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Language arts (7th)

Language arts (7th grade WOD quiz, Chuck, Mr. Sowders

Euphemism a more polite way of saying something that is normally very impolite, or harsh.
Pathetic something that is sad or upseting, you might think something is pathetic, whether it be a person or something else
Fallacy Something that isn't true, a mistaken belief, noramlly having to do with an unsound arguement.
Stereotype well I think you know what a stereotype means but just in case you didn't, it's basically a widely beleived in but oversymplified view of a thing or person.
Combustible able to catch fire or burn easily, possibly explode
Cantankerous bad tempered, arguementative and uncoorperative are just a few words.
Prognosticate To fortell an event in the furture
Clandestine kept secret or done secretly, kindof a sort of secret meeting
Stench a strong and/or very unpleasant smell
Denouement sort of like, the end of a story, when everything is pieced together and problems are solved. It's kind of like, what an epilogue is for.
Parody an imitation of the style of a particular writer, artist, or genre with purposeful exaggeration for comic effect.
Plethora a large or excessive amount of something
Cliche a phrase or opinion that is overused and betrays a lack of original thought.
Momage A mom who is old but appears and acts younger than she is, she is normally fun and more teenage like dispite her age.
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