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cyber societe

the A list

abbatre cut down
un abonnement Subscription
aborder to approach
a savoir that is to say
abriter to protect/shelter
Abusif/ve excessive
Accaparer monopolise
une accoutuemence a an addiction to
les achats en ligne online shopping
assister to take part
a coup sur without fail
a distance remote
a double tranchant double edged
arme a double tranchant double edged sword
affable friendly
afficher to post online
afin de in order to
les agences bancaires bank branches
agglomerations urban areas
a grande echelle on a large scale
a la maniere de in the style of
a l'antenne on air
une antenne aerial
alarmiste scaremongering
aller de poir go hand in hand with
a mon insu unbeknownst to me
l'ampleur large extent
analogique analogue
une annee de cesure gap year
apparaitre to come into being
un appareil numerique digital camera
apportenir a to belong to
un apprentissage learning
approfondir deal with something in depth
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