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Security Plus 4

COMPTIA Security+ 4

Giving users or groups only the access they need to perform their job is? Principal of Least privilege.
Documenting change levels and revision information is most useful for? Disaster recovery
What is the best IDS to monitor the entire network? Network based IDS
How can Active X controls be configured to prove where they originated from? The Active X controls must be digitally signed.
Performing a security vulnerability assessment scan on systems that a company relies upon, demonstrates what? A commitment to protecting data and customers.
What is the most common goal of operating system logging? To keep a record of system usage.
What type of authentication may be needed when a stored key and memorized password are not strong enough and additional layers of security is needed? Multi-factor
Part of a fire protection plan for a computer room should include what? Procedures for an emergency shutdown of computer equipment.
What is a common DISADVANTAGE of employing an IDS? False positives
What would you do to secure your FTP site? Disable anonymous authentication
Sessions are initiated between a TCP clients and servers. A very small buffer space exist to handle the usual rapid “hand-shaking” exchange of messages that establish the session. What kind of attack exploits this function? SYN Attack
During the digital signature process, hashing provides a means to verify what security requirement? Data integrity
What type of security mechanism can be applied to modems to better authenticate remote users? Call back
What tunneling protocol works only on IP networks? PPTP
Companies without an acceptable use policy may give their employees an expectation of what? Privacy
LDAP directories are arranged as? Trees
What is the first step before a wireless solution is implemented? Perform a thorough site survey
Digital signatures can be used for what? Non-repudiation
Despite regular system backups a significant risk still exists if? Recovery procedures are not tested.
What is a Dictionary Attack? When passwords are configured using simple and meaningful things such as a pet name or birthday.
You have identified some risks to your network. You want to implement policies, procedures and various security measures. What will your objective be? Manage the risks so that the problem resulting from them will be minimized.
SSL operates between which two layers of the OSI model? Application and Transport
How many characters should the minimum length of a password be to deter dictionary password cracks? 8
Is the Private Key part of an X509v3 certificate? No
Created by: uop2001