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Ethics and Security

telecommunications Communicating over a distance
world wide web (www.) a way to access info over the Inter
internet the world's largest network of computers that access infinite information; global network
intranet a private network of computers, usually within a business, school, organization, etc.
cyberspace a term used to describe computer users communicating ; the imaginary place where computer users meet
bandwidth how fast a modem can send data over a telephone line
ethics accepted standards of behavior; does no harm
netiquette proper manners when using the internet
hyperlink usually noted by blue text, or an icon with instructions, to click in order to access another website
search engine software that searches, gathers, and identifies information from a database as requested by keywords, indexes, titles and text; (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.)
browser software used to visit webpages; Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome
chat room a website where people with similar interests can talk; most often, people login with usernames rather than their actual identity
e-mail private eletronic messages that are sent and received to email addresses; common form of business communication; can be printed and filed for future reference
URL address Universal Resource Locator - the website address
ISP Internet Service Provider; internet users pay a fee to a company for use of their server to access the internet
Log Off/Off to disconnect from a site or server
Log On/In to connect to a site or server
facsimile (fax) a device that allows a photocopy of a document to be sent over phone lines to other locations; used when signed documents must be transmitted quickly
AUP (IUP) Acceptable Use Policy (or Internet Use Policy) - a set of rules and regulations about how the internet can be used; set by companies, schools, organizations to specify what type of information may be accessed by their computer users
blog a website where entries are displayed - a personal journal that can be read by the public or approved "friends"
discussion board a page where people can discuss a particular topic; students use this to collaborate and discuss assignments.
bookmark to save a website address to your toolbar for quicker access
domain a specific location on the internet; for example, @hotmail.com is the domain in the address johnsmith@hotmail.com
cybersafety practices that keep personal information private; communicating approprately
post to upload a picture or comment to a webpage
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