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MMS Scholar's Bowl 2

Scholar's Bowl QuestionSet 2

In this city, Wissahicken Creek goes through Fairmont Park. This city can be entered by crossing the Delaware on the Betsy Ross Bridge. One of its buildings is where the Second Continental Congress wrote the Declaration of Independence. What is this city? Philadelphia
Who wrote the 16th century novel "The Prince" Niccolo Machiavelli
This man stabbed Henry Rathbone to begin his escape. Boarding house owner Mary Surratt was one of 4 people hanged for conspiring with this man who was shot and killed in a burning barn. Samuel Mudd was arrested for treating his leg after he killed Lincoln John Wilkes Booth
This author wrote about Prendick and human-animal hybrids in the "The Island of Dr. Moureau". In another novel, Martians invade Earth but are killed by common disease. Name this author of "Time Machine" and "The War of the Worlds". H.G. Wells
This US President used the US Army to desegregate Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas and helped create the nation's Interstate Highway system. He was the Supreme Commander during the D-Day invasion. Name this man who was president after Truman Dwight D Eisenhower
Name the German composer of "Lohengrin", "Tristan and Isolde" and "Das Rheingold"which begins his "Ring of the Nibelung" operas Richard Wagner
This author wrote about an old woman who refused payment to a thieving doctor because she couldn't see her belongings. In other stories, a mouse saves a lion from hunters and a farmer kills a goose that lays golden eggs. Who is this Greek author? Aesop
Name the 490 BCE battle after which Phedippides ran 26 miles to Athens Battle of Marathon
This was the Greek goddess of spilled the blood of her lover into sea anemones after he was killed by a bear. She was the lover of Adonis and the wife of Hephaestus. Name this Greek goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite
Felix Mendelssohn is best known for a set of incidental music for this Shakespeare play, including a Wedding March that is used in most weddings today. . Name this play A Midsummer Night's Dream
Name the country on the Horn of Africa that is considered a failed state for its inability to control a civil war for its territory or piracy in its waters Somalia
This is the scientific term for the reaction in which is fuel is burned. Some liquids are so volatile that they will spontaneously undergo this type of reaction at room temperature Combustion
Burning hydrocarbons such as gasoline, in the presence of oxygen results in the formation of two other gases. Name either Carbon Dioxide or Water Vapor
This scientific term describes reactions such as combustion reactions that result in a net release of energy Exothermic
This poem describes the decorations on the sides of the title vessel. Name this poem that proclaims "Beauty is truth-that is all/Ye know on earth and all ye need to know? "Ode to a Grecian Urn"
This author wrote "Ode to a Grecian Urn", "Ode to a Nightingale" and "Hyperion" John Keats
Name this period from 1865-1877, a time of recovery from the US Civil War that saw the passage of the 14th and 15th amendments Reconstruction
Reconstruction ended when federal troops left the south under this president who defeated Samuel Tilden in the election of 1876. Rutherford B Hayes
Which amendment resulted in the passage of the Federal Income Tax? 16th
Which amendment stated that the Quartering of Troops is illegal? 3rd
Who wrote "For Whom the Bell Tolls", "A Farewell to Arms", and "The Sun Also Rises". He lived and work in Key West Florida Ernest Hemingway
The Shinto religion is practiced by inhabitants in this country Japan
In one novel by this writer, a character named Protopopov becomes the lover of Natasha. Name this Russian author of "The Three Sisters" and "The Cherry Orchard", Anton Chekhov
Density equals mass divided by this quantity. Give this term for the amount of space an object occupies for which a cube equals side length cube Volume
The US government suggested using race as the basis of this practice in the 1990's. It was first used in 1812 and was named for the former Governor of Massachusetts who used this practice to redraw the Congressional boundaries to favor one political party Gerrymandering
This document replaced the word "property" in John Locke's list of unalienable rights listing instead "the pursuit of happiness". It was written by a committee including John Adams. 56 men signed this document attacking King George III. The Declaration of Independence
The deepest part of this body of water is known as "Calypso Deep" Major cities on this body of water include Ajaccio, Palermo, and Beruit. Islands include Cyprus, Crete, and Sicily. Name this body of water found in Europe and Africa Mediterranean Sea
What force is greatly reduced in a situation where a car is sliding on an icy road? Friction
What is the name of the island that shares the two countries of Haiti and the Dominican Republic? Hispaniola
For any odd number greater than one, there exists one of these types of sets where that number is the smallest of the three elements. Name these sets of three integers a, b, c, which satisfy the equation a squared plus b squared equals c squared. Pythagorean Triples
This document called for 5 million dollars of war reparations from Germany and the return of Alsace and Lorraine to France. Name this document that ended World War I named for the place in which it was signed Treaty of Versailles
Maurice Ravel's "Bolero" and Bizet's "Carmen" are operas from this country Spain
This planet and Earth are the only ones whose atmospheres are mostly nitrogen. It was discovered by Clyde Tombaugh. Charon is thought to be its satellite. Name this celestial object that is now considered a dwarf planet Pluto
The trial in this novel is presided over by Lucas de Beaumanoir. One character in this novel captures the daughter of Issac of York named Rebecca. Athelsane disclaims the daughter of Cedric the Saxon named Rowena. Name this work written by Walter Scott Ivanhoe
Wedge and rope type are informal terms to denote small and large ones of these phenomena. 28 different damage indicators measure their severity on the Fujita Scale. Name these violently rotating windstorms that occur in the famous "Alley" part of the US tornadoes
One figure involved in this event is drunk with the blood of saints. During it 7 vials are poured by 7 angels in order to wreak havoc. It is set to take place on the Hill of Megiddo. Death, Famine, War, and Pestilence are the "Four Horseman" of this event Apocalypse or Armageddon
The Hay-Bunau-Varilla Treaty approved construction of this waterway. An 1971 agreement between US president Jimmy Carter and Omar Torrijos resulted with the return of a special zone. Name this waterway that connects the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean Panama Canal
Name the author of "How the Rhinoceros Got His Skin", "How the Leopard Got Its Spots", and "The Jungle Book" Rudyard Kipling
Emma Lazarus's poem "The New Colossus" is inscribed on its plaque at its base. Name this steel and copper statue of a woman in New York Harbor, a symbol of freedom to millions of immigrants to America The Statue of Liberty
The Statue of Liberty was sculpted by this man using the repousee technique of hammering its shape from the inside out. The face is reportedly that of his mother Frederic Auguste Bartholdi
The Statue of Liberty was a gift to America from this country thanking the US for its cooperation during the American Revolution France
These organs are made up of "nephrons" and filter waste from the blood and send urine to another structure via the ureter. Kidneys
What event began with the 1929 Stock Market Crash? The Great Depression
During the Great Depression, many Americans were forced into homelessness. As a result many shanties were built and nicknamed for this President who succeeded Calvin Coolidge Herbert Hoover
The main character of this book has to spend all of his time picking up trees or his tiny planet will turn to dust. Name this book about a young man who later visits 6 asteroids to see 6 foolish adults and then Earth The Little Prince (written by Antoine du Saint-Exupery)
The Little Prince leaves his home planet because he falls in love with one of these flowers although she doesn't love him back A Rose
These taxes are aimed at goods produced in foreign countries so that people will buy goods made in their own country Tariffs
This Austrian actor turned politician governed this state. He was famous for his roles in Kindergarten Cop and the Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger
Consisting of Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropons, these three Greek females control the threads that make up people's lives. The Fates
This novel sees the Great Big Seige of Bologna conducted from the island of Pianosa. Name this novel chronicling the bombardier Yossarian's attempts to get out of flying missions Catch -22 (Written by Joseph Heller).
This ruler was supported and succeeded by the Vizier Ay. He reverted many of the religious reforms made by his father including the worship of Aten. After dying in a chariot accident, he was buried in a tomb discovered by Howard Carter in 1922. King Tutankhamun
This number squared is the solution to the Basel problem. One experiment to calculate this number exploits Buffon's needle problem. Give this ration of a circle's circumference and diameter an irrational number approximately 3.14 Pi
In this painting a man plays a trumpet behind two soldiers who are walking away from the viewer. A woman in the foreground of this painting walks a monkey on a leash. Painted with dots instead of brushstrokes, what is the name of this Georges Seurat work? A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of la Grande Jatte
This speech notes that America has been given a "bad check" but its speaker refuses to believe that "the bank of justice is bankrupt". The author delivered this speech given on Aug 28, 1963 in Washington D.C. I Have A Dream Speech
This man promoted Usonian architecture and was a strong proponent of the Prairie School style. Name this American architect who created the Tokyo Imperial Hotel and the Robie House as well as "Fallingwater" Frank Lloyd Wright
This Royal Navy Commander first appeared in the novel "Casino Royale". Name this British secret agent known as 007 who appears in many Ian Fleming's works James Bond
Admiral Yammamoto Isoroku planned the bombing of this Hawaiian Naval Base on Dec 7, 1941 that sparked the US involvement in World War II Pearl Harbor
Dimmesdale is revealed to be Pearl's father in this novel. Name this novel in which Hester Prynne is forced to wear the letter "A" on her clothing symbolizing adultery. The Scarlet Letter
Landscapes consisting of this rock are known as karsts and often feature cracks and holes where acidic water dissolves it. Name this calcium carbonate rock, a common sedimentary rock used as building materials for the pyramids Limestone
Speleologists study these underground structures the result of extensive dissolution of limestone or similar rocks. These hollow spaces feature stalagmites or stalactites Caves
This is the longest river of its nation after the Severn. Name this river that passes through Oxford on its route to the North Sea in London Thames
Sometimes called the Millennium Wheel, this large Ferris Wheel is on the south bank of the Thames and opened in 2000 London Eye
Some conspiracy theorists claim that a gunman involved in this event stood on a grassy knoll in addition to the gunman found in the Texas School Book Depository. Name this November 22, 1963 event in which Texas governor John Connally was shot JFK Assassination
The Warren Commission concluded that this man was the lone gunman responsible for JFK's death. After fleeing from the Book Depository, he killed police officer J.D. Tippit before being captured in a movie theater. Lee Harvey Oswald
While being transported out of police headquarters, Oswald was fatally shot by this Dallas nightclub owner Jack Ruby
This man had ten sons with Leah, Bihah, and Zilpah. Name this biblical figure later named Israel who was the father of Benjamin and his favorite wife Rachel Jacob
Kent Brantly, Nancy Writbol, and Rick Saccra contacted this disease in 2014. Name this viral disease which cause fever, vomiting, and dangerous hemorrhaging and internal bleeding. Its mortality rate is greater than 50% Ebola
This Old English poem romanticizes the story of the title Geat who aids Hrothgar the king of the Danes by defeating Grendel Beowulf
This measure of concentration equal to the number of moles of solute divided by the liters of solution is used in rate laws Molarity
This quantity was designed in the aftermath of the Great Depression to measure the recovery of the US's economic power. Name this measurement of the total value of all of the goods and services produced in a country in a given year GDP (Gross Domestic Product)
A country's GDP includes the net amount of this trade activity which includes the shipping of goods to foreign countries Exports
This poet of the Harlem Renaissance described walking down Lennox Avenue and hearing a "drowsy syncopated tune" in the poem, "Weary Blues" Langston Hughes
This Russian wrote about Pozdnyshev who kills his wife after she cheats on his with a violinist in The Kreutzer Sonata. This man also wrote War and Peace Leo Tolstoy
This poem was originally titled for a Defense of a fort that was shelled during the War of 1812 and it was set to the tune of a drinking song. Name this song written by Francis Scott Key. It was declared this national anthem by Hoover in 1931 Star Spangled Banner
Francis Scott Key was inspired to write the lyrics for the Star Spangled Banner after seeing the flag arise above this fort in the Chesapeake Bay Ft. McHenry
In one work by this author, Lord Henry Wotton gives the protagonist a yellow book. Name this author who wrote "The Picture of Dorian Gray and "The Importance of Being Earnest" Oscar Wilde
This is the power of the government to take private property for public use. It is found in the 5th amendment to the US Constitution. Eminent Domain
The title boy of this Sergei Prokofiev work is warned by his grandfather to be careful in the meadow lest he be eaten by the other title character an animal represented by French horns Peter and the Wolf
In one movement of this 1940 Walt Disney Film, Leopold Stokowski's Philadelphia Orchestra plays Paul Dukas, "The Sorcerer's Apprentice as Mickey Mouse fails to control his magic spells Fantasia
Fruit flies like humans utilize these two chromosomes for determining the sex of individuals X and Y
The novels "Absalom Absalom!" and "As I Lay Dying" are set in this US State Mississippi
Give this term for the ability of a metal to be stretched into a wire. It is often compared to malleability, the ability to be compressed into a flat sheet Ductility
This structure was likely built near its namesake Mount in Jerusalem. Name this building what housed the Ark of the Covenant Solomon's Temple
El Greco painted a city from this country in his "View of Toledo". Name this country the home of El Greco, Salvador Dali, and Pablo Piccasso Spain
These wars began in the First Battle of St Albans and are named for the flowery badges of the competing factions. Name this war between the Houses of Lancaster and York over who would rule England War of the Roses
This was the last battle of the War of the Roses where King Richard III died in 1485. Battle of Bosworth Field
This phenomenon travels through air at the speed of 343 meters per second at sea level. Name this audible vibration whose loudness can be expressed on the decibel scale Sound
At the end of this play, the title character is lauded as "the noblest Roman of all" Name this historical play by Shakespeare in which the title Roman emperor is betrayed by senators led by Cassius and Brutus The Tragedy of Julius Caesar
In the play Julius Caesar, a soothsayer warns Caesar to beware this day on which he is assassinated. Ides of March
This gods heart became the morning star after he threw himself on a funeral pyre. Identify this Mesoamerican god, a feathered serpent who was the rival of Tezcatlipoca Quetzacoatl
Harold Godwinsin defeated Harald Hardrada at the Battle of Stamford Bridge just a month before dying to William the Conqueror's forces at this 1066 Battle Battle of Hastings
In 1297, this kingdom defended its freedom at Stirling Bridge by routing a surrounded English army. This kingdoms forces at Stirling Bridge were led by William Wallace Kingdom of Scotland
This event occurred 14 billion years ago and is currently the best model for how the Universe came into existence. it was followed by cosmic expansion. Big Bang Theory
In some legends, Brahma was born from one of these Indian water flowers which represent purity and are symbolic to Buddhism Lotus Flowers
This quantity is not a form of energy, but it measure in the same units as energy-Newton meters. Name this rotational analog of force that causes movement around the axis of rotation symbolized by a t. Torque
Calculating the torque about the fulcrum of one of these systems can help you find its mechanical advantage. These systems come in three classes which differ by how the fulcrum, load, and forces are positioned. Lever
This lever is one of 6 classical devices known by this name. Each of these devices including the wedge and pulley, manipulate the direction or amount of an applied force. Simple Machine
At its premier, this work's final movement ended with a girl's choir from St Pauls school fading out in a nearby room. This suite's composer adapted part of it into music for the hymn "I Vow to Thee my country". Name this orchestral suite by Gustav Holst The Planets
This amendment to the US Constitution deals with cruel and unusual punishment and no excessive bail 8th
This deity turned the shepherd Battus to stone when he didn't keep his promise and along with Aegipan, he recovered sinews from Typhon. This god lulled the 100 eyed Arus to sleep and saved Odysseus from Calypso and Circe. Who is the Greek messenger god? Hermes
This butterfly shaped gland in the neck determines the rate at which your body produces energy from nutrients. Iodine is necessary for its proper functioning Thyroid
This small oval gland is attached by a stalk to the base of the brain. It secretes hormones that influence body growth, metabolism, and other functions Pituitary gland
What is the length of time that a member of the House of Representatives must have been a citizen of the US 7 years
This chemical element has been used to coat galvanized metal in order to prevent corrosion and rust. It is the primary metal used in making pennies. What is this chemical element with the symbol Zn Zinc
To the nearest minute, how long does it take the sun's light to reach the earth? 8 Minutes
The prophet Abraham is known as the Father of which 3 world religions? Islam, Christianity, Judaism
This town is famous for being the setting of a Rossini Opera that features the characters of Coun Almaviva, Rosina, and Figaro. What city in Spain is famous for its bullfighting, Flamenco music, and Don Juan? Seville
In what ocean is the island of Sri Lanka located? Indian Ocean
This thin layer of the sun's atmosphere has a reddish color which can be seen during a total solar eclipse. What is this layer of the sun's atmosphere located above the photosphere? Chromosphere
What famous jazz musician was nicknamed "Satchmo" Louis Armstrong
Who wrote the music for the blues-jazz opera "Porgy and Bess" as well as "An American in Paris" and the aria "Summertime" George Gershwin
This country's province of Bataan was the starting point of a namesake "death march" during World War II Philippines
Who wrote the Communist Manifesto with Friedrich Engels? Karl Marx
Medicare and Social Security were two programs under this man's "Great Society". Name this president who became president after JFK's assassination Lyndon B Johnson
While President of the Estates-General in France, this man presented the Declarations of the Rights of Man to King Louis XVI. He refused to become dictator after the Revolution. He helped secure French aid in the American Revolution with George Washington Marquis de Lafayette
This figure was nearly killed by his own father when Medea tricked the father into giving this figure a poisoned cup of wine. Name this first King of Athens and the slayer of the Minotaur. Theseus
This president served in WWII and a book about him in that war was called "Profiles in Courage". He ordered a failed invasion of Cuba in the Bay of Pigs. He helped resolve the Cuban Missile Crisis. What is the name of this president JFK
This brother of John F Kennedy was killed by Sirhan Sirhan Robert Kennedy
This instrument was played by John Coltrane and Charlie Parker. Name this instrument whose alto and tenor varieties have a U shaped bend and tilted bell and are common in jazz ensembles Saxophone
What amendment states that no person has the right to incriminate themselves 5th
What is the name given that orders a person to appear in court as a witness Subpoena
A person that can write with both his left and right hands is said to be this word Ambidextrous
This element is yellow when it is first removed from the earth. One of its commercial use is for fertilizer. Name this element that is mainly known for its rotten smell Sulfur
In what novel do the character's Daisy Buchannan and Nick Carraway appear? The Great Gatsby (by F Scott Fitzgerald)
F. Scott Fitzgerald's wife was known by this name Zelda
Who is credited with inventing the first practical sewing machine? Elias Howe
Who wrote Black Beauty? Anna Sewell
Who said "with malice toward none, with charity toward all" in his second Inaugural Address? Abraham Lincoln
Who said "Ich bin ein Berliner"? JFK
What musical is the song "Don't Cry for Me Argentina" from? Evita
Who invented the mercury thermometer in 1714? Gabriel Fahrenheit
Who is considered the "Father of Modern Chemistry" Antoine Lavoisier
A major character in Charles Dicken's Oliver Twist trained young thieves and received stolen goods. Who was this guy who trained the likes of Bill Sykes and the Artful Dodger? Fagin
One of this generals most famous achievements came at the outbreak of the Second Punic War when he marched an army from Iberia over the Pyrenees and the Alps into Italy. Who was the great Roman leader who used elephants to help him to victory? Hannibal
Two angles that have the sum of 180 degrees are said to be... Supplementary
An area between an arc and two radii of a circle is called a... Sector
This scientific scale gives the degree of basic or acidic qualities in a liquid pH Scale
Which US Constitutional amendment was the only one to be repealed? 18th
What is the name of the percussion instrument constructed from an oil drum that is associated with Caribbean music? Steel Drum
Damascus is the capital of what Middle Eastern country? Syria
144 units of something is referred to as a ... Gross
This was the name of the military nobility in pre Industrial Japan. What title was proudly worn by a warrior who had a special sword and served his emperor to the death? Samurai
In what war was the slogan "Remember the Maine" Spanish American War
Who wrote "Where the Wild Things Are" Maurice Sendak
In what school grade was Harriet the Spy? 6th grade
What is the study of light called Optics
The Yongle emperor began construction of this Bejing Palace complex which was off limits to most of his subjects Forbidden City
Foreign diplomats were besieged here during the Boxer Rebellion Beijing
This young adult novel is set in 1943 during the Nazi occupation of Denmark and celebrates the courage of the Danish people who saved the lives of Jews. Featuring Annemarie Johansen, Kirsti, and Ellen Rosen what is the title of this Lois Lowry Book? Number the Stars
Which American poet wrote these famous lines"The woods are lovely, dark, and deep/But I have promises to keep"? Robert Frost
This French city is home to the most famous film festival in which the Palme d'or prize is awarded Cannes
How many years are in a millennium? 1,000
Name the country that makes the Kia car South Korea
This poisonous yellow brown liquid is often used as a stain when preparing microscope slides. Required for proper thyroid function, what is this element in the halogen group that has the atomic number 53 and the chemical symbol I Iodine
