developed by Google is named after a word for a human‐like robot? Android
The Battle of (*) San Juan Hill was fought in what war, in which Theodore Rooseveltʹs “Rough Riders” fought in Cuba? Spanish American War
The largest islands in this archipelago are named Isabela & Santa Cruz.    The finches on these islands were studied by a naturalist on the HMS Beagle in the 1830s.   Ecuador controls what archipelago in the Pacific Ocean once visited by Charles Darwin? Galapagos
The ”motor vehicle exception” is one of this amendmentʹs requirement that certain government activity requires probable cause.    The warrant requirement is codified in what constitutional amendment that protects against unreasonable searches & seizures? 4th Amendment
A photograph shows a protester opposed to this war placing a carnation into a soldierʹs rifle.   Name this war protested by a 1967 march on the Pentagon, along with many campus protests during the 1960s. Vietnam Way
In 1966 this boxer declared himself a conscientious objector to the Vietnam War and was sentenced to prison for draft evasion Cassius Clay or Muhammad Ali
Phoebe, played by actress Lisa Kudrow, briefly shared a New York City apartment with Monica and Chandler on this NBC series Friends
In science, sometimes ʹOʹ comes before ʹAʹ.   A. O, B, A, F, G, K, and M are classes along the ”main sequence” of these objects, ordered from hottest to coolest. Stars
In the competition to design the Duomo in Florence, Brunelleschi won out over this rival, who in turn won the competition to design the bronze doors of the Florence Baptistery Ghiberti
These organisms may be classified as ”gram‐positive” or ”gram‐negative,” which roughly corresponds to the thickness of their cell walls.    Name these microorganisms that include E. coli and Salmonella Bacteria
John Locke described property as “life, liberty, and estate,” inspiring the phrase ”life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” in this 1776 document Declaration of Independance
The name of this literary format is derived from a Greek word meaning letter. Identify this literary format in which a text is presented as a series of letters or other documents. Epistalory
Much of this novel takes place in a house at 124 Bluestone Road.  . Name this Pulitzer Prize‐winning novel about Sethe , who kills her daughter to save her from slavery. It was written by Toni Morrison Beloved
The Trinity River, the longest river wholly within Texas, runs through this city.   Name this city, home to the Perot Museum of Nature and Science and the Texas Book Depository where JFK was shot. Dallas
The winged lion is a symbol representing this evangelist, to whom one of the Four Gospels is attributed. Saint Mark
The Piazza San Marco in this Italian city known for its canals is home to a statue of a winged lion. Venice
A recurring course in this video game series, Baby Park, requires players to complete seven laps instead of three.    An item in this series uses an inverted question mark to indicate it is a bomb, not a real item box. Name this Nintendo racing game Mario Kart
“Kat” Katczinsky serves as a mentor to Paul Baümer in this World War I novel by Erich Maria Remarque All Quiet on the Western Front
The Carolingian Renaissance occurred under the rule of this son of Pepin the Short.  Name this king of the Franks. Charlemagne
Much of this film is centered on its title groupʹs inability to get along well enough to be able to morph.   Name this 2017 action film about five teenage superheroes, based on a long‐running childrenʹs TV series Power Rangers
A painting of these trees was intended as a companion piece to The Starry Night.  Name this type of Mediterranean fruit tree, the subject of 18 paintings by Vincent van Gogh. Olive Trees
In a 1905 paper, Albert Einstein wrote that this phenomenon provided evidence for the existence of atoms.  Identify this random motion of particles in a fluid, such as pollen grains moving in water.    It is named for a British scientist Brownian
Orion represents a warrior who was killed by one of these stinging creatures, which itself became a zodiac constellation. Scorpion
, who took the form of a fish to flee this monster.    A fight with this creature cost Zeus several sinews Typhon
Issac Newtonʹs third law implies that this dynamic quantity is conserved; its time rate of change equals the net force on an object. Momentum
Abraham Lincoln was assassinated during a showing of Our American Cousin at this Washington, DC, theater. Ford's Theater
The Rockettes are based in this Manhattan theater, which has hosted both the Grammy and Tony Awards.    Its name refers to a broadcast medium Radio City Musci Hall
A poem about this ship claims that “many an eye has danced to see” this shipʹs ”banner in the sky.”  What ship, launched in the 1790s, is described in the poem “Old Ironsides”? USS Constitution
“Itʹs raw!” is a catchphrase of what Scottish‐born celebrity who hosts the reality shows Hellʹs Kitchen and Master Chef? Gordon Ramsey
What former Portuguese colony on the Pearl River Delta west of Hong Kong was returned to China in 1999? Macau
What Italian music term means to play notes in a connected manner, the opposite of staccato? Legato
What grammar term taken from the Latin for “to add to” is a part of speech that in English usually precedes and modifies a noun, such as “strong” or “old”? Adjective
Which physicist proclaimed ”God does not play dice with the universe,” explained Brownian motion, developed relativity, and stated ”E = mc2” Albert Einstein
What South American city is generally called the worldʹs highest capital city, even though it is only a de facto capital? La Paz (Bolivia)
By what colorful nickname is Manfred von Richthofen, a World War I German ace, better known? Red Baron
Cups, swords, wands, and pentacles are the traditional suits of cards one would find in what type of ostensibly prophetic deck? Tarot Deck or Tarot Cards
In Charles Dickensʹs A Christmas Carol, Ebenezer Scrooge is visited by how many ghosts? 4 (Christmas Past, Christmas Present, Christmas Future, And Jacob Marley)
What Titan—who gave his name to one of the worldʹs oceans—helped Heracles by fetching the golden apples while on break from holding up the heavens? Atlas
Which British prime minister claimed “Peace for our time” after signing the 1938 Munich Agreement with Adolf Hitler? Neville Chamberlain
The rapid growth of tulips makes them useful in studying what tendency of a plant to grow in the direction of sunlight? Phototropism
What squire and lover of Achilles [uh-“KILL”-eez] borrowed Achillesʹ armor and was subsequently killed by Hector in the Trojan War? Patroclus
What structure in the abdomen . . . Produces both epinephrine and cortisol Adrenal
What part of the human body produces bile? liver
What is the largest vein in the human body? Vena Cava
What part of the human body secretes insulin? Pancreas
What part of the human body has red pulp and sequesters old red blood cells? Spleen
In which U.S. state would one find . . .Mesa Verde [ National Park? Colorado
In which U.S. state would one find . .Badlands National Park? South Dakota
In which U.S. state would one find ...Mammoth Cave National Park? Kentucky
In which US State would one find....Big Bend National Park? Texas
In which US State would one find...Acadia National Park Maine
In which US State would one find...Yosemite National Park? California
In which US State would one find...Arches National Park? Utah
Owen Wilson‐voiced character in Pixarʹs Cars Lightning McQueen
Official song of the U.S. president Hail to the Chief
Video game company of World of Warcraft Blizzard
Apple data storage service hacked in August 2014 icloud
Nickname of Iowa Stateʹs sports teams Cyclones
The Rock Band Scorpions song that repeats “Here I am” Rock Me Like a Hurricane
This poet commemorated Abraham Lincoln in “When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloomʹd,” as well as in “O Captain!    My Captain!” Walt Whitman
This Christian denomination, which rejects blood transfusions, publishes the magazine The Watchtower. Jehovah's Witnesses
The “negative” form of this blood type is called the ”universal donor,” since it can be transfused into nearly any individual. Type O
Name this temperature at which a liquid becomes a solid. Freezing point
Gilbert Stuart's painting of this man was saved by Dolley Madison during the 1814 White House fire. Emanuel Leutze's work used on New Jersey's state quarter shows him standing on a boat. Name this Revolutionary general who crossed the Delaware. George Washington
On this battle's first day, Richard Ewell failed to take Cemetery Hill. It resulted in George Meade's Army of the Potomac driving Robert E. Lee's Confederates into Maryland. Name this 1863 Pennsylvania battle commemorated in an Abraham Lincoln address. Battle of Gettysburg
One of these informs Zechariah he will have a child, and another talks to Mary Magdalene when she visits Jesus' tomb. Jacob wrestles with one, & in the Annunciation, one named Gabriel tells Mary of Jesus' birth. Name these messengers of God Angels
Days after his birth, this Greek god killed a dragon named Python. He joined with his sister to kill the children of Niobe after she bragged about being superior to their mother, Leto. Name this brother of Artemis, the Greek god of light and music. Apollo
In 1676 this settlement was burned during Bacon's Rebellion. John Rolfe introduced West Indian tobacco to this place. John Smith led what colony founded in 1607, the first permanent English settlement in Virginia? Jamestown
What character from a nursery rhyme . . . A. Is asked “have you any wool” and responds “yes sir, yes sir, three bags full”? Black Sheep
What character from a nursery rhyme . .“Sat on her tuffet” eating curds and whey? Little Miss Muffet
What character from a nursery rhyme ... Is “quite contrary” and asked “how does your garden grow”? Mary Mary
What character from a nursery rhyme ...“Had a wife but couldnʹt keep her”? Peter Peter Pumkin Eater
What character from a nursery rhyme ..Lives on Drury Lane?    The rhyme asks whether “you know” this character. Muffin Man
What character from a nursery rhyme ...Is asked “dormez‐vous?”, or “are you sleeping?” in a French rhyme? Frere Jacques
  Identify the author of this work, who uses a pen name that includes two or more initials: A Game of Thrones George RR Martin
Identify the author of this work, who uses a pen name that includes two or more initials: The House at Pooh Corner AA Milne
Identify the author of this work, who uses a pen name that includes two or more initials: “somewhere i have never travelled, gladly beyond,” a poem written almost entirely in lowercase e e cummings
Identify the author of this work, who uses a pen name that includes two or more initials: Mary Poppins P.L. Travers
Identify the author of this work, who uses a pen name that includes two or more initials: The young adult horror novels Night of the Living Dummy and Say Cheese and Die! R.L. Stine
Identify the author of this work, who uses a pen name that includes two or more initials: The Outsiders S.E. Hinton
A poem that uses a literary device which assigns human qualities to non-human things like time and the sun is called Anthropomorphism
In the real number system, you cannot take the square root of a negative number. Put another way, this set of all the inputs of the square root function is “zero and all positive numbers,” as is the range. Domain
The largest specimens recovered from the La Brae tar pits include a mastodon and the Columbian species of this pachyderm whose coat was shorter than its woolly cousin. Mammoths
This author was inspired by Alice in Wonderland to write the first book of her Underland Chronicles, Gregor the Overlander. In one of her books, Katniss kill District 13’s President Coin. Name this author of the Hunger Games trilogy. Suzanne Collins
John Foster Dulles, Henry Kissinger, & Madeline Albright have served in this cabinet post. This cabinet member is 4th in line for the presidency, This Cabinet ­level position serves as the primary diplomat of the US and coordinates foreign relations. Secretary of State
In horseshoe crabs, this element makes the crabs’ blood look blue. When exposed to air, this element will form a green patina & because of high conductivity, it is often used in electrical wires. Name this element, which only makes up 2.5% of a penny copper
One story in this book describes how languages were created after people attempted to make a tower go up to heaven. This book tells the story of the first murder, in which Abel dies at the hands of his brother Cain. Name this 1st book of the Bible Genesis
This gland is controlled by signals from the neighboring hypothalamus and releases growth hormone. Name this gland situated at the base of the brain that is the “master gland” of the endocrine system. Pituitary Gland
Important advances made during this war include the invention of the gatling gun. Fighting in this war broke out in Charleston at the Battle of Fort Sumter. This war ended at Appomattox Court House where Robert E. Lee surrendered to Ulysses S. Grant. American Civil War
One kind of this force in fluids is called drag. Identify this force that comes in static, kinetic, and rolling types. This force makes it difficult to push an object across a carpeted floor Friction
This European country stretches from the Alps to the North and Baltic Seas. Name this country whose major cities include Hamburg and Munich Germany
The second ­longest river of Europe begins in the Black Forest of Germany Danube
This children’s novel sees the piglet Wilbur’s life spared after Fern convinces her father not to kill him. Name this novel whose title spider leaves messages, such as the phrase “Some Pig,” to save a more mature Wilbur from slaughter Charlotte's Web
In the book, Charlotte's Web, Wilbur’s life is spared after he is shown at this event by Homer Zuckerman. At this event, Charlotte dies after laying her eggs. County Fair
Which latitude lies exactly halfway between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn? Equator
In the ballet position known as attitude, the dancer might be standing on the tips of his toes, known by this two word French phrase en pointe
One of Jesus’ Beatitudes recounted in the Gospel of Matthew suggests that these people will “inherit the Earth.” the meek
Diamond and graphite are both allotropes of this element. Identify this nonmetal element with symbol C and atomic number 6. Carbon
In this novel, the title family visits Grandma Sands. Name this novel that sees Kenny and his siblings exposed to racism at its worst when their grandmother’s church is bombed in the title city The Watson's Go to Birmingham-1963
This man wrote The Watson's Go to Birmingham ­ 1963. Christopher Paul Curtis
This novel details the life of a certain family in Maycomb County, Alabama. Name this novel narrated by Scout Finch, a work of Harper Lee To Kill A Mockingbird
This character in To Kill a Mockingbird leaves Scout and her brother Jem small gifts in a tree and saves the Finch children from an attack by Bob Ewell. Arthur Boo Radley
One of the US First Ladies descended from Pocahontas is this wife of Ronald Reagan who launched the “Just Say No” drug campaign. Nancy Reagan
The ozone layer, which helps shield Earth from UV radiation, is located in this layer of the atmosphere. Stratosphere
This is the layer of the atmosphere in which weather takes place. In this layer closest to Earth, temperature decreases with altitude. Troposphere
This is the one state which does not have a bicameral legislature; that is, this state’s legislature is only made up of one house which is based in its capital of Lincoln Nebraska
This amendment to the constitution provided for electoral representation for residents of Washington, D.C., since they have no voting members of Congress. 23rd amendment
Caesar was killed as a result of a conspiracy amongst Roman senators led by this man along with Cassius. In Latin, Caesar is quoted as saying “Et tu?” to this man. Brutus (Marcus Junius)
This website’s first video shows its co­founder Jawed Karim at the the zoo. Name this popular video sharing website that is now owned by Google You Tube
This man is the founder of the Order of the Phoenix. He defeated his former friend Grindelwald to become master of the Elder Wand. He is almost killed by Draco Malfoy, but Snape kills this man instead. Name this Harry Potter character,. Albus Dumbledore
This singer’s debut album included the song “Chasing Pavements.”” She was the first person to win an Oscar for a song from a James Bond movie. Name this British singer who had a recent hit with the song “Hello. Adele (Adkins)
Genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, have become a hotly debated topic. Some GMOs contain genes from other organisms, so they are referred to with this adjective, the opposite of cisgenic transgenic
Name this event, in which the device “Little Boy” was used, that occurred after Japan refused to meet the terms of Harry Truman’s Potsdam Declaration Bombing of Hiroshima
The atomic bomb was developed by this government­funded “project.” The group of scientists in this project included Enrico Fermi and Leo Szilard Manhattan Project
This scientist, sometimes called the “father of the atomic bomb”, remarked “Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds” after witnessing the Trinity test. Julius Robert Oppenheimer
Name this television show starring Andrew Lincoln as Deputy Rick Grimes who lives in a world infested by zombies. The Walking Dead
This former Disney star found recent success with his band DNCE and the hit song “Cake by the Ocean.” Joe Jonas
At a conference in Paris in 2015, called COP21, countries were meeting to work on this issue, which is causing sea levels to rise and unusual weather patterns. global warming
Some Buddhists teach that a person can make a series of choices in life that can bring an end to suffering, given this name for the number of factors one must develop. Noble Eightfold Path
In Paris, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier lies underneath this 164 foot ­tall arch Arc de Triomphe
This monument designed by Eero Saarinen is a symbol of St. Louis towering over the Mississippi River. Gateway Arch
This Supreme Court justice is the first Hispanic justice and one of just four women to have ever served on the court Sonia Sotomayor
This element is the heaviest naturally occurring element, with 92 protons. uranium
This event was captured on the Zapruder film. It occurred on November 22, 1963 in Dallas and its perpetrator was Lee Harvey Oswald Assassination of JFK
The Lion King is loosely based on this Shakespeare play and includes the elements of the murderous uncle and the father’s ghost from this play. Hamlet
An overseas territory of the United Kingdom, these Caribbean islands share a name with reptiles closely related to alligators. Cayman Islands
Schubert left his 8th musical work of this type unfinished. Berlioz wrote one of these called “fantastique.” Joseph Haydn was referred to as the “Father of” this type of musical work, & they often include an exposition, recapitulation, and coda Symphony
This man from Greek mythology was taken prisoner after he built a structure for King Minos. This man & his son escaped their imprisonment but this man’s son died after flying too close to the sun. Name the creator of the labyrinth & the father of Icarus Daedalus
This entrepreneur’s color­blindness explains the excessive blue ​of the website of that social networking company which recently launched new ‘reactions.’ Name this co­founder and CEO of Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg
