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Stack #24548

The Seasons Haydn
The Four Seasons Vivaldi
"God does not play dice" Einstein
Egyptian vulture goddess Mut
Russian dancer who defected to the West in 1974; formed White Oak Dance Project Baryshnakov
Polish-Russian dancer, considered the best dancer of the 20th century Nijinsky
American choreographer; choreographed Oklahoma!, Rodeo, and Fall River Legend de Mille
choreographed Appalachian Spring Martha Graham
killed when her scarf got caught in the wheel of her car Duncan
founder of the Ballet Russe Diaghliev
Florestan Fidelio
"Here Comes the Bride" comes from it Lohengrin
earth, air, water, fire Empedocles
Aruba's captiol Oranjestad
Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania Baltic states
Mahatma "Great Soul"
3 years with 3 English kings 1066, 1483, 1936
another name for England Albion
2012 Olympic Games London
2001: A space Oddyssey theme Thus Sprach Zarathustra
Spanish guitarist Segovia
May 8th VE Day
IRA Irish Republican Army
June 6th, 1944 D-Day
first atomic bomb sight New Mexico
commanded troops in Vietnam 1964-68 Westmoreland
Mark Felt Deep Throat
Sherman Anti-Trust Act 1890
Clayton Anti-Trust Act 1914
Public enemy #1 Dillinger
Longest continually inhabited city in the Americas Cuzco
Born in Texarkana, TX; RAGTIME Jopli
"Lighthorse Harry" Henry Lee
St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre 1572
Musical about Don Quixote Man of La Mancha
League of Nations 1920
Aida's lover Radames
Date of Wounded Knee 1890
Nephew of Franz Joseph Franz Ferdinand
Famous for her role in Carmen Denise Graves
Doge Venice
Bragandza Dynasty Portugal
Author of The Persian Letters Montesquie
Lake Victoria is mostly in Uganda
Treaty that gave U.S. Southwest US Guadalupe-Hidalgo
2 to 5 musicians chamber music
Shaka Zulu
The Universal Doctor and teacher of Aquinas Albertus Magnus
Christians in Egypt Coptic Christians
Pedro II Brazil
Capitol of Vancouver Victoria
Rhapsody in Blue 1924
Cantons In Switzerland
La Scala Opera house is in ____ Milan
Largest opera house Metropolitan opera house
"The Wayward One" La Traviata
Composed for the opening of the Suez Canal Aida
Rome and Juliet-SYMPHONIC POEM Tchaikovsky
The Swan of Tuonela Sibelius
one of the Five Balakirev
Born in Bonn Beethoven
First female secretary of state Madeline Albright
Alexander II won this war Russo-Japanese War
North Rhodesia Zambia
Father of the Essay Montaigne
German astronomer Kepler
Polish astronomer Copernicus
Danish astronomer Brahe
Babylonian god Marduk
Danish philosipher Kierkegaard
Mohawk chief Joseph Brandt
Classic Japapnese drama No drama
Six Day War Israel vs. Egypt
Gobi Desert a.k.a. _____ Sha-Mo
Angel Falls is on Churun River
Started Franco-Prussian War Bismarck
20th century British economist Keynes
Encouraged Athens to build a fleet of warships Themistocles
Ruled by Medici family Florence
Leaders of Black Panthers Huey Newton and Bobby Seal
Nativist party Know-Nothings or American Party
Victoria Falls on the _____ Zambezi River
Free legal counsel Gideon v. Wainwright
Solid green flag Libya
Map of country on the flag Cyprus
Oldest current member of the Supreme court Stevens
Era between Reconstruction and the Progressive Area Gilded Age
Chinese dynasty ousted in 907 Tang
Lake in Nicaragua Lake Nicaragua
Border between Texas and Oklahoma Red River
Egyptian king; Pyramids named after him Zoser
Connects Lake Erie and Lake Ontario Niagra River
1954 Battle Dien Bien Phu
Fort captured in 1758 on Cape Breton Island Louisborg
Fort built by Washington near Fort Dusquesne Fort Necessity
Mercater Trotsky's assassin
Arabic term emaning "the struggling ones" Mujahideen
Tony Blair's party Labor Party
Court painter to Henry VIII Hans Holbein the Younger
Composed Moon Struck, and Transfigured Night Schoenberg
Sacked Rome in 477 Vandals
Oberto, Rigoletto Verdi
The Queen of Spades Tchaikovsky
Monguls ruled China Yuan dynasty
War that had China versus Britain Opium War
Louisiana raliway cars; 1896 Plessy v. Ferguson
1803 court case Marbury v. Madison
1857 court case Dred Scott v. Sanford
1954 court case Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas
Swedish naturalist and botanist Linnaeus
Billy Budd's last words "God bless Captain Veer"
Put down by Gordon Taiping Rebellion
Roamn god of doors and gates Janis
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