In his memoir of his harrowing teenage years in a concentration camp during WWII, this author prefaced his book with the line "To forget the dead would be akin to killing them a second time" What is the name of this author who wrote "Night" Elie Wiesel
A state of rest or balance created when two opposing forces are of equal strength is called Equilibrium
Buck, a domesticated dog from California must adapt to life as a sled dog in Alaska in what novel by Jack London? Call of the Wild
This astute entrepreneur founded the Standard Oil Company and was the richest man in the world when he retired John D Rockefeller
This daughter of Rhea became the goddess of the hearth Hestia
This son of Iapetus gave fire to the mortals Prometheus
How many metric feet are in each line of verse in a hexameter? 6
What is the maiden name of George Washington's wife Martha Custis
What is the maximum number of eighth notes that can be placed in any measure of a four-four piece of music? 8
This international organization has 6 principal agencies including the General Assembly and the Security Council. What is the name of the organization that was established in 1945 after World War II to replace the League of Nations? United Nations
Which amendment to the US Constitution gave women the right to vote? 19th
Who wrote the Nancy Drew series? Carolyn Keene
Located in Cork, Ireland, this is the stone that people kiss to gain the power of persuasion and have good luck Blarney Stone
What book takes place in West Egg, New York and is set during the Jazz Age? The Great Gatsby
What part of the ameba's body collects the extra water in the cell and pushes it out of the cell membrane? Vacuole
Joseph Henry and Charles Wheatsone invented early versions of this communication device that was based on the electromagnet. What is this now outdated invention refined and improved by Samuel Morse that put the Pony Express out of business? Telegraph
Located on the edge of Central Park on what is known as Museum Mile, what is the name of the largest museum of art in all of the United States? Metropolitan Museum of Art
What scientist devised a law that states "when the pressure of gas at constant temperature is increased, the volume of the gas decreases"? Robert Boyle
What is the name of the river that runs through Paris, France? Seine
Former President Bill Clinton was from this US state Arkansas
What is the complementary color of blue Orange
An organism that derives its nutrition from a living hot is called a Parasite
This Danish physicist won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1922 for his development of a model of the atom. Niels Bohr
This island was the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte Corsica
What playwright was known as the "Bard of Avon"? William Shakespeare
This decision can be overturned by a 2/3 vote in Congress. The president can use what power to overturn legislation adopted by Congress? Veto
This type of veto is exercised if the president does not sign a bill and Congress adjourns within 10 calendar days of passing that bill Pocket Veto
Songs in this work include "America", "Maria", and "I Feel Pretty Name this musical turned into a 1961 film about the Jets and Sharks street gangs. It was adapted from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet West Side Story
He composed the music for "West Side Story" and "On the Town Leonard Bernstein
This character in West Side Story who Is a member of the Jets falls in love with Maria and sings the duet "Tonight". He kills her brother Bernardo at the end of Act I Tony
Name the book which starts with Guy Montag thinking that it is a pleasure to burn but ends up with him becoming the backup copy of Ecclesiastes Farenheit 451 (By Ray Bradbury)
Name this genetic disorder in which organisms lack pigmentation giving their hair and skin a whitish appearance Albinism
Because a person must inherit the albinism gene from both parents to have the disorder, albinism is this type of genetic trait Recessive
One of these diagrams which show the possible allele combinations of two parents can be used to find the chance of two carriers having an albino child Punnett Squares
108 of these poems are collected in Phillip Sidney's Astrophel and Stella. William Shakespeare wrote 154 of what 14 line poems often written in iambic pentameter? Sonnets
This 14 century Italian poet wrote sonnets about his unattainable love for Laura. A type of sonnet named after him contains a break between its first 8 lines and the last 6. Petrarch
This man wrote the epic poem "Paradise Lost" John Milton
The first Roman emperor was this man born with the name Octavius, who defeated Mark Antony after the breakup of the Second Triumvirate Augustus Caesar
According to legend, this Roman emperor fiddled while Rome burned Nero
The third of the "Five Good Emperors" was this Spanish born ruler who ordered a wall built across Northern Britain Hadrian (Hadrian's Wall)
In the first Law of Thermodynamics, energy in a system is transferred as work and its quantity is symbolized as q Heat
This American was a spy for the Continental Army in the Revolutionary War and was captured by the British and executed . Who said "I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country" Nathan Hale
The Treaty of Verdun divided this man's land between Lothair, Charles the Bald, and Louis the German. Name the this son of Pepin the Short, a Frankish king who conquered must of Western Europe Charlemagne (Charles the Great)
On Christmas Day in 800, Charlemagne was given this title by Pope Leo III. Other rulers to hold this position included Otto the Great, Frederick Barbarossa, and Charles V. Holy Roman Emperor
This mathematical construct is a one sided surface that can be created by connecting the ends of a half twisted strip of paper Mobius strip
On May 2, 2011, Operation Neptune Spear was executed by the Navy Seal's Team 6 by President Barak Obama. That operation ended with the death of 5 adults including the Al-Qaeda leader named... Osama bin Laden
Indicated by an angle opening to the right, this instruction is found below the staff and indicates for the music to get louder Crescendo
This man's greatest invention was the telephone. He also invented a metal detector that he tried to use to find a bullet in James Garfield's back Alexander Graham Bell
What amendment includes a Due Process Clause and an Equal Protection Clause and was an amendment passed during Reconstruction? 14th
I miles equals how many feet 5,280
In what space capsule did John Glenn Jr travel when he made his historic 4 hour and 56 minute flight into orbit? Friendship 7
64 to the 1/2 power is 8
14 to the zero power is 1
He wrote Animal Farm and 1984 George Orwell
This woman was a prominent American abolitionist, social activist, and poet. She introduced the idea of Mother's Day in 1870 but is more well known for writing "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" Julia Ward Howe
This man sculpted the statue titled "Minute Man" at the Old North Bridge in Concord. Who is this sculptor most famous for his large statue of Abraham Lincoln that is located in Washington D.C. part of Lincoln's Memorial Daniel Chester French
Formally known as British Honduras, this tiny country was the last British colony in Central America. Name this country that is bordered by Mexico and Guatemala Belize
Who wrote "A Series of Unfortunate Events" Lemony Snicket
The large rock where John Aldean the first pilgrim stepped is called Plymouth Rock
This club and its members were the creation of Ann Martin. With its original members Kristy, Mary Anne, Claudia, and Stacey, what club became the subject of over 30 books? Baby Sitters Club
The opening of the eye that lets the Iris admit light Pupil
Who wrote "Gypsy Rizka and Time Cat: The Remarkable Journey of Jason and Gareth? Lloyd Alexander
Ireland is the only country whose official symbol is this musical instrument. What is this instrument the official symbol of Ireland that appears on government publications? Harp or Lyre
This island is located in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea and is divided by Greek and Turkish communities Cyprus
One yard is how many inches 36
Emily Post's book written in 1922 deals with this word which is a "code of conduct based on consideration, respect, and honesty to make people feel comfortable" Etiquette
What Latin phrase is on the US Coins and translates to "Out of Many One"? E Pluribus Unum
What was the name of the lunar module that Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins used to land on the moon? The Eagle
What French artist known for his sculptures created The Thinker and The Kiss? Auguste Rodin
Which US state is the "Show Me State" where the Ozark Mts are located? Missouri
IN 1967 this quarterback passed for more than 4,000 yards in one season and won the Superbowl that year. Who was this Jets quarterback that was nicknamed "Broadway Joe"? Joe Namath
Where is Mt Kilimanjaro located? Tanzania
What constitutional amendment granted Congress the authority to collect income tax? 16th
Where is the Mountain K-2 located? Border of Pakistan and China
On Nov 3, 1957, the Russians launched Sputnik 2. What animal was on board? A dog named Laika
What ten letter term is defined as the sum total of the chemical reactions that occur in an organism to maintain life? Metabolism
This island is the 4th largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. It is located west of Italy, southeast of France, and north of Sardinia. What is the name of this island, the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte? Corsica
In classic Greek plays, what is the name of the group of characters called that represent the general public or groups within the play such as the townspeople or the elders of Thebes? Chorus
In 1619, the Virginia Company established its own legislature that was elected by the "free men" of the colony. What was this legislative body called that began the tradition of representative government in America? House of Burgesses
Claude Joseph Rouget de Lisle, a French army engineer wrote the words and music to this song in 1792 to be used as a marching song after France declared war on Austria and Prussia. It was adopted as the French National Hymn in 1879 Le Marseillaise
Who wrote the nonsense poem "Jabberwocky" Lewis Carroll
In the early 1500,s what Spanish Conquistador conquered the Incan Empire and found treasures of gold and silver in the Andes Mountains? Francisco Pizzaro
Both Jews and Arabs claim to be descended from the Patriarch Abraham. Jews believe that they are descended of Abraham's son Issac. From which of Abraham's sons do Arabs believe they are descended? Ishmael
These people are known as Eskimo-Aleuts and live in the northern coast of North America and Siberia Inuits
Name the East African nomads that herd sheep and cattle and live in mud houses Masai Tribe
What French, post-Impressionist painter painted "The Fisherwoman of Tahiti"? Paul Gauguin
This author wrote the semi autobiographical novel "Go Tell it on the Mountain" and had this to say about the love of his country "I love America more than any country in the world, and exactly for the reason I insist on the right to criticize her " James Baldwin
In what sport would you be likely to hear the terns "ducks on the pond", "can of corn", and "Baltimore chop"? Baseball
What Latin phrase means "without charge"? Pro Bono
In Sanskrit, this word literally means "I bow to you" and is a common greeting in India. In the US it is mostly heard in yoga studios and means "The light within me honors the light within you". What is this word? Namaste
Who am I? I was a British explorer who was the first to map Newfoundland. I was also the first to circumnavigate New Zealand. In 1770, I discovered the Great Barrier Reef. Captain James Cook
Infamous for his use of secret police and gulag labor camps, who was the Soviet leader from 1922-1953? Joseph Stalin
What was the name of the play by William Gibson which told of a young Helen Keller forging a relationship with her teacher Ann Sullivan called? The Miracle Worker
Which US playwright wrote "The Night of the Iguana" Tennessee Williams
This English scientist invented the Seismograph John Milne
This allegorical work from the 1590's was written in praise of Queen Elizabeth I. What is the name of this romantic epic written by Edmund Spenser and is one of the longest poems written in English? The Faerie Queen
What school of art did Picasso belong to? Cubism
What Latin phrase means "Seize the Day"? Carpe Diem
What is the capital of Finland? Helsinki
The process by which two atomic nuclei are combined to create energy Fusion
Spain's dictator from 1939 until his death in 1975 Francisco Franco
A light fencing sword is called a Foil
The type of boat used by Charon on the River Styx Ferry
The Italian born American physicist who produced the first nuclear chain reaction in 1942 and later worked on the atomic bomb at Los Alamos, New Mexico Enrico Fermi
Who created the Hungarian Rhapsodies? Franz Liszt
Who created the Wedding March? Felix Mendelssohn
A figure of speech that combines contradictory terms such as jumbo shrimp Oxymoron
Christopher Columbus was sent by Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand of Spain to sail on his voyage however he was not Spanish. What nationality was Christopher Columbus? Italian (Born in Genoa)
This sculpture located in Rome in St Peter's Basilica shows the body of Jesus on the lap of his mother after Jesus' crucifixion The Pieta
This is the largest moon around Uranus Titania
What is the chemical symbol for Tin? Sn
Which clause stated that slaves would be counted on a fractional basis in determining a state's representation in the House of Representatives? Three Fifths Compromise
Starts with the letter P. 10 letter word that means a direct ancestor Progenitor
What was the name of the group led by Vladimir Lenin which overthrew the Russian government in 1917 and later renamed itself the Communist Party of the Soviet Union? Bolsheviks
This group of R0oman common people were forbidden to assume political or priestly office or to marry into higher class Plebian
In what opera is Lt Pinkerton in love with the title character even if he injures her wings? Madame Butterfly
In Greek mythology, one of the labors of Hercules was to obtain a girdle that belonged to this Queen of the Amazons. What is the name of this queen appears in Shakespeare's play "A Midsummer Night's Dream" as the fiancé of Theseus Hippolyta
In what T.S. Elliot poem does the line "April is the cruelest month" appear? The Waste Land
Who was the longest serving director of the FBI from 1935-1972? J Edgar Hoover
What is the motto of the FBI that corresponds with the three letters in the name of the agency? Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity
What Latin phrase means "In Good Faith"? Bona Fide
What is the Latin phrase for "an unacceptable or unwelcome person"? Persona non grata
Who wrote Great Expectations? Charles Dickens
Who was the first professional basketball player to score 100 points in a game? Wilt Chamberlain
Who was the first black player elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame? Jackie Robinson
This future queen of France was born in Austria and was the daughter of the Holy Roman Francis I and Austrian Empress Maria Theresa. She was executed by the guillotine in 1793. Who was the wife of Louis XVI? Marie Antonette
What do the words Anno Domini mean? The Year of the Lord
In 1513, Ponce De Leon landed in Florida and claimed it for Spain. In which city was the oldest permanent European settlement in the US? St Augustine
This animal is thought to have sprung from the blood of Medusa when Perseus cut off her head. What is the name of this winged horse? Pegasus
This animal guarded the gold of the north. What is the name of this creature which was half eagle and half lion and belonged to Zeus? Griffin
This president was said to have eaten tainted meat when he served in the military during the Spanish American war. He read Upton Sinclair's The Jungle and wanted to clean up the meatpacking industry while President of the US. What was his name? Teddy Roosevelt
Which US president had the nickname "Tricky Dick"? Richard Nixon
Which US president had the nickname "Dutch" Ronald Reagan
What is the main metallic element obtained in the ore bauxite? Aluminum
Who am I? I was one of country music's biggest stars of the 1950's and 1960's. I had a huge hit with "Ring of Fire". I married June Carter in 1968. A movie about my life was released in 2005 called "Walk the Line" Johnny Cash
Which rock band had the guitarist Slash? Guns and Roses
What adjective meaning disagreeable, unpleasant, and disgusting has been used to describe a large Himalayan snowman? Abominable
Unlike postulates that cannot be prove, what is the term for geometry generalizations that can be proven? Theorems
This spice along with mace is derived from evergreen trees and is used in eggnog. Nutmeg
This seed was mentioned by Jesus in a parable comparing it to the Kingdom of Heaven Mustard Seed
A region in the Yukon in Northwest Canada that was home to one of the largest gold rushes of the late 1800's Klondike
This is an African American holiday celebrated in December Kwanzaa
A Hebrew word that that refers to food that is proper or fit to eat Kosher
This is the capital of Malaysia and its largest city Kuala Lumpur
This musical term means "to end" Al Fine
This is the official language of Brazil Portuguese
The rat in E.B. White's book " Charlotte's Web" is called Templeton
This state is the setting for the Karen Hesse's book "Out of the Dust" Oklahoma
The name of the ship that carried Jason and his crew on their search for the Golden Fleece Argo
This is the name of the protagonist in the book "Hatchet" Brian Robeson
This is the city that is the setting of the book "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" Who-ville
This is the main character's last name in Roald Dahl's novel "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" Bucket
This is the last name of the four orphaned ruler in C.S. Lewis' "Chronicles of Narnia" Pevensie
This state is the setting for Harper Lee's novel "To Kill A Mockingbird" Alabama
This is the name of the 5th dimensional phenomenon that folds space and time in L'Engle's "A Wrinkle in Time" Tesseract
This Dutch painter is known for his self portraits, landscapes, and sunflower paintings. His first major work was the "Potato Eaters". What Post Impressionist painter of "Starry Night" famously cut off his own ear? Vincent Van Gogh
Name of the abstract expressionist painter known for his drip paintings such as No 5, 1948? Jackson Pollock
This unfortunate character from Grimm's fairy tales was locked in a tower with no apparent means of escape. Her story was told in the Disney film "Tangled". Name this maiden who hosted visitors to her tower by means of her long hair Rapunzel
Who wrote the book "Shiloh"? Phyllis Reynolds
In what historic village near Pine Ridge Reservation was the last major battle fought between the Lakota Sioux and U.S. Troops? Wounded Knee
What is the comparative degree of the word gorgeous? More gorgeous
What is the superlative degree of the word soon? Soonest
What is the term for the opposite of an asset? Liability
This musical which premiered in 1967 and was revived on Broadway in 1999 is based on a Peanuts Comic Strip by Charles M. Shultz. Give the name of this production the title which refers to Snoopy's owner. "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown"
"Oh What a Beautiful Morning" is from what Rodgers and Hammerstein musical? Oklahoma
This is the Russian name for the job title held by Alesey Leonov, Valentina Tareshkova, and Yuri Gagarin. Cosmonaut
Sometimes called a pen name or its French counterpart "non de plume" ad similar in many ways to the word "alias" this words purpose is to conceal the identity of a writer. What is this name used by writer's Samuel Clemens and William Sydney Porter? Pseudonym
What is the name of the majestic hall of the Norse gods with the capital city of Asgard? Valhalla
This country was the scene of an attack on a US diplomatic base on Sep 11, 2012 in which ambassador Chris Stevens and 3 other Americans were killed in an Islamic terrorist attack. Libya
Robin Hood and his band of Merrymen lived in the fictional.... Sherwood Forest
Joan of Arc secured French independence in 1429 at what famous battle? Siege of Orleans
What was the name of the famous battle in which the Norman leader William conquered England in 1066? Battle of Hastings
In Watership Down this is the name of the brother of the rabbit leader who has a valuable sixth sense Fiver
A low, nearly flat triangular shaped plain of deposits at the mouth of a river is called a.... Delta
What amendment states that "in case of the removal of the President from office or of his death or resignation, the Vice President shall become President" 25th
During this period of music that focused on feelings were the composers Berlioz, Chopin, and Mendelssohn Romantic
This character uses the disguise of "Mr. Underhill" at the Inn of the Prancing Pony" and he is poisoned by Shelob. Name this friend of Samwise Gamgee who carries the ring in J.R.R. Tolkein's "Lord of the Rings" Frodo Baggins
This American patriot authored "The Age of Reason" and "Common Sense" Thomas Paine
One of his oratorio's is called "The Representation of Chaos:. This composer of "The Creation" was known as the "Father of the String Quartet" and is best known for his works "Military", "Clock", and the "Surprise Symphony" Franz Joseph Haydn
One cause of this conflict was the explosion of the U.S.S. Maine in Havana, Cuba. Identify this 1898 conflict which saw the US take the Philippines and Puerto Rico from a European country Spanish American War
This newspaper owner supposedly told his reporters that if they furnished pictures of Spanish atrocities in Cuba, he would pay for the war. He was accused of practicing "yellow journalism" William Randolph Hearst
This company's failures include the Edsel and the Pinto whose gas tanks were known to explode. The company is named after its founder who creator the first assembly line for mass production. Ford
This executive order by US President Abe Lincoln occurred after the Union victory at Antietam and freed the slaves in the Confederacy Emancipation Proclamation
Its creation story sees the birth of the home island from Izanagi and Izanumi. Name this religion the former state religion of Japan. Shintoism
This is the name of the Japanese spirits that inhabit nature in Shintoism Kami
This European city is famous for its systems of medieval catacombs and contains the Moulin Rouge a famous nightclub. This city is the home of the Louvre and is bisected by the Seine River. Name this city the capital of France Paris
Who am I? I am descended from a slave and was born in 1908. I graduated magna cum laude from Howard University. As a lawyer, I won the famous Brown v Board of Education case. Then I became the first African American Supreme Court Justice. Thurgood Marshall
Which amendment states that a person shall not be subject to the same offense to be put in jeopardy of life or limb? 5th
What was the name of the first American to break the sound barrier in 1947? Chuck Yeager
Encased in a circle and a square, Leonardo da Vinci drew a spread eagle male figure that was thought to be an attempt to examine anatomical proportions. It was made famous in the book "The Davinci Code". What was the name of this figure? Vitruvian Man
This chemical element is the lightest metal and the least dense solid element. What is this silvery white alkalai metal that is in Group 1 Period 2 of the Period Table and has the symbol Li Lithium
In the classic novel Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, Jules Verne's main character Captain Nemo builds a submarine on a deserted island. What is the name of this ship? Nautilus
To convert Celsius degrees to this temperature scale, you need to add 273.15 to the temperature. What is this temperature scale that has absolute zero as its lowest point? Kelvin
She was an escaped slave nicknamed "Moses" who became a successful conductor on the Underground Railroad. Harriet Tubman
This classical composer wrote over 600 musical pieces. Taught by his father to play both the violin and piano he composed his first symphony at age 8. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
She was the author of "The Westing Game" Ellen Raskin
This seismologist developed a scale to measure the magnitude of earthquakes Charles Richter
This American physicist discovered the radiation belts that surround the earth James Van Allen
What is the name of the authoring language that is used to create documents on the World Wide Web HTML
