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DT Luo/Xi-Cleft pts

Daoist Traditions Luo and Xi-Cleft Points and their Energetics

Xi-Cleft of Lung, Arm Taiyin LU-6 KongZui - Maximum Opening- moistens LU(yin xu dry), stops bleeding(LU&nose), control sweat
Luo Point of Lung, Arm Taiyin LU-7 LieQue - Broken Sequence- Disseminates Wei Qi, wind(int/ext)&phlegm, water passages(descends fluids to BL, xu constipation), Ren Open/Yin Qiao Couple, Back of Head/Neck Command Point, Heavenly Star
Xi-Cleft of Large Intestine, Arm Yangming LI-7 WenLiu - Warm Flow, Warm Slide- clears/detoxifies poisons(latent heat, tooth abcess, neck swellings), clears yangming fire(balances yangming), calmShen
Luo of Large Intestine, Arm Yangming LI-6 PianLi - Veering Passage- clears Wind-Heat (in LU), opens/regulates water passages(edema), jaw/ears,
Xi-Cleft of Stomach, Leg Yangming ST-34 LiangQiu - RidgeMound, Beam Hill- Difficulty bending knee, Masses/phlrgm in womb, Breast Abcess/Tumor,
Luo of Stomach, Leg Yangming ST-40 FengLong - Abundant Bulge- #1 For Phlegm(LU, cough, wheeze, Damp, HE phlegm-calmshen), opens the chest, often w/Ren12 to flush phlegm
Xi-Cleft of Spleen, Leg Taiyin SP-8 DiJi - Earth Pivot- Regulates Menstruation, Invigorates Blood(Stasis in LJ), J.Y- Builds Intuition
Luo of Spleen, Leg Taiyin SP-4 GongSun - Grandfather Grandson, Yellow Emperor- CalmShen, Heart/Chest(KI/HE communication), Regulates Chong Mai, Opening point of the Chong, Couple point of YinWei
Xi-Cleft of Yang Wei Mai GB-35 YangJiao - Yang Intersection- Clears Heat/Toxins(rabies- moxa 3 times and then the bitten area, neck tightness); JY- yin/yang balance, self worth
Xi-Cleft of Yin Wei Mai KI-9 ZhuBin - Guest House, Beautiful Baby- (helps anxiety from empty heat distressing HE, Phlegm-HE/goitre, enters brain), Shen(raging, raving, ),childhood shan, Treated at the end of every trimester(fetal toxins, deters childhood infectious d/o)
Xi-Cleft of Yang Qiao Mai BL-59 FuYang - Instep Yang- (stiffness/immobility of the outer leg), yang qi of KI, strengthen back/legs, hip pain with inaability to stand, inability to raise the four limbs; JY Taiyang conditions due to yang qi(wei qi) deficiency,
Xi-Cleft of Yin Qiao Mai KI-8 JiaoXin - -Exchange Belief- Ren/Chong(stops uterine bleeding(any cause), regulates menstruation, DH in LJ, abdominal pain/masses(endometriosus, fibroids)), KI xu, SP qi xu; JY- trusting oneself, faith in oneself
Great Luo of the Stomach j
Great Luo of the Spleen SP-21 DaBao - Great Wrapping- Great Luo of SP(controls all luos, pain in body, regulates qi/blood), Firms Sinews and Joints(flaccidity of limbs), unbinds the chest, benefits the lateral costal region, Breast(abcess, mastitis)
Luo of Ren Mai REN-15 JiuWei- Turtledove Tail- Regulates HE/calmShen(shi), Front Shu of GaoHuang, North Pole of Bao Mai
Luo of Du Mai DU-1 ChangQiang - Long Strong, Stairway to Heaven- hemerroids, Lin, strengthen spine, intestines
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