In this book, Sally ditches the main character at a fair which leads a man to assault the main character, whose name is Esperanza Cordero. Name this book about a girl growing up on a particular street in Chicago. The House on Mango Street
This athlete was the first pick in the 1998 NFL Draft, after a successful college career at the Univ of Tennessee. He won 5 NFL MVP awards for his play with the Colts and with the Broncos. Name this retired quarterback whose brother Eli also plays footbal Peyton Manning
On a circuit diagram, this component’s symbol is a zig­zag line. In a series circuit containing more than one component, their values can simply be added up. These circuit components obey Ohm’s law and they limit the flow of electricity in circuits Resistors
This Muslim holy book is divided into 114 suras which were written by the Prophet Muhammad Quran
This Democrat from California has been the only woman so far to have been US Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi
This character from Treasure Island is hired as the ship’s cook but plans a pirate mutiny of the ship, surprising Jim Hawkins. Long John Silver
This musical follows the birth of the United States from the perspective of an immigrant who played a key role in the formation of the government. Name this award ­winning musical that follows the life of America’s first Secretary of the Treasury Hamilton
This man wrote the music, lyrics, and book of the musical, and in the original run of the show, played Alexander Hamilton as well Lin­Manuel Miranda
In this painting by Raphael, Aristotle is seen holding a copy of one of his books, The Nicomachean Ethics. Name this painting depicting several philosophers and mathematicians. School of Athens
The painting is this kind of artwork, a mural painted directly onto wet plaster. This term comes from the Italian word for “fresh.” fresco
This group, led by Abu Bakr al­Baghdadi, was responsible for the attacks in November 2015 on Paris that killed 130 people ISIS
This is a device inserted into the bell of a brass instrument to change its volume or timbre. mute
This quantity in physics is measured in watts and is the rate at which work is done. In other words, this is work over time. power
In economics, this is a measurement of how much of a good would be purchased at any particular price. demand
In order to protect hunting dogs, the process of docking is used to cut off or shorten this body part of the dog. tail
This ancient city was carved out of a Jordanian mountain side. It wasn't discovered by modern society until 1812. Petra
This Brazilian soapstone statue is an iconic depiction of Jesus that was completed in 1931 and stands over 98 feet tall. Christ the Redeemer
The Renaissance is famous for, among other things, a blossoming of literature. In the 16th century, Niccolo Machiavelli wrote a book with this title which describes how, sometimes, the ends justify the means. It is named after a royal title. The Prince
In a contest over the patronage of Athens, his saltwater spring lost to Athena’s olive tree. This god tried to kill Odysseus by wrecking his raft and cursing him to sail for 10 years. Name this Greek god of horses and the sea. Poseidon
The outbreak of this disease was spread by troops in WWI. The surface proteins hemagglutinin & neuraminidase are used to classify these viruses, which are often given names like H5N1 & H1N1. Name this group of viruses that comes in “bird,” & swine” types Influenza
The highest point in this national park is Telescope Peak. This park in the Mojave Desert is known for having the highest ever recorded temperature in the US. Name this California national park home to the point with the lowest elevation in the US Death Valley
One holder of this office killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel while in office. (Aaron Burr). John Adams called this political office the “most insignificant office that ever the invention of man contrived” This US political office is held by Mike Pence VIce President
Kermode or “spirit” type of these animals were made pure white by the creator to remind people of the Ice Age. In Greek mythology, Callisto & her son Arcas were placed into the sky as these animals. It is found in the constellations Ursa Major & Minor Bears
Legend has it that this man solved the Gordian Knot by slicing it with his sword. As a youth, this leader was tutored by Aristotle. Name this Macedonian king who conquered the Persian Empire Alexander the Great
One character in this book is adopted by Messua after being raised by Raksha the wolf. That character kills the lame tiger Shere Khan. Name this collection of stories that includes three stories about the “man­cub” Mowgli, a work by Rudyard Kipling. The Jungle Book
This tribe, along with Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, & Seminole, was among the “Five Civilized Tribes.” One member of this tribe, Sequoyah, developed a syllabary to represent this tribe’s language in writing. Name this Native American tribe Cherokee
In one poem by this author, “good fences” are said to make “good neighbors.” This poet of “Mending Wall” has “miles to go before” he sleeps in his “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening.” Name this poet of “The Road Not Taken" Robert Frost
This three­ word phrase reflects support by some people who believe that police officers are being unfairly criticized, similar to a phrase used by African­Americans since 2013. Blue Lives Matter
This number is the multiplicative identity. A number multiplied by this has a product of the original number. 1
This property states that when two numbers are multiplied, their order does not matter commutative​ property
This property states that when three or more numbers are multiplied, the grouping of the factors does not change the product. associative property
The first FIFA World Cup in 1930 was held in this country as they were the reigning Olympic champions. All matches took place in its capital city, Montevideo. Uruguay
Name this process in which organisms that are better adapted to their environment survive longer and produce more offspring, thus passing on their advantageous traits. natural selection
On the Origin of Species” was written by this English naturalist, who studied in the Galapagos while sailing with the HMS Beagle. Charles Darwin
In this novel by Kurt Vonnegut, the main character is present for the firebombing of Dresden and meets the alien Tralfamadorians. Name this book that sees the optometrist Billy Pilgrim become “unstuck in time.” Slaughterhouse Five
What newspaper's motto is “All the News That’s Fit to Print.”? New York Times
During the feudal age, this country had warriors who followed the Bushido code. Name this country whose Kamakura period saw the samurai caste emerge. Japan
This painter was known for his impasto technique, in which paint is laid on so thickly that it creates visible texture. Identify this Dutch Post ­Impressionist painter. He is famous for his many depictions of sunflowers and a self­portrait Vincent Van Gogh
This scientist engaged in a “War of Currents” against Thomas Edison. Name this Serbian ­American scientist who advocated for an AC electric grid and created a namesake coil often used to create electric ‘zaps’ Nikola Tesla
This inventor, currently the CEO of Tesla Motors, has proposed a hyperloop transporter and founded the private space exploration company SpaceX. Elon Musk
Elon Musk appeared in a 2010 Marvel film where he tells this character that he has an “idea for an electric jet.” Tony Stark or Ironman
This Portuguese explorer was the first European to sail to India, going past the Cape of Good Hope like Bartolomeu Dias. Vasco de Gama
This chemical’s solid phase is less dense than its liquid phase and it is often called the universal solvent. Identify this substance which might also be called dihydrogen monoxide. Water or H2O
Because of their structure, water molecules have this property, in which one end of the molecule has a slight positive charge and the other a slight negative charge. polar
In 2014, Berkeley, California became the first city U.S. city to implement one of these on sugary drinks. Give the term for an amount of money, typically a percent of a purchase, that consumers often have to pay in order to fund government projects. Sales Taxes
Members of this gang saved children from a burning church. Name this rough literary gang whose members include Johnny and Ponyboy from a book called the Outsiders by SE Hinton The Greasers
This man ordered the brutal sack of Novgorod in 1570.    What first prince to be named Russian tsar killed his own son in a fit of rage? Ivan the Terrible
This character constantly repeats the address "P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Lane, Sydney." She first appeared helping Marlin find his son Nemo. Name this forgetful Ellen DeGeneres voiced fish who appeared in two Pixar movies. Dory
In America, these people are known as the "Issei" and "Nisei" . Over 100,000 of them were forcibly relocated on order of Franklin Roosevelt. The forcible internment of what group of Asian-Americans occurred during World War II? Japanese Americans
During this battle, Daniel Sickles had his leg amputated after being hit at Peach Orchard. Positions were held at Cemetery Ridge & Little Round Top. Name this bloodiest battle of the Civil War, a 3 day engagement in Pennsylvania Battle of Gettysburg
Paintings by Gustav Klimt, including The Kiss, incorporated thin sheets of this material. Bronze rods were coated with this material to simulate the sun shining inBernini's Ecstasy of StTheresa. Name this valuable metal that covers anything gilded. gold
The Yungas Road in this mountain range is often called the "world's most dangerous road." Hiram Bingham found an old city this place. The highest lake in the world, Lake Titicaca, is in this mountain range. Name the mountain range? Andes
Which 3-dimensional, regular solid with pentagonal faces is the dual of the icosahedron? dodecahedron
What common map projection named for a Dutchman distorts Greenland so that it appears to be the same size as Africa? Mercator
How many syllables are in a standard line of verse written in iambic pentameter, the form of many of Shakespeare's plays? 10
July 14 is a holiday in France that celebrates the storming of what infamous prison? Bastille
What author created Dorothy Gale in his beloved fantasy novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz? L. Frank Baum
A famous photo shows him holding a newspaper inaccurately predicting he would lose an election to Thomas Dewey. Name this President who ordered atomic bombs to be dropped on Japan, the successor to Franklin Roosevelt. Harry S Truman
This character lives in a neighborhood called West Egg and is neighbors with a man named Nick Carraway. In love with Daisy Buchanan, he throws numerous lavish parties hoping to see her. Name this "great" title character of a 1925 F. Scott Fitzgerald novel Jay Gatsby
This organ is hyperactive in Graves' disease. Swelling of this organ called goiter can be caused by a dietary deficiency of iodine. Name this butterfly-shaped endocrine organ located in the neck. Thyroid
This composers vocal pieces include a long Mass in B minor and the chorale "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring." Name this German Baroque composer of the Toccata and Fugue in D minor. J S Bach
The Spanish word "iglesia" refers to what kind of common location? Church
Historically, both Greece and what other country have made claims on the island of Cyprus? Turkey
What 1944-1945 engagement was the last major German offensive during World War II and featured the highest American casualties during the European theater? Battle of the Bulge
What kind of animal dies at the ends of both Where the Red Fern Grows and Old Yeller? dogs
In 1517, Martin Luther wrote how many theses attacking the Catholic Church, which he later posted on a church door? 95
What name is shared between two Greek heroes, the "greater" of whom loses a competition for Achilles's armor to Odysseus? Ajax
The movies Shane and High Noon are part of what film genre? Westerns
The keeper of this object remains unhealed because Percival didnt ask the healing question. The knight Galahad finds this object & takes it to heaven, ending King Arthur's quest. Name the legendary cup used by Jesus at the Last Supper & is said to heal Holy Grail
A song about this genre's "Inferno" closes the soundtrack for the movie Saturday Night Fever. Name this genre of dance music popularized by the Bee Gees in the 1970s and includes artists like Donna Summer & the group ABBA Disco
Several of these locations in Hawaii are colored black, thanks to small fragments of basalt. The Ipanema and Copacabana neighborhoods of Rio de Janeiro are known for their long stretches of these locations. Name these sandy, oceanside locations Beaches
In addition to The Deerslayer, he wrote a novel about the daughters of Colonel Munro and their trip to Fort William Henry with the frontiersman Natty Bumppo. Name this American author of The Last of the Mohicans. James Fenimore Cooper
Cornelius Vanderbilt dominated this industry, which was opposed in the Pullman Strike. The Union and Central Pacific companies completed the first transcontinental example of what transportation system in 1869? Railroad
A skyscraper in this city's is known as the "Gherkin" because it resembles a cucumber. " This city is home to Europe's tallest Ferris wheel. Christopher Wren designed St. Paul's Cathedral here after a 1666 fire.Name this English city home of Big Ben London
In his essay "The Gospel of Wealth," he encouraged charity through such means as endowing public libraries. In 1892, the Homestead Strike targeted his main plant in Pennsylvania. What Scottish businessman founded a very successful steel company? Andrew Carnegie
Lewis defined these substances as electron pair donors, whereas Arrhenius defined them as substances which supplied hydroxide in water—although that definition does not account for the pH of ammonia. What substances have a pH greater than 7? bases
The system of classical conditioning arose from experiments on these animals. What kind of animals were trained by Ivan Pavlov to salivate at the sound of a bell? dogs
What bridge, painted in International Orange, lies at the opening of San Francisco Bay? Golden Gate Bridsge
What group of characters tell Macbeth he will become the Thane of Glamis and the Thane of Cawdor? Three Witches
What two-faced Roman god (who looks to the future and the past) presided over gateways, doorways, and passageways? Janus
Languages such as Portuguese and Italian are part of what group of languages that evolved from Latin and added grammatical articles? Romance Languages
The name of which amphibian is adapted to form a word that can mean either a being that dwells in fire or a mass of iron that is left behind at the bottom of a blast furnace? Salamander
Three NBC television shows about fire fighters, police officers, and doctors are set in what US city? Chicago
What is the SI unit for temperature, on which the definition of absolute zero is based? Kelvin
What is the familiar, two-word name of the Islamic extremist group active in Nigeria that abducted over 200 schoolgirls in April 2014? : Boko Haram
The words "slithy" and "frumious" appear in what nonsense poem by Lewis Carroll? Jabberwocky
The Very Large Array in New Mexico observes astronomical objects using what waves that have the longest wavelength in the electromagnetic spectrum? Radio Waves
The meat of this animal is fermented in a smelly Icelandic dish called hakarl. A "bull" type of this animal unusually lives in the Zambezi River & Lake Nicaragua. A Chinese soup contains the fins of these animal. What is this species of fish? Shark
This character shoots Barbara Gordon, the daughter of the police commissioner. He was a former comedian who fell into a vat of chemicals that disfigured him and drove him insane. Name this green-haired Batman villain named for a playing card. Joker
This author of "To Autumn" wrote, "Beauty is truth, truth beauty," at the end of a poem about a vase that he calls a "still unravish'd bride of quietness." Name this Romantic poet of "Ode on a Grecian Urn." John Keats
This text begins by noting that "a spectre is haunting Europe" before moving into a section about the "bourgeois & proletarians." It concludes by saying "working men of all countries, unite!" What is this 1848 pamphlet by Friedrich Engels &Karl Marx The Communist Manifesto
Eleven Israeli athletes were killed during this city's hosting of the 1972 Summer Olympics. What Bavarian city hosted a 1938 conference in which European powers tried to appease Hitler? Berlin
What language, whose name is derived from the Arabic for "coast," is spoken in Kenya, Tanzania, and other East African countries? Swahili
A soliloquy and an aside are dramatic techniques that involve speaking roles for how many characters? One
What female gymnast set an American record in women's gymnastics by winning four gold medals at the 2016 Olympics? Simone Biles
In 2016, Pippa, the sister of what Duchess of Cambridge, had her iPhone hacked? Kate Middleton
The first major TV show created by Shonda Rimes is set at this type of location in Seattle. Ellen Pompeo plays Meredith, the love interest of "McDreamy," on a show set at this location. The show Grey's Anatomy takes place in what kind of location? Hospital
Despite no members in Europe, it is based in Vienna, Austria. Indonesia is the only member country in Asia. In 2016, this group cut production for the first time in 8 years. What 14-member organization controls 73 percent of the world's oil reserves? OPEC
In 1979, in this city's Victory Square, Pope John Paul II conducted a Holy Mass during his first return to his home country. This city's ghetto featured the largest Jewish uprising against the Nazis during WWII. Name this largest city of Poland. Warsaw
During preparations for the first mission in this program, 3 men, including Gus Grissom, were killed in a fire. The eleventh mission in this program featured crew member Neil Armstrong. What NASA program succeeded in sending a man to the moon? Apollo
This country's cuisine uses paprika in a stew called goulash. This country's capital was once two separate cities on opposite sides of the Danube River. Name this European country that was once united with Austria and whose capital is Budapest Hungary
He wrote a ballet in which a young woman dances herself to death as part of a sacrifice. The 1913 premiere of that ballet caused a riot in Paris. Name this composer of The Firebird and The Rite of Spring. Igor Stravinsky
As part of this event, people go to a bridge with 49 pebbles to throw in a symbolic "stoning of the Devil. & walk 7 times around the Ka'aba stone. This event must be carried out at least once in a lifetime. Name this annual Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca. Haj
These events can occur when a white dwarf's mass exceeds the Chandrasekhar limit & has its core collapse, Chinese astronomers observed one in 1054, which left behind the Crab Nebula. . Name these large, violent explosions of stars. Supernova
He invented a type of fireplace with a baffle near the rear to transfer heat, an invention known as his "stove." He carried out an experiment involving flying a kite during a lightning storm. What Founding Father invented the bifocals & the lightning rod? Ben Franklin