This poem begins with the lines "By the Shores of Gitche Gumee/By the Shining Big Sea Water/Stood the wigwam of Nokomis. What is this epic Henry Wadsworth Longfellow poem that tells the story of an Indian brave who becomes the leader of his people? The Song of Hiawatha
In what phylum is the lion found? Chordata
Nicknamed the Mighty Mo or Big Mo, it was the last battleship built by the US and is now used as a museum at Pearl Harbor U.S.S. Missouri
A good example of the school of American Regionalism, this 1930 artwork featured a farm couple posed before a white house in what painting by Grant Wood? American Gothic
In 1767, Britain placed taxes on lead, paper, paint, glass, and tea imported by the American colonists. What burdensome laws were met with resistance in the colonies and led to the Boston Massacre in 1770? Townsend Acts
In what city and country is the Uffizi Gallery located? Florence, Italy
What word with the root word cede means to act as a go between or intermediary? intercede
NASA's first space station that orbited the earth from 1973 to 1979 was called? Skylab
This 1970 Apollo Mission was aborted after an oxygen tank exploded in space Apollo 13
This was the name of the space capsule that John Glenn used to orbit the earth Friendship 7
Thieves stole this painting and left a note that said "Thanks for the poor security". This painting has blue land and an orange sky and the main subject is standing clutching his round head. Identify this painting by Edvard Munch featuring a title shriek. The Scream
He ruled Geneva during the Protestant Reformation. Name this religious reformer who founded his own religion John Calvin (Calvinism)
Calvinism is most known for this doctrine that no amount of good works can absolve people because their destiny in the afterlife is already decided at birth. Predestination
What does the Latin phrase "Veni, Vidi, Vici" attributed to Julius Caesar in his victory after the Battle of Zela translate to? I came, I saw, I conquered
This city is home to the Gateway Arch and Busch Stadium St. Louis (Missouri)
This play sees Jocasta hang herself and Tiresias prophesies that the title character is the murderer of Laius. Name this play written by Sophocles whose title character blinds himself after discovering that he married his mother and killed his father Oedpius Rex
In one scene in this movie, the title character is encouraged to swear profusely. This character played by Colin Firth needs to deliver an oration to his country at the beginning of WWII. Name this movie about a British ruler with a speech impediment The King's Speech
Mark Zuckerburg founded this popular social networking site in 2004 Facebook
This archipelagic nation features the islands of Java, Sumatra, Borneo, and Bali Indonesia
This man was president during the Iran-Iraq War. His regime lasted until 2003 and he was executed in 200 for crimes against humanity. Saddam Hussein
Many red giant stars form from stars of this color. Rigel is an example of a supergiant of this color Blue
The protagonist of one of this author's work loves Count Vrosky and throws herself under a train. In addition to Anna Karenina, this author wrote about love and war during the Napoleonic Wars. Name this Russian author of War and Peace Leo Tolstoy
This is the Latin name for moon Luna
What was the name of the space mission that landed the first man on the moon? Apollo 11
How many moons does Mercury have? None
What is the capital of Canada? Ottawa
Who wrote Pippi Longstocking? Astrid Lindgren
Name the 16th century Spanish artist trained by Greek monks who painted "View of Toledo? El Greco
Which South American leader was known as the "George Washington of South America"? Simon Bolivar
Adjective meaning to play very loud Fortissimo
This is the Italian word for "tail" meaning an ending added to a musical piece Coda
How many keys are on a standard keyboard? 88
How many years are in a score? 20
The number of lines in a sonnet? 14
In which two states is the Hoover Dam located? Nevada and Arizona
Who said "Yesterday. A date that will live in infamy...." Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Only two of England's rulers were not crowned here. Name the great national church located near the Houses of Parliament where England's rulers are crowned Westminster Abbey
In Greek and Roman mythology, this was known as the "nectar of the gods" Ambrosia
In what sport would you find nocks, quivers, and broadheads? Archery
Franklin W. Dixon authored a mystery series about two brothers from Bayport. What is their first and last names? Frank and Joe Hardy
Name the first black woman to take a stand against slavery and promote the idea of women's suffrage Sojourner Truth
From what document do the words "When in the course of human events....? Declaration of Independence
What is the name of medieval chemistry where the goal was to change base metals into gold? alchemy
What substance found in bogs and swamps can be described as "unfinished coal" and is used as a heating source in England and Ireland. Peat
Which Union general did Robert E Lee face in the Battle of Gettysburg? George G. Meade
Who was the first president to be inaugurated in the White House? Thomas Jefferson
Who was the rubber industry's pioneer that discovered the vulcanization process? Charles Goodyear
He invented the mechanical reaper Cyrus McCormick
What was the name of the collie dog who saved his owner Timmy and his family from many near tragic experiences? Lassie
What was the name of Dennis the Menace's dog? Ruff
What country did Plato, Socrates, and Euclid
What fractional part of the total membership of the US Senate makes up a quorum? 2/3
In Disney's animated feature Peter Pan, Wendy and her brothers are led to the magical world of Neverland by their hero Peter Pan. Once there they meet many new friends. What is the name of the group that includes Foxy, Rabbit, Skunk, and Chubby? The Lost Boys
This singer was nicknamed "Old Blue Eyes" Frank Sinatra
This singer was nicknamed "The Man in Black? Johnny Cash
From what country did Mexico gain its independence on September 16, 1810? Spain
In a triangle, what is a line segment from a vertex to the opposite side that divides the vertex in half? Bisector
How long must a person reside in the US before applying for citizenship? 5
What is the name of the hill upon which the Parthenon is located in Greece? Acropolis
What P.L. Travers nanny talks to animals, uses her umbrella as a sail, and refuses to discuss her origin to past employers? Mary Poppins
The 20th amendment changed the date that the US president takes office from March 4th to this date January 20th
What is the more frequently word used for the French art term papier colle? Collage
What sea is bounded by Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark? Baltic Sea
This element's Latin name is cuprum Copper
This element's Latin name is aurum Gold
The chief electrician in charge of lighting on a movie set or play is called a Gaffer
This schoolteacher was killed in the Challenger Space Shuttle disaster in 1986. Christa McAuliffe
This man served as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court from 1953 to 1969 and oversaw the investigation into JFK's assassination. Earl Warren
What was the name of the governess and schoolteacher who worked with Helen Keller in the autobiography "The Story of My Life" and in the play "The Miracle Worker" Anne Sullivan
This woman founded the Girl Scouts in 1912 Juliette Gordon Low
Name the musical instrument that plays a major role in Aboriginal music and traditions that is created out of bamboo or eucalyptus and whose tones are produced by blowing into one of the hollow tubes with changing lip and tongue positions Didgeridoo
The annual ceremony for these awards takes place on December 10th of each year in Stockholm and Oslo. What are these awards given for outstanding contributions in the field of physics, chemistry, literature, economics, medicine, and peace? Nobel Prize
An environmental area in an animals habitat that provides for the needs of the animal is called a.... Niche
The point in space that is directly below where you are standing: an antonym for zenith Nadir
Who was the first woman appointed to the Supreme Court by US President Ronald Reagan.? Sandra Day O'Connor
What bleeding disorder is characterized by poor clotting and defective platelets. Many of the Russian Romanov's were said to be suffering from this condition Hemophilia
What famous architect designed the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum located in Cleveland, Ohio? I.M. Pei
What number is the strongest base on the pH Scale? 14
What Revolutionary War general was so sneaky and elusive that he was nicknamed the "Swamp Fox" Francis Marion
What George Bernard Shaw play forms the plot for the musical "My Fair Lady"? Pygmalion
What exotic female dancer was accused of spying for the Germans during WWI was shot by a French firing squad in 1917? Mata Hari
What property of a mineral allows it to break along a smooth plane surface? Cleavage
In what country is the "Christ the Redeemer" statue located? Brazil
In 1972, what American swimmer became the first person to win seven gold medals in one single Olympics? Mark Spitz
What was the name of the female pharaoh that seized power in 1479 B.C.? Hatshepsut
What is the chemical formula for dry ice? C O 2
What is the perfect tense of the verb "lie" when defined as to recline? had lain
This is the star ingredient in Hawaii's famous "blue plate" special and was the subject of many Monty Python spoofs. What is the name of this product made from pork shoulder that fed thousands of Hawaiians during WWII? Spam
This social activist was a leading figure of the early women's rights movement and presented her Declaration of Sentiments in Seneca Falls, New York in 1848 Elizabeth Cady Stanton
A famous cartoon by Benjamin Franklin was first published in the Pennsylvania Gazette in 1754. The cartoon shows a snake cut into segments representing separate colonies. What famous phrase appeared encouraging colonial unity? Join or Die
Born and raised in Paris in 1777, he designed Federal Hall in New York City and drew up a plan for the US Capitol in Washington D.C. Name this architect who is honored with a memorial at his burial site in Arlington National Cemetery. Pierre L'Enfant
Upon meeting this author, Abraham Lincoln remarked "So you are the little woman who wrote the book that made this great war!" To whom was he referring? Harriet Beecher Stowe (Author of Uncle Tom's Cabin)
This unit of measurement is defined as a thousandth of an Imperial nautical mile and is equal to six feet. What is the unit used to measure water depth? Fathom
This book describes human beings as "the most pernicious race of little odious vermin that Nature ever suffered to crawl upon the face of the earth". In which book by Jonathan Swift can you find this quote? Gulliver's Travels
This early capitalist contributed over $500 million to create the University of Chicago. He created the first US "trust" by buying out all of the oil competitors. Who is the famous oilman that founded Standard Oil in 1870 John D Rockefeller
This term is a doctrine that states that governments should not interfere in the marketplace or in business. What French phrase literally means "to let alone" Laissez Faire
This Irish author was a self proclaimed atheist in his younger years but converted to Christianity at 33. Religion played a major role in his books including the Screwtape Letters and the Great Divorce as well as a book about the 4 Pevensie children. C.S. Lewis
This painter painted a white angel on a hill behind a man in pink robes. He also painted a blue giraffe and a bird monster eating a man depicting hell and paradise. Who is this Dutch painter of the Garden of Earthly Delights"? Hieronymus Bosch
This country's capital is Phnom Penh and is the site of the ancient Khmer ruin of Angkor Wat. It was also the site of the Killing Fields under Pol Pot. Cambodia
Notable makers of this instrument include Stradavarius and its famous players include ItahakPerlman and Nicolo Paganini. Name this smallest orchestral string instrument Violin
The distance around the outside of a circle is called... Circumference
"Once upon a midnight dreary while I pondered weak and weary" is from what famous Edgar Allen Poe poem? The Raven
This philosopher wrote about the creation of the soul of the world and discussed Atlantis in his work Timeaeus. He depicted a slave learning the Pythagorean Theorem in his work Meno. Name this student of Socrates Plato
This nation's first Prime Minister was Edmond Barton. This nation's government removed native children from their families thus creating Stolen Generations. Identify this nation and former British penal colony with a capital of Canberra? Australia
During his travels, Aeneas meets this Queen of Carthage who falls in love with him. When Aeneas leaves, she burns herself alive but not before calling down an eternal curse upon him. DIdo
English translation of the Spanish word "muerte" Death or Dead
A substance's mass to volume ratio is called Density
An art museum guide is called a Docent
He authored "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" Douglas Adams
Jurgis Rudkis appears in this novel written by Upton Sinclair. Its publication prompted the passage of the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906. The Jungle
Name the largest city in Ohio located on Lake Erie Cleveland
This color in French is called NOIR Black
Harry Truman's presidency included this conflict that saw Douglas MacArthur fired after he urged an invasion of China Korean War
Who coined the term Continental Drift Theory and the term Pangaea? Alfred Wegener
This Portuguese prince is credited with spurring the age of exploration due to his support of cartography and journeys to the coast of Africa Prince Henry the Navigator
This Portuguese explorer was the first European to sail around the tip of Africa at the Cape of Good Hope Bartholomeu Dias
This city's river is dyed green every year on St Patrick's Day. The city's Millennium Park contains the sculpture known as the Bean. The city's tallest tower is the Wills Towers (formerly known as the Sear's Tower). Name this largest city in Illinois. Chicago
Contact lenses can be used to treat this condition also known as shortsightedness Myopia
This leaders' mental illness led to a story saying that he mistook a tree as the King of Prussia. Troops loyal to this king burned down Washington D.C. in the War of 1812. Name this English monarch under whom America declared its independence. George III
Name the 1848 women's rights convention organized by Lucretia Mott. Seneca Falls Convention
One work by this author sees the protagonist and her sister Mary teased by Nellie Olson. In addition to the Banks of Plum Creek, this author wrote about her life in "The Big Woods". Who is this author of Little House on the Prairie? Laura Ingalls Wilder
This Ohio school was the site of an incident on May 4, 1970 that most believe hastened the end of the Vietnam War. At what institute of higher learning were4 students killed by members of the National Guard for protesting the American invasion of Cambodia Kent State University
This woman was the first woman to be awarded the Order of Merit by an English King. In her early years she helped the poor and medical needy. She rose to prominence during the Crimean War as a nurse. Who was this woman known as "The Lady with the Lamp"? Florence Nightingale
What is the subfield of fluid dynamics that deals specifically with the movement of air and other gases over solid objects? Aerodynamics
According to mythology, this man was the husband of Clytemnestra and the brother of Menelaus. Who is this King who successfully led the Greeks against the Trojans during the Trojan War only to be murdered by his own wife after the war? Agamemnon
This literary character was torn between love and the pursuit of wealth. In the novel she says of her daughter "I hope she'll be a fool-the best thing a girl can be in this world". Name this woman in the Great Gatsby who married Tom but falls for Gatsby Daisy Buchanan
President William Howard Taft developed a foreign policy with the notion that the goal of diplomacy should be to create stability abroad in Latin America by encouraging investment of US capital in foreign nations. What was the name of Taft's policy? Dollar Diplomacy
What does the term MIDI stand for when it refers to the technology standard that allows computers to network with electronic musical instruments? Musical Instrument Digital Interface
Discovered in 1799 by Napoleonic soldiers this basalt rock is inscribed with a message written in 3 languages. It is the key to deciphering Egyptian hieroglyphs. What is the name of this important archeological find? Rosetta Stone
Although an Englishman wrote the music, this song made its way to the US and was played on July 4, 1882 by the Marine Band. What is the name of this march played at most presidential public appearances? Hail to the Chief
What is the science term for a substance like an enzyme that speeds up a chemical reaction? Catalyst
In what Spanish city would you find the cathedral called La Sagrada Familia designed by the famous architect Antoni Gaudi? Barcelona
In what country would you find the huge plateau called the Deccan that is located in the southern portion of its peninsula section? India
This is the name of the book that John F Kennedy wrote about his navy experiences for which he was awarded a Pulitzer Prize Profiles in Courage
What is the Month, and Year that JFK was assassinated along with the place November 1963 in Dallas Texas
What college did JFK attend and what state was he from? Harvard, Massachusetts
What was the name of the program that JFK started in 1961 that sent thousands of Americans overseas to help people in underdeveloped nations? Peace Corps
What was John F Kennedy's wife name? Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy (Onassis after his death and her remarriage)
What is the term for a pair of rhyming lines that are the same length? Couplet
Sarcasm or satire from which a statement's intended meaning is the opposite of the literal meaning is called Irony
A monologue by a single character who utters his or her thoughts aloud while standing alone on stage is called a Soliloquy
The study of word origins is called Etymology
This battle saw fighting in Peach Orchard and a bayonet charge on Cemetary Ridge that is called Pickett's Charge. Identify this battle which saw Lee's Invasion of Pennsylvania repelled and was the turning point of the Civil War. Battle of Gettysburg
This man was the president of Russia after the Soviet Union broke up and promoted the policies of "glasnost" and "perestroika". Boris Yelstin
He was accused of improprieties in a real estate deal gone bad called "Whitewater" though he was never charged. He served as Governor of Arkansas before becoming the 42nd president of the US. He was also accused of having an affair with Monica Lewinsky William Jefferson Clinton (Bill Clinton)
Where is the National Park of Carlsbad Caverns located? New Mexico
What is the name of the force that causes an object to ultimately slow down or stop? Friction
This ancient city fought against Spain and Sicily. The greatest general won victories after bringing Elephants across the ALPS. Name this city state that was defeated by Rome during the Punic Wars whose leader was Hannibal Carthage
This former Massachusetts governor ran for President in 2008 as the Republican nominee against Barak Obama Mitt Romney
These cells in the nervous system utilize both axons and dendrites to relay messages originating in the brain Neurons
This figure ordered the Levites to kill 3,000 people that worshiped the Golden Calf and he was barred from entering the Promised Land. This leader brought 7 plagues n Egypt in order to free his people from slavery. Who brought down the 10 commandments? Moses
At one point this god dressed up as Freya to trick a giant. This god kills the serpent Jormungandr at Ragnarok only to die from poison. This god has a daughter Thrud and a wife named Sif. He owns the hammer Mjolnir. Who is this Norse god of thunder? Thor
An object or person's capacity to float in water is called Buoyancy
Grand Teton National Park is located in what state? Wyoming
During the Texas Revolution this landmark served as a stronghold for the Texian defenders. What is the name of this mission that was the site of Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie's death? The Alamo
This is the only president in US history to have been elected by unanimous vote George Washington
This US president was known as "Old Hickory" Andrew Jackson
Characterized by the use of angular and symmetrical geometric forms and the use of aluminum, stainless steel, and chrome, what architectural style is epitomized in New York's Chrysler building and the Empire State Building? Art Deco
What word is the imaginary line across a picture where the viewer's eyes are focused to give a feeling of perspective in a painting? Horizon
Also known as "chrysalis" in butterflies, this stage in the compete metamorphosis of an insect follows the larva stage. What is this stage in which the insect may be enclosed in a shell or cocoon while adult structures of the insect are formed? Pupa
In this novel, the new girl in Mrs. Minish' s class is given a hurtful nickname after she gives a report on whales. In what Judy Blume book does Wendy the popular but meanest girl in the class start turmoil that turns old friends against each other? Blubber
What is the name of the half dwarf and half human tutor to Prince Caspian in C..S. Lewis's novel "Prince Caspian? Dr. Cornelius
This synthesized material is often substituted for diamonds. Slightly harder than most precious gems, what low cost and durable synthetic gem is the more economical competitor to diamonds? Cubic Zirconia
Flanders field is a US military cemetery in which lay the bodies of 368 WWI veterans. It was commemorated by Canadian Lt. Col John McCrae in his famous poem "In Flanders Field". In what country is this cemetery located? Belgium
This condition found in plants is caused by a viral infection. It can be caused by poor drainage, damaged or compacted roots, high alkalinity, or nutrient deficiencies. What is the term for a yellowing leaf due to a lack of chlorophyll? Chlorosis
The eldest of a famous family of literary sisters, she dared to describe women as "in revolt against their lot" needing to do more than make puddings, knit stockings, or play the piano. Name this author who used the pen name Currer Bell & wrote Jane Eyre Charlotte Bronte
What is the name of a bright red star that lies in the central part of the constellation Taurus and is the 13th brightest star in the sky? Aldebaran
What is the four letter French acronym for the international governing body for association football which holds the Soccer World Cup tournament every 4 years? FIFA
What word means literary theft and occurs when a writer copies another writers ideas or exact words? Plagiarism
Individual chapters of this lineage based organization are involved in raising funds for local scholarships and educational awards, in preserving historical artifacts, and promoting patriotism in their communities. What is the name of this organization? Daughters of the American Revolution
How many lines are on the staff in music? Five
How many beats are in a whole note? Four
How many sharps are in a G Major? One
How many strings are on a standard guitar? Six
For how many years is a patent valid in the US? 20
What branch of science studies the forces that act on an object as it moves through the air or another fluid? Aerodynamics
In Tchaikovsky's ballet "The Nutcracker", who is the Nutcrackers main enemy? The Mouse King
Although this pipe smoking comic strip character was a little rough around the edges, he had a solid sense of right and wrong. He was popular during the Great Depression. Name this "sailor man" character who made his debut in 1929. Popeye the Sailor Man
What religious leader founded the Latter Day Saint movement and is said to have dug up the golden plates in 1827 later translated into the Book of Mormon Joseph Smith
Which carbohydrate sometimes referred to as dextrose or "blood sugar" is used by cells in the human body as the major source of energy? Glucose
What can all ambulatory organisms do? Walk
In the 18th century, this city was home to the notorious pirate Blackbeard. What is the name of this city that is now the Bahamian capital? Nassau
