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Surgical Instruments

ToolUsed for
Suction Machine Used to withdraw fluids from body cavity
Infusion Pump Used to electronically control IV flow rates to your patient
Doppler Used to hear and record blood pressures of your patient
Mayo Stand (Instrument Stand) Holds instruments within sterile field during surgery
IV fluid warmer Used to warm fluids during administration
Pulse Oximeter Indirectly measure the oxygen saturation
Laser Unit Cut tissue and cauterize blood vessels
Smoke Evacuation System Used to remove "smoke" (evaporated cells) while using the laser unit
Bair Hugger Used to increase the body temperature of your patient (uses air)
Hot Dog Warmer Used to increase the body temperature of your patient (like a heating blanket)
Gamar Warm Water System Used to increase the body temperature of your patient (uses water)
ECG Monitor Used for proper cardiac diagnostics
Endotracheal Tube Used as an airway passage
Electrocauterizing Unit Used in surgical procedures to cut through tissue and cauterize small blood vessels
Surgical Light Handle Ensure sterility of light handle during surgery. Must be removed and sterilized between surgeries.
Laryngoscope Used for proper placement of the ET tube and for visualization of the trachea
Esophageal Stethoscope Used to monitor heart and lung sounds during surgery
Laser Handle Used in conjunction with the laser unit to perform laser surgery
Laser Tip Used in conjunction with the laser handle to perform laser surgery
Suction Tubing Used to remove fluids from the body for disposal
Yankauer Suction Tip Used in conjunction with the suction tubing to withdraw fluid from the body for disposal
Christmas Tree Connector Used to connect tubing
Backhaus Towel Clamp To secure the drape to a patient's skin by means of a small puncture
Backhaus Roeder Towel Clamp To secure the drape to a patient's skin by means of a small puncture
Castroviejo Eye Speculum Used to hold eyelids open for opthalmic exams or surgeries
Graefe's Eye Speculum Used to hold eyelids open for opthalmic exams or surgeries
Olive Tip Cannula This instrument is an opthalmic instrument used to flush the lacrimal gland
Spinal Needle Used for spinal anesthesia (i.e. epidural)
Grooved Probe Director Protects underlying tissues while making an incision
Senn Rake Retractor Used to hold open wound or incision for better view of underlying tissue
Weitlaner Retractor Maintain muscle retraction during orthopedic surgeries
Volkman Rake Retractor Aids in visualization of tissue
Magill Catheter Forceps Used to grasp catheter
Weitlaner Beckman Retractor Used to hold incision or area of interest open
Sauerbrush Retractor Used to hold tissue/muscle open
Bone Marrow Biopsy Needle Collect biopsy of the bone marrow
Snook Spay Hook Used to locate and grab uterine horn
Covault Spay Hook Used to locate and grab uterine horn
Killian Vaginal Speculum Used to examine the vagina
Female Canine Catheter Used to catheterize bladder of female dog
Nye Tourniquet Occlude blood vessels for venipuncture or amputation
Urethral Catheter Used to prevent or flush blockage. Made of plastic.
Opthalmoscope Used for better visualization of the eye
Taylor Percussion Hammer Used to check reflexes of the animal
Jugular Catheter Used for long term catheter placement and fluid administration
Microchip Used for permanent identification
Microchip Scanner Used to scan for microchip number
Tonopen Used to check ocular pressure
Tonopen Covers **Use a new one on EVERY PATIENT** Covers Tonopen to prevent spread of disease
IV Catheter Used for fluid administration
IV Fluid Line Used to administer IV or SQ fluids
IV Port Used to place on end of IV catheter for fluid or medication administration
V Tray Used as a positional aid
Elizabethan Collar (E-Collar) Used to prevent animal from chewing incision site or affected area
Otoscope Used to examine the inside of the ear
Staple Remover Used to remove surgical staples
Penrose Drain Used to allow drainage from surgical area or bite wounds
Alligator Forceps Used to grasp foreign objects deep within body cavity
Rochester Carmalt Forceps Used to clamp large tissue bundle that contains blood vessels *straight or curved
Hemoclip Forceps Used to occlude or clamp off blood vessels
Hemoclip/Ligating Clip Used in conjunction with the hemoclip forceps to ligate or clamp blood vessels
Rochester Pean Forceps Clamp blood vessels or control large tissue bundles *straight or curved
