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A+ 901 CH5

Power System Support & Troubleshooting

Good processor coolers maintain a temperature of _____ 90-110 F / 32-43 C
PWM Pulse Width Modulation. Controls fan speed and noise. Enabled by the 4th pin on a 4-pin header on the mobo
How is a fan powered? SATA or 4-pin Molex
For which socket does Intel recommend a liquid cooling system? LGA2011
Important features of power supplies ATX/microATX form factor, wattage ratings, # and type of connectors, fans inside the PSU, dual voltage options, extra features (warranty, quality, support for dual video cards, active PFC rating)
What is a dual rail PSU? A PSU with a 2nd +12 V rail (PSUs rated @ 1000 W or higher)
PSU internal fan size range 80-150mm
Volages for dual voltage PSUs 115 V for US / 220 V other countries
Technologies used for dual video cards SLI (NVIDIA) & Crossfire (AMD)
What is Active PFC Active Power Factor Correction. Active PFC is able to generate a theoretical power factor of over 95% using a circuit to correct power factor.
Steps in the 6-step model for computer troubleshooting 1. Interview the user 2. Backup data as needed 3. Examine the system and establish a theory 4. Fix the problem 5. Verify the fix 6. Document the outcome
The four troubleshooting rules 1. Check the obvious and simple things first (is everything connected, powered and turned on). 2. Trade known good for suspected bad 3. Trade suspected bad for known good 4. Divide and conquer
Most frequent cause of improper contact between the mobo and the chassis Missing standoff
What windows utility can you use to test RAM? Memory Diagnostics
What can cause continuous reboots? Overheating, a failing processor, motherboard, or RAM, or a corrupted Windows installation
How many pins dow the CPU fan header on the motherboard have? 4
If the power connector from the CPU fan has only three pins, it can still connect to the 4-pin header, but what functionality is lost? PWM (pulse width modulation), which controls fan speed in order to reduce overall system noise
How many beeps does startup UEFI/BIOS give to indicate a successful POST One or zero
Which 2 components in a system might give out a loud whining noise? Power supply or hard drive
What Windows utility can you use to test RAM Memory Diagnostics tool
What is the command prompt for the Windows Memory diagnostics tool? mdsched.exe
Which Windows tool is best to use to verify that hardware components installed in Windows are working properly Device Manager
What is a cooler made of? Aluminum or copper
Aprox. wattage for motherboard, processor, memory, keyboard, mouse 200-300 W
Approx wattage for a fan 5 W
SATA HD wattage 15-30 W
DVD/CD drive wattage 20-30 W
PCI video card wattage 50 W
File recovery software 3rd party software that can help recover deleted or corrupted files
2 examples of file recovery software Get Data Back by Runtime Seagate Recovery Services
When testing the voltage of an AC adapter for a laptop, the voltage should be within what range? Plus or minus 5%
Created by: Dessertine