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common spreadsheet terms

Autosum The quick function on the button bar that sums a series of values; represented by the Greek E
Spreadsheet software that uses a grid of rows and columns to receive and store information; allows users to mange, predict and present data
Range A selected group of cells that touch each other to form a block
Column Vertical lines of data; identified by letters at the top of the sheet
Row Horizontal lines of data; identified by numbers on the side
Cell formed by the intersection of a row and column, identified by a column letter and row number, C12; can hold up to 256 characters of text, or formula, or function
Active Cell the cell where the cursor is currently located
Label letters, dates, or numbers not used in calculations
Value a number; used for calculation
Enter to input data; record data
Calculate to solve a math equation
Most appropriate cell the best place to enter a formula or function
Reflect currency the data indicates money value
Modify the data to change the type of cell content using menu options
Insert a function on the button bar f(x) or menu option, insert - function
Chart a visual representation of spreadsheet data; a graph
Line chart compares individual values with lines connecting the data points
Bar Chart compare data using horizontal bars of proportional lengths
Column Chart compare data using vertical bars of propotionate heights
Pie Chart compares relationship of each value to the whole group
Name Box shows the active cell address on the far left of the formula bar
Formula math equation beginning with = that includes symbols like + - / *
Entry bar appears directly below the toolbar, showing the data entered
Function a built-in formula that performs special calculations automatically
Edit change the original entry in a cell by pressing F2 and modifying the contents of the entry bar; to completely type over data in a cell
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