Rochester Ochsner Forceps Clamp blood vessels or grasp tissue *straight or curved
Debakey Tissue Forceps Used to grab tissue
Adson Brown Tissue Forceps Pick up, hold, and maneuver delicate tissue
Dressing Forceps Grasp inanimate objects such as dressings or nonviable tissues
Tube Occluding Forceps Use to clamp off section tubing
Halstead Mosquito Forceps Clamp small blood vessels that must be occluded, crushed, or held firmly in place *straight or curved
Ferguson Angiotube Forceps Crush and create fold in tissue *straight or curved
Young Tongue Forceps Used to grasp tongue
Dolen Intestinal Forceps Used to crush tissue and other delicate tissue
Crile Hemostatic Forceps Used to occlude small blood vessels *straight or curved
Babcock Intestinal Forceps Atraumatically grasp delicate tissue that will not be removed from the body
Kelly Forceps Used to occlude small blood vessels
Sterilizing Forceps Used to transport instruments during cold sterilization
Allis Tissue Forceps Traumatically grasp tissues that will be removed from the body
Forester Sponge Forceps Used to blot surgical area or apply betadine paint
Needle Holder with Spring Used to secure and store surgical needles
#10 Scalpel Blade General blade used in small animal surgery
#11 Scalpel Blade Used for stab incisions and to sever ligaments
#12 Scalpel Blade Lance abscess
#15 Scalpel Blade Small, precise, or curved incisions *Onychectomy
#22 Scalpel Blade Used for general large animal surgery
Castroviejo Needle Holders Used to hold fine surgical needle for opthalmic and neuro surgery
#3 Bard Parker Scalpel Handle Used to hold small animal scalpel
#4 Bard Parker Scalpel Handle Used to hold large animal scalpel
Tapered Needle Used for internal suturing *round body, sharp tip
Cutting Edge Needle Used for suturing tough tissues (i.e. skin)
Reverse Cutting Edge Needle Used for suturing tough tissues (i.e. skin)
Matheui Needle Holders Drive suture needle through tissues
Mayo Hegar Needle Holders Used to hold suture needle for suturing
Olsen Hegar Needle Holders Drive suture needle through tissue and cut suture material
Leighton Bone Pin Introducer Used to introduce intramedullary pin into the bone capsule
Gigli Wire Saw Cut through thick, heavy bone or dehorn cattle or goats
Gigli Saw Handles Used in conjunction with gigli wire saw to cut through thick, heavy bones or to dehorn cattle or goats
Intramedullary Pin Chuck Place intramedullary pins
Bone Wire Guide Used to advance surgical stainless steel wire around bone
Verbrugge Bone Holding Forceps Used as a stabilization tool of the bone during orthopedic surgery
Fomon Bone Rasp Smooth off rough edges of bone
Intramedullary Pins Placed in medullary cavity for fracture stabilization
Drill Chuck and Key Place intramedullary pins with orthopedic drill
Cerclage Wire Tightener Allows you to tighten surgical stainless steel wire around bone
Orthopedic Mallet Set pins or to strike osteotomes
Depth Gauge Used to measure the depth of your drill
Osteotome Cut through or shape bone
KE Tissue Protector Used to protect soft tissue during placement of external fixation kit
Liston Bone Cutting Forceps Used to cut bone
Kern Bone Holding Forceps Used to stabilize bone for fixation. Applying too tightly can cause bruising to bone.
Lambert-Lowman Bone Clamp Used to stabilize bone for fixation
Ruskin Rongeurs Used to remove or break up small chunks of bone, cartilage, or fibrous tissue
Jacob's Pin Chuck with Handle and Extension Used to place intramedullary pins in bone
Wire Twister Used to secure wire around bone
Stainless Steel Surgical Wire Repair broken bones
Quick Splint Used as a stabilization aid for fractured/broken limbs
Thomas Schroeder Splint Stabilization of simple fractures to the lower leg bones
Splint-Rod Form Make circular and angled bends in aluminum rod(s)
Operating Scissors Used to cut suture material and other inanimate objects
Iris Scissors Cut suture material and other nonviable materials
Metzenbaum Scissors Blunt dissection or cut soft tissue
Mayo Dissecting Scissors Blunt dissection or cut through bulky connective tissue
Sistrunk Scissors Short dissection
Littauer Stitch Scissors Used to remove surgical skin suture
Spencer Stitch Scissors Used to remove surgical skin suture
Lister Bandage Scissors Used to remove bandaging material
Tenotomy Scissors Cut delicate tissues and blunt dissection
Plaster Shears Used to remove cast
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