This group, whose leaders included William Bradford and Myles Standish, was taught how to properly grow crops by a native named Squanto. What group of settlers signed the Mayflower Compact and founded the Plymouth Colony? Pilgrims
A war dance from this country called the haka was adopted by its rugby team, the All Blacks. The residents are often nicknamed after a flightless bird native to it, the kiwi. The Maori are the native people of what island country near Australia? New Zealand
This movie broke Gone with the Wind's record as highest-grossing film. The Nazis cannot pursue the protagonists because nuns have sabotaged their vehicles. Julie Andrews sings "My Favorite Things." Name this movie about the Von Trapp family in Austria. Sound of Music
Which author of a blue-backed speller published one of the first dictionaries in the U.S. with the assistance of the Merriam family? Noah Webster
What country's chocolate brands include Lindt and Toblerone, the latter of which is made in the shape of the Matterhorn? Switzerland
What two-word French phrase that literally means "already seen" is the feeling of experiencing a present situation in the past? Deja vu
The decay of the 238 isotope of what element into the 234 isotope of the same element is often used in radioactive dating? Uranimum
Roquefort and feta cheese are both made from this animal's milk. The internal organs of this animal are stuffed in its stomach in the Scottish dish haggis. In New Zealand, this animal's population outnumbers the human population 6 to 1. It produces wool Sheep
The 1943 Barnette Supreme Court decision said that children from this group could not be forced to pledge allegiance to the flag. The members meet in Kingdom Halls & do not allow military service. What religion has a pamphlet called The Watchtower Jehovah's Witnesses
The characters of this movie are acquitted of human error after they encounter a flock of geese that causes dual engine failure at an altitude of 3,000 ft. Name this 2016 movie about the Miracle on the Hudson that stars Tom Hanks as the title pilot. Sully
This star of The Wild One played Terry, a dockworker who stands up against a corrupt union boss & who tells his brother "I coulda shouted "Stella!" when playing the male lead in the film version of A Streetcar Named Desire? Marlon Brando
The Nobel Prize-winning Tenzin Gyatso is the fourteenth man to hold this title, which is passed down to a youth believed to be the reincarnation of his deceased predecessor. What title is held by a Tibetan Buddhist monk currently in exile in India? Dalai Lama
An epic poem by this author of "Lycidas" attempts to "justify the ways of God to men" and describes the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden. What English poet wrote Paradise Lost? John MiIlton
Who was the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court during such decisions as Gideon v. Wainwright and Miranda v. Arizona, both of which gave greater rights to defendants and suspects? Earl Warren
What rapper, fond of ending words with the suffix "-izzle," performed the number-one hit "Drop It Like It's Hot"? Snoop Dogg
What island hundreds of miles east of North Carolina is the namesake of a "triangle" where ships supposedly disappear? Bermuda
In 1839, slaves on what ship revolted against their Spanish captors and gained their freedom in an 1841 Supreme Court case? La Amistad
The Old Testament books named for what man and Nehemiah describe the return of the Jews from exile and the rebuilding of the temple and walls in Jerusalem? Ezra
Demand for palm oil has increased the rate of this process in Indonesia, producing haze for miles. This process, performed using slash-and-burn methods, threatens the Amazon ecosystem. Name this process in which massive groups of trees are destroyed. Deforestation
She put her hand over her mouth in a photo taken during Operation Neptune Spear. FBI Director James Comey said she was "extremely careless" for her usage of a private email server while Secretary of State. Name this 2016 Democratic nominee for President. Hillary Clinton
The play Inherit the Wind is based on this historical event. During this event, defense attorney Clarence Darrow quizzed prosecutor William Jennings Bryan about the Bible. What 1925 legal case in Tennessee put a man on trial for teaching evolution? Scopes Monkey Trial
China is planting a "Great Green Wall" of trees to combat the expansion of what desert that also covers Mongolia? Gobi Desert
This war featured the 1st print of J.M. Flagg's "I Want You" poster depicting Uncle Sam. Events that pushed American entry into this war included the release of the Zimmermann Telegram &the sinking of the Lusitania. Name this war the U.S. entered in 1917 World War 1
A series of post-World War II trials took place in what German city and led to the conviction of such Nazis as Rudolf Hess? Nuremburg
What phrase, adapted from the Latin and the Greek, refers to a miraculous plot device that resolves the action of a play? : deus ex machina
What iconic dance of the 1920s was named for a southern city? Charleston
What American neighborhood's "Renaissance" included such authors as the poets Langston Hughes and Claude McKay? Harlem
This object was guarded by a group of bulls that could breathe fire & by a dragon whose teeth spawned soldiers when they were sewn into the ground.. Name this object sought by Jason and the Argonauts that was produced from a ram. Golden Fleece
This man created such characters as the hardware salesman Hickey, who visits Harry Hope's bar, and the Tyrone family, whose matriarch Mary is addicted to morphine. Name this playwright, the author of The Iceman Cometh and Long Day's Journey Into Night. Eugene O Neill
The city of Carrara provided what material to sculptors such as Michelangelo, who used it to create his David? Marble
Reginald Denny was attacked in this city following the acquittal of white police officers for the assault on a black man. This city was consumed by the 1960's Watts riots & 1992 riots following the Rodney King incident. Name this city in California. Los Angeles
Because a giantess would not weep for him, he was not released from the underworld despite Frigg's request. The blind god Hoder inadvertently killed this being after being given a weapon by Loki. Name this Norse god killed by mistletoe Balder
"This was their finest hour" was said during this battle by a Prime Minister. This battle featured a massive bombing assault by the Luftwaffe known as the Blitz. The R.A.F. defeated the German Air Force during what aerial campaign in World War II? Battle of Britain
This uncle of Lot conceived a child with a servant named Hagar. He fathered Ishmael after not believing God would make his elderly wife, Sarah, pregnant. Who, in the book of Genesis, did God test by asking him to sacrifice his son, Isaac? Abraham
Many classes of this material, such as smectite, are produced by the chemical weathering of feldspars. Terra cotta is a ceramic made from this material. Name this material, which can be put into a kiln or be molded to produce pottery such as flower pots. clay
What Thornton Wilder play is usually performed on a bare stage and is narrated by the Stage Manager, who directly addresses the audience? Our Town
Both Judaism and Islam explicitly forbid the eating of what kind of animal's meat, the former because this animal has a cloven hoof but does not chew its cud? Pig or pork
What is the name of the cell fragments involved in clotting? Platlets
This park is home to a herd of nearly 5,000 bison, the largest herd in the U.S. A massive supervolcano lies beneath this park, which became the world's first national park in 1872. Name this park mostly located in Wyoming, home to the Old Faithful geyser Yellowstone
Johnny Appleseed was an eccentric who wandered around the Ohio River area in the early 1800s. What was his actual name? John Chapman
What phrase popularized in the 1840s meant that U.S. expansion across North America was both readily apparent and inexorable? Manifest Destiny
These offered no heat or privacy, but they were big enough to hold the essential tools and household items to start a life in the West. These four-wheeled, horse or oxen-drawn vehicles that crossed the Great Plains were called what? Prairie Schooners or Canestoga Wagons
When the Dutch controlled much of Indonesia, they forced the peasant farmers to grow certain crops. Among these was what plant from which a blue dye can be made? Indigo
What adjective describes the type of quilt made by sewing varicolored squares of material together? Patchwork
Name the smallest North American mammal. Shrew
What type of literature is intended to subvert the views of the reader and impress the views of the writer? propaganda
Unaltered preservation, petrifaction, replacement, carbonization, and recrystallization are ways that organisms are turned into what? Fossils
The name, Mesopotamia, literally indicates a land between two Rivers
What three words complete this statement about energy? Energy may be changed from one form to another, but it can never be either ... Created or Destroyed
What color lies between red and blue on the color wheel? purple
From what point of view is a story related when the main character tells the story in his or her own words? First Person
Disease agents such as anthrax or smallpox are used as weapons in what kind of warfare? Biological or Germ Warfare
Sometimes warmer upper-air temperatures act as a lid to hold in atmospheric pollutants that would normally dissipate. This is called a temperature ... Inversion
Who was the British queen when England defeated the Spanish Armada and Londoners first flocked to see the plays of Shakespeare? Queen Elizabeth I
These were leaders of what Native American people in their wars against Mexicans and Americans? Chacon, Mangas Coloradas, Juh, Victorio, Cochise, Geronimo Apaches
A lightweight rifle with a relatively short barrel is called a ... Carbine
False sensory experiences caused by drugs or mental disorders are called ... hallucinations
In what story set in the Great Smoky Mountains does Mary Call Luther promise her dying father to take care of her siblings, never take charity, and never allow her older sister, Devola, to marry Kiser Pease? Where the Lilies Bloom
These are principal characters in what Broadway musical? John and Abigail Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas and Martha Jefferson, John Hancock, Edward Rutledge, John Dickinson 1776
In what kind of dancing are these moves found? forward and back ladies chain right and left grand promenade weave the ring do sa do square dancing
What word is used in parliamentary procedure to indicate that you favor a motion? aye
On each of the Gemini missions, how many astronauts were in the space capsule? 2
His boss, the prince, had a habit of snoozing during performances, so Franz Joseph Haydn added a loud and unexpected wake-up chord to what composition? Suprise Symphony
In Alaska they are boroughs. In Louisiana they are parishes. In the rest of the states, comparable subdivisions are called ... Counties
These are songs from what Broadway musical? -C'est Moi -The Simple Joys of Maidenhood -I Wonder What the King Is Doing Tonight Camelot
What sphere of the Earth consists of the world's groundwater, glaciers, seas, rivers, lakes, reservoirs, and oceans? hydrosphere
These are checks on which branch of government? -overriding vetoes -refusing confirm treaties -impeaching the commander in chief Executive
The name for he act of refusing to follow a governmental rule on grounds of moral or political principles is called civil what? Disobedience
These quotations are about what virtue? -My sun sets to rise again. -Positive anything is better than negative nothing. -The point of living is to be foolish enough to believe the best is yet to come. -Success comes in cans, failure in can'ts. Optimism
Geiger counters, photographic plates, cloud chambers and bubble chambers are used to detect ... Radiation
Derived from the name of a Roman goddess, what is the collective name for all the different kinds of plants growing in a given region? flora
State apportionment of representatives in the House changes how often? 10
What type of animal is central to Marjorie Rawlings' book, "The Yearling"? Deer
Police in this state told FBI informant Gary Rowe to attack the Freedom Riders. George Wallace was governor when protesters were attacked on the Edmund Pettus Bridge. Name this state where Rosa Parks sparked a bus boycott in Montgomery. Alabama
This national park reaches its highest elevation at Elephant Butte, & a popular site in this park is its Balanced Rock. The Fiery Furnace is found in this park. Located near Moab, name this national park in Utah, known for its sandstone formations. Arches National Park
This composer’s Opus 28, No. 4 was a prelude played at his funeral. This composer dedicated a piece inspired by the November Uprising to his “friend Franz Liszt.” Name this Polish composer of the Revolutionary Etude and the “Minute Waltz.” Frederick Chopin
The United States Navy leases land along this country’s Guantanamo Bay. A marker on Key West states that it is 90 miles from, for the point, what Caribbean country whose capital is Havana? Cuba
The March for Our Lives in 2018 was organized after 17 people were killed in a mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in this state. Florida
This junior senator from Florida participated in a CNN town hall with the survivors of the Stoneman Douglas shooting in 2018 , where he came under fire for accepting donations from the NRA and dodging questions. Marco Rubio
DuringWWII, this city was the site of the bloodiest battle of the Pacific Theater, before falling into Japanese hands. Name this national capital, whose bay was the site of an invasion led by George Dewey during the Spanish-American War of 1898. Manila
This family of instruments includes the gong, tambourine, and some keyboard instruments, like the xylophone and the glockenspiel. Name this family of instruments that are played by being struck, such as with a drum stick. Percussion
This instrument, also known as the kettledrum, is a pitched percussion instrument that is often played in a group of two to four. timpani
Graphite is an allotrope of carbon, as is this other giant molecular compound, which rates a 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness. diamond
This man’s wife, Sarah Hacker, died on Bermuda after the wreck of the Sea Venture. Name this colonist who achieved success with the “Orinoco” strain of tobacco he planted at Jamestown John Rolfe
John Rolfe married this daughter of Powhatan who took the name Rebecca after converting to Christianity. Pocahontas
This composer wrote a flute solo depicting the sunrise called “Morning Mood.” The music gets louder and faster as a man escapes a group of trolls in this man’s piece “In the Hall of the Mountain King.” Name this Norwegian composer of Peer Gynt. Edvard Grieg
In one version of this painting, a red-robed angel points to direct the attention of the baby Jesus to a kneeling John the Baptist. Name this pair of paintings, in which the title woman lays her hand on the baby John’s back as he adores the Christ child Madonna of the Rocks by Da Vinci
This woman was labeled “milk snatcher” for her role in reducing school lunches as the Secretary of Education. Name that politician who became the first female Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Margaret Thatcher
In 1982, Argentina sparked a war with the United Kingdom by invading this archipelago. During the conflict, Argentine forces captured this island chain’s capital at Stanley Falkland Islands
This object was discovered by Clyde Tombaugh, & pictures from NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft show a prominent heart shape on its surface. This object's status was reclassified in 2006. Name this dwarf planet, formerly the 9th planet Pluto
Name this chemical that regulates the “fight or flight” response. It is also used to treat anaphylaxis. adrenaline
This neurotransmitter is one of the precursors to adrenaline and it is synthesized by hydroxylating tyrosine. This chemical plays a large role in the pleasure-reward pathways. dopamine
Adrenaline is also one of this general class of signaling molecules that are part of the endocrine system. Steroids are one class of these molecules. hormones
In this Middle English poem, the members of a group of pilgrims traveling to the shrine of Thomas Beckett take turns to tell stories while they stay at an inn. What is the name of that collection of stories? Canterbury Tales by Chaucer
This is the inn where the pilgrims stay while they tell their stories in the Canterbury Tales Tabard Inn
Gas that gives a distinct red-orange glow, making it useful for lighting up signs? neon
Gas that was the first element discovered in space, found when looking at the chromosphere of the Sun? Helium
If an isosceles triangle has a 120 degree angle, each of the other two angles has this degree measurement. 30 degrees
Name this family of instruments that includes the French horn and tuba, which use valves to adjust the amount of tubing in use. Brass Instruments
This brass instrument uses a slide instead of valves to adjust its tubing. A song from The Music Man states that 76 of these instruments “led the big parade.” trombone
Name this preservation process, which developed to involve the use of a hook that liquefied the brain and allowed it to flow out of a corpse’s nose mummification
During mummification, these limestone containers held the organs of the deceased, which were guarded by images of the four sons of Horus. canopic jars
One of the many protective amulets placed with mummies were ones shaped like these animals. These amulets have heart, pectoral, and naturalistic variants placed on different portions of the body, and may have represented a connection to the sun. scarab beetles
Name this country, the southernmost country of the Balkan Peninsula. This country’s highest point is Mt. Olympus, and its capital is Athens. Greece
To Greece’s east is this sea, which separates Greece from Turkey. This sea connects to the Sea of Marmara via the Dardanelles, and islands in this sea include Crete and Rhodes. Aegean Sea
A Siegfried Sassoon poem about this war describes a soldier’s suicide in “winter trenches, cowed and glum.” Name this 20th century war that inspired Wilfred Owen to write about a mustard gas attack in the poem “Dulce et Decorum Est.” World War 1
“In Flanders Fields” describes these flowers growing over buried soldiers on the battlefield, and popularized the use of these flowers to remember fallen soldiers during WW1 poppy
The ozone layer helps protect us from harmful rays from the sun, such as the B type of these rays, which can cause skin cancer and sunburn. ultraviolet
One cause of concern with the ozone layer is the formation of an ozone hole over this continent during the spring due to strong westerly winds. Antartica
On what did Greg Louganis hit his head in competition at the 1988 Olympics? Diving Board
What cartoon character does Wile E. Coyote normally chase? Road Runner
Name this substance produced by plants. Palynologists use it and spores as index fossils. pollenh
Margaret Farrar was this daily puzzleʹs first editor. Name this puzzle whose Sunday version consists of a 21‐by‐21 grid. Its weekday and Saturday variant is only 15‐by‐15. New York Time's Crossword puzzle
This groupʹs second incarnation was founded in 1915 at Stone Mountain. Name this secret society lionized in The Birth of a Nation. Ku KluxKlan
