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Software & Security

Software and Security

Commercial software software that must be purchased in order to use it
Shareware software that can be for a trial period, but must be purchased to continue to use it
Freeware software that is free for anyone to use but the owner keeps the rights to copy and distribute it
Malware software that will harm a computer or data, such as spyware or viruses
malicious intending to do harm
upload sending data to another computer or device
download receiving data from another computer or device
virus a program written to infect the computer; causes damage to the data and/or programs
Worm a program that repeatedly copies itself on the hardware making it impossible for the computer to turn on; easily sent through spam emails and unsecured websites
bomb a time activated virus
Trojan Horse a virus disguised as a good file, usually an .exe file
Security Software and procedures that protect computers and networks from hackers and viruses
Antivirus Software software application that detects and removes or disables viruses
Firewall software that blocks access to unauthorized users and programs
Password a secret security code that a person uses to access a computer, network or website.
Username a unique identifying name for a person to login to a computer, network or site
Fair Use Policy a policy that allows a reasonable amount of copyrighted material to be used for educational purposes without getting permission from the owner
Copyright the rights of the owner or creator of a work (video, movie, song, book, etc.) to give permission for its use and/or receive money for its distribution
Plagarism using someone else's work without given credit (citing the source) to the person who created the work used
citation acknowledge or give credit to an author or artist for his/her work used in your own work
bibliography a page at the end of a research paper listing all the sources used for the research presented; can also be a slide at the end of a presentation
Phishing an attempt to gather personal information from a user's account; can be by malware or SPAM
Standalone computer a computer that is not connected to a network; it can access the internet; personal or home computer that is not part of a network
Hacker someone who accesses a computer or website without permission
spam junk e-mail; Sending Particularly Annoying Messages
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