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Apagar la luz To turn off the light
Dar de comer To feed
El gabinete The cabinet
Sonar el tele`fono To ring
Acostumbrarse a To get accustomeed to
Asustarse To be frightened;To get scared
Convencer To convince
Morir (ue,u) to die
Regalar To give
Supervisar to supervise
El concurso The contest
En efecto In fact, actually
Literario Literary
La paja The straw
El premio THe prize
El ratoncito The little mouse
Suave Smooth, soft
Anciano Old, elderly
Asombrado Amazed, astonished
Asustado Frightened
Desesperado Desperate
Sabio (a) wise
El campo Country, Field
El cochino the pig
El edificio the building
El hocico The snout of a animal
La migaja The small bit of bread
La orilla The bank of a river, shore
La voz the voice
Atrapar To nab, to trap
Corregir To correct
Criar To raise
Esconderse To hide oneself
Created by: Mollie28