This bandʹs 2017 album Science Fiction set a Billboard 200 record by dropping from number one in its 1st week on the chart to number 97 in its 2nd week. Name this emo band led by Jesse Lacey. Brand New
What gas is formed in ocean water through the metabolic processes of fish? Carbon Dioxide
What verb in the preamble of the U.S. Constitution means decree or enact? ordain
What is the name for that period in history between about 1760 and 1840 during which there was a transition from hand production to machines, an increase in the use of water and steam power, and the development of machine tools? Industrial Revolution
To insist on talking about something that no one is interested in or about something already been completely discussed is to beat a dead what? horse
What is the term for that which a whale does when it is diving downward? sounding
What type of prose literature has many of the elements of a novel but consists of less than ten thousand words? short story
What kind of famous structures are at these sites? Dover, England Blarney, Ireland Windsor, England Edinburgh, Scotland San Simeon, California castles
A country that takes no side in a war between other nations in hopes of avoiding attack from any of them is described as being what? nuetral
What kind of precipitation is characterized by elevated levels of hydrogen ions caused by emissions of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide? acid rain
If metamorphic rock is subjected to such intense heat and pressure that it melts, it becomes what kind of rock? igneous
What phrase refers to the history of Europe between the fall of Rome and the Renaissance? Middle Ages, Dark Ages, Medieval Period
This is from what trilogy? Three rings for the elven-kings under the sky Seven for the dwarf-lords in their halls of stone Nine for mortal men doomed to die One for the dark lord on his dark throne Lord of the Rings
These lyrics are from a patriotic song popular during what conflict? Howe and Burgoyne and Clinton, too, With Prescott and Cornwallis join'd, Together plot our overthrow, In one infernal league combin'd. American Revolution
In contrast to agricultural societies which rely mainly on domesticated species, what is the hyphenated name for a primitive society in which most or all food is obtained from wild plants and animals? hunter-gatherer
Name the fierce-looking Berkshire boar who leads the rebellion against Mr. Jones in George Orwell's "Animal Farm." Napoleon
What Roman god of the sea traditionally presides at crossing-the-equator ceremonies? Neptune
Name the countries that occupy the peninsula between the Yellow Sea and the Sea of Japan. North and South Korea
Sleepy is taller than Bashful but shorter than Grumpy. Sleepy is shorter than Sneezy who is taller than Grumpy. Who is shortest? Bashful
Complete this legal maxim. Deeds are more powerful than ... words
Name the professional who examines people's eyes for visual defects and who routinely prescribes corrective lenses. optometrist
What is the term for the provisional release of a prisoner prior to the completion of the maximum sentence period? parole
What symbol appears on a Jolly Roger? skull and crossbones
Complete this phrase about government authority. Might makes ... right
This is about whom? Some difficulties arose after her husband's election. She was accused of extravagance and disloyalty to the Union cause. Her mind was weakened by the loss of three of her four sons and by the terrible assassination. Mary Todd Lincoln
What is the abbreviation of the Latin phrase meaning "in the year of the Lord"? A.D
What adjective describes smooth muscle tissue that is not under conscious control or that cannot be contracted at will? involuntary
What behavior leading to a lowered concentration of carbon dioxide in your blood may involve either breathing at an abnormally fast rate or breathing more deeply than normal? hyperventilation
Name the formal document issued by a national government that identifies the holder as a citizen of that country and requests permission, in the name of the government of the issuing country, for the bearer to be permitted to enter other countries. passport
Albinism is a genetic disorder which results in a lack of skin what? pigmentation or color
The Quaker State is the nickname for what American state? Pennsylvania
Because the efforts are traditionally conducted in rooms and hallways just off the Senate and House chambers, the practice of attempting to persuade members of Congress to support or oppose pieces of legislation is called what? lobbying
Name the two folds of tissue in the larynx that vibrate when air passes over them. vocal chords
Around 1020 B.C., King David, the successor to Saul, conquered what city and made it the Hebrew capital? Jerusalem
Louis Braille, Helen Keller, and Edgar Degas shared what handicap? blindness
In a play, who is the chief opponent of the antagonist? protagonists
People who host evening news shows share what title? Anchorman
What are organisms that serve as the habitat for parasites called? hosts
Slaves and molasses were two of the three items exchanged in "triangular trade." What was the third? rum
Extrusive rocks are formed by the cooling of what material at the Earth's surface? magma
What is the term for a revolt against constituted authority in the armed forces or aboard any ship at sea? mutiny
How many atoms are in six molecules of water? 18
What kind of foul is indicated by a basketball referee who forms a "T" with his hands? technical
In Tchaikovsky's "War of 1812," what family of musical instruments did he use to portray the sounds of cannon fire and bombs bursting? percussion
Not long after its invention, what code became the primary language of telegraphy throughout the world? morse code
By 1825, Buffalo, Syracuse, Utica, and Troy, New York, were connected by what canal? Erie Canal
What has been defined by astronomers as a collapsed, burned-out star that has become so dense that it would trap anything that came near it? black hole
Name the enclosed passageway in a chimney that carries off smoke. flue
Derived from a smuggler's practice of transporting liquor in their boots, what is the term for the unauthorized manufacture, distribution or sale of a product? bootlegging
What part of the body is affected by these conditions? conjunctivitis, cataract, glaucoma, hyperopia eye
This jargon is part of what sport? hook shots divots links golf
What living structure includes vacuoles, granules, cytoplasm, and a nucleus? cell
Which executive department is responsible for recruiting and training military personnel and building forts and naval bases? Department of Defense
A presidential exemption from punishment for a criminal conviction is called a what? pardon
What term that rhymes with the name for a flock of geese means to argue about the price of something? haggle
On some early New England flags was a pine tree with a serpent coiled around the trunk. Complete this line from below the image. Don't ... tread on me
He was a leader in the Lincoln County cattle war of New Mexico. Name this desperado whose career of cattle rustling brought his score of murders to 21 before he was killed by the sheriff. Billy the Kid
The symbol "P" stands for what element? Phosphorus
What element combines with iron during rusting? oxygen
What affix conveying the idea of process or continuance ends the present participles of verbs? ing
What is the indirect object in this line? The herpetologist fed his snakes mice. snakes
When used in medicine, "pneumonic" indicates what organ? lungs
"The Bridge to Terabithia" is a story about a friendship between a poor local boy named Jess and an imaginative girl named Leslie who is accidentally killed. What is Terabithia? secret hiding place
This circular stone shows a sun god in the center surrounded by mythological symbols. The stone is 12 feet in diameter. Artists from what civilization in Mexico created this artifact? Aztec
What is the superlative form of "badly"? worst
This is about what city? And the scandal attending this new fire was the greater, the general belief being that Nero had the ambition to build a new city to be named after himself. Rome
In the book, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Hermione Granger's Patronus takes the shape of what aquatic, carnivorous mammal related to weasels and minks? otter
The flow of water from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario is interrupted by what major waterfalls? Niagara Falls
The Crusades were wars between Christians and Muslims that took place between 1095 and 1300. "Crusader" comes from a Latin word that indicates what emblem worn by Christian warriors? cross or crux
In what U.S. state have the greatest number of nuclear weapons been detonated? Nevada
The apogee is the point in the Moon's orbit where it is furthest from the center of what? earth
A newspaper prints an article about why the staff is supporting certain candidates in an upcoming election. Name this kind of piece. editorial
What instrument is used for taps or reveille? bugle
After walking in the woods, you find some tiny red flecks on your arms. On closer inspection, these flecks attached to your skin prove to be what six-legged parasites? chiggers
In "Jurassic Park," John Hammond's staff has found a way to produce dinosaurs by extracting what genetic substance from mosquitoes that had fed on dinosaur blood and had been trapped in amber? DNA
A building designed to receive, store, clean, mix, and dispense grain is called a grain what? elevator
What is the classification for any creature that walks on two legs? biped
Fog is an example of a liquid dispersed in what phase of matter? gas
Name World War II pilots who received these items prior to departure. -a large load of explosives -fuel for a one-way trip -a small cup of saki kamikazies
The most significant invention that gave birth to the Industrial Revolution was what kind of engine? steam engine
Although queen of Egypt, she was a Greek, one of the Ptolemaic Dynasty that assumed the throne in Egypt after the death of Alexander the Great. Cleopatra
Francisco Villa was a Mexican bandit who became a revolutionary general during the Mexican Revolution and who unsuccessfully ran for the presidency after the revolution. What was his nickname? Pancho
What envelope encircling the Sun is hotter by a factor of nearly 200 than that star's surface? corona
In the song, "I've Been Working on the Railroad," what stringed musical instrument is mentioned in the lyrics? banjo
The large ceremonial feathered headdresses of Plains Indians are known as what? war bonnets
These are among the last words of what legendary character? Take thou Excalibur, my good sword, and go with it to yonder water side, and when thou comest there I charge thee throw my sword in that water. King Arthur
What general classification applies to all these religious folk songs? Down by the Riverside, By and By Deep River, All God's Children, Got Wings, Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen spirituals or hymns
Standing water in ponds and lakes may take on a green, soupy appearance resulting from what kind of bloom? algae
In what state are the Ocala, Choctawhatchee, Apalachicola, and Osceola national forests located? Florida
In the novel, "Holes," who is the notorious teacher-turned outlaw? Kissing Kate Barlow
How many votes did each state have in Congress under the Articles of Confederation? 1
The name, Mesopotamia, literally indicates a land between two what? rivers
What is the phrase for the legal restrictions on the number of times a person may hold a particular elected office? term limits
In the 16th century, the Inca army of over 40,000 was subjugated by a force of less than 200 led by what conquistador? Francisco Pizarro
Name the line at which the ground and the sky meet in a painting. horizon
The final sentence of a humorous anecdote or joke is called what kind of line? punch line
What Greek mythical character had winged sandals that enabled him to fly between Olympus and the mortal world? Hermes
What constellation is represented as the figure of a man pouring water from a pitcher? Aquarius
Spell the name of a bone in the arm that is a homonym for a word meaning "funny" or "comical." humerus
Research has suggested that all dinosaurs may not have been ectothermic as previously believed. This means that some dinosaurs may not have been what? cold blooded
What is a collective name for the type of rulers illustrated by these men? Francisco Franco, Mustapha Kemal, Benito Mussolini, Juan Peron, Joseph Stalin dictators
What is the common French expression meaning "That's life!"? C'est la vie!
What blood vessels have these functions? -picking up nutrients and releasing wastes in the intestines -releasing wastes in the kidneys -exchanging oxygen and carbon dioxide in the lungs -exchanging nutrients and wastes in tissues capillaries
Name the painful, involuntary muscle contractions thought to be associated with dehydration, low potassium, calcium, or sodium levels, or low glucose levels in the body. cramps
Complete this proverb. All is fair in love and ... war
During the Neolithic period, people began to train animals to live among humans. Name that process. domestication
Immediately before it moved permanently to Washington, D.C., the U.S. capital was located in what city? Philadelphia
What kind of federal programs provide housing, medical treatment, and food for the needy? welfare
In Jules Verne's "A Journey to the Center of the Earth," a group of adventurers enter Earth through a volcano in what North Atlantic island country? Iceland
In what Pennsylvania city would you find Cocoa Avenue and Chocolate Lane? Hershey
Sarah got a copy of "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" in exchange for her yo-yo. Gina traded her snorkel for a bowling ball. These deals illustrate what form of exchange? barter, trade, swap
Transpiration is water loss through the stomatal openings in what part of a plant? leaf
Complete this line from "The 13 Clocks" by James Thurber. The fat is in the fire, the die is cast, the jig is up, the goose is cooked, and the cat is ... out of the bag
In 1900, a hurricane drove a huge mass of water across the city of Galveston, Texas, killing more than 6000 people. This sudden rise in sea level is called a storm what? surge
What is the collective name for the Greeks who sailed the Argo to Colchis to retrieve the Golden Fleece? Argonauts
The horse was first introduced on a large scale into what is now the U.S. by what Spanish explorer who searched for the Seven Cities of Cibola? Francisco Colorado
What U.S. national park features the world's most extensive cave system? Mammoth Cave (Kentucky)
What work by Anna Sewell was written in the form of a horse's autobiography? Black Beauty
What kind of document issued by a judge allows law enforcement personnel to look inside private property? search warrant
This is about what 18th-century U.S. document? It gave too much power to the states and too little to the federal government. Articles of Confederation
A major disaster involving what huge hydrogen-filled vehicle marked the end of airships in global air commerce? Hindenberg
The three U.S. states without indigenous poisonous snakes include Maine and what two others? Hawaii and Alaska
What belief was Galileo forced to recant by the Inquisition in 1633? That the earth revolves around the sun
What object was the mythological Sisyphus compelled to roll to the top of a slope only to have it roll back down just before it reached the top? Stone
The body needs ions of this alkaline earth metal to transmit nerve impulses, to contract muscles, and to coagulate blood. What is this element, whose carbonate and phosphate are the major constituents of human bones? Calcium
This rapper burst onto the scene after signing with Atlantic Records, releasing her first single, “Bodak Yellow,” which eventually shot to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. Cardi B
This artist collaborated with Yo Gotti on “Rake it Up” in 2017, and remixed Lil Uzi Vert’s “The Way Life Goes.” She is the best selling female rapper of all time, with her highest charting single to date being “Anaconda”. Nicki Minaj
Name this only imaginary creature in the Chinese zodiac. A holiday on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month celebrates Qu Yuan by racing boats that look like one of these creatures. dragons
During another Chinese holiday known as the Qingming Festival, people burn joss paper, eat green dumplings known as qingtuan, and sweep these locations. tombs of ancestors
This creature was tricked into thinking that Odysseus’ name was “Nobody”, and he staggered around yelling that “Nobody” had hurt him. Name this Cyclops blinded by Odysseus Polyphemus
This deity was Polyphemus’ father. This god of the sea exacted revenge on Odysseus and his crew by sending storms and other obstacles Poseidon
Polyphemus and this man both fell in love with the sea-nymph Galatea, leading Polyphemus to kill this man by crushing him with a boulder Acis
Name this river with periodic flooding, a major agricultural resource for farmers along its bank. This river branches into its “white” and “blue” tributaries at Khartoum. Nile
The image of a dog chasing its tail inspired this composer’s “Minute Waltz”. Name this Romantic era composer who wrote primarily for solo piano. His other works include a set of etudes and a “Funeral March”. Chopin
Name this imaging technique used to observe metabolic activity in humans. It involves the consumption of radioactive tracer to image the body. PET scan [or positron-emission tomography scan]
This scanning technique uses magnetic fields to image soft tissue. The “functional” type of this technique measures blood flow in the brain to pinpoint brain activity. MRI [or magnetic resonance imaging]
This sport is depicted in the movies Rudy, Brian’s Song, and The Waterboy. Some of the greatest stars of this sport have been Jerry Rice, Walter Payton, and Tom Brady. Name this sport played by the Chargers, Steelers, and Patriots Football (American)
In the African theater of this war were the Battles of El Alamein & Operation Torch. Harold Alexander controlled armies led by Bernard Montgomery & George Patton, who moved troops to the Battle of the Bulge. Name this war between Axis and Allied powers. WWII
This company owns SolarCity, which makes solar panels, and its founder wants to use them to replace Puerto Rico’s power grid. Name this company started by Elon Musk that produces electric cars like the Model 3, Model S, and the Roadster. Tesla
This region contains a significant minority of Hungarians, but it is now a large part of Romania. Name this region that, though it was not ruled by Vlad the Impaler, became the site of legends connecting him to vampires. Transylvania
A String Around Autumn is a concerto for this instrument as is a piece called Der Schwanendreher. It is tuned one octave above a cello, so its open strings play the notes C, G, D, and A. Name this string instrument slightly larger than a violin. viola
In Norse mythology, 2 of these animals pulled Freyja’s chariot, The sun god Ra took the form of this animal when killing Apep. Name this animal protected in Egyptian mythology by Bastet, whose head was changed to one of these animals cats
In 2017, Motel 6 stopped sharing guest lists with this agency. A sanctuary city is a city that declines to cooperate with this agency. Name this part of the Department of Homeland Security whose job is to find people illegally living in the US. I.C.E. ( Immigration and Customs Enforcement)