A material that does not transmit heat, electricity, or energy is called an Insulator
Who wrote "Frindle"? Andrew Clements
Who wrote "Holes"? Louis Sachar
Besides Sacagawea and Susan B Anthony, this other famous face is featured on a US one dollar coin. He was a graduate of the US Military Academy and was our 34th president. Dwight B Eisenhower
What Italian musical term which can be translated as "lively" or vivid directs the musician to play a selection in a quick up tempo manner? Vivace
In the Samuel Taylor Coleridge poem, "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" what is the title character forced to wear around his neck? Dead Albatross
What Native American group was conquered by the Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro in 1530? Incan
What is the shape of the path of an object that is propelled away from the earth and then is drawn back in by gravity? Parabola
My scientific name is Ursus Maritimus and my favorite food is seals. What mammal am I? Polar Bear
This city is the southernmost capital in the world. It was named for the winning general in the Battle of Waterloo. Name this capital city of New Zealand? Waterloo
What minor scale contains 7 flats in its key signature? D flat minor
A style in art in which small dots of colors are applied to the canvas in order to make up a bigger picture. Seurat is known for using this style Pointillism
A style of art involving the use of geometric shapes to represent objects and figures. Picasso often painted in this style Cubism
Who wrote the poem "If"? Rudyard Kipling
Name the island where Al Capone spend the majority of the 1930's Alcatraz
In 1838 and 1839, as part of Andrew Jackson's Indian removal policy, the Cherokee nation was forced to give up its lands east of the Mississippi river and migrate to present day Oklahoma. What name was given to this journey where 4,000 Native Am died? Trail of Tears
What mineral is often added to toothpaste and dental rinses in an attempt to make teeth stronger by causing dissolved calcium to settle back into the enamel of the teeth? Fluoride
This American author's books for young children have been distinctive because they are created in a collage technique, using hand painted papers, cut & layered to form bright images. Name the author of The Very Hungry Caterpillar & Brown Bear Brown Bear Eric Carle
Fern Lodge was a favorite spot for John Muir and Ansel Adams to view this famous waterfall. Identify this famous three stage waterfall in California Yosemite Falls
What musical note sits directly above a musical staff bearing the treble clef sign but does not sit on a ledger line? G
The Dream Team made its first Olympic appearance in 1992 while the Redeem Team went to the 2008 games in what sport? Basketball
What poisonous element appears as number 80 on the Periodic Table and is sometimes called liquid silver? Mercury
This man revolutionized the world with his 1793 invention of the cotton gin Eli Whitney
This American was the first to process a profitable way to cross the Mississippi River when he developed the first marketable steam boat. Robert Fulton
What is the meaning of the P.S. when written at the end of a letter? Post Script
What is the capital of Switzerland? Bern
What is the capital of Lithuania? Vilnius
This is the point that marks the northern boundary of the Drake Passage and was named after a Dutch town. It is really part of the Tierra del Fuego archipelago of southern Chile. What is South America's most southern point? Cape Horn
What electrical protection device works by melting a metal filament thereby breaking the connection and preventing an excessive current? Fuse
What tool is needed to apply mortar to bricks? Trowel
What is the occupation of a person who builds structures using bricks, concretes, or stones? Mason
What gigantic dinosaur formerly known as the Brontosaurus has a name derived from a Greek translation meaning "deceptive lizard? Apatosaurus
Continuous of chronic gross or bad breath is called Halitosis
Completely ground up food at the beginning of your small intestine is called Chyme (KIME)
This children's book by Joan Aiken is a novel published in 1962 and she described it as "a pastiche of all of the Victorian tales about poor little orphans who were in the power of frightful villains". Name this novel that began Aiken's Wolves series The Wolves of Willoughby Chase
In what Andrew Clements book does Cara publish a school newspaper that reports only the truth, even at the expense of her teacher's job? The Laundry News
During the 1940's and 50's, this song writing duo created several popular Broadway musicals which included "Oklahoma!", "Carousel" , " South Pacific", and "The King and I" Rodgers and Hammerstein
The song "The Rain in Spain" comes from what musical? My Fair Lady
The song "Tomorrow" comes from what musical? Annie
What class of chemical compounds dissolves in water to form a solution that conducts electricity? Electrolytes
What Greek mathematician discovered that the buoyant force of an object in a fluid is equal to the weight of the fluid displaced by the object? Archimedes
What French scientist found that the volume of a gas increases with increasing temperature provided that the pressure does not change? Jacques Charles
What stimulant compound known to scientists by its formula C8H10N4O2 is found in teas, coffees, and sodas? Caffeine
This man dominated Western art in the 20th century. Name the artist who co invented Cubism and painted "Guernica" Pablo Picasso
Human babies have close to 300 of these in their bodies where adults have 206. What complex tissues have both osteoblasts and osteoclasts in their cells? Bones
What is the name of the Jane Yolen book published 8 years before Harry Potter that has a similar plot. It features a boy named Henry who goes to Wizard school and doesn't think he has talent. His best friend has red hair and there is a bad wizard Wizard's Hall
What young British actress starred in movies like "Pride and Prejudice" "Anna Karenina" and the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies? Kiera Knightley
In 1776, the founders of the US chose a bald eagle as a symbol of the new nation but Ben Franklin wanted this bird as the symbol of the US Turkey
Which branch of science are Nicolaus Copernicus, Tycho Brahe, and Johannes Kepler most often associated? Astronomy
Denotation is to the dictionary definition of a word as ____________ is the suggested meaning of a word Connotation
Steven Spielberg, Gerald Ford, and Sam Walton were among those who reached achievement as the highest ranking in the Boy Scouts. What is the name of this rank associated with a symbol of our country? Eagle Scout
What is the term for the art of painting on fresh, moist plaster with pigments dissolved in water that was popularized by artists such as Raphael and Michelangelo in the Renaissance? Fresco
Inspired by our feathered friends, what is the two word phrase that describes the condition of parents whose children have all left home? Empty-Nesters
What treeless plain is found in the far north where the ground remains frozen all year long? Tundra
What Dutch city is home to the International Court of Justice or World Court as it sometimes called? The Hague
James Audubon was a famous painter, naturalist, and ornithologist. What were his favorite subjects to paint? Birds
Which animated Disney movie has the characters Maurice, Philippe, Lumiere, and Belle and featured Angela Lansbury as the voice of Mrs. Potts? Beauty and the Beast
What type of analogy is the phrase "as happy as a bird consuming a worm"? Simile
On what US holiday should the flag be flown half staff until noon and then raised to its highest point? Memorial Day
What device used to detect radioactivity consists of a metal rod with two thin metal leaves at one end? Electroscope
An optical instrument on a submerged submarine that views objects above the surface is called a Periscope
The point at which is the moon's orbit is closest to the earth is called the Perigee
What state's southern border is considered the Mason-Dixon Line? Pennsylvania
What is the capital of Brazil? Brasilia
What is the capital of Argentina? Buenos Aires
Who invented the pencil? Jacques Conte 1792
Who invented Dynamite? Alfred Nobel
Who invented the Razor? King Camp Gillette 1901
Who invented the Sewing Machine? Isaac Singer
When was Chess invented? 500 AD in India-Checkmate Arab word "shah mat" meaning the King is Dead
Who invented the moving assembly? Henry Ford in 1908
What year did the Hindenberg disaster occur? 1937
Who invented the liquid fuel rocket? Robert Goddard in 1926
What company invented the Lunar Rover in 1971? Boeing
What was American's first space station called? Skylab in 1973
Who invented the first computer but never completed it? Charles Babbage in 1834
In 1588, the English sent 6 ships full of gunpowder which they set on fire towards what group of ships from Spain? Spanish Armada
A fear of spiders is known as.... Arachnephobia
Scientific name for Vitamin C Ascorbic Acid
What date was known as Armistice Day? 11/11/1918-Treaty that ended World War 1 (The holiday changed to Veteran's Day in 1954)
Name the emperor of Rome who in 312 told of a vision before the Battle of Milvan Bridge that the troops would bring home victory if they fought under the sign of the cross. He is also credited with bringing Christianity to the Roman Empire Constantine
What is the name of the largest group of coral reefs off the coast of Australia? Great Barrier Reef
Which gas is in higher concentration in exhaled air than inhaled air? Carbon Dioxide
Oceania is the name given to many groups of thousands of islands in which body of water? Pacific Ocean
How many members of the Continental Congress signed the Declaration of Independence? 56
Who had the largest signature on the Declaration of Independence and which state was he from? John Hancock-Massachusetts
French scholar Jean Francois Champollion set out at age 12 to study ancient languages in order to decipher which stone containing Egyptian hieroglyphics? Where is this stone located today? Rosetta Stone-British Museum of History
Shakespeare play that includes the lines "All the world's a stage and all the men and women are merely players" "As YouLike It"
English poet who wrote in his sonnet London 1802 "England hath need of thee, she is a fen of stagnant waters" William Wadsworth
English statesman who declared "An iron curtain has descended across the Continent Winston Churchill
Who declared Ronald Reagan's supply side economic policy as "Voodoo Economics" George W Bush
Which of the original 13 colonies was founded by the Calvert's a wealthy family of English Roman Catholics? Maryland
What two states claim the first official Mardi Gras? Louisiana and Alabama
Which two states claim the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island? New York and New Jersey
Who said "I know I have the body of a weak and feeble woman but I have the heart and stomach of a king and of a king of England too. This queen of England spoke these words as the Spanish Armada approached England in 1588 Queen Elizabeth I
What type of subatomic particles make up Beta Rays? Electrons
Infectious disease caused by a virus transmitted by the bite of female Aedes Aegypti mosquitos Yellow Fever
Canadian territory of the Klondike Gold Rush in 1897 Yukon Terrirtory
He was known as the "Sun King" of France whose reign lasted from 1643-1715 Louis XIV
Name given to the religious revolution begun in 1517 and established the Church of England Protestant Reformation
Family House of King Henry VIII of England Tudor
Name the King of France who was known as "The Citizen King" who reigned from 1830-1848 who had to leave France during the French Revolution. He returned in 1814 after Charles X was forced to give up the throne. Louis Philippe
Which inert or noble gas is less soluble in the human blood stream than is nitrogen and can be mixed with oxygen to provide a breathing mixture for deep sea divers Helium
To which major art movement do Claude Monet, Edgar Degas, Edward Manet, and Henri Toulouse-Lautrec all belong? Impressionism
Which 1667 work by John Milton tells the Christian story of "man's first disobedience" temptation, and fall and the promise of redemption by Jesus Christ? Paradise Lost
Who is known as the "Father of Basketball"? James Naismith
Which mood of a verb is used to express a fact or to ask a question of fact? Indicative
What four US capitals are named after US Presidents? Madison WI, Lincoln NE, Jackson MS, Jefferson City Missouri
What is the basic SI unit of energy? Joule
The Liberty Bell suffered a crack on July 8, 1835 while it was tolling for the death of which U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice? John Marshall
Name the "Father of Astronomy". He also is known for his discoveries of the 3 laws of Planetary Motion Johannes Kepler
Johannes Kepler coined the term for this oval shaped path or obit around the sun Ellipse
Identify the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court who presided over the 1954 Brown v Board of Education of Topeka decision Earl Warren
Part of the body that includes 8 small bones called carpals Wrist
Sound heard when the whole range of audible frequencies is produced at the same time White Noise
This European city was mostly destroyed by a great fire in 1666 London
Planet on which Jor-El and his wife Lara were living when it was destroyed by an explosion. It is also the name of an element Krypton (Superman's home planet)
This is the ancient Celtic language of Scotland which is still spoken today Gaelic
Scottish families are called..... Clans
Author of the Lord of the Rings" Trilogies J.R.R. Tolkien
Identify the Athens gymnasium where Plato first taught. Academy
US city virtually destroyed by a great fire in 1871 supposedly by Mrs. O'Leary's cow knocking over an oil lamp Chicago
Identify the first West Point graduate to become president of the US Ulysses S Grant
The first national park in the US (1872) Yellowstone
Which 3 countries are known as the Benelux? Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg
What does an altimeter measure? Altitude
Which US president was originally named Leslie Lynch King Jr? Gerald Ford
In Peter Pan, what did Wendy sew on the back of Peter Pan? His Shadow
What is the name of the Jewish New Year? Rosh Hashanah
Which two authors wrote the Communist Manifesto? Karl Marx and Friederich Engels
What did Karl Marx state was the "opium of the people" Religion
Who said "Working men of all countries....Unite!" Karl Marx
In Greek mythology the original void was called "Chaos" a term today that means utter confusion and disorder. Which term for the Greek word "order" and "good arrangement" designates the opposite of Chaos? Cosmos
Who was known as the "King of Kung Fu"? Bruce Lee
Who was known as the "King of the Ragtime Composers"? Scott Joplin
What Spanish city is the setting the Opera "Carmen"? Seville
Portuguese explorer called "The Admiral of the Sea of India" who reached the "Cape of Good Hope" in 1498 Vasco de Gama
What ancient king is believed to have constructed the Hanging Gardens of Babylon? King Nebuchandezzar
In what country did the Battle of Marathon take place and how far did Pheidippides run to achieve the victory? Who was Greece at war with at the time? Greece/he ran about 25 miles and then collapsed and died. Greece was at war with Persia
Which stone serves as the key to Egyptian Hieroglyphics and how many languages were found on the stone discovered in Egypt in 1799? Rosetta Stone/3 languages (Egyptian hieroglyphics, Demotic (Spoken language in Egypt at the time), and Greek
Identify the ancient Greek philosopher who was ordered to drink hemlock after being found guilty of corrupting the youth of Athens in 399 B.C? Socrates
Identify the MGM cartoon and cat and house mouse created by Hanna and Barbara. Tom and Jerry
Identify the cartoon mouse and squirrel from Frostbite Falls, Minnesota who archenemies are Boris and Natasha. Bullwinkle (Moose) and Rocky (Squirrel)
What are the first three words of the US Constitution? We the People
What are the first 5 words of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address? Four score and seven years ago
What are the 5 W's of Journalism and are the essential questions a good reporter asks? Who, What, Where, When, Why (most add how)
What 4 animals of the zodiac have legs? Bull, Goat, Lion, Ram
Identify the 4 H's for which the 4 H Club is named. Heard, Hand, Head, and Health
Identify the 4 C's that denote the value of a diamond Cut, Clarity, Carat, Color
Identify the 3 parts into which Austrian psychiatrist Sigmund Freud divided the mind postulating that these 3 internal forces govern a persona's psychic life Id, Ego, Superego
What 3 letters identify the Soviet Union's intelligence and security agency formed in 1954? KGB
Identify the 4 crime fighters known as the Fantastic Four Mr. Fantastic, Human Torch, The Thing, and Invisible Girl
Name the 3 stooges Larry, Curly, Moe
Identify the 3 chipmunks created by David Seville Alvin, Simon, Theordore
Identify the 4 pizza eating turtles named for Renaissance painters in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles films and comic books Leonardo, Michaelangelo, Donatello, Raphael
Name the three nephews of Donald Duck Huey, Dewey, and Louie
Name the 5 family members who lived at 742 Evergreen Terrace in the town of Springfield on the cartoon show The Simpsons Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie
Which American boxer is remembered for saying "I float like a butterfly and sting like a bee"? Muhammad Ali (born Cassius Clay)
Which American pop artist said "In the future, everyone will be world famous for 15 minutes"? Andy Warhol
A laboratory gas flame named after Robert Wilhelm _________ Bunsen (Burner)
A unit the measures the intensity of sounds Decibel (Named after Alexander Graham Bell)
Ethical code of conduct administered today to Medical graduates after the Greek Father of Modern Medicine Hippocratic Oath
What is the study of the universe called? Cosmology
What is the study of words and their origins called? Etymology
What is the study of the atmosphere and weather called? Meteorology
What is the study of world religions called? Theology
What is the study of birds called? Orinthology
What is Aquaphobia a fear of? Water
What does the word Alma Mater mean? One's university or college
What is the name of the skullcap worn by Jews at prayers and by Orthodox and Conservative Jews at all times? Yarmulke
Endlessly, to a disusting or ridiculous degree is the definition for? Ad Nauseam
The Latin phrase "E Pluribus Unum " means? Out of many, one
The Latin phrase "Ex Post Facto" means? After the fact
The Latin term "Per Capita" means? Per Person
The Latin terms "Post Mortem" means? After Death
The Latin phrase "Quid Pro Quo" means? Something for Something
The Latin word "Verbatim" means? Word for Word
What does the British word "queue" mean? Line of people
What is the Japanese art of growing miniature trees and shrubs called? Bonsai
What does the Hindi word "Dinghy" refer to? Small Boat
What does the Sanskrit word "Guru" refer to? Spiritual Guide
What is the Arabic term for the Holy War undertaken by Muslims against infidels? Jihad
What does the Sanskrit word "Karma" mean ? Fate or Destiny
The Greek word "Kudos" means.... Glory or praise for achievement
The art of folding paper into intricate patterns is called.... Origami
Japanese for literally meaning "to serve" this is a member of the military class in feudal Japan who wore 2 swords and followed a strict honor code. Samurai
The Hebrew word "Shalom" means..... Peace
What are the 5 code names for the 5 beaches in Operation Overlord on D-Day? Gold, Sword, Juno, Utah, Omaha
During the Middle Ages, this was an association of men in the same craft or trade organized to establish standards and protect the interests of the members Guilds
2 word name for the Mongol armies under the Khans that ruled Russia for 2 centuries Golden Horde
Russian form of the word "Caeasar" used as the title for Russian rulers or emperors after the rise of Moscow. Czar or Tsar
This Russian leader from 1547 to 1584 was known as "The Terrible" because of his reign of terror against the nobility. Ivan IV
What term from the French word "rebirth" describes the 14th-16th century European movement that revived ancient values and styles called? In what country and city did it start? Renaissance/Florence, Italy
Which 15th century goldsmith was credited with the development of the movable type which created the first mechanically produced book "The Bible" Johann Gutenbuerg (German)
How many wives did Henry VIII have? Can you name them? 6 wives -Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleaves, Catherine Howard, Catherine Parr (Mnemonic-for remembering the fate of the wives-Divorced, beheaded, Died, Divocved, Beheaded, Survived
Identify the Queen of England who said as the Spanish Armada was approaching in 1588, "I know I have the body of a weak and feeble woman, but I have the heart and stomach of a king.." Queen Elizabeth 1
Identify the Russian ruler known as "The Great" who served from 1682-1725 and brought Western culture and customs to Russia and the city he founded was named after him Peter
Who was the King of England during the American Revolution serving from 1760-1820? George III
On what great national holiday does France celebrate the people's attack on a fortress used as a prison on July 14, 1789? Bastille Day
Which French general was known as the "The Little Corporal"and was defeated at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815 by the Duke of Wellington. Napoleon Bonaparte
Identify the founder of the nursing profession who was known as the lady "Lady with the Lamp". In what war did she serve as a nurse in 1854? Florence Nightingale/Crimean War
Identify the Mexican revolutionary and bandit whose forces killed some American citizens in New Mexico in 1916, the American general who unsuccessfully pursued him for 11 months in Mexico. Pancho Villa/"Black Jack" John J Pershing
Identify the Italian leader and dictator executed in 1945, the revolutionary party he founded in 1919 and the name meaning "The Leader" by which he was known? Benito Mussolini,/Fascist Party/ll Duce
Identify the Catholic nun called the "Saint of the Gutters" and known for her work with the poor in India Mother Theresa
Who was the US President when 52 Americans were held hostage for 444 days from 1979-1981 and in what country where they held? Jimmy Carter/Iran
In which country was there a system of racial segregation and white supremacy from 1948-1991 and by what name was this policy of segregation known as? South Africa/Apartheid
Name the 5 members of the United Nations Security Council US, Russia, China, Great Britain, France
After solemnly renouncing the Copernican doctrine of heliocentricity before the Spanish Inquisition in 1633, he said "But still it (the earth) moves? Galileo
Identify the English architect who resesigned many churches around London after the Great Fire of London in 1666 and is known by this description on the St Paul's Cathedral "If you seek this monument, look around you" Sir Christopher Wren
Which French queen allegedly made the remark during the bread shortage in 1789 "Let them eat cake"? Marie Antoinette
About which country was Winston Churchill referring to in 1939 when unable to forecast its actions, described it as "a riddle wrapped in a mystery like an enigma"? Russia
In his first speech as Prime Minister, Winston Churchill said to the House of Commons "I have nothing to offer but........" Blood, Toil, Sweat, and Tears
Which US leader said standing before the Brandenburg Gate at the Berlin Wall on June 12, 1987, "Mr. Gorbachev, if you seek peace, come here to this gate. Mr. Gorbachev open this gate. Mr. Gorbachev Tear Down This Wall" Ronald Reagan
What are the 3 requirements to become President of the US according to the US Constitution? Natural Born Citizen, at least 35 years of age, A resident of the US for at least 14 years
He was president of the Continental Congress in Philadelphia when the Declaration of Independence was adopted on July 4, 1776 John Hancock
This was the first state to ratify the US Constutiton Delaware
What 3 verbs complete the oath of office taken by the president of the US. "I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the US & will to the best of my ability, _______, _________, & _________ the Constitution of the US Preserve, Protect, Defend
What does the term Blue Moon refer to? When there is two full moons in one month-it refers to something not happening that often.
