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identifying corrosion

corrosion corrosion is the electrochemical deterioration of a material or its properties due to its chemical reaction with the surrounding environment
Galvanic Corrosion occurs when different metals are in contact with each other and an electrode such as sea water
Pitting usually first noticeable as a white or gray powdery deposit, similar to dust, which blotches the surface
Intergranualar corrosion is an attack on the grain boundaries of the metal
nickel corrosion Green powdery deposit
What type of corrosion is probably the most common type of corrosion? Uniform surface corrosion
In order to prevent corrosion there must be a constant cycle of what four activities? Cleaning, Inspections, Operational preservation and lubrication
Filiform corrosion occurs on what types of metals? Steel, Aluminum and magnesium
What type of metal is used as protective plating on aircrafts? Chromium
Erosion Corrosion Accelerated attack of a metal due to the relative movement between a fluid and the metal surface.
Fretting Corrosion which occurs at the interface of two mating surfaces, under load and subjected to vibration and slip. The relative motion between the two surfaces is extremely small
Uniform Surface Corrosion Corrosive etching of metal involving only the surface.
Magnesium Corrosion white powdery snow-like mounds
steel corrosion red rust
aluminum corrosion pitting
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