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Chapter 8

hotfix an update consisting og pne or more files designed to address a specific problem or issue with the OS
security update hotfix desgined to address a particular vulnerabilityin windows 7 security
Cumulative Upates(ROLLUPS) distribution method that consolidates a large number of updates for a particular operating system element or IIS
service pack cumulative set of all updates a particular OS version usually going back to its original release
Important Updates updates that address important issues that require immediate attention, which are always downloaded by Windows Update client by default
Recommended Updates updates that address less-importatnt issues or that apply only to certain users.
Optional Updates Updates that contain enhancements or new features that are not essential for the proper functioning of the OS
Device Drivers Microsoft uses Windwos Update to distribute fully tested and digitally signed device drivers
Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) Downloads updates from the Microsoft website, stores them for administrator evaluation. used to updates multiple clients ro computers at a time.
Event Viewer records information about system activities as they occur and package that information into individual units, called events. its is a tool to view these events
Application contains information about specific programs running on the computer as determined by the application developer
Forward Events Contains occurrences received from other computers on the network via subscriptions
Security contains information about security-related events, such as failed logons, attempts to access protected resources,and success or failure of audited events.
Setup contains information about the operating system installation and download history.
System contains information about events generated by the OS such as services and device drivers. failure of a service to start or a driver to load during system startup is recorded in the log
Information describes a change in the state of a component or process as part of a normal operation
Error warns of a problem that is not likely to affect the performance of the component or process where the problem occurred, but tat could affect the performance of other components or processes on the system
Warning warns of a service degradation or an occurrence that can potentially cause a service degradation in the near future, unless you take steps to prevent it.
Critical warns that an incident resulting ina catastrophic loss of functionality or data in a component or process has occurred
Reliability Monitor collects and traks information about system stability to calculate a stability index, which is a number from 0-10 0 the least, 10 the best
Hard disk caching trade-off between safety and performance. stores memory in temporary memory until the slower devices can catch up
Ready boost enables you to use the storage space on a USB flash drive to free up system memory for other uses.
SuperFetch is a caching routine that enables Windows 7 to restoere user access applications
Performance Monitor enables you to view similar information to the performance information and tools information, but on a continuous, rela-times basis
Detection At scheduled times, the Windows Update client connects to a designated server, either on the Internet or the company network, downloads the server’s list of available updates, and compares the list with the computer’s current configuration.
Download After determining which updates it needs, the client initiates a download using the Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS). BITS is an HTTP- based file transfer service that downloads files using only the network’s idle bandwidth.
Installation By default, the Windows Update Client installs updates immediately after downloading them. The client can be configured hold the updates until the user manually triggers the installation.
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