This character was " killed "outside a courthouse after a civil war over the Super Hero Registration Act. This former SHIELD member often faces off against the Red Skull with his sidekick, Bucky Barnes. Name this patriotic avenger with a star shield Captain America (Steve Rogers)
This band was originally called Sweet Children, and they performed their song “Basket Case. Name this pop punk band that in 2012 released 3 albums. One of their album's is called American Idiot. Green Day
This Alice in Wonderland character's insanity may have been caused by the mercury used in his profession. He recites the poem "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Bat" to Alice, the March Hare, and a Dormouse. Mad Hatter
In Through the Looking Glass, Tweedledee and Tweedledum recite a poem called “The Walrus and the Carpenter” to Alice. The two title characters talk of "cabbages and kings" before befriending a group of these mollusks and then eating them Oysters
The modern version of this poetic form was invented by Adelaide Crapsey and consists of lines that are 2, 4, 6, 8, and two syllables respectively. Derived from the French word for 5, name this type of poem that contains five unrhymed lines Cinquain (Sing-Cane)
An Australian bird related to the kingfisher whose cry sounds as if it is laughing Kookaburra
Who elects the US President if none of the candidates receive the requisite number of the electoral votes? House of Representatives
What German born British astronomer discovered the 7th planet from the sun in 1781 and two of its moons in 1787? William Herschel
What algebraic expression states that y times the quantity of x plus y equals yx and yz? Distributive Property
As opposed to heterotrophs, what is the name for an organism that can produce its own food from light and inorganic compounds? Autotroph
What story written by Elizabeth Speare, features Kit Tyler, Quaker Hannah, Nathaniel Eaton, and a terrifying witch hunt and trial? The Witch of Blackbird Pond
Complete the following analogy. Tallness is to dominant trait as shortness is to ...... Recessive Trait
The part of the upper mantle where molten rock or partially melted rock is formed is called the.... Asthenosphere
What curved lines on a weather map connect areas of equal pressure? Isobars
This Asian city is the largest cargo port in the world and is located in the mouth of the Yangtze River. It is the largest city in China with a population of over 20 million. What is the name of this city? Shanghai
US currency bills over $100 were last printed in 1945 and officially discontinued in 1969. However they are still legal tender in the US and collector's items. What American president appeared on the $1,000 dollar bill? Grover Cleveland
This Greek astronomer was the first whose quantitative and accurate models for the motion of the sun and moon survive. Who is this man from the 2nd century BC who is sometimes referred to as the "Father of Astronomy"? Hipparchus
When you insert an editorial correction within quoted material, what kind of punctuation mark would you use? Brackets
This force can be witnessed in soap bubbles causing the beading of water on the surface of a waxed car, and in the presence of a meniscus in a test tube filled with liquid. What is this force that is caused by the attraction between water molecules? Surface Tension
Emma Lazarus wrote the poem "The New Colossus" which is inscribed at the base of the Statue of Liberty. According to this poem, what are the huddled masses yearning to do? Breathe Free
What politician nicknamed "Little Giant" defeated Abraham Lincoln in 1858 for a US Senate seat but lost to Lincoln in the 1860 US Presidential election? Stephen A. Douglas
The following word were written by Henry Lee for a eulogy: "First in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of the countrymen. "For what Founding Father were these words written? George Washington
This author wrote about the problems of the working class people at the time of the Industrial Revolution. Who is this English author who wrote "David Copperfield", "Oliver Twist", and "A Tale of Two Cities"? Charles Dickens
What type of geometric figure's area would you be calculating if you used the formula: A = 1/2 H (B 1 + B2)? Trapezoid
What instrument developed by John Milne in 1893, detects and measures the direction, intensity, and duration of movements of the ground? Seismograph
The Bible the best selling book of all time, contains many well known stories that are still told today. What book of the Old Testament contains the famous story of David and Goliath? First Samuel
In what famous Opera do we meet a sailor who is cursed forever to sail on a ghost ship, and Senta the woman who delivers him from the curse? The Flying Dutchman
What was the name of the first space station that was launched in 1973? Skylab
What three syllable word refers to a person who knowingly helps another commit a crime? Accomplice
What transition metal joins with copper to form brass? Zinc
Who am I? I am a French artist who started cutting out paper shapes and gluing them on a background when I became to sick to stand at an easel. My most famous collage is titled "Icarus" Henri Matisse
What is the point where two sides of a polygon intersect called? Vertex
In what US state is Brooks Range located? Alaska
At the beginning of Disney's animated feature "Beauty and the Beast" what does the beggar woman offer the prince in return for shelter from the cold? Rose or Flower
What type of stock is named after a high value poker chip? Blue Chip
Swan Lake is one of the world's most well known ballets. In what century did "Swan Lake" debut? 19th
What was the name of the sorcerer in the ballet "Swan Lake"? Von Rothbart
What musical group recorded the album "In Rainbows" in 2008? Radiohead
In Greek Mythology, what mortal challenged Athena to a weaving contest? Arachne
According to Greek Mythology, what did the Hesperides guard? The tree of golden apples
What type of human tissue is the only tissue that the rabies virus invades? Nerve Tissue
What liquid is produced in your parotid glands? Saliva
What fact is known about all oviparous animals? They produce eggs that develop outside the mother's body
What US state was once nicknamed the Hog and Hominy state? Tennessee
How many half steps are contained within one octave? 12
The sequel to Ben Stiller's first "Night at the Museum" movie was set in the Smithsonian. What New York City museum was the setting for the first movie? American Museum of Natural History
What poisonous dark colored spider can be easily recognized by the red hourglass mark on its side? Black Widow Spider
The Statue of Liberty wears a crown that has 7 points. What do these points represent? The 7 Continents
What Native American Indian tribe developed the game of LaCrosse? Iroquois
During what musical time period did Mozart compose? Classical Period
What is the more common name for myocardial infarction? Heart Attack
What are x and y called in the equation x=13y? Variables
Which planet was named for the Roman god of farming? Saturn
What branch of science specializes in classifying the diverse forms of life and was studied by scientists such as Carolus Linnaeus? Taxonomy
Light produced by heat is called? Incandescent Light
Light produced by bombarding of molecules of gas in a tube is called? Fluorescent Light
A decimal in which one or more numbers continues endlessly in a recurring pattern is called? Repeating decimal
Any whole number that has more or two factors is called a.... Composite Number
In this animated movie, the main character Jiminy Cricket escapes from Pleasure Island. The Blue Fairy sends a dove with a note telling them that Geppetto has been swallowed by Monstro the whale. What is the name of this Disney classic? Pinocchio
What substance in the human body makes up 75% of your brain, 92% of your blood, and 75% of your muscles? Water
In a double star system, two stars revolve around each other. What are these two stars called? Binary Stars
The Pacific Ring of Fire includes over 160 active volcanoes. One such volcano is located in the Cascades Ranges and is famous for an eruption in 1980. What is the name of this volcano that killed 57 Washington State residents? Mount St. Helens
In what US state was President Lyndon B. Johnson born? Texas
What 10 letter term refers to any arthropod such as a lobster that has a hard exoskeleton, two pairs of antennae, and mouthparts that are used for crushing and grinding food? Crustacean
This musical was originally titled "Lets Go Steady". The story is about a rock and roll singer named Conrad who is drafted into the army. What is the name of this popular musical in which you would hear the songs "One Last Kiss", & "Put on a Happy Face" Bye Bye Birdie
The words "Commonwealth" and the inscription "Virtue, Liberty, and Independence" are written on which US States coin? Pennsylvannia
Infamous for his use of secret police and gulag labor camps, this Soviet leader ruled from 1922 to 1953 . Joseph Stalin
In this William Golding book, one of the stranded boys says "This is an island. At least I think that it is an island. That's a reef out in the sea. Perhaps there aren't any grownups anywhere"? Lord of the Flies
In this Lois Duncan book, a group of teenagers plot to kidnap their English teacher take him in a secret spot in the woods, tie him up, and force him to beg forgiveness for all of his unfair actions. Killing Mr. Griffin
He wrote the book "A Day No Pigs Would Die" in two and a half weeks after being fired from his advertising job. Robert Newton Pack
Complete this science analogy: The negative electrode of a battery is to a cathode as the positive electrode of a battery is to an.... anode
In what month is the World series of Baseball always played? October
He was America's first US Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Tom Ridge
What sense organ on the roof a snake's mouth works with its forked tongue to distinguish and identify scents? Jacobsen's organ or vomeronasal organ
In what branch of art did Italian artist Donatello excel? Sculpture
What is the only Central American country that does not border the Caribbean Sea? El Salvador
Written chemically as C3H6O3, what type of acid causes muscle cramps and builds up during strenuous excercise? Lactic Acid
What actor has appeared in such diverse films such as "Dead Poet's Society", "Flubber", "Mrs. Doubtfire", and "Patch Adams"? Robin Williams
What entrepreneur known for his trademark bow tie-created the Redbow Popcorn Company in 1970? Orville Redenbacher
What is the left hand side of a ship called? Port
What is the right hand side of a ship called? Starboard
What butterfly shaped organ is found in the human body directly behind the breastbone? Thymus
A deep red, bean shaped organ that is five inches in length that is found near the stomach is called the ...... Spleen
The highest atomic number of the naturally occurring elements on the Period Table is 92
According to Greek Mythology, he is the father of Zeus Cronus
What is the radius of a sphere with a diameter of 12 inches? 6 inches (Radius is 1/2 the diameter)
What famous blimp burst into flames and became the subject of the nation's first coast to coast radio broadcast in May 1937? Hindenburg
Linus, Marcie, Lucy, and Woodstock are all characters in what comic strip? Peanuts
Dolly, Billy, Jeffy, and Barfy all are characters in what comic strip? Family Circus
Jon, Odie, Liz the spider, and Nermal are all characters in what comic strip? Garfield
What is the name of the math semi-circle device used for measuring angles called? Protractor
On what temperature scale is absolute zero recorded as zero? Kelvin
What ethnic group settled in Louisiana starting in the late 1700's and is known for its distinctive cuisine, music, and dialect? Cajuns
What name is given to an inverted "e" when it's used as a pronunciation symbol? Schwa
What is another name for the musical note G Sharp? A Flat
What type of polygon is combined to form the polyhedra the cube? Squares
What is the term for an isolated mountain peak that rises from the ocean floor but remains submerged? Seamount
A fault that occurs when rocks on both sides of the fault move horizontally with respect to each other is called a.... Strike Slip
One of the world's wealthiest men received more than $500 million in one day in 1966 for selling his TWA stock. Name this eccentric, wealthy aviator who was portrayed by Leonardo de Caprio in the 2004 movie "The Aviator"? Howard Hughes
What color does an object appear if it absorbs all of the other colors? Black
What government department has the responsibility of overseeing the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, the US Mint, and the Internal Revenue Service? Treasury Department
What force works against thrust and attempts to slow down an object that is moving through the air? Drag
What does the FM stand for referring to the band that's used by most broadcast radio stations in the United States? Frequency Modulation
George Westinghouse owned a successful company. What general category of product was its specialty? Home appliances
This sea creature is related to sea urchins and sand dollars. It has been called the "tiger of the ocean bottom" because of its hunting skills. It can crawl onto a closed clam shell, attach itself, and pull the shell open. Name this creature. Sea Star (Starfish)
Identify which historical figure made this headline :December 19, 1957: "Army Drafts Rock and Roll King" Elvis Presley
Name the musical version of Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet set against the backdrop of clashing street gangs (Sharks & Jets) on New Yorks' West Side where a Polish boy and Puerto Rican girl fall in love. West Side Story
The B-29 Super fortress bomber that dropped the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima is called .... The Enola Gay
The Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress that was the first to complete 25 combat missions over Germany in World War II was called.... The Memphis Belle
What percent of 150 is 90? 60 percent
This organization is responsible for ensuring the security of the US Treasury as well as protecting the President, Vice President and their families. Secret Service
Created by George Washington on August 7, 1782, this military medal is awarded to service members who have been wounded at the hands of the enemy. Purple Heart
Fill in the blank of this title book written by Margaret Craven: I Heard the _________ Call My Name Owl
What Revolutionary War colonel uttered the famous words "Don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes" in the 1775 Battle of Bunker Hill? William Prescott
What mountain range in Morocco was named after the Greek Titan who dared to take sides against Zeus in the civil war of the gods and was forced to carry the weight of the earth on his shoulders forever as punishment? Atlas
Symbiosis is Greek word that literally means "living together" What type of symbiosis occurs when one organism benefits from the relationship and the other is not harmed? Commensalism
Symbiosis is Greek word that literally means "living together" What type of symbiosis occurs when one organism benefits from the relationship and the other is harmed? Parasitism
What math term describes any two angles that have equal measures? Congruent
What secondary color of light will be produced when red and green light are mixed? Yellow
In a nerve cell, what are the long, individual fibers called that carry messages away from the cell body? Axons
What is a female kangaroo called? Flyer or Doe
In the traditional version of the children's song "The Farmer in the Dell" , what did the rat choose? The cheese
What 1974 Supreme Court Case legalized abortion in the first trimester of pregnancy? Roe v Wade
On what TV show did Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera get their famous start? Mickey Mouse Club
What Disney Channel show based on a pop singer with a double identity featured the theme song "The Best of Both Worlds". It starred Miley Cyrus. Hannah Montana
In what US state is the Little Bighorn Monument located? Montana
In what US state would you find the Gila Cliff Dwellings? Arizona
What Cubist artist painted The Three Musicians? Pablo Picasso
How many states are required to ratify an amendment to the US Constitution? 38
Of the four states of matter, which state of matter occurs during fusion? Plasma
What does an entymologist study? Insects
This son of Hermes was born with legs and horns of a goat Pan
A sister of the Harpies who is known as the goddess of the Rainbow Iris
In Greek mythology, what brother of Atlas was punished for giving fire to the mortals? Promethus
What state is known as the "Grand Canyon State" ? Arizona
What is the newly coined term for preteens who are sandwiched between childhood years and adults? Tweens
The Shawnee leader Tecumseh fought for the British in this war and died during the Battle of the Thames. War of 1812
This figure's first wife provided him protection in Egypt with her beauty. This Biblical character sent Hagar and Ishmael away to please his wife Sarah who was pregnant at age 90 with Isaac. Name this patriarch -considered the Father of the Jewish people Abraham
What author of the Animorphs and the Everworld Series came out with another series known as The Remanants? K.A. Applegate
What case if the personal pronoun me? objective
What type of verb always requires a direct object to complete its meaning? Transitive
This war was also known as "Desert Storm" and "Desert Shield" Perisan Gulf War
These beans are from a shrub of the genus Sebastiania and are found in Mexico. Tiny larvae from a small moth burrow into the beans and consumes the seed,then throws itself from one side of the bean to the other causing it to jump around. What is its name Mexican Jumping Bean
What famous artist did not begin to paint until she was 78? Grandma Moses
What Mexican artist became known for his murals depicting the history of Mexico from the time of colonization to the 1950's? Diego Rivera
What large musical instrument often associated with a circus, is actually a series of steam whistles that are played like an organ and pulled on four wheels? Calliope
What term refers to the general process of building compounds from elementary substances through one or more chemical reactions such as in direct combinations? Synthesis
What country in the Middle East is slightly larger than Alaska and was known as Persia until 1935 before becoming an Islamic Republic in 1979? Iran
What type of power is a renewable source of energy that produces no waste and is created from running water? Hydorelectric
There are many different techniques that an author can use to try to persuade a reader. This technique draws on the desire that human have to belong to a group. (everyone is doing it). By what compound word is this persuasive technique known? Bandwagon
Belonging to the Sirenia order of mammals, this relative of the dugong has front legs shaped like paddles, no hind legs, and a round tail. Name this mammal often called a "sea cow" Manatee
In what national park can you find Tower Falls, Mammoth Hot Springs, Steamboat Geyser, and Old Faithful? Yellowstone
What is the superlative degree of the word much? Most
What is the positive degree of the word worst? Bad
How many members are in the House of Representatives? What determines how many representatives are in each state? 435. It is based on population of the state
What colorless, volatile, flammable liquid is made from fermenting and then distilling starch or sugar crops such as sugarcane, maize, sorghum or wheat and is used as fuel? Ethanol
Star Trek was a TV show in the 1960's that was set in the 23rd century. Identify these characters from the show. This character had green blood &was half human & half Vulcan. This character was the main engineer & the 3rd in command on the USS Enterprise. Mr. Spock/Montgomery Scott or Scotty
Resembling a worm or caterpillar this soft bodied creature has no legs or head. It wriggles and flips through its food and other decaying matter. Name this unattractive fly larvae. Maggot
How many vertices does a triangular prism have? 6
Pyramids served as ancient burial vaults. For which pharaoh was the Great Pyramid of Giza built? Khufu
This bay is the largest estuary in the United States and measures 200 miles long. What bay divides Maryland into two parts? Chesapeake Bay
If A=B and B=C, Therefore A=C is what mathematical property? Transitive Property of Equality
Identify this 2009 animated film. This movie is about a spunky tween who is seeking attention from her parents. She finds a hidden door that leads to a parallel universe. The movie was directed by the director of the Nightmare Before Christmas. Coraline
What state was the 2nd to ratify the US Constitution 5 days after Delaware? Pennsylvania
What is the name of the earth's magnetic field? Magnetosphere
What type of simple organism is the most common type of plant plankton found in the oceans? Algae
These are the people who went to California in 1849 to search for gold. Forty-Niners
These are the radio talks given by Franklin Roosevelt while he was president. Fireside Chats
The capital of South Dakota is... Pierre
The capital of the Czech Republic is.... Prague
This Italian city is famous for its Leaning Tower Pisa
This European city is known as the "City of Lights" Paris
What is the name of the legal principle that says you cannot be tried for a crime after a certain amount of time has passed since committing the crime? Statue of Limitations
In what novel by William Goldman and movie of the same name directed by Rob Reiner, do the characters of Inigo Montoya, Prince Humperdink, Westley, and Buttercup all appear? The Princess Bride
What basketball foul is called when the defense interferes with the flight of a field goal attempt when the ball is above the basket. Goaltending
I was an Italian explorer and cartographer. I made voyages to Central and South America from 1499 to 1502. I was one of the first Europeans to suggest that the Americas were not the East Indies but a new world. Maybe that's why America is named for me Amerigo Vespucci
The temperature on the daytime side of this planet is 800 degree and is because it has no atmosphere,it can't hold in heat so the darkside falls to negative 280 degrees. What is this planet- the smallest and closest to the sun? Mercury
In what home city does the Pistons play? Detroit
In the Nightmare Before Christmas Movie by Tim Burton, Jack Skellington wanders from his home into a mysterious forest, opens a door with a Christmas tree on it, and enters Christmastown. What is the name of Jack's hometown? Halloweentown
The language Russian is written using this script invented by the namesake Greek Orthodox Saint Cyrillic
What is the language arts term for modifying a verb into various forms? conjugation
What is the only birthstone that appears on Moh's Hardness Scale? Diamond
Along with brackets and braces, what other type of punctuation mark is used in math to enclose mathematical quantities? Parathenses
What artery carries blood from the heart to the lungs? Pulmonary Artery
When using Microsoft Word, what function key can be pressed to obtain help from the office assistant? F1
What successful Broadway Play and Movie produced by Quincy Jones and Oprah Winfrey is about a poor black woman who triumphs over abuse and despair? The Color Purple
What mathematical symbol resembles a number 8 that is positioned on its side? infinity
What colorless gas compound undergoes sublimation at negative 78 degrees Celcius to form dry ice? Carbon Dioxide
What blood component protects the body from pathogens that have invaded one's body? White Blood Cells or Leukocytes
This was Ferdinand Magellan's only ship to have survived the trip around the world Victoria
A formal lyric poem of grief or mourning that reflects the death of a friend or public figure is called an... Elegy
With what shoe company did Shaquille O Neal first sign with after he joined the NBA? Reebok
What tough protein is found in hair, claws, hooves, and fingernails as well as in the epidermis of human skin? Keratin
What is the only branch of the US Military that is not part of the Department of Defense? Coast Guard
A poet writes poems. A novelists writes books or novels. What does a lexicographer write? Dictionaries
This science term describes elongated fractures or cracks on the slopes of a volcano fissures
This is the current Prime Minister of Russia Vladimir Putin
American realism painter known primarily for his seascapes such as "Breezing Up" Winslow Homer
This state's quarter has a large star on it and is called "The Lone Star State" Texas
There is a space shuttle near the top of this state's quarter because Cape Canaveral was the launch site for US manned space missions. Florida
This theory replaced the continental drift theory Plate Techtonics
This is a chemical reaction in which yeast and other mirco -organisms break down sugars to create carbon dioxide, alcohol, and water Fermentation
An atom that has extra protons or electrons is called an.... Ion
The name given to the entire group of chromosomes in a person's body is called the..... Genome
This fresco took over 4 years to complete. It spans the entire back wall behind the altar of the Sistine Chapel. The work describes the second coming of the Lord and the ensuing apocalyse The Last Judgement by Michaleangel
The Great Sandy Desert and the Great Victoria deserts are located on which continent? Australia
What force works against thrust and attempts to slow down an object that is moving through the air? Drag
Telescopes that collect light with lenses are called refractors. What are telescopes that use mirrors to gather more light called? Reflectors
This first presidential debate to be televised in the 1960 presidential election was between which 2 candidates? Who won the debate? John F Kennedy/Richard Nixon-JFK won the debate
Samson's mistress who betrayed him to the Philistines by cutting off his hair. Delilah
This African American won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for playing the character Trip in 1989's "Glory" He won a Best Actor award for his role in "Training Day". He was nominated for his roles in Cry Freedom, The Hurricane & Malcolm X , & Fences. Denzel Washington
This English town's cliffs were allegedly left white with soap when Alfred Stormalong's ship scraped by. Dover
This was the author of Oedipus Rex Sophocles
He composed a work containing a notable snare drum ostinato rhythm. Name this composer of Bolero Maurice Ravel
This archipelago nation contains the islands of Java, Sumatra, Borneo, and Bali. It's capital is Jakarta. Indonesia
In German this color is blau. In Spanish it is Azul. A rare occurrence is described as happening once in a moon of this color. A genre of music about sadness is named after this color because another term for feeling sad is named after this color. Blue
The centripetal variety of this value is equal to radial speed squared divided by its radius. According to Newton's Second Law, this quantity is net force divided by mass. Name this physical quantity measures in meters per second squared. Acceleration
This painting features a young girl surrounded by the titular characters as well as dwarves. Name this painting which features the artist himself with a red cross on his chest as well as the girl's parents in the background. Las Menias or the Maids of Honor by Diego Velazquez
It's symbol is a girl perched atop a bull. Name this movement which began protesting around the US especially in the financial system in 2011. Occupy Wall Street
This land mass lies east of the Suez Canal and the Ural Mountains. It contains 60% of the world's population. What is the largest continent in the world comprising 9% of the world's total land area? Asia
In what post season football college game was known as "the Granddaddy of them all" is played each year in UCLA's home stadium? Rose Bowl
This term is a type of architecture found in Eastern Greece and islands such as the Temple of Athena Nike. What is this style distinguished by columns that have vertical flutes & a capital which is decorated with a scroll-like design called a volute. Ionic
This historical novel is about the Meeker family & it set during the American Revolution. It received a Newberry Medal Honor in 1975. The authors James & Christopher Collier state that although the Meeker family is fictional, other characters are real. My Brother Sam is Dead
What man is featured on the front side of the nickel? What building is featured on the back side of the nickel? Thomas Jefferson/Monticello
While an actively loyal French citizen, this scientist never lost her Polish identity. She named the first chemical element she discovered "polonium". What 20th century female scientist won two Nobel prizes for her work in Chemistry & discovered radiation Marie Curie
Which of our senses is most often associated with the word redolent? Sense of Smell
What term describes the type of Greek Architecture as seen in the Parthenon, in which columns are fluted, contain no base, and exhibit a plain capital? Doric
This Dutch artist painted several self portraits. One was called The Polish Rider. One of his most famous paintings include "The Shooting Company of Captain Franz Banning Cocq" which is better known as the "Nightwatch" Rembrandt (Van Rijn)
In German, this word is Zeit while in French it is temps. Spanish has several words for this term including vez, tiempo, and hora. This term is referred to a "flying" when one is having fun. What is this word? Time
One example of them is the appeal to authority. Name these incorrect arguments that contain a logical problem. Fallacy
One work by this author sees the protagonists and her sister Mary teased by Nellie Olson for being country girls. In addition to "On the Banks of Plum Creek", she wrote about her life in the Big Woods. Name this author of "Little House on the Prairie" Laura Ingalls Wilder
This realist painter's most famous work is "Christina's World" Andrew Wyeth
What two letter abbreviation derives from a Latin phrase meaning "For Example" e.g.
