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Chapter 1 and 2 pop


Medicare is administered by? FDA
The organization delivers care to patients at every point along the continuum of care. Chapone Health Care can be described as a (n) Integrated health care delivery system
A facility that focuses totally on palliative care is a (n) Hospice
Which of the following is an example of diagnosis? Tonsillitis
Which of the follolicies and procedures following is and example of procedure? Tonsillectomy
A facility is reviewing it's policies and procedures to ensure that they comply with JCAHO standards. This facility is concerned about it's: Accreditation
The coordination among caregivers to treat a transferred patient is called? Continuum of care
The payer had an agreement with the physician to pay the "usual and customary fee," less 10%. This is an example of: Discounted fee for service.
The physician charged the patient $75 for an office visit. The patient paid physician $5 and the patient's insurance company physician$70. The patient's portion of the payment is called: Copayment
The XVIII is the amendment to the Social Security Act the established: Medicare
A savings account in which health care and certain child care costs can be set aside and paid using pretax funds is a? Flexible spending acct.
Specified dollar amount for which the patient is personally responsible, before the payer reimburses for any claims is called the? Deductable
The federal law that established Medicare PPS is? TERRA'S
Insurance policies tha supplement Medicare coverage are called? Wraparound policies
Periodic payments to an insurance company for coverage (an insurance policy) are called? Premium
The application to an insurance company for reimbursement is called the? Claim
The systematic reimbursement to a health care provider based on the number of patients contractuallly in the physician's care, reguardless of diagnoses or services rendered, is called Capitation
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