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In eighteenth-Century England, Men wore wigs, or______, to indicate that they were in the army or navy, or engaged in a practice of law. Perukes
When testing human hair by burning, the hair will burn_________ Slowly and with distinctive odor
When testing synthetic hair by burning, the hair will burn _______ Very quickly with slight odor
One disadvantage of a human- hair wig is that it reacts to _______ Humidity
Synthetic wigs are generally considered to be _______ A great value
Kanekalon is a top-of-the-line ______, which stimulates protein-rich hair with natural, lustrous look and feel, and is particularly strong and durable Synthetic fiber
Shampooing a synthetic wig in _____ will not change the style, nor will exposure to extreme humidity. Cold water
The most expensive wigs, hairpieces, and extensions are those made of _____ Human Hair
______ hair, or remi hair, is hair in which the root end of every single strand is sewn into the base so that the cuticles of all hair strands move in the same downward direction Turned
What type of wig is constructed with an elasticized, mesh-fiber base to which the hair is attached? Cap wigs
When taking measurements for the fitting of a wig, it is necessary to ______? Follow the manufactures instructions
When working with wigs, you will discover that the______ cutting method is more controlled and technical. Wet
it is important to remember that when styling human- hair wig, always set the styling tool on________ Low
When shampooing a wig, use a(n) _______ Gentle shampoo
All synthetic hair colors used fro wigs and hairpieces are standardized according to the _______ colors on the hair color ring used by the wig and hairpiece manufacturers 70
if you are going to custom color a human-hair wig, use hair that has been _________ Decolored through the lifting process
When coloring wigs or hairpieces, always______ check if the cuticle is intact
What type of hairpieces is worn by both men and women and may be applied semi-permanently with adhesives that sticks to the scalp Toupees
There are two ways to attach toupees: temporary (tape or clips) or ______ (Tracks, adhesives, or sewing) Semi-Permanent
What addition to the hair can add length, volume, Texture, or color and can be worn for longer periods of time Hair extensions
Created by: Jordyn_Likes