What color does phenolphthalein appear when placed in a base that has a pH of 8.5? Pink
What star constellation in the Northern Sky represents the King of Aethiopia in the sky near Draco and Cassiopeia? Cepheus
This racquet sports awards the Thomas Cup to the men's champions &the Uber Cup to the women's champions. It has been an Olympic sport since 1992. What sport has participants use their racquets to hit a shuttlecock over the net to their opponents? Badminton
What is the more common term for the stinging fish called "Portuguese Man of War"? Jellyfish
The Russian policies of glasnost (openess) & perestroika (listening) were associated with which former and last leader of the Soviet Union.? Mikhail Gorbachev
Sigmund Freud wrote about this figure and monotheism. This figure ordered the Levites to kill 3,000 people that worshiped the Golden Calf and he was barred from entering the Promised Land. This leader brought 7 plagues to lead his people from slavery. Moses
Sandra is learning about perspective drawings in her art class. What is the term for the point on the horizon where the parallel lines seem to meet? Vanishing Point
What kind of color is formed when any two of the three primary colors are mixed? Secondary Colors
What score in golf is better than a birdie because it is two strokes under par? Eagle
What Greek word beginning with "mis" is the name given to somebody who hates humans? Misanthrope
What is the name of the Central Bank of the United States? Federal Reserve
What Congressional term refers to a member of Congress who seeks to get votes to get a current bill passed by promising to support another member's future bills? Logrolling
What type of variable is measured in a controlled experiment? Dependent
A clarinet can be divided into 5 sections. What is the lowest section of this instrument called? Bell
The first computer generated full length feature film was released in 1995. Name this film by Pixar. Toy Story
What state is nicknamed "The Green Mountain State"? Vermont
According to the nursery rhyme, "Little Boy Blue" the sheep is in the meadow. Where is the cow? In the corn
What metamorphic rock is often used to create the bed of a high quality pool or snooker table? Slate
Both Plato and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle have written about what vast island continent that according to legend was submerged under the ocean in 9560 B.C.? Atlantis
What vitamin found in tomatoes, soybeans, leafy vegetables and liver, is vital for proper blood clotting and normal liver function? Vitamin K
What title would you have if you made maps and navigational charts for a living? Cartographer
What is the math term for a number from which another number is being subtracted? Minuend
Who is the author of the children's book "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" as well as the James Bond spy novels? Ian Fleming
What is the ballet term for making a complete turn on one leg? pirouette
What does the term FM stand for as in radio frequency? Frequency Modulation
What is the name of the person who creates dance compositions and plans and arranges dance movements and patterns? Choreographer
What 3 syllable word is a synonym for tadpole? Pollywog
In which star constellation is the Crab Nebulae found? Taurus
Which of the 5 relative pronouns indicates possession? whose
The suffix "itis" means inflammation. Give the medical term ending in "itis" that describes when the liver is inflammed Hepatitis
What French term is the name given to an appetizer that is served at the start of a meal? hors d'oeuvre
In 1981, Lady Diana married Prince Charles who belonged to the House of Windsor. What was Diana's maiden name before she married Prince Charles? Spencer
Complete this analogy about camels: Dromedary is to one hump as ___________________ is to two humps. Bactrian
The Alps cover over 60% of this country and over half the peaks are 4,000 meters high. What is the name of this country that borders France, Italy, and Austria and whose capital is Bern? Switzerland
What is the pH of a neutral solution? 7
Who wrote Maniac Magee? Jerry Spinelli
Name the musical instrument for which "Syrinx" was written and when tuned in the Key of C, usually features a B b (B flat) thumb key. Flute
Vitamin B-1 is called Thiamin. Vitamin B-2 is called Riboflavin. What is another name for Vitamin B-3? Niacin
What Brian Jacques book begins with the sentence "Mathias cut a comical figure as he bobbled his ...among the cloisters with his large sandals flip flopping and his tail peeping from beneath the edgy folds of a novice's habit? Redwall
Every 4 years, on January 20th, a newly elected U.S. President is sworn into office. What is this ceremony called? Inauguration
From what plant is the opium drug obtained? poppy
What famous American politician shared the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in 2007. Al Gore
What is a short line in a play called that is delivered directly to the audience so it appears that the other characters on stage cannot hear? Aside
In this 1998 Disney animated movie, Flik the ant spends time inventing ways to do things better instead of harvesting like other ants. Name the Disney film with the fast talking ant and the young queen named Atta. A Bug's Life
What Peanuts character is madly in love with Linus and calls him her "Sweet Babboo"? Sally
According to the popular children's song on what item did the old man play knick knack when he played two? Shoe
Originating in Southern England, what sport consists of two teams of 11 players that compete in an oval arena with a 22 yard pitch at its center? Cricket
Eric Heiden was famous in what winter Olympic sport? Speed Skating
The largest asteroid in the asteroid belt is.... Ceres
What 7 letter word means to encode data to guarantee security over the Internet. Encrypt
The name of this software company is now a verb. What search engine company based in Mountain View California did Sergey Brin and Larry Page co found in 1998? Google
This portion of a hog is used to flavor beans and soup. What term applies to the lower portion of a hog's hind leg? Hock
According to one of Aesop's Fables, what type of food did the Fox say was sour when he was unable to get it from the tree? Grapes
What is roe? Fish eggs
What Central American country is the most densely populated? Guatemala
You are swinging a ball on the end of a string around your head. At the instant the string breaks, what kind of force is no longer exerted on the ball? Centripetal
With what South American country did the U.S. first attempt to negotiate a treaty under which the Panama Canal would be built? Colombia
What bone forms the back of the human skull? occipital bone
The chief areas of weather disturbances, figuratively called the battle zones of air masses, are called ... fronts
Golda Meir was the first female prime minister of what country? Israel
A folksong about what American hero includes these words? Said de Big Bend Tunnel on de C & O road gonna cause de death of me John Henry
Name the gray, outer layer of the brain in which thought processing and all forms of conscious experience take place. Cerebral Cortex
Involuntary responses such as blushing, sneezing, shivering, and vomiting are called ... reflexes
Which is the only branch of U.S. government with the power to interpret the Constitution? judicial branch
In what story by H.G. Wells do subterranean Morlocks live on Eloi? Time Machine
What waterway was opened in 1869 to provide a shorter route from Europe to India? Suez Canal
What part of a neuron could be compared to an antenna that receives signals? dendrite
Alun Lewis' poem, "After Dunkirk," is about what war? World War II
Because the clownfish lives among the tentacles of sea anemones, feeding on the anemones' leftover food but remaining unaffected by their stinging tentacles, what symbiotic relationship exists between the two? commensalism
What common expression means that it is easier to endure discomfort if someone is experiencing it with you? Misery Loves Company
These are breeds of what kind of animals? Minorcas, Wyandottes, Cochins, Anconas, Leghorns, Brahmas Chickens
An oracle foretold that whoever could untie what intricate knot tied by the king of Phrygia would rule all of Asia? Gordian Knot
Statuary Hall, the Great Rotunda, and the Senate Chamber are in what building? US Capitol
The spinning jenny was a major contribution during the Industrial Revolution. In what country was it invented? England
Two kinds of equipment are needed for radio communication including a receiver and what else? transmitter
What war resulted in the end of the Ottoman, German, Russian, and Austro-Hungarian empires? World War I
One reason the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2007 failed to pass the Senate was that it included provisions for what critics called the "A" word. What is the "A" word? Amnesty
Who broadcast this message in 1944? People of the Philippines. I have returned. By the grace of Almighty God, our forces stand again on Philippine soil, soil consecrated in the blood of our two peoples. Douglas MacArthur
Dikes along rivers are called ... levees
The Three-Fifths Compromise between the northern and southern states stipulated that a slave would be counted as three-fifths of a person for purposes of representation and ... taxation
What verb beginning with "m" means "to reduce to the smallest possible amount or extent"? minimize
What kind of magnet has a magnetic field only during the time of current flows through the solenoid at its core electromagnet
This Truman Capote novella is about Holly Golightly, a woman who makes her living by socializing with rich men. Audrey Hepburn played Holly in the movie rendition of this novella. Breakfast at Tiffany's
Name this religion, founded by L Ron Hubbard, the subject of the documentary Going Clear, that performs “auditing” using an E-meter. Famous followers include John Travolta and Tom Cruise. Scientology
Recently, astronomers at Caltech hypothesized the existence of what generically named object, about 10 times the mass of the Earth, beyond the orbit of Neptune? Planet 9
Give the following about the book The Hunt for Red October for ten points each. It was the debut novel of what American author, who created the recurring CIA agent Jack Ryan? He is primarily known for his spy novels Tom Clancy
In the novel, Hunt for Red October, Red October is this kind of vehicle. Other such vehicles in the work include the USS Dallas Submarine
This phenomenon is responsible for making a straight rod appear bent when it’s dipped partially in water. Name this phenomenon that causes light to bend as it passes between two media. Refraction
This man coined the term “Iron Curtain” in a speech condemning the Soviet Union. Name this Prime Minister of Britain during World War II. Winston Churchill
A character in this film mistakenly believes that her father hit a boy named Calvin with a car, based on the boy’s underwear. The main character of this film plays Johnny B. Goode at a dance. What film has Doc Brown & Marty McFly traveling through time Back to the Future
Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band was released by this British rock group featuring John Lennon and Paul McCartney. The Beatles
Celestial landmark that a folk song instructed slaves on the underground railroad to “Follow.” Drinking Gourd
Textile objects that, according to a modern theory, were hung to give coded messages to escaping slaves on the Underground Railroad quilts
Name this sea monster. While passing through a narrow strait, Odysseus chose to take his chances with this monster, which has twelve tentacle-like legs and four to six dog-heads ringed around her waist, instead of with her counterpart Charybdis Scylla
Benito Mussolini was a proponent of this far-right political ideology, which emphasizes the state over the individual via an authoritarian ruler facism
When Cassius Clay converted to Islam, he changed his name to this name. Under this name, he fought George Foreman in the “Rumble in the Jungle,” was widely acclaimed to be the best boxer of all time, and passed away in 2016 Muhammad Ali
This dictator’s government ran the school-turned-torture prison S-21. Name this leader of a Southeast Asian communist dictatorship that slaughtered people in “killing fields.” This man’s dictatorship ruled from Phnom Penh. Pol Pot
During Harry Potter’s second year at Hogwarts, an impressive seven books were assigned for the Defense Against the Dark Arts class, which was taught by this author of Holidays with Hags, Travels with Trolls, and Gadding with Ghouls Professor Lockhart
In the early 1990s, Hogwarts first-years were assigned this textbook on magizoology, written by Newt Scamander. This book contains flobberworms, fire crabs, and dragons, and was the subject of a 2016 Muggle-made documentary film starring Eddie Redmayne. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
This city in upstate New York, just downstream from Niagara Falls, annually gets feet of snow caused by Lake Erie. This city has the second most people in New York, after NYC. Buffalo
John Jay wrote four of the five initial essays in this collection, which was mostly written by James Madison and Alexander Hamilton. This collection argued in favor of the Constitution Federalist Papers
Device that measures pressure within blood vessels, usually via a cuff around the arm. sphygmomanometer
This holiday celebrates the re-dedication of a holy building, when a day’s worth of lamp oil lasted for eight days. Name this Jewish winter holiday that includes the lighting of candles in a specialized nine-branch menorah Hannakuh
The sides of this top, often played with during Chanukah, are inscribed with Hebrew letters that traditionally stand for “a great miracle happened there.” dreidel
This system persisted in Russia until the 1861 abolition of serfdom, Name this social system of medieval Europe in which lords provided land to vassals, who then protected the lords. feudalism
In return for being granted a fief, a vassal had to finance an army for the lord. These mounted warriors, commonly depicted wearing suits of armor and following a code of chivalry, were the primary fighters in those armies. knights
While this term can refer to the property, wealth, and/or rights given by a lord to his vassal, it most often refers to the parcels of a lord’s land provided to the vassal. fiefdom
The 2015-16 NBA season ended with 3 legends leaving the game. This Los Angeles Lakers legend turned the season into his personal farewell tour. In this player’s final game, he scored 60 pts against Utah while putting up the most shot attempts in the NBA Kobe Bryant
After hanging from Yggdrasil for nine days, Odin discovered this alphabet, composed of angular symbols used in Norse culture. runes
Reactions that give off heat to their surroundings are known by this term, which uses a Greek root for “outward.” exothermic
The Boston Tea Party was carried out by this group, led by Samuel Adams. This group popularized the motto “no taxation without representation.” Sons of Liberty
Adventure Time and the Powerpuff Girls reboot both air on this TV channel, which once produced the Boomerang block of classic animation and still airs the Adult Swim block at night. Cartoon Network
In Pride and Prejudice, this man overcomes his own prejudices about Elizabeth Bennet to marry her. Fitzwilliam Darcy
Name this ancient Greek mathematician whose namesake theorem notes that, if a triangle has side lengths of a, b, and c such that the equation a squared plus b squared equals c squared, the triangle is a right triangle. Pythagoras
After the Pequod is destroyed in Moby Dick, Ishmael floats to safety on one of these objects, which had been brought along on the voyage by Queequeg. coffin
This man was killed in the Audubon Ballroom in New York. This husband of Betty Shabazz broke with Elijah Muhammad, leading to death threats in 1965. Who was this civil rights leader who was assassinated by members of the Nation of Islam in 1965? Malcolm X
Colostrum is the “first” produced of this substance, which passes antibodies between individuals . It also contains lysozymes to kill bacteria. It has oxytocin which promotes production of this liquid in the mammary glands that is food of young mammals Milk
This type of wave makes up the cosmic background radiation. microwave
This wave has the highest frequency on the EM spectrum and is released in nuclear decay gamma rays
John Brown was a militant advocate of this cause, which achieved its goal with the 13th Amendment. Abolitionism
John Brown also participated in the Pottawatomie Creek Massacre, part of a conflict between supporters and opponents of slavery in this “Bleeding” state. Kansas
Name given to the intersection of the x, y-axes of the coordinate plane (Stars with O) origin
American markswoman and star attraction of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show (Stars with O) Annie Oakley
Author of The Iceman Cometh and Long Day’s Journey into the Night (Starts with O) O'Neill
Canadian hockey player, first defenseman to score 100 points in a season (Starts with o) Orr
Alabamian who won 4 gold medals in track and field in 1936 Olympics Owens
Kind of shoe laced over the instep or an English university (Starts with o) Oxford
Unit of electrical resistance (Starts with o) Ohms
Court painter and goldsmith designer for Henry VIII (Starts with H) Holbein the Younger
The most abundant element in the universe Hydrogen
US President from 1877 to 1881 who withdrew Federal troops from the South Rutherford B Hayes
Carthaginian general who led a train of elephants across the Alps Hannibal
Iron-protein complex in red blood cells that functions as oxygen carrier (Starts with H) Hemoglobin
Hilo, Oahu, Kilouea are cities in what US State? Hawaii
The Cavalier poets were so called because they supported this leader in the English Civil War. Name this son of James I, who was disliked by his country's legislature. He was executed after the English Civil War. Charles I
One leader of opposition to Charles I of England was this man who later became Lord Protector. His cavalry led the New Model Army to victory over Charles at the Battle of Naseby. Oliver Cromwell
The Aztec god of this, Tlaloc , received child sacrifices so that this would occur. In Mayan mythology, Chac was the god of this. The Hopi tribe performs dances to make this happen so that crops can grow Rain
In this novel Daisy Buchanan runs over and kills her husband's mistress Myrtle Wilson. Name this novel that sees the title character hold lavish parties at his West Egg home in hopes of attracting his love Daisy. The Great Gasby by F Scott Fitzgerald
This term, taken from the Latin word for "humpbacked", is used to describe the moon when it is more than half full but not completely full. Gibbous
Impressionists like Edgar Degas and Pierre Auguste Renoir hailed from this European nation. A Post-Impressionist from this country was Paul Cézanne. France
The 2008 Supreme Court case D.C. v. Heller dealt with this Constitutional amendment. Name this amendment which establishes a right to bear arms. 2nd Amendment
This politician leads the the Liberal Democratic Party in the National Diet and is the current Prime Minister-designate of Japan. Shinzo Abe
Animal body plans can be described by the # of axes that divide the body into equal parts. Arthropods & animals with backbones show the bilateral type, in which a line drawn down the middle yields a left & right side that are mirror images Symmetry
Jellyfish and adult starfish show this kind of symmetry in which multiple lines can be drawn through the center of the body to give equal halves. Radial Symmetry
Nickname of Louisiana because of its many marshy slow moving inlets Bayou State
Author who wrote Superfudge" & "Are you there God it's me Margaret"? Judy Blume
Animal used as a symbol of the US on the Great Seal Bald Eagle
Lumberjack known for digging Lake Michigan for water for hsi ox Paul Bunyan
Kentucky pioneer hero known for his hunting and shooting skills Daniel Boone
Branch of biology dealing with plant life Botany
Word that designates both a group of kangaroos and a group of at least 5 Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts (starts with t) troop
Term for paint in which pigment is mixed with egg yolk as a binder (starts with t) Tempura
Verb designating the oxidation that takes place on the surface of silver (starts with t) Tarnish
19th century American author of the essay "Civil Disobedience" (starts with t) Thoreau, (Henry David)
Metal that with copper makes up an alloy used by people in the city of UR in Mesopotamia to make bronze articles (starts with t) Tin
Device that increases or decreases the voltage of an alternating current (starts with t) Transformer
Christian season beginning on the 4th Sunday before Christmas (starts with a) Advent
First African American to win the Wimbledon Men's single tennis championship (starts with a) Arthur Ashe
In the poem "The Courtship of Miles Standish" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Miles Standish asks this young man to propose to his love Priscilla Mullens for him. (starts with a) John Alden
Homogeneous mixture of 2 or more metals such as bronze (starts with a) Alloy
4 letter word for prevariacator (starts with L) Liar
Capital of the "Cornhusker State" (starts with L) Lincoln (Nebraska)
Saint Exupery's character who cleans 3 miniature volcanoes each week on Asteroid B-612 (Starts with L) Little Prince
Brother of Mary and Martha who was raised from the dead by Jesus after 4 days in the tomb (Starts with L) Lazarus
American aviator known as "The Lone Eagle". (Starts with L) Lindbergh
French marquis who aided the US during the Revolutionary War (starts with L) LaFayette
Latin name for the constellation whose name means Balance Libra
Country freed from Iraq by Operation Desert Storm in 1991 (starts with K) Kuwait
US President for whom the Washington D.C. Center for the Performing Arts is named (Starts with K) Kennedy
Title of the rulers of Germany from 1871-1918 (starts with K) Kaiser
Sacred Muslim shrine at Mecca (Starts with K) Kaaba Stone
Leaping, plant eating marsupials native to Australia (starts with K) Kangaroos
British pirate whose legendary British treasure was prominently featured in Robert Louis Stevenson's "Treasure Island" (Starts with K) Kidd (Captain James)
Village on the Nile, site of ancient Thebes (Starts with K) Karnak
American author of the lines "I think that I shall never see, A poem lovely as a tree" (Starts with K) Kilmer (Joyce) in poem Trees written in 1913
Soviet leader who said in 1956 "Whether you like it or not, history is on our side. We will bury you!" (Starts with K) Nikita Kruschev
