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French Gestures

Gesture NameMeaning off GestureHow to do Gesture
Un, deux, trois 1,2,3 Counting Numbers on Your Hand. Count starting with Thumb and the go Clockwise.
Dingue "That guy is crazy" Circle one or more fingers at the temple of your forehead
Délicieux Delicious Kissing the tip of one's fingers
j'en ai ras-le-bol "I had it up to here!" Wipe your hand across your forehead
je le jure "I swear it" Place your hand on top of your head
il a un poil dans la main "he is lazy" Hold out your hand and pretend to be pulling an a imaginary hair
j'ai du nez "I am more clever than the rest" Tapping on the side of your nose
silence "be quiet" Raising your index finger in front of you in the air
il se les pouces "he's not doing anything" Cross your hand and move your thumbs around each other in a circle
zéro "nothing" Making a circle with you thumb and index finger while holding up the rest on your fingers
cassé-gotcha "I win" Slash your hand in a downwards diagonal strike.
Super "Great" Thumbs Up
du fric something expensive Rubbing fingertips together.
on a sommeil to be tired Sleeping Motion
C'est pas moi wasn't me Hans out to the Side.
on s'appelle call me Call Me Sign with Hand.
mon oeil I doubt you Point finger at Eye
plus ou moins more or less Shake Horizontally placed Hand.
se barrer-to get out leave Slap of hand over another.
Created by: 22denney