This person referred to herself as the “best vocal improviser jazz has ever had”, and she was able to make a big hit out of the nursery rhyme “A-Tisket, A-Tasket”. Name this “First Lady of Song” and “Queen of Jazz” who often used scat singing Ella Fitzgerald
This god was the father of Anubis and ruled alongside his consort Nephthys. Geb gave him the southern half of Egypt, making him the god of the desert. Name this Egyptian god who killed and dismembered his brother Osiris Set
Mud Island River Park is in this city, across a harbor from this city’s iconic Pyramid building that became a Bass Pro Shop. Near Sun Studio,this city’s Beale Street is nicknamed “The Home of the Blues”. Name this Mississippi River port city in Tennessee Memphis
This god gets information from the ravens Huginn and Muninn This god is sometimes contrasted with Tyr, who favored justice, though both of them were closely associated with rulers. Name this ruler of Valhalla and chief of the Aesir in Norse mythology. Odin
Hand sanitizer usually contains a lot of the “isopropyl” or “rubbing” version of this type of compound. Name this class of compounds that includes ethanol, which causes intoxication. alcohols
From 2003 to 2005, Japan stopped importing this agricultural product from the US. An expensive Japanese variety of this product is called wagyu. Black Angus and Texas Longhorn are popular forms of this product in the U.S. Name this animal. Cow
This superhero was created by William Moulton Marston. This character fights Doctor Psycho, Cheetah, and Doctor Poison. She is thought to be the daughter of Zeus. This character was portrayed by Lynda Carter and Gal Gadot. Name this female superhero Wonder Woman
This president supported the creation of the United Nations as well rebuilt Europe by the Marshall Plan. This president approved the dropping of Fat Man and Little Boy, the atomic bombs that hit Japan. He succeeded Franklin Roosevelt. Harry S Truman
This resource is used in steel production generates half of the electricity used in the US. Extracting this resource is hazardous, giving black lung diseases to miners. Name this fossil fuel whose bituminous form is mined throughout Appalachia coal
This musical portrays a rivalry between whites and Puerto Ricans in New York City. Songs include "Somewhere", "Maria", & "I Feel Pretty" . Name this Leonard Bernstein musical about the gangs the Jets and the Sharks. West Side Story
This superhero fought Rhino, Chameleon, and Doctor Octopus. This character was raised by Aunt May & Uncle Ben after the death of his parents the Parkers. Name this superhero who was bitten by a radioactive arachnid and can shoot webs from his wrist. Spiderman
This character fights crime after witnessing the murder of his parents, the Wayne's. This character fights The Penguin, Catwoman, & The Joker. This character was portrayed by Adam West on TV. Name this superhero who saves Gotham City. Batman
This photograph was taken by Associated Press photographer Joe Rosenthal and shows six men. It is set on Mount Suribachi , which is on a Pacific island, and was taken on February 23, 1945. Name this action shown in the Marine Corps War Memorial. Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima
Bill Sikes tries to rid himself of one of these animals named Bull’s-eye in Oliver Twist. Another of these animals belongs to Jack Stapleton and is shot by Sherlock Holmes. Name this type of animal that Buck was in Jack London’s The Call of the Wild. dogs
To determine how far away somebody is from one of these events measure the time between P waves & S waves. These events are triggered by movement at a fault and its epi·center. Name these events detected by a seismometer and measured on the Richter scale. earthquakes
The surfaces of these objects have openings that widen when water is available. These parts of plants contain many chloroplasts, making them the main location of photosynthesis. Name these organs that grow from the sides of plants and tops of trees. leaves
This place's Desert View Tower offers views of the Painted Desert on its South Rim. This feature follows Lake Powell to Lake Mead. Name this enormous geological feature in Arizona formed by erosion of the Colorado River. Grand Canyon
Maurice Ravel’s Bolero has this feature for 17 minutes starting with the strings & then including the entire orchestra. A sforzando is a very sudden version of this type of dynamic change. Give this term for a gradual increase in loudness fortissimo crescendo
The Factory was Andy Warhol’s studio in this city. Name this home of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the setting of Paul Cadmus’ Coney Island and Joseph Stella’s The Brooklyn Bridge. New York City
This character is raised in Smallville, Kansas by Martha and Jonathan Kent. He has fought against Brainiac, General Zod, and Lex Luthor. His actual father, Jor-El, lived on Krypton. Name this flying superhero who wears a red cape. Superman
Though Justice Scalia stated “If it were up to me, I would put in jail every sandal-wearing, scruffy-bearded weirdo who” does this action, he voted to protect it based on the First Amendment. Courts have said that freedom of speech extends beyond the spok Desecrating the US flag
This painter’s portrait The Woman in Gold was the subject of a lawsuit by a family years after it was taken by the Nazis. Name this Austrian painter who used gold leaf in several of his paintings, including his work, The Kiss. Gustav Klimt
The first major source of this resource in the U.S. was discovered in ​Nevada in 1859 at the Comstock Lode. Populists advocated the monetization of this commodity, known as bimetallism. William Jennings Bryan’s “Cross of Gold” speech supported this metal silver
This leader, who befriended Dennis Rodman in 2013, claimed in his 2018 New Years speech that “a nuclear button is always on my desk,” prompting a Twitter retaliation from Donald Trump. Name the current supreme leader of North Korea. Kim Jong-un
For his ninth labour, Heracles retrieves the belt of one of these people named Hippolyta. These people are said to cut off their right breasts to shoot arrows better. Name this tribe of warrior women in Greek mythology Amazons
An effeminate-looking man with this name leans away from Jesus’s right in Leonardo’s Last Supper. Titian and others depicted Salome with the Head of a man of this name. Give the name of the saint depicted in Leonardo’s The Baptism of Christ John the Baptists
This character solved the Sphinx’s riddle & charged Creon with taking care of his daughters after learning the truth about Jocasta. Sophocles wrote 2 plays titled after what king of Thebes who blinds himself after realizing that he’s married his mother? Oedipus Rex
Stonehenge was probably built during this time period. . This period’s “Revolution” included the adoption of pottery, permanent settlements, animal domestication, and agriculture. It was followed by the Bronze Age. Name this last part of the Stone Age. Neolithic Period
​ Atalanta and Hippo·menes turn into these animals., A youth tells Heracles that he will sacrifice himself to Zeus if one of these animals is not killed within thirty day. Name this animal that forms the lower body of the Sphinx. lion
. The first poem from a collection about this city describes it as a “Player with Railroads and the Nation’s Freight Handler.” Name this city described as “Hog Butcher of the World” and “City of the Big Shoulders” by Carl Sandburg. Chicago
About 100,000 people emigrated to Canada in order to perform this action. Rush Limbaugh, Donald Trump, & Ted Nugent were all accused of faking medical conditions to do this . It was the failure to fulfill Selective Service obligations during Vietnam War Draft Dodging
Members of this order tear large prey apart using a “death roll.” The highest bite force of any animal is found in a saltwater species in this order. Name this order of reptiles that includes caimans, alligators, and a namesake family with a Nile species. Crocodiles
It’s not a zoo, but in this spot a grizzly bear named Old Martin lived for many years. Yeomen Warders who work at this location are known by the nickname “beefeaters. Name this English castle where Edward IV’s young sons were imprisoned by Richard III Tower of London
The Argonauts helped king Phineus chase away these bird-women who spoiled food harpies
Name this bacterial disease that can cause a patient to cough so hard that he or she could break their ribs; its most common name incorporates the trademark sound that is often made when coughing pertussis or whopping cough
Give this legal principle whose name illustrates the equality of retribution relative to its crime. It appears in Exodus, Deuteronomy, and the Code of Hammurabi. This principle is sometimes called the law of talion. an eye for an eye
Though different traditions disagree about the numbering of this law code, they all agree on how many items it contains. This code includes imperatives to have no other gods, to honor one’s parents, and not to commit adultery. The 10 Commandments
A personality disorder described by this term causes exaggerated self-importance and self-admiration. It is named after a character from Greek mythology narcissism
This creature was confused when Ortygia was covered with waves to fulfill a prophecy that a woman could only give birth where the sun did not shine. Name this dragon oracle who was killed by a four-day-old Apollo. Python
This creature was confused when Ortygia was covered with waves to fulfill a prophecy that a woman could only give birth where the sun did not shine. Name this dragon oracle who was killed by a four-day-old Apollo. Python
Named after a valley in Germany these are prehistoric human subspecies that likely lived alongside modern humans until about 40,000 years ago and may have interbred with Cro Magnon man? Neanderthal
Participants of this event were arrested & thrown in prison under a law that made it illegal to interfere with business without just cause. Name this protest in the Civil Rights Movement instigated by Rosa Parks forced to vacate her seat on a bus Montgomery Bus Boycott
This philosopher believed that men must secure “life, liberty, and estate” and that revolution is justified when the government works against the interest of its citizens. Name this English thinker who wrote Two Treatises of Government. John Locke
This character asks the audience to “give me your hands if we be friends” and replaces an actor’s head with that of a donkey. Name this “merry wanderer of the night”, the servant of Oberon in Shakespeare's A Mid Summer Night's Dream. Puck
This band released a song that included the lyric “so you think you can stone me and spit in my eye?” on their album A Night at the Opera. Name this British rock band known for the songs “We Are the Champions,” and “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Queen
This mountain range is home to Pike’s Peak and Banff National Park. Name this mountain range that runs from British Columbia to New Mexico Rocky Mountains
Figures like Castor and Pollux, Laertes, Atalanta, and Theseus all were members of this mythical crew who sought the fleece. Argonauts
Shields, fissure vents, and cryptodomes are all examples of this geological phenomena.Name these geological features that form most commonly in the ocean where tectonic plates converge and diverge, allowing pressurized hot gas, ash, and magma through Volcanoes
This second largest volcano in the world is this primary volcanic contributor to the island of Hawaii. It is the only one of 5 “big island” volcanoes to be a part of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Mauna Loa
Name this process of inducing an altered mental state, in which the subjects demonstrate increased conscious attachment, heightened memory, and increased susceptibility to suggestion hypnosis
Name this major network that was completed at Promontory Point, Utah. Its construction was aided in part by a mass influx of Cantonese immigrant workers Transcontinental Railroad
It is characterized by complex improvisational chord progressions & styles that differ from the traditional harmonic motifs . Name this upbeat subgenre of Jazz that was popularized in the 40’s and 50’s by musicians like Sonny Rollins & Dizzy Gillespie Bebop
These uncountable nouns imitate the sound that they denote. Examples include words like “bang,” “tick,” and “buzz.” onomatopoeia
James Whistler often incorporated this color in his works, such as his portrait of his mother being an Arrangement of Gray and [this color], as well as his painting Nocturne in [this color] and Gold. black
This band contributed music to the 1967 film The Graduate, including one song which asks, “where have you gone Joe DiMaggio?” Name this American folk-rock duo, whose hits include “Mrs. Robinson” and “The Sound of Silence.” Simon and Garfunkel
Complete this demand of the American colonists. No taxation without ... representation
Name the spy who, at his execution, paraphrased these words from Joseph Addison's 1713 tragedy, "Cato." What pity is it that we can die but once to save our country. Nathan Hale
What three words complete this quote attributed to Thomas Paine? "These are the times that..." "try men's souls"
What element yields no toxic compounds but only heat and water when it burns? hydrogen
What element frequently found in the form of yellow crystals near volcanic vents is used to make gunpowder, drugs, and fertilizer? sulfur
What two elements are alloyed to make the medals awarded for third-place in Olympic events? copper and tin
Every nine years, the Minotaur was fed a high protein diet of seven maidens and sevens youths sent as an Athenian tribute to King Minos. Who ended this custom by slaying the monster and escaping from the Labyrinth? Theseus
Rubin falls on his axe and dies after Billy, Old Dan, & Little Ann tree the “ghost coon.” Old Dan is killed by a mountain lion, &Little Ann loses the will to live. What novel by Wilson Rawls is about a boy trains two redbone coonhound hunting dogs? Where the Red Fern Grows
Any point on one of these shapes is an equal distance from the shape's directrix and its focus. The axis of symmetry cuts through this conic section's single vertex. Name this curve that forms while graphing the equation y equals x squared. parabola
This geometric object includes one endpoint, then an infinite number of points progressing in one direction rays
If you glued two rays going in opposite directions together at their endpoints, you'd get one of these objects. They can be defined by two points, and go on forever in both directions. lines
This scientist stabbed himself in the eye while working on his book Opticks., He also wrote the Principia a foundation for classical mechanics. This man also shares credit with Gottfried Leibniz for inventing calculus as well as his 3 laws of motion. Issac Newton
Name the type of rock that was used for ancient Greek sculptures like the Venus de Milo and whose Cararra type was used by many later Italian sculptors as well. marble
This Italian explorer from Genoa first landed in the New World in what today is the Bahamas. He is comemmorated with a holiday in October Christopher Columbus
This man is often given credit for being the first to circumnavigate the world, though he himself was killed in the Philippines, so credit should perhaps better go to his surviving crew members who made it back to Europe Ferdinand Magellan
South Dakota’s capital is spelled the same way as a common man’s name in France. Name this city, one of the smallest state capitals by population. Pierre
A state capital that is even smaller than Pierre, SD by population is this one in New England, which in fact is the smallest state capital by population. Its name also derives from French Montpelier, Vermont
The pillar of salat, or prayer, mandates that Muslims face this holy city when performing prayers Mecca
This famous work by Victor Hugo contains a 19-chapter digression on the battle of Waterloo that by most accounts contributes nothing to the central plot, which focuses on characters such as Jean Valjean and his adopted daughter Cosette Les Miserables
This empire colonized Australia, initially as a destination for prisoners. This country’s colonies included New South Wales and Victoria. UK or British Empire
These native people of Australia have been systematically oppressed since colonization. These indigenous people invented the didgeridoo. Aborigines
Name the change in temperature pattern in the Pacific Ocean, whose name means “the boy” in Spanish El Nino
Name the French scuba diving pioneer who developed the aqua lung. Jacques Cousteau
This type of tree’s refined syrup is an important export of Quebec. Among American states, Vermont leads in the production of this tree’s syrup. maple
Varieties of this tree are common through much of the Northern USA. Native Americans often made canoes out of its trunks while the bark of its white and paper varieties makes excellent kindling for starting a campfire birch
Andrew Jackson appears on the front face of this bill, but Jackson’s mistreatment of Native Americans and opposition to paper currency has spurred a recent movement to replace Jackson on this bill with Harriet Tubman. 20 dollar bills
An earlier movement to depict women on currency led to Susan B. Anthony’s appearance on this coin in 1979. This value of coin later featured Sacajawea as well as a series highlighting former presidents dollar coin
A character in this work sees Birnam Wood advance on Dunsinane, foretelling his downfall. Another character cries “Out, damned spot!” after Duncan has been murdered. Name the Shakespearean play in which the title character becomes King of Scotland. Macbeth
This classic play, set in New Orleans, centers around the abusive relationship between Stanley and Stella Kowalski A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams
He was acquitted of treason in 1807 and later served as the third Vice President of the United State. Name this man who at Weehawken, New Jersey killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel, sir. Aaron Burr
This prestigious university in Cambridge, Massachusetts is the oldest American university, having been opened to train ministers in the mid 17th century Harvard
This university’s Nassau Hall was occuppied by the British during a battle that occurred shortly after the Battle of Trenton. The university and the battle share the same name. Princeton
Certain people’s type of this substance leads them to be classified as universal donors if their type of this substance is O negative. Which substance that comes in A, B, AB, and O varieties flows through capillaries and veins? blood
Gregor Mendel pioneered modern genetics by experimenting with this common dinner vegetable, which grows in pods pea plants
These rodents have been used in scientific experiments since the 17th century. This animal is also commonly used as a metaphor for human test subjects in science and it’s originally native to South America Guinea Pigs
This civilization's mythology is described in the Epic of Gilgamesh. Name this early Mesopotamian civilization known for building ziggurats such as the one in its famous city of Ur. Sumer (ian)
These daughters of Mnemosyne were patrons of various arts and literary disciplines. They gave their name to a type of widespread cultural institution where one can view art and artifacts. muses
Clio was the muse of this discipline that you would yourself be engaging with by studying Ancient Greece. history