Former name of the Asian country of Cambodia (Starts with K) Kampuchea
African desert partly located in Botswana (Starts with K) Kalahari
Pitch thrown without a spin in baseball (Starts with K) Knuckle Ball
Robert Louis Stevenson novel featuring David Balfour (Starts with K) Kidnapped
5 letter English term for American French Fries (Starts with C) Chips
Russian ruler nicknamed "The Great" and known as the "Little Mother of All Russians" (Starts with c) Catherine
Hill on which Jesus was crucified (Starts with c) Calvary
Name given to the Louisiana descendants of the French settlers from the Ascadian region of Eastern Canada (Starts with c) Cajuns
American equivalent for the British word biscuit (Starts with C) Cookie
Celestial body sometimes called "A dirty snowball" made up of dirt and ice comet
Author of "Last of the Mohicans" (Starts with c) Cooper
Ancient Egyptian queen who loved Marc Anthony (Starts with C) Cleopatra
Science dealing with the climate and climatic conditions (Stars with c) Climatology
Supernatural beings that can take human form in Arabian folklore (Starts with J) Jinn
Word completing the idiom "Naked as a ......" meaning to wear nothings (Starts with J) Jaybird
Olympic sprinter who became the first man to win gold in both the 200 and 400 meters at the 1996 Summer Olympics (Start with J) Michael Johnson
Only US President sworn into office by a woman. He was sworn in aboard Air Force One LBJ
Adjective meaning "of or having to do with the planet of Jupiter. (Starts with J) Jovian
Flag flown on pirates ships (Starts with J) Jolly Roger
Missouri bankrobber who formed a gang with his brother Frank Jesse James
Commander of the Bonhomme Richard that captured Britain's Serapis in September 1779 (Starts with J) John Paul Jones
Middle name of President William Clinton (Starts with J) Jefferson
Rainbow Coalition leader who was a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination in 1984 & 1988 (Starts with J) Jesse Jackson
US President who wife Claudia Taylor is known as "Lady Bird" LBJ (Johnson)
Large Indonesian island or any coffee (Starts with J) Java
Mideast country of King Hussein I with Amman its capital (starts with J) Jordan
French woman who led troops into battle and was burned at the stake (starts with J) Joan of Arc
Nursery Rhyme character who built a house in which a cat killed a rat (Starts with J) Jack Sprat
"Steel-drivin man" who beat a steam drill in digging a hole (Starts with J) John Henry
Combat on horseback between mounted warriors with sharp long poles especially as a part of a contest in the Middle Ages (starts with J) jousting
First Chief Justice of the US (Starts with J) John Jay
American naval hero known for saying "I have not yet begun to fight" in the Revolutionary War (Starts with J) John Paul Jones
Discoverer of vaccination as a means of preventing smallpox (Starts with J) Edward Jenner
Muslim term for holy war (Starts with J) Jihad
American general who defeated the British army at the Battle of New Orleans in 1815 (Starts with J) Jackson (Andrew)
Poem that includes the line "Twas brillig and the slithy toves/Did gyre and gimble in the wabe" (Starts with J) Jabberwocky
Spanish queen who with her husband King Ferdinand sponsored Columbus voyage to America in the 15th century (Starts with I) Isabella
Singular for the word plural is indices (Starts with I) Index
Court of the Roman Catholic Church convened in the Middle Ages to suppress heresy (Starts with I) Inquisition
Law term for exemption from a duty or legal punishment (Starts with I) immunity
Imaginary north-south line that runs approximately along the 180th meridian in the Pacific Ocean (Starts with I) International Date Line
Country whose name is included in the name of the Hoosier State (Starts with I) Indiana
US state whose name is included in the name of its capital (Starts with I) Indianoplis Indiana
Minnesota Lake that is the source of the Mississippi River (Starts with I) Itasca
Induction or installation of an official into office with a formal ceremony (Starts with I) Investiture
Shelia Burnford novel that includes the line "This journey took place in a part of Canada which lies in the Northwestern part of ..Ontario (Starts with I) Incredible Journey
Famous sled dog race each year from Anchorage to Nome (Starts with I) Iditarod
North Atlantic island that is the westenmost country of Europe (Starts with i) Iceland
Peninsula on which Spain is located (Starts with i) Iberian
Grammatical label for an exclamatory word such as "HEY"! (Starts with I) Interjection
Mytholigcal goddess of the rainbow Iris
Another name for polio (Starts with I) Infantile Paralysis
Word describing the body's acquired resistance to diseases (Starts with i) Immune
Acute contagious disease caused by a virus, a killer strain of which claimed many lives in 1918 Influenza
The Ellsworth Mountains in this landmass are bounded to the north by the Bellingshausen Sea. The Russian-owned Vostok Station can be found in Princess Elizabeth Land in this continent. it has the largest desert in the world. Name this cold continent. Antartica
In this book, Professor Charity Burbage is killed by a snake. Characters discover the secret identity of R.A.B with help from the elf, Kreacher. In this novel, Horcruxes must be destroyed in order to kill Voldemort. Name this 7th book by JK Rowling Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
These animals have a vocal organ at the base of their trachea called the syrinx. These animals have an organ called a gizzard that stores swallowed stones to grind food. Name these animals who have wings and feathers. Birds
This composer’s 6th symphony features a Scene by the Brook , & his 3rd symphony, honors Napoleon, & is titled “Eroica.” He depicted “fate knocking at the door” in the beginning motif “G-G-G-E flat” of his 5th symphony, & his 9th is called“Ode to Joy.” Ludwig Van Beethoven
One version of this software introduced the Charms bar, which displays 5 icons used to navigate. This operating system’s past versions include Vista, 95 & XP. Name this OS created by Microsoft & whose current version is 10. Windows
“Abby” & “Jay Leno” were the first 2 of these characters captured when this game was played on Twitch. Characters are ranked using CP, & 6 of these characters can be used when battling at a gym. It has creatures such as Magikarp & Pikachu. Pokemon
This poet wrote that “I shall but drink the more” & that “I taste a liquor never brewed.” She claimed in another work that the title emotion “perches in the soul.” This poet wrote “I heard a Fly buzz – when I died,” & Because I could not stop for Death Emily Dickinson
Paul von Hindenburg a national hero during this war. French forces stopped a German advance at Marne, resulting in 4 years of trench warfare.Name this war started by the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and ended with the Treaty of Versailles World War I
This is the number of stories in a J. D. Salinger short story collection. Name this number which is also the number of circles of hell in Inferno, a section of Dante’s Divine Comedy 9
Proclaiming that “I am the state”, this Louis, nicknamed the “Sun King”, signed the treaty of Utrecht with his grandson Philip V and commissioned the palace of Versailles. Louis XIV
Michelangelo painted ignudi to frame the ceiling of this chapel. Michelangelo’s “The Creation of Adam” appears on the ceiling of this chapel, located in the Vatican Sistine Chapel
The Pacific plate is surrounded by a zone of active underwater volcanoes commonly referred to by this 3 word phrase. Ring of Fire
French is the official language of this largest and most populous island of French Polynesia. Tahiti
The writer of this work emphasized his desire to invade Russia and expand German living space. Name this autobiographical work and Nazi manifesto, which outlined the life and future plans of a German leader. Mein Kampf
Hitler, the author of Mein Kampf , wrote it during his imprisonment after this failed coup to seize Munich. Other leaders of this coup included the acquitted Erich Ludendorff and Rudolf Hess, who edited Mein Kampf. Beer Hall Putsch
This fictional character feeds painkiller to his Aunt Polly’s cat Peter. Name this character who testifies against Injun Joe and later gets lost in McDougal’s cave with Becky Thatcher Tom Sawyer
This starting shooting guard for the Golden State Warriors only took 11 dribbles when scoring 60 points in 29 minutes against the Pacers. This man won the 3 point contest during the 2016 All-Star Weekend in Toronto Klay Thompson
This stage is the beginning and longest stage of a star’s life. Hydrogen fuses into helium as the star expands in it. Main Sequence
These stars lie on the upper right side of the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram, which classifies stars by their luminosity & temperature. Name these stars whose lower temperatures produce their namesake color. These stars will eventually become white dwarfs. Red Giants
Joseph Welch asked this man “Have you no sense of decency?” during his Senate hearings. Name this Wisconsin senator who accused 57 individuals in the State Department of being Communist Party members. Joseph McCarthy
Joseph McCarthy’s statements fueled anti-communist “scares” named after this color. This is the primary color of the Bolshevik flag Red Scare
Felix Mendelssohn’s “Scottish” Symphony and Gustav Mahler’s “Tragic” Symphony are both in this key. Name this key, the relative minor of C major. To find this key, you can go down three half steps from C. A Minor
This note is the subdominant of C major. This note’s minor key has four flats, and this note’s major key only contains B flat. F
The Egyptian god Osiris engaged in a power struggle with this jealous god, his brother. This god eventually killed Osiris by chopping him into pieces and throwing his remains into the Nile. Set
This son of the god Osiris was conceived after his wife Isis gathered all of his pieces from the Nile. This god eventually avenged Osiris by forcing Set off the throne of Egypt. Horus
Located near the Euphrates River, this ancient wonder of the world was built by King Nebuchadnezzar II to help cure Amytis’ homesickness for Media’s natural beauty. Hanging Gardens of Babylon
Constructed by Sostratos during Ptolemy II’s reign, this ancient wonder of the world was located on the island of Pharos, and helped guide ships in the Nile River out of the harbor. Lighthouse of Alexandria
This Greek mathematician introduced the idea of simple machines. He famously remarked, “Give me a place to stand on and I will move the Earth.” Archimedes
This simple machine is made of helical ridges, or threads. Name this simple machine that can be thought of as an inclined plane wrapped around a rod. Screws
In this novel, the protagonist spends the majority of her life on her family’s plantation, Tara, before having to leave due to the Civil War. Name this novel written by Margaret Mitchell. Gone with the Wind
Identify this protagonist of Gone with the Wind , who chases after Ashley Wilkes despite being married to Rhett Butler. Scarlet O Hara
Irritation of this organ leads to hiccups. Name this sheet of muscle that lies just below the lungs. It contracts and expands, allowing one to breathe Diaphragm
This part of the respiratory system allows air to pass by connecting the larynx to the lungs. Trachea
British troops burned Washington in retaliation for an attack on this territory that was meant to limit supplies to the Niagara peninsula. Name this former territory of British North America, land that became America’s northern neighbor Canada
A woman and man are shrouded in this material in Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss, which is covered in this material’s decorative “leaf” form. Name this precious metal that can best be hammered into a thin, decorative sheet when its purity is roughly 22 karats gold (Gold leaf)
He wrote about Reverend Hooper wearing a mysterious “Black Veil”. In another book, Roger Chillingworth changes his name while pursuing his wife, who was marked with the title shameful symbol. What author wrote The Scarlet Letter & Twice Told Tales Nathaniel Hawthorne
In this city, hundreds of stone lions line a bridge named for Marco Polo. In a photo taken in this city , a man stands in front of a line of tanks in Tiananmen Square. The Forbidden City, the former home of the Emperor, is in what capital of China? Bejing
Clementine is saved from these creatures in a Telltale game.A “bungee” version of this creature abducts Crazy Dave . Many Call of Duty games pit the player against, what reanimated corpses who serve as the main threat of The Walking Dead? Zombies
One of these creatures, fetched the apples of the Hesperides. Another had his liver eaten by birds every day as punishment for giving fire to humans. These old gods, including Atlas & Prometheus, were overthrown and replaced in a war against Zeus. Titans
Heather Heyer was killed while counter-protesting a rally against the removal of one of these objects, many of which promote the “Lost Cause” theory & celebrate white supremacism. Name this type of controversial public art now banned in many US cities Confederate Statues
Nephrons are the primary unit of this organ, which filters blood. Patients who have damaged or lost one of these bean-shaped organs may undergo dialysis kidneys
King Edward, Queen Mary, and their half-sister, Elizabeth, were the only children of this man, who split from the Catholic church and married six women in a desperate attempt to father more heirs Henry VIII
Mordred betrayed this legendary king, who established the Round Table, went to war with Lancelot over his wife Guinevere, and was transported to Avalon after being mortally wounded at the Battle of Camlann King Arthur Pendragon
This mystic was unable to protect King Arthur at the Battle of Camlann because he had been imprisoned in a cave by the sorceress Nimue, who had been this man’s student. Merlin
The musical concept of a raga, a progressive set of notes that provides emotions, is used in this country’s two primary schools of classical music, Carnatic and Hindustani. Name this country whose composers have included Ravi Shankar playing the Sitar. India
In this epic poem, Hephaestus forges a magnificent shield decorated with scenes of farming, marriage, trial, & battle. Name this poem, in which Thetis asks Hephaestus to make the shield so her son can avenge the killing of his friend Patroclus by Hector The Iliad
A great shield is made for this Greek hero, who had been made nearly invincible when his mother, Thetis, dipped him into the river Styx. This warrior does eventually kill Hector, who predicts this man’s eventual death. Achilles
Achilles dies before the Greeks finally defeat Troy with the use of this enormous, wooden structure. This apparent “gift” to Troy contains hidden Greek soldiers, allowing them to attack from inside the city Trojan Horse
The Seattle SuperSonics were moved in 2008 to become this team. Name this NBA team that recently acquired Paul George and Carmelo Anthony to pair with Russell Westbrook. Oklahoma City Thunder
These inventors developed three-axis control, which is key to maintaining a fixed-wing aircraft, in a patent filed in 1903. Name this pair of brothers who built and flew the first successful airplane Orville and Wilbur Wright
The Wright Brothers successfully tested their airplane in 1903 on this east coast state’s Outer Banks in the city of Kitty Hawk. North Carolina
This constant was defined by 12 grams of carbon-12, but recent measurements are based on a 1 kilogram silicon sphere. Name this chemistry constant, equal to about 6.02 X 10 to the 23rd power, that is the number of particles in one mole of any substance. Avagrado's Number
Avogadro’s number, along with balanced equations and molar masses, is crucial to this branch of chemistry that calculates amounts of reactants and products in reactions stoichiometry
Nine candles are burned in a namesake holder during this Jewish winter holiday that commemorates the eight days during which the oil in the Temple in Jerusalem miraculously burned. Hanukkah
Red, black, and green candles represent struggles, humans, and hope when held in a Kinara during this American cultural holiday Kwanzaa
In the early 19th century, British ships impressed American sailors into service and British forces supported Native American raids on American settlers; in Congress, War Hawks agitated until James Madison asked for the declaration of this war. War of 1812
During the War of 1812, Andrew Jackson won the Battle of Horseshoe Bend with support from this native tribe. Despite their service, this tribe was forced off their land with the 1835 Treaty of New Echota. Cherokee
Give this number. It is the base of the decimal system and, as such, inspires the workings of the metric system. 10
Because of slash-and-burn agriculture needed to grow palm trees on rainforest soil, palm oil is usually not considered this type of crop. Give this term, which is applied to foods like coffee & cocoa if their production does not degrade the environment sustainable
Pirithous was punished for eternity for trying to kidnap this goddess. This goddess lived with her mother in the summer, but was forced to spend part of each year with her husband after consuming pomegranate seeds. Name this “Queen of the Underworld". Persephone
This city’s downtown area is home to a Freedom Trail, where tourists can visit Paul Revere's House, Faneuil Hall, and the Old North Church. Colleges in and around this city include MIT and Harvard. What is this capital city of Massachusetts? Boston
A character in this novel nails a doubloon to his ship’s mast, and employs Queequeg and Starbuck. The narrator joins the crew of the Pequod & asks the reader to “Call me Ishmael.” Name this Herman Melville novel about a big whale Moby Dick
Characters in this 2016 film are employed above a Chinese restaurant. Patty says “I don’t know if it was a race thing or a lady thing” shortly before her team uses their proton packs to capture a paranormal being in NYC. “Who ya gonna call?” Ghostbusters
Before this event, a pillar of “cloud & fire” moved behind a fleeing group to confuse a pursuing army. After the event, Miriam led a song celebrating the defeat of the drowning army during this part of the exodus from Egypt. Name this biblical event. Parting of the Red Sea
Because of its value in 1884, this element was used for the capstone of the Washington Monument. The ore bauxite is the primary source of this metal & is the most abundant metal in Earth’s crust. , Name this metallic element used to make soda cans. Aluminum
This country's colonial empire included Angola & Mozambique &forts to protect Indian trade in Goa & Mumbai. Name this European country that sponsored caravel voyages by Vasco da Gama & Pedro Cabral, but not Christopher Columbus during the Age of Discovery Portugal
Portugal’s expansion in the Age of Discoveries was driven by this prince, known for his love of exploration. This son of John I captured and colonized the Azores. Prince Henry the Navigator
Portugal’s colonies in the New World included the eastern coast of this modern-day country, gained in the Treaty of Tordesillas . Today, this South American country’s official language is still Portuguese Brazil
There is a conspiracy theory that this 1791 opera was a political attack on the queen Maria Theresa. This Mozart opera begins with the Queen of the Night singing high notes. The enchanted title object of this opera is given to Tamino to protect himself The Magic Flute
This 18th century economic theory often led to high tariffs, monopolies, economic wars, & a devotion to keeping a trade surplus. Name this policy in which a nation tried to maximize the amount of gold & silver it possessed. mercantilsim
This Scottish economist was a vicious opponent of mercantilism, attacking it in works like The Theory of Moral Sentiments and The Wealth of Nations. Adam Smith
The egg-rolling done by geese and the spinning of webs by spiders can be described with this term. Name this type of behavior that is genetically hardwired from birth and done without any prior experience Instinct
Many non-instinctual behaviors are learned through this process, in which rewards reinforce a behavior while punishments discourage it. During World War II, B. F. Skinner used this type of learning to train pigeons to guide navy missiles. Operant Conditioning
Answer the following about Jesus’s parable of the Pearl of Great Price. The parable appears in this gospel, the first book of the New Testament. This book is named for its apparent author, and precedes the books of Mark, Luke, and John. Book of Matthew
The Pearl of Great Price also appears in an apocryphal Gnostic gospel attributed to this “doubting” disciple, who could not believe in the resurrection until he had felt Jesus’s wounds Thomas
Ernest Hemingway used his experience, this time as a reporter, to provide detail for this work set in the Spanish Civil War. In the novel, which takes its name from John Donne, Robert Jordan works with guerrillas to destroy a bridge. For Whom the Bell Tolls
Ernest Hemingway’s last work was this calmer short story which focuses on Santiago’s attempt to catch a marlin. This work ends with Santiago dreaming of his youth after losing the marlin to a group of sharks. The Old Man and the Sea
Anthropologists flocked to this desert area in the 1940s after pilots “discovered” a series of geoglyphs. Name this South American plain, north of the Atacama Desert, where a series of namesake “lines” appear in shapes like spiders, monkeys, & birds Nazca Plain
The Nazca plains and Atacama Desert are among the incredibly dry regions west of this South American mountain range, the longest continental range in the world. Andes Mountains
Hooke’s law includes k, the namesake constant for one of these devices. Name these elastic devices that can store energy in volutes, leaves, or more commonly, compressed metal coils. Springs
Balshar -al -Assad is the dictator of this Middle Eastern country, where protests began in the capital city, Damascus. Syria
By far the most popular video-streaming website in the US is this Google-owned website, which offers an ad-free “red” version. This site is the main outlet of JennaMarbles, Smosh, and the Fine Brothers You Tube
While YouTube dominates pre-recorded footage, this website reigns supreme in livestreams. Due to its recent acquisition by Amazon, Prime members can subscribe to one channel on this website for free each month Twitch TV
This company has repeatedly tried to enter the streaming market, going as far as buying the rights to the sixth season of Community, but hasn’t found much success. In 2016, this company replaced its “Screen!” service with the Hulu-partnered View! Yahoo!
