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Monster Exam Review

Brenham Eng III Monster Review

The author of Monster is Walter Dean Myers
The best summary of Monster is Steve Harmon is accused of robbing a drugstore. During the robbery the owner is shot and killed....When they ask Steve to be the lookout, he shrugs, so we're not sure if he wanted to be a part of the crime or not.
Petrocelli is the attorney representing the State of New York. She is also known as the prosecutor.
Why does O'Brien call George Sawicki to the stand? To allow the jury to listen to someone who knows Steve's character.
Which sentence suggests that O'Brien is not convinced that Steve is innocent? Before she left, Miss O'Brien warned me not to write anything in my notebook that I did not want the prosecutor to see.
O'Brien is the attorney representing Steve. She is also known as the _____ attorney. defense
From Osvaldo's testimony on the stand, the reader can conclude that Osvaldo _____. wants to make a deal to avoid going to prison for his participation in the crime.
Which of these statements best reflects Mrs. Harmon's attitude at the end of the story. She does not understand why Steve studies himself on film, but she is happy to have him home.
The journal passages in the story are important because they give information about Steve's character, feelings, and fears.
Osvaldo Cruz, Sal Zinzi, and Bobo Evans each have something to gain by testifying for the prosecution. Because of this, the reader can conclude that the testimony of a criminal with something to gin might not be truthful.
On the stand, Steve does not admit to being in the drugstore during the crime. From Steve's testimony, the reader can conclude that Steve lied on the stand and was more involved int he crime than he admitted.
Which describes Sandra Petrocelli? She calls Steve a monster.
Which describes Lorelle Henry? She is a retired librarian who bought some medicine for her sick granddaughter.
Which describes Jose Delgado? found the body of Mr. Nesbitt
Which describes Asa Briggs? lawyer for James King
Which describes Detective Karyl? interrogates Steve at the precinct
Which describes Detective Williams? arrests Steve at his home
Which describes Mr. Harmon? dreamed of Steve being a football player
Which describes Alquinaldo Nesbitt? owned the drugstore
Which describes Richard "Bobo" Evans? refuses to wear a suit in court
How does Detective Karyl describe the scene when he enters the drugstore? "pretty gruesome"
What does Steve say about the pictures of Mr. Nesbitt? They scare him.
What was Osvaldo arrested for 5 months later? stealing a car
Who is helping Steve film some of this movie after the trial? Jerry
What does Steve say his father does no even understand about Steve after the trial? Him knowing people like Osvaldo and Bobo.
Objection means an expression of opposition or disapproval.
Overruled means that the judge does not agree with the objection.
Sustained means that the judge does agree with the objection.
Proposition is a statement or assertion.
A felony is a serious and often violent crime.
Testimony is a witness's statement under oath.
A felony murder is a situation in which a person dies as a result of a crime being committed.
A suspect is subject to or deserving of suspicion; a person whom prosecutors believe may be involved in a crime.
Shackle is a restraint, impediment, or chain
Allege means to declare, especially without proof
Prosecute means to institute a legal proceeding against
Prosecutor is the lawyer who represents the state and is trying to persuade the jury to find the accused guilty.
Defendant is the person on trial, the accused
Defense is the lawyer who represents the accused and makes sure the defendant gets a fair trial; this lawyer usually tries to persuade the jry to find the accused not guilty.
Evidence is the available facts determining truth or validity.
Implicated means to show to be involved in.
An acquaintance is having slight knowledge; a person you know only casually or slightly.
A perpetrator is a person who commits a crime.
A menace is a threat.
A verdict is a decision in a court of law.
An accusation is a statement charging a person
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