This instrument represents the Grandfather in Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf. This woodwind is brown in color & its name derives from its low pitch. Name this low member of the double reed family that typically plays music in the bass and tenor clefs. bassoon
This style of music is most often written in 2/2 time and utilizes sections called “strains”. It was popularized in America by John Philip Sousa who was called its “king.” marches
This style of music largely evolved in the African American community by adding syncopated rhythms and more complex harmony to march music. Perhaps the most famous composer of this style was Scott Joplin. ragtime
Ragtime & this other style of music popular in African American communities were highly influential to jazz. This style of music is known for sorrowful lyrics & is often played in a 12 bar form. BB King was a musician who mostly worked in this style. blues
This man is perhaps most well-known for his paintings of water lilies which he grew in his garden in Giverny. Name this painter,considered the founder of French Impressionism who painted Impression, Sunrise. Claude Monet
A compressed spring is an example of what kind of energy? potential
Who was the only U.S. president to have earned a Ph.D.? Woodrow Wilson
What French port did 200,000 British troops flee on June 4, 1940? The battle of the same name was recently made into a movie. Dunkirk
This group controlled the US Senate until 1800. Their power was diminished by 1820 and they ran no presidential candidate. Give this term describing both a political party of John Adams and “papers” by Alexander Hamilton and John Jay. Federalists
This man who spent five years as a prisoner of the North Vietnamese was diagnosed in July 2017 with an aggressive form of brain cancer. Sarah Palin was a running mate of what former Arizona senator who recently died.? John McCain
A tree-lined reflecting pool is in front of this structure surrounded by ​4 minarets. Its name means “crown of the ​palace” ​& it sits on the Yamuna river in Agra . It was built by the Shah Jahan for his wife Mumtaz. Name this white Indian mausoleum. Taj Mahal
They have independently moveable eyes and their tongues stretch to twice their body length or more. Their skin contains pigments which functions to regulate body temperature, communicate emotions, and for camouflage. Name these lizards that change color. chameleon
Rectangles and rhombuses are special cases of these quadrilaterals that have two pairs of sides which would never touch if extended as lines. parallelograms
This form of biological symbiosis sees one organism benefit while the other is harmed. Examples include fleas on animals and the way mistletoe draws nutrients from a host plant parasite
Henry Dunant founded this organization honored for peace efforts three times. This group known for its disaster relief and blood drives uses a flag similar to Switzerland’s but with the colors switched. The International Committee of the Red Cross
This man’s two Nobel prizes were for the study of chemical bonds and peace activism against nuclear weapons. His research into using Vitamin C to treat heart disease and prevent colds was less well received. Linus Pauling
The gates of this god's temple were opened during war. Either Juno or this god of beginnings and doorways is the source of the name of our first calendar month. Janus
Hephaestus is the Greek counterpart of this god of volcanoes and metalworking. Bonfires were lit during his August festival. Vulcan
Caravaggio's painting Amor Vincit Omnia depicts this Roman god. Jacques-Louis David also depicted this male, who is leaving a bed where Psyche reclines. Cupid
Prospero conjures up the title storm in this Shakepearean work to force his brother Antonio onto an island. In its end Prospero's daughter Miranda is betrothed to Ferdinand. The Tempest
Newton’s First Law of Motion is known by this term for an object’s resistance to changes in its speed or direction. The “moment of” this is a measure of a body’s resistance to angular acceleration inertia
This term derived from Greek for “ancient study” seeks cultural artifacts from past civilizations. Colin Renfrew and Paul Bahn authored an influential textbook on its “theories, methods and practice archeology
Often said to be Leondardo da Vinci's first work, this painting in the Uffizi Gallery depicts the moment when Gabriel tells Mary she would give birth. The Annunciation
Francisco Franco’s regime in Spain is often cited as an example of this political ideology that stresses one-party rule, nationalism, and a controlled economy. Often a dictatorship, Robert Paxton wrote a book titled “The Anatomy” of this Fascism
A narrator visits a friend named Roderick who buries his ill sister. The Edgar Allen Poe short story ends with the family’s home sinking into the ground. The Fall of the House of Usher
Count Rostov dies in this novel’s epilogue. Name this Russian novel by Leo Tolstoy whose characters include Pierre Bezukhov and Anna Pavlovna Scherer. It is titled for periods of conflict and tranquility in the early 19 th century. War and Peace
This gas with chemical formula N2O can be used in whipped cream aerosol canisters, and the euphoric effect it creates was exploited as an anaesthetic in the 19th century. laughing​ gas or nitrous oxide
This process helped to create many of the landmarks in Arches National Park. Name this process by which wind or water flow breaks down rock and moves soil from one location to another. erosion
He never finished the opera ​The Vestal Flame​. Alternating E and D-sharp notes begin his piano solo titled Für Elise. His nine symphonies include the "Pastoral", "Eroica", and "Choral". Name this German composer of the Moonlight Sonata Ludwig Van Beethoven
This principle by Archimedes says this vertical force on an object equals the weight of the fluid the object displaces. Give this term that also means the ability of an object to float in water. buoyancy
This man was a former football star and movie actor. He was convicted of weapons and assault charges although he claimed he was collecting sports memorabilia. Name this man acquitted of murdering his wife Nicole Brown. OJ Simpson
One of this book’s authority figures has traded smoking for eating sunflower seeds, has a rattlesnake tattoo, and has overseers Squid, X-Ray, and Zero. Stanley Yelnats is sent to Camp Green Lake in what Louis Sachar work in which prisoners must dig? Holes
Mary Surratt, the first woman executed in the US met this man at her boarding house. Samuel Mudd created a splint for this man’s broken leg. He hid in a barn after he shot Lincoln during a production of Our American Cousin in Ford’s Theater. John Wilkes Booth
This sculptor depicted Mary holding the crucified Christ in his Pietà and The Creation of Adam is a fresco he painted on the Sistine Chapel ceiling Michelangelo​
This virtual reality headset was built after a 2012 Kickstarter campaign. The games Eagle Flight, The Climb, and EVE: Valkyrie can all make use of this device Oculus Rift
This figure was born after Zeus visited Danaë as a golden rName this figure who stole the single eye shared among three hags to learn the location of their sister. Perseus
The cranium and the mandible are two components of this structure that provides a protective cavity for the brain. skull
Also known as the breastbone, this long flat bone connects the cartilages of the top seven pairs of ribs sternum
Most humans have five of these bones in each hand, which are between the phalanges in the finger and the bones of the wrist metacarpal​(s)
Richard Rodgers collaborated with this lyricist on South Pacific, The King and I, and The Sound of Music Oscar Hammerstein​ II
If they go another 102 years, this team's next World Series victory will be in 2118. They won the 2016 title with Kris Bryant and Kyle Hendricks on the roster. Chicago Cubs
This team won Super Bowl III with Joe Namath at quarterback, but have gone 48 seasons without another championship. They play home games in the Meadowlands. New York Jets
Austria-Hungary was part of this side defeated by the Triple Entente in World War I. Central Powers
Athens was attacked by them in the Attic War, an attempt to rescue their queen Hippolyta. Once a year, these people visited the Gargareans, a tribe of all males .Give the term for these warrior women whose name is also a South American river. Amazons
The character Bonnie dies from a horse riding accident, and its concluding line is "After all, tomorrow is another day". Its main character marries Charles Hamilton & Frank Kennedy, talks with the slave Mammy, &lives on the Tara plantation in what novel? Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell
Travis Kalanick & Garrett Camp are the founders of this company that partners with shelters for a "puppies on demand" service. Lyft is a competitor of what transportation company that allows users to summon rides? Uber
In most cases it involves a reaction between oxygen & luciferin. In the case of anglerfish, it is enabled by bacteria living in a dorsal ray that attracts prey towards the mouth. Fireflies and glowworms are organisms with what ability to generate light? bioluminescence
Harriet the Spy lives in its Upper East Side and George Selden described a cricket who rides its subway and ends up in Times Square. Name this city known as the Big Apple. New York City
President Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act in 1830. This three-word phrase was used for the forced southeast tribal relocations that resulted. Trail of Tears
The 2017 Coachella Music Festival featured this singer whose hits include "Poker Face", "Born This Way", and "Million Reasons". Lady Gaga
A parasite causing scabies is a proposed origin of this creature whose legend comes from Puerto Rico. Its Spanish name means "goat sucker" as it purportedly drains livestock of their blood. chupacabra
Between 1801 and 1913 this was not given orally, and for many years was called "the President's Annual Message to Congress" . Give this speech often delivered in January State of the Union
It is customary to keep a cabinet member in a secret location during State of the Union addresses by the US President. Such a person is known by this term that titles a Kiefer Sutherland show Designated Survivor
This term can describe a leaf rounded at the end or an angle between 90 and 180 degrees. obtuse
Towards the end of this novel Augustus Waters dies of cancer. Name this novel in which Hazel Grace Lancaster enjoys An Imperial Affliction, an unfinished work by Peter Van Houten. The books was written by John Green. The Fault in Our Stars
Chiefs and Shamans of the American northwest were crushed and placed in boxes at the top of these wooden sculptures. The Kickssetti one in Wrangell, Alaska records a migration story. totem poles
Ancient Greeks placed a coin in the mouth of the dead so that the deceased could pay this figure to carry them across the river Styx to the afterlife. He is a brother of Hypnos. Charon
Due to his close relationship with Allah, Muslims refer to this figure as "The Friend". Give this husband of Sarah and Hājar. His obedience was tested when he was commanded to slay his son Isma'il, an act stopped by the angel Jibril. Abraham
This composer’s tale of the Peking palace, Turandot, was unfinished at his death. Name this composer whose other works include The Girl of the West and Tosca Giacomo Puccini
This instrument starts Kylie Minogue’s “Speakerphone” and ​“If it’s Magic” by Stevie Wonder. They come in lap, lever, and pedal sizes and typically have a neck, a resonator, and fifteen to fifty strings. Give this instrument whose strings are plucked harp
The smallest of the four Galilean moons has this name, and may contain a water ocean beneath its surface. In myth, a Phoenician princess with this name was abducted by Zeus in the form of a white bull. Europa
They have wavelengths between a meter and a millimeter. While working on a radar emitting these signals, Percy Spencer noticed that a candy bar started to melt. Give this part of the electromagnetic spectrum used in some kitchen ovens. microwave​s
This quote refers to a disaster in what city? At exactly twelve minutes after five on the morning of April 18, 1906, the whole city was subjected to a deafening, deep rumble and monumental rocking and shaking. San Francisco Earthquake
What are you doing if you do these things? You put your right foot in. You take your right foot out. You put your right foot in and you shake it all about. Hokey Pokey
Which type of wave is produced by shaking a stretched string? A. torsional B. transverse C. cylindrical D. longitudinal E. compression Transverse
The paraplegic president left the applauding throng like a cocky prizefighter, shaking his hands over his head. Will Rogers later wrote, "If he burned down the Capitol we would cheer and say, at least he got a fire started." FDR (Roosevelt)
An ornament in vocal or instrumental music in which one note alternates rapidly with the next to give a shaking effect is called a ... trill or a tremelo
Who allegedly composed these lines for his own headstone? Good friend for Jesu's sake forbear To dig the dust enclosed here. Blest be the man that spares these stones And curst be he that moves my bones. Shakespeare
You shake some salt into the flame of a candle. The flame then appears to be what color? A. red B. blue C. white D. green E. yellow Yellow
It was made by Hephaestus and covered with the skin of the goat, Amalthea. Zeus was able to produce storms and thunder by shaking it. Name this shield. Aegis
He saw the ground shake, the sea sucked back and then hurled forward, and great tongues of flame spurt from the black cloud that boiled up out of the volcano. What eruption did Pliny the Younger witness in 79 AD? Mt Vesuvius
What is the name for the steel frames with downward-pointing spikes at their base which fit on the bottom of climbing boots and dig into snow and ice? crampons
The most famous bicycle race in the world was inaugurated in Europe in 1903. Name this multi-stage race that takes place every summer. Tour de France
The projection on a hook which slants back from the inside of the point to keep the hook firmly fastened in the fish is the . barb
Tibetans such as Tenzing Norgay who live in Nepal and Sikkim on the southern slopes of the Himalayas and are renown for their mountaineering skills are known as ... sherpas
Name the specially made metal pegs used in rock climbing which are pounded into cracks in rocks. pitons
Name the sport which combines the skills of cross-country skiing and rifle marksmanship. biathalon
Sometimes climbers will be in mountains covered with snow while the sky is also completely overcast. There will be no shadows or horizon. This phenomenon is a . White-out
Climbers must be aware of dangers surrounding deep chasms in glaciers which are known as ... Crevasses
There are no volcanoes in ... A. Japan B. Antarctica C. New Zealand D. eastern Africa E. southern Brazil Brazil
Most volcanoes occur along ... A. reduction zones B. subduction zones C. conduction zones D. liposuction zones E. obstruction zones Subduction zones
Volcanic material above the Earth's surface is lava. Name this same material when it is below the surface in a molten state. magma
It is 600 kilometers around its base and its summit towers nearly ten kilometers above the ocean floor. It is the world's largest volcano and emerges from a hot spot in the Pacific Ocean. Name it. Mauna Loa
What adjective describes volcanoes which have not erupted in a long time but may erupt again? dormant
here a national park encompassing a deep-blue lake in the heart of a dormant volcano in ... A. Hawaii B. Alaska C. Oregon D. Montana E. California Oregon
Volcanoes derive their name from what Roman god of fire? Vulcan
It is almost three times as tall as Mt. Everest and covers an area about the size of Arizona. Name this Martian mountain that is the largest volcano in the solar system. Olympus Mons
What type of seagoing vessel was a German "Unterseeboot"? Submarine
Name the vessel used by the ancient Egyptians to hold and preserve the internal organs of the mummified dead. A. ewer B. amphora C. crucible D. chamber pot E. Canopic urn Canopic Urn
Fore" indicates the front of a vessel. What is the corresponding term which means "toward the rear of a vessel"? aft
Which vessel was a paddle wheeler? A. Nautilus B. Clermont C. Bismarck D. Mayflower E. Golden Hind Clermont
What kind of vessel was John Kennedy commanding when it was sunk by a Japanese destroyer? PT Boat
In 1839, 53 illegally purchased African slaves were being transported from Cuba when they seized control of their vessel. After being captured by an America, they were defended by John Q Adams & the Supreme Court granted their freedom. Name the ship Amistad (La)
Which vessel has the approximate shape of a cone? A. beaker B. burette C. distilling flask D. Erlenmeyer flask E. graduated cylinder Erlenmeyer flask
This notice from the German embassy appeared below an advertisement for a 1915 voyage aboard what vessel of the Cunard line? Travelers intending to embark on the Atlantic voyage are reminded that a state of war exists between Germany and Great Britain. Lusitania
The first space shuttle was to be named Constitution by NASA, but after President Ford received 174,000 letters from Star Trek fans, he changed the name to .. Enterprse
Adolf Hitler ordered Dr. Ferdinand Porsche to design an inexpensive automobile for the German masses. What vehicle did he create? The Volkswagon
Boats carved from whole logs are known as ... A. dugouts B. rubouts C. pullouts D. stakeouts E. runabouts dugouts
What enormous construction project permits uninterrupted three-hour train trips between London and Paris? The Chunnel (Euro Tunnel)
Name the small, two-wheeled Japanese cart with two long poles pulled by one or two people. rickshaw
A two-wheeled horse-drawn vehicle of the ancient Romans was the ... A. lorry B. surrey C. chariot D. phaeton E. omnibus chariot
The Mississippi is the most heavily utilized inland waterway in North America. What river is the busiest inland waterway in Europe? Rhine
In 1869, the travel time between New York and San Francisco was reduced from a minimum of three months to just eight days with the completion of what? Transcontinental Railroad
A traveler is most likely to see a gondola while visiting ... A. Paris B. Venice C. Madrid D. Frankfurt E. Copenhagen Venice
When you see an interstate highway sign with an even number on it, in which direction are you traveling? East or West
What 900-mile trail ran across the plains of Kansas and ended in the plaza of what is now the capital of New Mexico? Santa Fe Trail
The Trail of Tears National Historic Trail runs from North Carolina to what state? Oklahoma
According to the "Do Re Mi" song from "The Sound of Music," what note corresponds to "a drink with jam and bread"? ti
"Auld Lang Syne" is traditionally sung on ... A. Christmas B. Labor Day C. Thanksgiving D. Fourth of July E. New Year's Day New Years Day
Played with two fingers in 3/4 time, this song begins with six chords composed of Fs and Gs followed by six chords composed of Es and Gs. Name that tune. Chopsticks
These lyrics are from a song about what sport? Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jacks baseball
Where, according to Bob Dylan, can the answers to these questions be found? How many times can a man turn his head, pretending he just doesn't see? How many years can some people exist before they're allowed to be free? Blowing in the Wind
What song is about a trio of myopic, perambulating rodents that circumnavigated the agriculturalist's spouse until she excised their trailing extremities with a cutting utensil? Three Blind Mice
