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Literature 10th

lit questions

author of the republic plato
homer wrote Iliad and Odyssey
Cerantes nationality Spanish
Mars' Hill city Athens
Antigone city Thebes
Lochinvar author sir walter scott
Brutus' wife Portia
Hector's father Prism
Discourse on Method author Morgan
Utnapishtim similar to which biblical man Noah
Captain Ahab book Moby dick
Religion dominated all areas of life in Europe during M.A romanist christianity
Excelsior author longfellow
odysseus gone for how many years 20
Persuaded Brutus to join Cassius
Robert Browning nationality English
Ran ace at Lupercal Mark Antony
The Red-Headed League detective Sherlock Holmes
Pyramus loved Thisbe
The Erl-king author Goethe
Feet in heptameter 7
Unrhymed iambic pentameter is ____ verse blank
Hebrew poetry relies on Parallelism
Leo Tolstoy nationality Russian
Eppie married Aaron
Paul condemned who because of their pagan religion Romans
Antigone's father Oedipus
The Death of the Hired Man author Frost
Julius Caesar's death ides of March (15th)
Argos was a dog
Don Quixote believed in Chivalry
Pilgrim's Progress author John Bunyan
The ___ built a wooden horse Greeks
Queen Dido was from Carthage
John Wycliffe translated Bible into English
Two symbols in the republic Ship and Cave
Initial consonant or vowel sounds are the same aliteration
Two rhyming lines couplet
Soft, smooth, pleasant sounds euphony
central idea theme
Regular recurrence of sound rythm
An apparent contradiction protagonist
Human qualities given to inanimate objects personification
ridicule of folly satier
point of greatest interest climax
who said how can i rest how can i be at peace? what my brother is now that shall i be when im dead Godfrey
who said i am an enemy to this prince i hate his person his laws and people Apollyon
who said i used to keep working at my great web all day long but at night i would unpick the stitches Penelope
who said boys my father will get everything before we can and leave nothing Alexander
who is being described as for her person it gave the same idea of perfect unvarying neatness as the body of a little bird Nancy
who is being described the eldest a fine find open faced good natured young man Godfrey
who is being described a blonde dimpled girl of eighteen who has vainly tried to chastise her curly auburn hair Eppie
who is being described the noblest Roman of them all Brutus
who is being described he is given to sports to wildness and much company Antony
who is being described you yourself/ are much ondemned to have a itching palm Cassius
who is being described and the boy left his father soared higher the wax that held his wings melted Icerus
Mona Lisa de vinci
The book of martyrs Fox
Moses Michelangelo
The entrance to hell Alighieri
Silas marner Mary evans or George Elliot
School of Athens Raphael
Pilgrims progress John bunyan
shakespear theater Globe
Alex's teacher Aristotle
said et tu, brute Caezar
captain ___ was attacked by white whale Ahab
Pearl Buck's country China
Kon-Tiki ocean Pacific
Antoine lost in Sahara
William Law influenced by two brothers ___ and ____ Wesley Charles and John
Said I think, therefore I am Rene Descarte
What is a light humorous play that has a happy ending comedy
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