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Files & Folders

Organizing files in folder for storage and easy access

File Management organizing files in folders for easy access
File a group of related data
Folder a group of related files
Save As to give a unique name to a file the first time it is saved for storage for later use
Save to keep an updated copy of a previously saved file
Retrieve to access a saved file; open
Open to access a saved file; retrieve
Restore to open a file at a previously saved edition, usually when data has been lost or a file has been damaged
Directory a map of folders, sub-folders and files stored on a drive or auxiliary device
Path shown in the Location box on the File Save or File Open Screen; tells where the computer is storing or looking for the file
Delete to move a file or folder to the recycle bin
Recycle Bin a trashcan for data no longer wanted. Data can be restored from the recycle bin
Empty the Recycle Bin to permanently remove data
Rename to change the name of a file or folder
New Folder option to add a new folder in the directory
Title bar file name and application is shown centered at the top of the screen
Created by: brintlek