Complete this Shakespeare quote. All the world's a stage and all the men and women merely ... A. actors B. entertainers C. performers D. players E. troupers players
Complete this line from Shakespeare's "Sonnet 18." Shall I compare thee to a ... A. tranquil bay B. child at play C. donkey's bray D. summer's day E. black negligee to a summers day
What two words complete this line from "Hamlet"? This above all - to thine own self... be true
Which language is missing from this Shakespearean statement? But for mine own part it was ---- to me. A. Latin B. Greek C. French D. Spanish E. Chinese Greek
What two words follow in this quote from "Macbeth"? Double, double, toil and trouble, Fire burn and ... Cauldron Bubble
Give the first six words of Hamlet's soliloquy. "to be or not to be"
Complete this quote from Richard III. Now is the winter of our ... A. discontent B. banishment C. imperilment D. embattlement E. disparagement discontent
In "Othello," what emotional state is described as "the green-eyed monster which doth mock the meat it feeds on"? A. pity B. sorrow C. chagrin D. jealousy E. impatience jealousy
What four words complete this passage by Shakespeare? A horse! A horse! My ... kingdom for a horse
Fossils of mesosaurus have been found in southwestern Africa and northwestern Brazil. This is evidence for what theory proposed by Alfred Wegener? Continental Drift
What substance is missing from this list of elements proposed in the 5th century B.C. to be the fundamental building blocks of all matter? earth fire water Air
Released in 1937, the world's first feature-length animated film was entitled . Snow White and Seven Dwarfs
Who directed "Raiders of the Lost Ark," "Close Encounters of the Third Kind," "E.T.," and "Saving Private Ryan"? Stephen Spielberg
The "Sunrise" section of Richard Strauss' "Also Sprach Zarathustra" was used in what 1968 science fiction movie? 2001 A Space Odyssey
During which decade were these movies released? Saturday Night Fever Star Wars Jaws 1970's
What compound word relating to a steep precipice describes a movie serial that ends each episode with a suspenseful scene designed to entice viewers to return for the next installment? cliffhanger
What film directed by Frank Capra tells the story of a suicidal man who wishes he had never been born and an angel who shows him the terrible consequences of this wish? It's A Wonderful Life
Robbery which takes place on the high seas is called ... piracy
The Nuremberg Trials gave rise to the notion of ... A. victimless crime B. crimes of passion C. crimes against nature D. crimes against humanity E. criminal negligence crimes against humanity
Identify the process by which one state will surrender an alleged criminal to another state where the crime was committed. extradition
llegal action that may cause the disruption or overthrow of a government is called ... A. sedition B. turpitude C. defamation D. malfeasance E. expatriation sedition
Benny the Blade helped Sammy the Shiv rob a pawn shop. In this crime, Benny was a(n) ... A. victim B. bailiff C. adversary D. magistrate E. accomplice accomplice
Name the formal written accusation drawn up by a prosecutor and made by a grand jury against a person suspected of a crime indictment
Illegal stock trading based on confidential information not available to the public is called ... A. bull trading B. covert trading C. insider trading D. indexed trading E. loophole trading insider trading
Kidnappers usually offer to release their victims upon the payment of a ... A. bounty B. ransom C. dividend D. mortgage E. finder's fee ransom
A longitudinal fissure divides the cerebrum into two halves called ... hemisphere
The brain consists of both gray matter and white matter. What color is the nervous tissue that forms the inner part of the spinal cord and the outer part of the brain? gray
Centers for sight and taste are in the ... A. thalamus B. cerebrum C. cerebellum D. pons Varolii E. medulla oblongata cerebrum
Electrical activity in the brain can be sensed by means of electrodes taped to the skull. These electrodes are connected to what instrument that records and displays brain wave patterns? EEG
What condition results when an artery carrying blood to the brain is blocked? A. stroke B. pleurisy C. enteritis D. dyspepsia E. toxic shock stroke
It affects two out of ten people over the age of 70, and begins in late middle age. Name this most common neuro-degenerative disease in the U.S. Alzheimer's
Cerebral anoxia means that what substance is not being adequately supplied to the brain? oxygen
Aphasia means the partial or total loss of the ability to ... A. taste B. speak C. feel pain D. concentrate E. form personal relationships speak
This surgical procedure, now rarely used, involves severing the corticothalamic nerve fibers in the frontal lobes to eliminate mental disturbances in patients. Name this operation. lobotomy
Brain waves are classified by letters of the Greek alphabet. What category of brain waves would recorded by an EEG attached to a person in a relaxed state? alpha
Automatic activities such as respiration and heartbeat are controlled by the ... A. cerebrum B. cerebellum C. pons Varolii D. corpus callosum E. medulla oblongata medulla oblogonta
Name the deeply folded gray matter that composes the outer layer of the cerebral hemispheres and controls characteristically human behaviors. cerebral cortex
Endorphins are brain hormones that ... A. alleviate pain B. induce hunger C. block reflex reactions D. suppress the immune system E. promote erythrocyte production alleviate pain
"Atom" was derived from a Greek word that means ... A. tiny B. change C. clinging D. flammable E. indivisible E. indivisible
The prefix pan means "all." What word with this prefix did John Milton use for the capital of Hell, "the place of all demons"? Pandemonium
Based on his early experiments with inoculating people for smallpox, Edward Jenner coined the word "vaccination" from vacca, the Latin word for what kind of mammal? cow
The name for cashmere, a fine soft wool, comes from a city in what range of mountains? A. Alps B. Urals C. Andes D. Pyrenees E. Himalayas E. Himalayas
In 1675, after the Duc de Richelieu captured Port Mahon on Minorca, his cook took some oil, vinegar, egg yolk, salt, and pepper and beat it into a sauce which was named after the captured port. That sauce is now known as .. Mayonaisse
Words such as "cookie," "boss," and "waffle" were contributed to English by the ... A. Dutch B. French C. Spanish D. Vikings E. Chinese Dutch
The title of what sports official who acts as the arbiter of disputes on the playing field comes from the French nonper meaning "not equal"? Umpire
Which medical term was derived from the Greek words which mean "against" and "life"? A. antibiotic B. immunologic C. posthypnotic D. psychosomatic E. submicroscopic antibiotic
"Checkmate" is derived from the Persian phrase, shah mat , which literally means ... The King is Dead
Identify the German scientist who proposed in 1911 that the continents were once part of a supercontinent. A. Sigmund Freud B. Alfred Wegener C. Johannes Kepler D. Christian Doppler E. Gabriel Fahrenheit B. Alfred Wegener
What is the two-word name for an elevated boundary that separates rivers flowing toward opposite sides of a continent? Continental Divide
Geologists speculate that what continent will eventually split along its Great Rift Valley? Africa
The Ural Mountains form a natural border between ... A. Asia and Europe B. India and Pakistan C. Burma and Thailand D. North and South Korea E. China and Mongolia A. Asia and Europe
The southernmost point in South America is ... A. Cape Cod B. Cape Fear C. Cape Horn D. Cape Hatteras E. the Cape of Good Hope Cape Horn
In the face of mutinies and strikes, he abdicated in March of 1917, thus ending the thousand-year-old Russian monarchy. Name this czar. Nicholas II
Who once uttered these words? I shall never rest my head on my pillow in peace and quiet as long as I remember the loss of my American colonies. King George III
Who was not a wife of Henry VIII? A. Anne Boleyn B. Jane Seymour C. Anne of Cleves D. Catherine de Medici E. Catherine of Aragon . Catherine de Medici
What Babylonian king is associated with this preamble? ...let every man who has a legal dispute come forward - read this text and heed its precious words. The stone tablet will enlighten him in his trouble ... Hammurabi
Henry VIII was of the House of Tudor and Queen Victoria was of the House of Hanover. Twentieth-century British royalty belongs to what house? House of Windsor
What is the total number of queens who have ruled France? None
His reign lasted 43 years. During that time, he rebuilt Babylon, destroyed Jerusalem, and sent the Jews into captivity. Name this king famous for his hanging gardens. A. Darius B. Sargon II C. Gilgamesh D. Assurbanipal E. Nebuchadnezzar E. Nebuchadnezzar
He rebuilt a canal from the Nile to the Red Sea. He invaded India and Greece. He was called "great king - king of kings - king of countries." Name him. A. Darius B. Sargon C. Rameses D. Aristarchus E. Nebuchadnezzar Darius
The beheading of Mary Queen of Scots was ordered by ... A. James II B. Henry VIII C. Elizabeth I D. Queen Victoria E. Oliver Cromwell Elizabeth I
Which king of England commissioned the translation of the Bible? King James
What king of Judea is remembered for ordering the slaughter of all young children in the village of Bethlehem? Herod
The most famous queen of Carthage was ... A. Dido B. Isabella C. Cleopatra D. Nefertiti E. Hippolyta Dido
He destroyed Thebes in 335 B.C. He won the Battle of Granicus in 334 and in 333 he defeated Darius. Later he overthrew the Scythians and conquered much of India. Who was this Macedonian king? Alexander the Great
A king who holds that position by virtue of birth alone has acquired his power by ... A. divine right B. a coup de grace C. military authority D. popular sovereignty E. inherent intelligence Divine Right
What Asian country was named in honor of King Philip II of Spain? Phillipines
Complete this quote by Louis Sullivan. Form follows ... A. frills B. function C. frivolity D. fluctuations E. flamboyance function
An arcade is essentially a series of curved structures called ... archess
Jews are to synagogues as Muslims are to ... mosques
What kind of structure developed during the Medieval period included a bailey, a moat, and a keep? Castle
Which building overlooks the city of Granada, Spain? A. the Parthenon B. the Alhambra C. St. Peter's Basilica D. Westminster Abbey E. the Dome of the Rock B. the Alhambra
A cantilever would most likely be used on a ... A. balcony B. skylight C. stairwell D. roof opening E. warehouse floor balcony
The early Romans developed the use of masonry conduits to carry water across the country on tall arched piers. Name these conduits. aqueducts
Any projecting molding that crowns or finishes a wall is a ... A. pier B. gable C. frieze D. cornice E. mullion cornice
The lateral thrust in soaring Gothic cathedral arches was counterbalanced by the construction of arches outside the building. Identify these great soaring constructions. flying buttresses
An arched brick or stone ceiling is a ... A. pier B. vault C. lintel D. cornice E. buttress vault
What architectural design might be defined as a quadrilateral masonry mass with steeply sloping sides meeting at an apex? pyramid
The Inuits of Canada sometimes built homes from blocks of snow fitted together into the shape of a dome. Such a dwelling is called an ... igloo
What shape best describes the top of an obelisk? A. oval B. square C. circular D. pyramidal E. rectangular pyramidal
It has a bulb-shaped central dome surrounded by four smaller domes, all built on a great marble slab with tall, slender minarets at each corner. Name this mausoleum. A. Taj Mahal B. Parthenon C. Eiffel Tower D. Stonehenge E. Aqueduct of Nero Taj Mahal
What is the best-known Doric building on the Acropolis? Parthenon
What name do Australians use for their continent's parched interior? The Outback
Dante's View overlooks a region where summer temperatures reach 135 degrees F and less than 2 inches of rain falls annually. Name this hottest, driest, and lowest place in North America. Death Valley
The largest of the world's deserts is the ... A. Mojave B. Sahara C. Nubian D. Sonoran E. Kalahari Sahara
The most outstanding mineral resource of the Middle Eastern deserts is ... A. oil B. cobalt C. uranium D. nitrates E. platinum oil
What animal is known as "the ship of the desert"? camel
Which is not an example of a desert flower? A. kudzu B. yucca C. saguaro D. sagebrush E. prickly pear kudzu
On what continent are the Sechura, Patagonian, and Atacama deserts? South America
Desert plants capable of holding considerable quantities of water are classified as ... A. herbs B. hybrids C. succulents D. perennials E. hydrophytes succulents
Less than ten centimeters of precipitation annually falls on what continent? Antartica
When applied to birds, what is a synonym for "predatory"? A. oviparous B. raptorial C. three-toed D. hook-beaked E. high-soaring Raptorial
What is the two-syllable name for the claw of a bird of prey? talon
These are fierce birds with hooked bills and large feet with long curved talons. They nest in depressions in cliffs. Unlike hawks, their wings are long and pointed. Name this bird of prey. falcon
Name the heaviest flying bird of prey. A. emu B. condor C. ostrich D. bald eagle E. peregrine falcon condor
Which bird relies heavily on binocular vision? A. hawk B. snipe C. sparrow D. parakeet E. cardinal hawk
What bird is associated with Athena, goddess of wisdom? owl
A person involved in falconry wears a heavy leather glove as protection against the bird's sharp talons. Such a glove is called a ... gauntlet
A nest of eagles or hawks is an .. aerie
Which creature is nocturnal? A. owl B. dove C. goose D. condor E. starling owl
After she escaped from slavery in 1849, she returned to the South 19 times to lead more than 300 other slaves to freedom, including her aged parents. Name this "conductor" on the Underground Railroad. Harriet Tubman
Name the Scottish patriot who was hanged, disemboweled, beheaded, and quartered at West Smithfield some years after he won a great victory over the English at Stirling Bridge in 1297. William Wallace
Who was known as the Angel of the Crimea, the first woman to be awarded the Order of Merit by an English king? Florence Nightengale
She received the Distinguished Flying Cross for being the first woman to fly alone across the Atlantic. Later she made the first solo flight from Hawaii to California. She disappeared somewhere in the Pacific in 1937. Name her Amelia Earhart
As a young Shoshone, she was kidnapped & enslaved. She later married a French-Canadian fur trader& then carried her baby on her back while guiding an expedition from North Dakota to the Pacific. Name this woman found on a one-dollar U.S. coin in 1999. Sacajawea
These lines describe the forest home of what hero? Where the deer are gliding down the shadowy glen, all across the glades of fern he calls his merry men. Robin Hood
Who signed an important document which included these words? That on the 1st day of January A.D. 1863, all persons held as slaves within any state shall be then thenceforward forever free Abraham Lincoln
The codification of ancient Roman law was found in a document known as ... A. the Hegira B. the Discourses C. the Magna Carta D. the Twelve Tables E. the Code of Hammurabi The Twelve Tables
What important agreement includes these words? In witness whereof we have hereunto subscribed our names at Cape Cod the eleventh of November in the reign of our solemn lord King James of England ... Mayflower Compact
The name "United States of America" first officially used in what document? Declaration of Independence
What movement began on the evening of October 31, 1517 when Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the door of the Wittenberg church? The Protestant Reformation
What document begins as follows? We, the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union ... Preamble to the US Constitution
Which document was adopted after the inauguration of George Washington? A. the Bill of Rights B. Poor Richard's Almanac C. the Northwest Ordinance D. the Albany Plan of Union E. the Articles of Confederation Bill of Rights
This quote came from what document? If a noble has destroyed the eye of an aristocrat, his eye shall be destroyed. Code of Hammurabi
Martin Luther King stood before what monument when he delivered his "I have a dream" speech? A. Lincoln Memorial B. Statue of Liberty C. Washington Monument D. Valley Forge Memorial E. Vietnam Veterans Memorial Lincoln Memorial
The principle that no European power could be allowed to interfere with the established governments in the western hemisphere was included in what American declaration? Monroe Doctrine
What speech ends with this quote? And that government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth. Gettysburg Address
It had no authority to control interstate commerce. It lacked executive and judicial branches of government. It could not tax the people or collect duties. Name this document ratified in 1781. Articles of Confederation
These are chapters from what European document? the guarantee of the independence of the English Church limiting the king's right to scutage the guarantee of habeas corpus the guarantee of due process of the law Magna Carta
Which document was a foundation of the women's rights movement? A. Wilmot Proviso B. Atlantic Charter C. Ostend Manifesto D. Declaration of Rights E. Seneca Falls Declaration Seneca Falls Declaration
He started racing at the age of five, and developed an interest in sprint cars during his teens. He won 49 NASCAR Winston Cup races during the '90s, more than any other driver. Who is this driver of the #24 DuPont Chevrolet? Jeff Gordon
In this movie, Rose spurns her fiance Cal in favor of Jack, but Jack dies of hypothermia days after they meet. Directed by James Cameron and set on the title vehicle, this is what film about a sea disaster starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio? Titantic
Tiger Woods won this tournament for the first time in 1999, giving him the second major golf championship title of his career. Name this tournament customarily held in August, the final major of the men's professional golf season PGA Championship
This man won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor at age 73 for his role as Curly Washburn in 1991's City Slickers. His acceptance speech memorably included an impromptu demonstration of his ability to perform one-handed push-ups Jack Palance
At age 80, she became the oldest person in history to win the Academy Award for Best Actress, a mark that still stands today. After winning for Driving Miss Daisy in 1990, she received another nomination 2 years later for her role in Fried Green Tomatoes. Jessica Tandy
A 1998 commercial featured Homer Simpson attempting to trade a stuffed dog he won at the fair for a piece of this candy bar that Bart was eating. Butterfinger
This rock band led by Darius Rucker is best known for their 1994 major-label debut album Cracked Rear View, which includes the band's biggest hit "Only Wanna Be With You". Hootie and the Blowfish
The only player besides Michael Jordan to have a hand in all six of The Chicago Bulls championships was this small forward. He was named an NBA All-Star seven times and won two Olympic gold medals as a member of the 1992 and 1996 Dream Teams. Scottie Pippen
