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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
DeHart SS Basics Basic Spreadsheet terms Computers 2018-02-07 dadehart 12 59 edit
SS Format 1 First half of Formattin Computers 2018-04-16 dadehart 9 36 edit
SS Format 2 DeHart SS Format 2 Computers 2017-05-15 dadehart 13 34 edit
DeHart's WP Basics Definitions for Word Processing and the main parts of the MS Word 2010 window Computers 2022-12-14 dadehart 9 193 edit
DeHart's WP Pg Form WP Page Formatting Computers 2018-02-22 dadehart 10 125 edit
Agendas and Minutes Purposes and Parts of Agendas and Minutes Computers 2017-03-01 dadehart 13 40 edit
Research Report Research Report Terms Computers 2017-03-01 dadehart 11 44 edit
Successful Entrepre Personal Characteristics and Skills of a Successful Entrepreneur Business 2023-10-13 dadehart 15 65 edit
Research Report Fmt Research Report Formatting Computers 2017-03-09 dadehart 10 37 edit
Work Cited Page Work Cited Page formatting Computers 2017-03-06 dadehart 13 36 edit
Table of Contents Table of Contents formatting Computers 2017-03-09 dadehart 7 35 edit
WP Paragraph Format WP Paragraph Formatting terms Computers 2018-04-17 dadehart 14 107 edit
Pers Char Examples Examples of Personal Characteristics and Skills of a successful Entrepreneur Business 2018-02-08 dadehart 14 59 edit
WP Font Formatting WP font formatting features in Word 2010 Computers 2022-12-14 dadehart 7 90 edit
WP Editing Features WP Editing Features Computers 2017-05-05 dadehart 8 102 edit
Entr Process Stages Descriptions of the 5 stages of the Entrepreneurial Process Business 2024-05-01 dadehart 10 23 edit
Entr Process Act 1 Entrepreneurial Process Activities Business 2023-03-16 dadehart 15 22 edit
Entr Process Act 2 More Entrepreneurial Process Activities Business 2017-04-28 dadehart 21 1 edit
Paragraph Formats Review the three paragraph formats (block, indented, hanging indent) Computers 2017-05-05 dadehart 8 92 edit
Bus Letter Parts Review business letter parts Computers 2017-11-03 dadehart 12 107 edit
Bus Letter Format Bus Letter Format Computers 2017-05-17 dadehart 12 107 edit
Bus Lett Line Space Bus Lett Line Space Computers 2017-05-17 dadehart 8 104 edit
SS Operations SS Operations Computers 2017-05-17 dadehart 14 22 edit
Business Plan Parts Business Plan Parts Business 2023-03-16 dadehart 9 22 edit
Bus Plan Parts Ex Bus Plan Parts Ex Business 2021-03-18 dadehart 9 22 edit
Table Formatting Table Formatting Computers 2017-05-25 dadehart 12 100 edit
Legal Envir of Bus. The legal environment of a business Unfinished 2017-05-24 dadehart 11 15 edit
Types of Businesses Review the 4 types of businesses Business 2017-11-09 dadehart 7 0 edit
Formulas & Functions Formulas & Functions Computers 2018-03-20 domipenn1462 23 68 edit

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