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Security Plus 2

COMPTIA Security+ 2

A VPN using IPSec in the tunnel mode will provide encryption for what? Payload and message header.
After an Operating System install, what should you do to the administrator and guest account? Rename the admin account and disable the guest account.
Controlling access to information systems and associated networks is necessary for the preservation of their what? Confidentiality, integrity, and availability.
What correctly identifies some of the contents of a users X.509 certificate? User’s public key, CA distinguished name, and the type of symmetric algorithm used for encryption.
System administrators and hackers use what technique to review network traffic to determine what services are running? Sniffer
The action of determining which Operating System is installed on a system by analyzing it’s response to certain network traffic is called? Finger printing
What encryption scheme relies on both the sender and receiver to use different keys to encrypt and decrypt messages? Asymmetric
A user wants to send an e-mail and ensure that the message is not tampered with while in transit. What feature of modern cryptographic systems will facilitate this need? Integrity
Non-repudiation is generally used to do what? Prevent the sender or the receiver from denying that the communication between them has occurred.
Why are unique user ID’s critical in the review of audit trails? To establish individual accountability.
You are the first to arrive at a crime scene. An investigator and crime scene technician arrive afterwards. What does the crime scene technician need to do Tag, bag, and inventory evidence.
You are the first to arrive at a crime scene where a hacker is accessing unauthorized data on a file server from across the network. What should you do? Detach the network cable from the server to prevent the hacker from accessing further data.
When hosting a web server with CGI scripts, the directories for public view should have what type of permissions? The execute permission.
An FTP bounce attack is generally used to what? Establish a connection between the FTP server and another computer.
What determines if a user is presented with a dialog box prior to downloading an Active X component? User’s browser settings.
What is a common type of attack on web servers? Buffer overflow
What kind of encryption does Block Cipher use? Symmetric
What kind of attack are hashed passwords vulnerable to? Dictionary or brute force
What network mapping tool uses ICMP? Ping scanner
What would be the most effective hardware device in preventing network traffic sniffing? Use switches NOT hubs.
When configuring high-end switches that support VLANs you should be concerned about what two main security risks? MAC Addresses can be spoofed, and the VLAN Trunking Protocol (VTP) can be attacked so that all VTP clients erase their valid VLAN information databases.
What are TCP wrappers used for? Controlling access to selected services.
What is required to use S/MIME? Digital certificate
What strategy should be used when configuring the rules for a secure firewall? Default deny or deny-by-default.
Data integrity is what? A method of securing traffic that ensures all data is sequenced and numbered.
What is not a characteristic of DEN (Directory Enabled Networking)? It is inferior to SNMP.
The most common form of authentication is the use of what? Passwords
The goal of TCP hijacking is what? Taking over legitimate TCP connection
When implementing Kerberos authentication, what factors must be accounted for? Kerberos requires a centrally managed database of all user and resource passwords.
NetBus and Back Orifice are each considered an example of what? Illicit server
A virus that hides itself by intercepting disk access requests is? Stealth
What encryption key is used to verify a digital signature? The signer’s public key.
What protocol is most similar to SSLv3? TLS (Transport Layer Security)
Which RRAS industry standard authentication protocol could be used to encrypt passwords? CHAP
Discouraging employees from misusing company e-mail is best handled by? Creating a network security policy.
An administrator wants to set up a system for the internal network that will examine all packets for known attack signatures. What type of system will be setup? Networked base IDS.
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