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Internet Terms 2

Mrs. Ashley's IBCA

a marker that will allow you to save a website or web page bookmark
text-based faces or objects that show facial expressions or how a person is feeling emoticon
A term that is short for weblog. It is a list of entries posted by someone on a web page. blog
to translate data (like credit cards or bank account numbers) into a secret code before it is sent over a public system like the Internet encrypt
it determines how data is sent over the World Wide Web HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol)
A term that comes from Internet Etiquette. Guidelines for how to behave when using the Internet. netiquette
A type of internet communication that allows users to type messages back and forth in personal online chat sessions. instant message
Information sent to a Web browser by a Web server. The information records certain actions on a website. The next time you visit the website, the site will load certain information according to what was on it. cookie
to move from place to place on the Internet surf
the main page of a website home page
Created by: hannahschaitel