It was one of the best-selling albums of the '90s and won four Grammy Awards, including one for Album of the Year. Name this 1995 album by Canadian singer Alanis Morissette. Jagged Little Pill
This character was a member of two gangs He is able to fix Arnold's jukebox by punching it, and he's known for his mannerisms, including snapping his fingers and his double thumbs-up. Played by Henry Winkler, what is this character from HappyDays? Fonzie
His brother Nagi was killed by Hamato Yoshi, who fled to New York City. Who is this arch-nemesis of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Shredder
Nicknamed "The Bad Boys from Boston," this band's hits during the '70s include "Sweet Emotion", "Dream On" and "Walk This Way." The lead singer is Steven Tyler. Aerosmith
Wide World of Sports had an opening montage which showed ski jumper Vinko Bogataj crashing while what phrase is spoken? "The thrill of victory and ....." "the agony of defeat"
This NBC show featured characters such as Sam, Diane, Rebecca, and Norm hanging out in a bar in Boston. It hit #1 during its ninth season in 1990-1991. "Cheers"
Thistlethwaite, Kociemba, Fridrich, and Korf are algorithms for solving these puzzles, which were first exported from Hungary in 1980. They became a popular fad in the US in the 1980's. Rubik's cube
His teeth are inscribed with runes, and in art he is often depicted with a snake between his legs. Loki transformed himself into a mare and got knocked up and gave birth to this mythological figure- the 8 legged horse of Odin. Sleipnir
This virus attacks the respiratory system, and though there is "no cure for the common" strain, interferon has been shown to slow its progress. Rhinovirus (actual name for cold)
This prion, responsible for Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease in humans, is spread by eating infected tissue. Mad Cow Disease
The proposed German invasion of Britain was known by what codename, which also names a group of aquatic mammals? Operation Sealion
A "take it or leave it" choice is also known as this, named for a 16th century British stable owner who gave customers the choice of the first horse in his stalls or none at all. Hobson's choice
According to legend, the twins Romulus and Remus were suckled by this she-wolf who is named for one of the seven hills of Rome Capitoline wolf
In the first Harry Potter book, Rubeus Hagrid uses this three-headed dog to guard the entrance to the chamber where the Philosopher's stone is hidden Fluffy
Garfield the cat is frequently tormented by this beagle who likes to give him slobbery kisses Odie
After being defeated at the battle of Actium, she killed herself using an asp. Who was this Egyptian lover of Marc Antony? Cleopatra
Perhaps Stravinsky's best-known work is this 1910 ballet. It is based on a Russian folk tale of the same name about a magical bird The Firebird
The Diet of Worms is most memorable for its edict condemning what man as a heretic? Martin Luther
His 1498 self-portrait depicts him as a fop, and his 1500 self-portrait makes him look like Jesus. Who was this German painter and engraver whose other works include Four Apostles, The Cannon, and Lamentation for Christ? Albrecht Durer
If you do not like fast food, you can choose this more up-scale Chinese food resturant chain founded by Paul Flemming. Frequently featured in South Park, some of its signature dishes include VIP Duck and Double Pan Fried Noodles PF Changs
It emphasized sleek forms and geometric shapes like chevrons, zig-zags, and diamonds. What was this early 20th century architectural movement, examples of which include the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building? Art Deco
Its members include Odin, Thor, Tyr, and Frigg. What is this principal group of Gods of the Norse pantheon? Aesir
The Little Boy the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima at the end of WWII was dropped from this plane, piloted by Paul Tibbets and named for his mother Enola Gay
Roughly 300 Sioux and Lakota were killed during this event on December 29, 1890, the last battle between white soldiers and Native Americans. This is what event which happened in a title city in South Dakota? Battle of Wounded Knee
The Wounded Knee massacre occurred while several Indians were performing what spiritual activity, which they believed would render them invulnerable to bullets? Ghost Dance
Riro, its last king, was assassinated while on a state visit to Chile in 1899. This is what Pacific island on which many large stone heads, known as moai, can be found Easter Island
In this game, which shares its name with a soft drink, children must correctly guess who pushed their thumb down. If they guess correctly, they assume that person's role. Heads Up 7 Up
The earliest mention of this word game was in 1894. Other names for this game include "gallows" or "the game of hanging." Hangman
Name these things from popular German games. Name any two resources from Settlers of Catan Grain (accept Wheat), Ore (Accept Stone), Brick, Lumber (accept Wood), Wool (accept Sheep)
In this game one player waits in the deep end of a pool while all the other players jump in and try to evade being tagged. If a player is tagged, next round they are the namesake predators and play continues until all players have been tagged. Sharks and Minnows
This game consists of turning the namesake item and kissing the person it points to. Spin the bottle
In this game, players roll five dice and choose which space, such as small straight, large straight, or full house to put those values. Yahtzee
This game comes in Jewish, Bible, and Disney variations along with the Party Box version. Play consists of one player drawing a green card with an adjective and players playing red cards containing a noun. Apples to Apples
Due to the likelihood of breaking an arm, or dislocating an arm this playground game is banned in many schools. Play consists of two opposing teams forming a chain by linking arms and a member of the opposing team charging that link, hoping to break it. Red Rover
The first was created by Giuseppe Airoldi & was called "To pass the time. Japanese versions of this puzzle are more difficult because each square represents a syllable and not a single letter. Name this a puzzle, most famously found in newspapers. Crossword Puzzles
Pop Out is a variation of this game in which a player can remove his own pieces from the bottom row. This game is played on a 7 by 6 grid using colored disks. This is for ten points what game where you win by getting the titular number of disks in a row? Connect Four
The chances of an amateur doing it are roughly 1 in 33,000, according to the US Golf Registry. This is what rare accomplishment in golf in which the player hits the ball from the tee to the hole in a single shot? Hole in One
In a film franchise this word describes characters portrayed by Zoe Saldana, Vin Diesel, and Chris Pratt. Destiny players are called—for 10 points each—what word that describes the jobs of Groot, Gamora, and Star-Lord? Guardians of the Galaxy
For a falling body, this equals the positive square root of 2X distance over acceleration due to gravity. It equals work divided by power and distance divided by velocity. Give this scientific quantity measured in fortnights, milleniums, or seconds. time
Composers can indicate a multi-measure one of these as a thick horizontal bar with vertical lines at both ends. Give these symbols that indicate times a musician plays no note. rest
Many of the instruments have a multi-measure rest in this 94 the Joseph Haydn symphony. The rest is broken by a sudden loud chord that often startles listeners. Suprise Symphony
Give this term for a status in which a person cannot repay his or her creditors. Corporations may undergo reorganization during this process under Chapter 11. bankruptcy
The popularity of the "little black dress" is often credited to this designer of the 2.55 handbag. This French woman's signature perfume was "number 5". Coco Chanel
Accused of being occultist, this Stephenie Meyer series sees Bella Swan meeting vampires and werewolves. Twilight
Wake Island and Bikini are examples of these ring-shaped coral reefs that encircle a lagoon. atoll
This musical includes songs "Matchmaker, Matchmaker" and "Tradition" in addition to "If I Were a Rich Man". Tevye a Russian Jew, is the main character of what musical featuring a musician above the ceiling? Fiddler on the Roof
One reaction takes this compound and hydrogen and produces methanol and water. The primary component of Venus’s atmosphere, this compound is responsible for soft drink fizz. Give this gas humans exhale, whose chemical formula is CO2 . Carbon Dioxide
MIchael Morpurgo wrote a novel in which Topthorn and Joey are horses who participated in this conflict. German Erich Remarque served in this conflict and wrote All Quiet on The Western Front that takes place during what war that ended in 1918? World War I
A medical study stated that playing this has caused many accidents. 3 of its species, the Kangaskhan, Farfetch'd, and Mr. Mime are found outside the US. Name this augmented reality game played on mobile devices which involves gym-trained creatures. Pokemon-GO
The cestus type of these had no armor while the essedarius used a chariot. The crowd passed judgement on these people with the pollice verso, and defeated ones getting the thumbs down were condemned to death. Name these ancient Roman fighters. gladiators
The character Uriah invites the protagonist to jump off a train & zipline down a skyscraper. The title of this novel by Veronica Roth is the category of people with inconclusive test results, as all citizens must be placed into one of 5 factions. Divergent
Overflows of Lago Alajuela can cause its closure and people using this project also pass through Gatun Lake. Name this artificial waterway allowing travel between the Atlantic and Pacific through a Central American isthmus. Panama Cancal
The Imitation Game told the story of this Englishman who designed an early computer to crack the Enigma codes. A theoretical machine named for him performs computations on a paper infinite in size Alan Turing
Katherine Johnson and Dorothy Vaughan were among the women who calculated rocket trajectories while employed by this organization in the film Hidden Figures. NASA
A chord can consist of this interval, which is a note and another with half or double its frequency. For example, middle C and the C above it. octave
Chords in which notes are lowered are called diminished, while in this type of chord the top note is raised. An example is C, E, G sharp. augmented chord (accept augmented fifth)
This transform fault in California is where two plates grind together. This earthquake source has a Spanish name honoring one of Jesus’s disciples San Andreas
The Pacific Plate is being subducted at this deepest part of the world's oceans. The Challenger Deep is in the southern end of this region Mariana Trench
Elon Musk called this proposal the fifth mode of transportation. Give this nine-letter term for a conveyance that will accelerate a pod-like vehicle in a reduced-pressure tube. hyperloop
In 2015 Virginia made it a misdemeanor to have this symbol on license plates. Name this symbol designed by Nicola Marschall. It flew over a capital at Richmond until an 1865 surrender. Confederate flag
A deficiency of this compound can cause night blindness. Name this vitamin the body creates from molecules of beta-carotene. Vitamin A
The human version of this organ can store a year's supply of vitamin A. Diseases that affect this organ include hepatitis and cirrhosis. liver
The phrase "Kilroy was here" was popular in the examples of these drawings created by American servicemen. Give this term derived from Italian for "scratched", referring to sketched words or elaborate paintings that can illegally decorate public property. graffitti
Major General Leslie Groves was a Corps officer who oversaw this project that employed physicist Robert Oppenheimer. This project conducted the 1945 Trinity test in the remote New Mexico desert to assess its product Manhattan Project
This product’s average dose price of $284 caused a 2016 controversy, and the product was recalled in 2017 over faulty activation reports. Name this Mylan NV product used by people with life-threatening allergies. Epi Pen
Epinephrine, also called adrenaline, plays a role in this alliteratively-named physiological reaction to danger. Walter Bradford Cannon coined this three-word term. fight or flight
Sometimes called the “stress hormone,” Cushing's syndrome is overproduction of this other product of the adrenal glands. It initially helps the body produce glucose and increases appetite. cortisol
A Farewell to Arms is by what American author of The Sun Also Rises and The Old Man and the Sea? Ernest Hemingway
In 1963 a committee was formed to investigate the JFK assassination. The Commission is commonly named for this Chief Justice who headed it. He served on the court until 1969. Earl Warren
Rigel and Betelgeuse are in this constellation with shoulders, feet, and a belt. In one myth this figure loved a princess of Chios named Merope Orion
The hill of Megiddo will host a great battle between good and evil at this time, a conflict Abrahamic religions call Armageddon. Give this term that in many traditions sees the destruction of the Earth. end times or the end of the world
One of the Senate’s ObamaCare repeal proposals included $45 billion to address their use, as it is believed abuse of them could kill a half million U.S. citizens in the next decade. Name these drugs such as codeine and morphine Opiods
In 1913 this man led a train heist stealing from Wells Fargo, & later sold the silver back to the company. He raided Columbus, New Mexico,and the U.S. sent John Pershing's expedition to capture him. Give this Mexican revolutionary's name Francisco "Pancho" Villa
A 1991 film with this title had two sequels, “The Enchanted Christmas” & “Magical World”; it begins with a curse after an exchange of a rose for shelter is refused. What story about a pretty woman & an ugly creature was reamde with actress Emma Watson? Beauty and the Beast
This character is wearing a headpiece stating “In this style 10/6.” He is having a tea party with the March Hare and uses the Dormouse as a cushio The Mad Hatter
This first artificial Soviet satellite was launched in October 1957 and made about 1400 orbits Sputnik I
This cosmonaut was the first human in space as part of the Vostok 1 mission. He missed the planned landing site and was found by farmers. Yuri Gagarin
Turnus is killed in combat at the end of this work. Name this epic poem by Virgil in which a Trojan travels to Italy. This poem’s main figure will become the ancestor of the Romans The Aeneid
“I was dreamin’ when I wrote this” begins the second verse of this Prince song. He says he’s “gonna party like it’s” this title year. 1999
Hundreds have contracted this virus from mosquitoes in Florida. This virus named for a Ugandan forest is dangerous to pregnant women due to microcephaly which is small heads in affected children. Zika
In December 2014 at least 40 individuals contracted this virus while visiting Disneyland. A common vaccination protects against mumps, rubella, and this. Measles
Friedrich Fröbel coined this German term for his school serving young children kindergarten
“Some Educational Implications of the Humanistic Psychologies” is a paper by this professor best known for placing self-actualization at the top of his hierarchy of needs Abraham Maslow
These diagrams used in set theory are named for an Englishman. A simple example might draw circles for sets A and B, and the overlap area represents the intersection of the sets. Venn Diagram
In the first book of the Harry Potter series, this titular object is sought by various people, including Professor Quirrell, who was playing host to the parasite that is Voldemort. The Sorcerer’s Stone
The movie Frozen is not really based on this Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale at all; this work instead tells the tale of Gerda rescuing Kay from the palace of the title character. The Snow Queen
In this Walt Whitman poem, notably featured in Dead Poets’ Society, the United States of America is the allegorical ship steered by Abraham Lincoln O Captain My Captain
This author’s diary was published after she died in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in 1945; Miep Gies kept that diary safe until this author’s father returned home after the liberation of Auschwitz Anne Frank
This work by Elie Wiesel describes the author’s experience in various concentration camps, including Buchenwald, the camp where his father died. Night
It is revealed to Stingo that the title character of this work had to decide which of her children would die in the gas chambers. This title character eventually commits suicide with her lover Nathan. Meryl Streep won an Oscar for the film version. . Sophie's Choice
Name this work of J.R.R. Tolkien in which Bilbo Baggins gets out of his comfort zone and goes on an adventure, the prequel to Lord of the Rings. The Hobbit
Contrary to popular belief, Tweedledee and Tweedledum are found not in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, but in this Lewis Carroll work. Through the Looking Glass
J.S. Bach wrote the Brandenburg Concertos, named after a place that today is both a city and state in which European country? Germany
This man said that "Never was so much owed by so many to so few" in a speech to the House of Commons. Name this British Prime Minister who gave numerous operations as he led the country through World War II. Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill
In a speech, his Sinews of Peace, Winston Churchill coined this term for the closing off of Eastern Europe under Soviet domination and the lack of cultural exchange it caused. "iron curtain"
This Greek philosopher coined the term “atom” around 450 BC. His atomic theory posited that atoms were indestructible. Democritus
The discovery of this negatively charged subatomic particle led J. J. Thomson to propose the plum pudding model, in which these were surrounded by a “soup” of positive charge. electron
This part of the atom was discovered by James Chadwick, and it is found in the nucleus. neutron
This ship is famous for a namesake compact signed by the Pilgrims, who sailed this ship to New England. Mayflower
The USS Intrepid, a type of this large warship, served in World War II and can now be toured as a museum ship in New York City aircraft carrier
This season in the Northern Hemisphere is when the Earth is farthest from the Sun. It is when the Perseid meteor showers take place, and is the peak of Atlantic hurricane activity. What season begins with a solstice and ends with the autumnal equinox? summer
This CEO of Tesla has expressed a desire to colonize Mars, perhaps by utilizing the rockets of SpaceX, another company he founded. Elon Musk
Between Mars and Jupiter lies this region of the solar system, where many objects much smaller than planets can be found. Asteroid Belt
Wading bird whose bright pink plumage is a result of its brine shrimp diet. flamingoes
In the leadup to the Civil War, name the... so-called “peculiar institution” whose legality in the South was ended during the war slavery
It is tradition on the eve of this holiday to swing a chicken above one's head to transfer sin. Name this Jewish holiday, a day of atonement and repentance that is paired with a 25-hour fast Yom Kippur
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