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Security Plus 6

COMPTIA Security+ 6

What functionality should be disallowed between a DNS server and un-trusted node? Zone transfers
An attacker can determine what network services are enabled on a target system by? Running a port scan against the target machine.
Weakest link in the security of an organization are typically? People
The most costly method of an authentication is the use of what? Biometrics
You’re running cable through a boiler room where the furnace and some other heavy machinery reside. You’re concerned about interference. What type of cabling provides the best protection from interference? Fiber-Optic
How many bits are employed when using DES encryption? 56-bits
Extranet would be best defined as an area or zone: That allows a business to securely transact with other businesses.
An administrator of a web server notices many port scans to the server. To limit exposure and vulnerability exposed by these port scans the administrator should? Un-install or disable any program or processes that are not needed for the proper use of the server.
What protocol is used to negotiate and provide authenticated keying material for security associations in a protected manner? ISAKMP
Management wants to track personnel who visit unauthorized web sites. What type of detection will this be? Misuse detection
A need to know security policy would grant access based on? Principal of Least privilege.
Forging an IP address to impersonate another machine is best defined as? IP Spoofing
What type of security process will allow others to verify the originator of an e-mail message? Non-repudiation
What is the best method to secure a web browser? Disable any unused features of the web browser.
Digital certificates can contain what items? The certificate’s public key.
What are the three main components of a Kerberos server? Authentication server, security database, and privilege server.
How many keys are needed to lock and unlock data using symmetric key encryption? 1 (one)
What is the main advantage SSL has over HTTPS? SSL supports additional layer protocols such as FTP and NNTP while HTTPS does not.
As it relates to digital certificates, SSLv3.0 added what key functionalities? The ability to force client side authentication via digital certificates.
What access control model introduces user security clearance and data classification? MAC (Mandatory Access Control)
In a typical file encryption process, the asymmetric algorithm is used to do what? Encrypt symmetric keys.
Loki, NetCAT, Masters Paradise, and NetBus are all considered what type of attack? Back Door
What do you use to decrease broadcast traffic and is also beneficial in reducing the likelihood of having information compromised by sniffers? VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network)
File encryption using symmetric cryptography satisfies what security requirement? Confidentiality
A DoS attack which takes advantage of TCP’s three way handshake for new connections is known as? SYN Flood
What are three tunneling protocols? PPTP, L2TP, IPSec
When using a public key infrastructure, what are two common methods for maintaining access to servers on the network that utilize certificates? CRL and OCSP
The Bell La-Padula access control model consists of four elements. What are these elements? Subjects, objects, access modes, and security levels.
What are the three entities of the SQL (Structured Query Language) security model? Actions, objects, and users.
What finger printing technique relies on the fact that operating system differs in the amount of information that is quoted when ICMP errors are encountered? ICMP message quoting
Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is what type of encryption? Symmetric
The Diffie-Hellman algorithm allows what? A secret key exchange over an insecure medium without any prior secrets.
As a security administrator, what are the three categories of active responses relating to intrusion detection? Collect additional information, change the environment, and take action against the intruder.
Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) was developed by? Rijndael
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