This is another unit for direct distance measurements. There are 30 of these between the Sun and Neptune, and exactly one between the Sun and Earth Astronomical Units
These creatures included the dryads, the spirits of trees and forests, and the naiads, the spirits of rivers and waterways. Name these semi-divine creatures from Greek myths, feminine spirits attached to specific natural features Nymphs
For her talkativeness, this nymph was cursed to only be able to repeat the words of others, and eventually wasted away to only her repetitive voice. Echo
Echo’s beloved was this beautiful human, who died when he fell in love with his own reflection, and transformed into a namesake waterside flower. Narcissus
In this play, King Claudius marries his sister-in-law, Gertrude, immediately after the death of the title character’s father. Name this Shakespeare play about a Prince of Denmark who suspects Claudius of having murdered his father. Hamlet
In Shakespeare's Hamlet, this daughter of Polonius is devastated when Hamlet seems not to love her any longer. This woman goes mad and eventually drowns herself under a willow tree. Ophelia
After protesting against this policy, Eugene Debs said “while there is a soul in prison, I am not free". Name this 1917 governmental policy affecting young men It was enacted after voluntary enlistment failed to create a 1 million man force in WWI the Draft
In this battle, William Howe ordered cannons on Copp’s Hill to fire on the Americans. The order “don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes” was given during this battle, fought outside Boston. Name this Revolutionary War battle Battle of Bunker Hill
This man’s presidency lasted less than 900 days, the shortest term for any US president who didn’t die in office. Name this Republican politician, who lost his only Presidential election to Jimmy Carter Gerald Ford
A month after taking office, US President Gerald Ford controversially carried out this presidential action, noting that “someone must write the end to” a national tragedy. pardoning former US President Richard Nixon
Gerald Ford became President because he was Vice President when Nixon resigned; he had become Vice President in accordance with this Constitutional amendment, which clarified presidential succession and was adopted in 1967 25th amendment
Andy Serkis played the mysterious Supreme Leader Snoke in this franchise, whose film subtitled “The Last Jedi” focused on Rey’s relationship with Luke Skywalker. Star Wars
Andy Serkis also played this corrupted hobbit whose only goal is to reclaim his “precious.” At the end of the Lord of the Rings film trilogy, this character smiles as he falls into the fires of Mt. Doom, having achieved his goal Gollum
In his most recent film, Andy Serkis reprised his role as this leader of the “planet of the apes.” This character was originally the pet of Will Rodman, who likely named him after a Roman leader. Caesar
Aphrodite was the lover of this extraordinarily beautiful mortal man, and became so distraught at this man’s death during a hunt that she caused anemone flowers to bloom where his blood fell. Adonis
One section of this river separates the neighborhoods of Foggy Bottom and Georgetown from Rosslyn in Arlington County. Name this river, which flows past Ronald Reagan National Airport south of the Lincoln Memorial. Potomac
The Potomac River ultimately flows into this bay, bounded on the east by the Delmarva Peninsula. Cities on its northern shores include Annapolis and Baltimore. Chesapeake River
Name this novel about Henry Fleming’s experience as a Union soldier in the Civil War. In this work, Henry talks to the Tattered Soldier moments before the latter’s death. Red Badge of Courage
According to legend, Abraham Lincoln called this author the “little woman who started the big war,” because she exposed the horrors of slavery in Uncle Tom’s Cabin Harriet Beecher Stowe
Name the Judeo-Christian patriarch whose wives, Leah and Rachel, escalated a war of child production by offering this man their handmaids Zilpah and Bilhah, making this man the father of twelve sons, including Judah and Joseph Jacob
Buffalo Bill Cody worked with this sharpshooting woman to help popularize his show; that history inspired an Irving Berlin musical about this woman “[getting] her gun.” Annie Oakley
A member of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show was this Lakota chief who, with Crazy Horse, defeated General Custer at the Battle of Little Bighorn Sitting Bull
The class Chondrichthyes, containing sharks and rays, has skeletons made of this flexible tissue also found in the human nose and outer ear. Cartilage
Arthropods like insects and crustaceans have exoskeletons made of this tough polysaccharide that also makes up fungus cell walls chitin
This feat was done 195 times in 2017 by both Chris Davis & Khris Davis. Doing this 4 times earns a golden sombrero. Symbolized by a letter K, what baseball stat can be earned by swinging & missing 3 times? Strikeout
This brother of Orthrus was unable to pierce the Nemean Lion skin worn by Heracles during his twelfth labor, during which this creature was captured from Hades. Name this three-headed guard dog of the Greek underworld. Cerebus
A religion in this country practices Harae which involves washing away sin with water. Monks in this country created rock gardens to aid them in their meditations. Temples are fronted by red gates called torii . Zen Buddhism & Shinto are found where? Japan
Many books in the Tanakh and biblical Old Testament have a well-established tradition regarding their authorship. Name this first book of both the Torah and Old Testament, which details the creation of the world and is usually attributed to Moses Genesis
King David is credited with writing most of the poems in this book of the Bible, including a verse that begins “The Lord is my shepherd / I shall not want.” Psalms
The rise in earthquakes in Oklahoma is believed to be related to the rise in this process, used in the oil and natural gas industry, in which pressurized liquid is used to crack underground rock, allowing the gas or oil to be collected. Hydraulic Fracturing
In 2009, Chrises Hemsworth and Pine united to play George and James Kirk in a J.J. Abrams reboot of this sci-fi franchise. This Gene Roddenberry-created franchise returned to television in 2017 with the premiere of Discovery. Star Trek
The third film in a Marvel superhero franchise will boast the highest concentration of Chrises yet. In this film,Hemsworth, Pratt, and Evans will reprise their roles as Thor, Starlord, and Captain America to defeat Thanos. Avengers: Infinty War
Christa McAuliffe was killed in the failure of this vehicle, which was launched in unusually cold conditions. Name this Space Shuttle that broke apart during liftoff in 1986. Space Shuttle Challenger
Christa McAuliffe was to become the first person with this job to travel in space. The Challenger disaster was witnessed live on television by millions of people because of McAuliffe’s role in the mission. teacher
Rhapsody in Blue opens with a famous solo for this instrument which glissandos despite being a single-reed instrument and not, say, a trombone. Clarinet
The protagonist of this novel muses about where ducks go in the winter after visiting Central Park. For ten points each, Name this novel by JD Salinger , in which Holden Caulfield wanders around New York City after being expelled from Pencey Prep. Catcher in the Rye
During the American Revolution, soldiers in the British army were known as “lobsters” and as this colorful term, based on their uniforms. Redcoats
At the opposite end of the Mohs scale from diamond is this very soft mineral, used as a coating on rubber gloves and sometimes found in baby powder. Talc
A sclerometer is normally used to find a mineral’s rank on this scale, though the Vickers scale has largely replaced it. Name this traditional scale of mineral hardness. Diamond ranks a 10 on this scale because it can scratch all common materials. Mohs Hardness Scale
This mythical figure was the sister of Stheno and Euryale, and became the mother of Chrysaor and Pegasus after her death. Name this snake-haired Gorgon woman, whose gaze turned all who saw her into stone. Medusa
This Greek hero, the son of Zeus and Danae, slew Medusa and later married Andromeda. Perseus
The Strait of Hormuz is the only route for ships to leave this body of water and enter the Indian Ocean. Name this body of water, in which the island country of Bahrain lies. Persian Gulf
Kuwait was invaded on the orders of this Iraqi dictator. A decade later, US forces invaded Iraq, took Baghdad, and captured this man Saddam Hussein
Name this van Gogh painting of the interior of a restaurant with red walls and a green ceiling. A man in white stands near the center of this painting, next to a pool table in the center of the room. The Night Cafe
To predict the results of a trihybrid cross, one of these diagrams would need 64 individual boxes. For ten points each, Name this diagram used to determine the genotypes of offspring produced by parents with known allele Punnett Square
If a breeding experiment results in 75% of the offspring showing the dominant phenotype, it is likely both parents have this genotype containing both a dominant and recessive allele. heterozygous
Punnett squares are used to model the rules of inheritance as proposed by this 19th century Austrian friar, whose work on pea plants inspired the development of genetics. Gregor Mendel
This term, from the Latin for “deceptive” or “false,” describes a form of reasoning that is either logically unsound or argumentatively questionable Fallacy
As a Congressman from Tennessee, this man opposed the Indian Removal Act; that stance cost him re-election in 1831. Name this politician who later fought in the Texas War for Independence. This figure became known later as the“King of the Wild Frontier.” Davy Crockett
Davy Crockett died while defending this San Antonio mission during the Texas War for Independence. William Travis and James Bowie also died at this fort. The Alamo
In filming a commercial for this brand, Michael Jackson’s hair caught on fire in a pyrotechnics accident. In World War Z, a character uses this drink to distract zombies. Kendall Jenner ends a protest by giving a police officer a can of what soda? Pepsi
This philosopher described the “four causes” of objects in his Metaphysics, which some believe are a series of lecture notes from his school, the Lyceum. This teacher of Alexander the Great. was an ancient Greek philosopher, the student of Plato Aristotle
A later thought experiment, proposed by Erwin Schrodinger, posits that one of these animals trapped in a box can be alive and dead at the same time until the moment it is observed. Cat
The Latin name of a sword inspired this term. Name this athletic occupation, usually held by slaves, that fought in arenas for the enjoyment of Roman citizens Gladiators
The grandest examples of gladiatorial combat took place in this Roman arena, the largest amphitheater ever built Colosseum
The “Pink” one in Shiraz has extensive stained glass windows, & Al-Aqsa in Jerusalem is the “furthest” one of these buildings, to which Muhammad was transported during the Night Journey. Name these places of worship in Islam. Mosque
The Blue Mosque in Istanbul has six of these towers. In many mosques, muezzins call out the adhan-the call to worship-from these tall, thin towers Minaret
This university in Massachusetts, whose leaders have included Increase Mather and Charles Eliot, is the oldest American university Harvard
One of these kicks can directly score a goal but is rare. Name this method of restarting play in soccer, named for the position in the field where the kick is made. This play happens the ball is kicked out of bounds over the goal line by a defender. Corner Kick
A frameshift mutation in the NOD2 gene results in this inflammatory bowel disease, named for its American discoverer, that is caused by the immune system attacking patches throughout the digestive tract. Crohn's Disease
This world of the Norse afterlife was named for the daughter of Loki, and was home to those who died of age or sickness rather than in battle. Helheim
In this ancient culture’s myth system, Xolotl guided the dead to Mictlan, an afterlife governed by Mictlantecuhtli. Quetzalcoatl used the bones from Mictlan to create the fifth version of the world in this culture’s myth system Aztec
This continent is home to the Drakensberg, a 600 mile long formation in the Great Escarpment, and Mount Kenya, which features over a dozen peaks. Name this continent whose highest peak, Kilimanjaro, stands over Tanzania Africa
This common Ph indicator is extracted from a lichen and often embedded in a namesake paper that turns red in acids and blue in bases. Litmus paper
According to some legends, this man reached Greece as a slave from Ethiopia. Name this ancient fabulist whose tales, such as “The Ant and the Grasshopper,” are catalogued in the Perry Index. Aesop
The Bonus Army built one of these settlements in Washington, D.C., and in Central Park, Manhattan. Give this term for shantytowns built in the 1930s. “honoring” the US President blamed for the economic troubles that led to the widespread homelessness. Hoovervilles
The book of Matthew presents this text as a replacement for long, pagan-style prayers. In Catholicism,this text is recited between the decades of the rosarys. Name this common prayer that begins “Our Father, who art in heaven.” Lord's Prayer
This console’s games included Earthbound, F-Zero game, & Donkey Kong Country, and its controller used X and Y buttons in addition to A and B buttons. Name this 16-bit game console that was released in the US in 1991 and re released in 2017 with 20 games Super Nintendo
The Super Nintendo Classic also includes the first game in this racing series, in which Luigi and Yoshi can fire shells at each other on Rainbow Road. Mario Kart
The northernmost land action of the Civil War took place in this state, when Confederate soldiers raided the city of St. Albans. Name this New England state, the home of the Green Mountains and the cities of Burlington and Montpelier Vermont
Name this Hindu creator god, who is usually depicted with four faces, each facing a cardinal direction. This god is part of the Trimurti with Shiva and the preserver, Vishnu. Brahma
After the god Ganesha came between Parvati and Shiva, Shiva beheaded him and replaced his head with that of this large animal, with ivory tusks and large ears Indian Elephant
The 2017 “Medicare for All” bill was introduced by this Vermont Senator, an independent who ran for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination against Hillary Clinton. Bernie Sanders
This Frenchman and his colleague, Emile Roux, first showed that a “dead” virus vaccine could work when they saved Joseph Meister from rabies in 1885 Louis Pasteur
Though the organs of the poor were liquified and drained, wealthy Egyptians’ stomach, intestines, lungs, and liver were stored in these containers, which were decorated with and guarded by the four sons of Horus canopic jars
This poet wrote “Life for me ain’t been no crystal stair” in his poem, “Mother to Son.” Name this African-American poet of “I, Too” and “Theme for English B.” This author asked “What happens to a dream deferred?” in his poem Harlem. Langston Hughes
This Sci Fi BBC series cast Jodie Whittaker as the thirteenth actor, and first woman, to play the title time lord, taking over from Peter Capaldi. Other stars of this show have included David Tennant and Matt Smith Doctor Who
This Fox show’s 2017 reboot was given another season in 2018. It follows the supernatural investigations carried out by FBI agents Mulder and Scully X Files
In 1989, this physical barrier dividing the east and west halves of a German city was opened after 28 years Berlin Wall
A statue of this story’s title character sits on a coastal rock in Copenhagen. Name this short story in which the youngest daughter of the Sea King bargains with a witch to get legs so that she can fall in love with a human prince. Little Mermaid
In this Hans Christian Andersen tale, a tiny girl escapes from a toad, a beetle, and a mole, and eventually marries a flower-fairy prince, who gives her wings. Thumbelina
The ability for organisms to live in seawater is highly dependent on this quantity, which is higher in brackish water than fresh water. The Dead Sea has a value over 30% for this quantity, and ocean water is usually 3.5%. Salinity
The dissolved salts in the ocean give seawater a higher value for this property of mass per unit volume, making it easier to float in seawater compared to freshwater. Density
Sun Tzu, a general during China’s ancient Spring and Autumn Period, wrote this influential treatise on military tactics. Its 13 chapters include entries on using spies and moving armies. The Art of War
After this god’s mother, Semele, died at the sight of Zeus in his full glory, this god was reborn from Zeus’s thigh and spread the cultivation of grapes for wine throughout Greece. Name this Greek god of wine, merrymaking, and divine inspiration. Dionysus
This Greek goddess governed the harvest. This goddess made summer when her daughter lived with her, but let the plants die into winter during the parts of the year her daughter lived in Hades. Demeter
This first-born daughter of Cronus and Rhea oversaw the preparation of food from the plants that Demeter made grow. In some stories, this goddess kept the peace by giving up her seat in Olympus to Dionysus. Hestia
An Wagner opera based on this legendary story was inspired by an experience fleeing Latvia through stormy seas. Name this legendary doomed ghost ship that is cursed to sail the oceans forever unless its captain can convince a faithful woman to marry him Flying Dutchman
With a steady hand and some help from this force, nearly 50 drops of water can fit on a penny. Name this interaction between fluid molecules that allows insects to walk across the surface of a pond Surface Tension
This iron structure was built for the 1889 World’s Fair. It remains the world’s most visited monument and the tallest structure in Paris. Eiffel Tower
When Seattle hosted the 1962 World’s Fair, they commissioned this 600 foot tall observation tower, painted in “Astronaut White.” Space Needle
The Crazy Horse memorial is being built in this state’s Black Hills, a short drive from Mount Rushmore. South Dakota
In this film, Etta Candy helps a character buy modern clothing &Isabel Maru makes a poison that can destroy gas masks. This film’s title character deflects bullets with her bracelets. What 2017 film stars Gal Gadot as an Amazon warrior? Wonder Woman
Name this state of matter that has definite shape and volume. Matter in this state may be amorphous, but often has a crystalline structure. Solid
At low pressure, phase diagrams show that solids can transition directly into gases by this phase change. Dry ice becomes carbon dioxide gas by this phase change Sublimation
The Four Seasons are, like hundreds of Vivaldi’s works, concertos written for this instrument. A traditional string quartet features a pair of these instruments. Violin
Name this annual publication, filled with astronomical information, poems, proverbs, and a calendar, that was extremely popular in the American colonies. Poor Richard's Almanac
Poor Richard’s Almanac was written under the name “Richard Saunders” by this inventor and founding father Ben Franklin
When the mythical Greek King Oeneus snubbed this goddess, she released a vicious boar on his city-state of Calydon. Name this Greek goddess of the hunt, whose actions led to the Calydonian Boar Hunt Artemis
This legendary huntress and devotee of Artemis landed the first wound on the Calydonian Boar. This woman was later tricked into marrying Hippomenes when he beat her in a foot race. Atalanta
Aaron Judge broke his home run record with 52. The record for home runs in a rookie season was 49 by this Oakland Athletic in 1987. As a St. Louis Cardinal in 1998, he broke Roger Maris’ single season record, finishing with 70 home runs Mark McGwire
Chthonians and Hot Jupiters are two types of these objects discovered by the Kepler space telescope.Name this term for large bodies found orbiting a star outside of Earth’s solar system. Named examples of these include Draugr, Arion, and Hypatia Exoplanets
About 20 percent of Sun-sized stars have an orbiting exoplanet within this zone, where temperature and radiation levels are thought to be “just right” for supporting life Goldilocks zone
This man’s brother, Hasdrubal, was killed at the Battle of the Metaurus, after which his head was cut off and thrown into this man’s camp. Name this Carthaginian general who invaded Italy over the Alps to attack Rome with Elephants Hannibal
“Dark They Were, and Golden-Eyed” and “The Locusts” are from this American science fiction writer’s collection The Martian Chronicles. This man also wrote Something Wicked This Way Comes and “A Sound of Thunder.” Ray Bradbury
Name this quantity, often measured as the number of species in a given area, that is particularly high in “hotspots” like Madagascar and Colombia. Biodiversity
One major threat to biodiversity is this type of non-native species that can out-compete native plants and animals. The brown tree snake in Guam and the zebra mussel in America are examples Invasive Species
This Japanese climbing vine was introduced to the US in the 19th century and quickly “took over” the American South. Kudzu
I.M. Pei’s pyramidal glass design for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is similar to his front entrance design for this Parisian palace-turned-art museum, which holds Leonardo da Vinci’s Virgin and Child with Saint Anne & the Mona Lisa Louvre
This theorem, named for an ancient Greek mathematician and philosopher, sets the square of the hypotenuse of a right triangle equal to the sum of the squares of the two legs. As a formula, it’s usually written a squared plus b squared equals c squared Pythagorean Theorem
If two angles of a triangle have known sizes, the size of the third angle can be found by subtracting the two known sizes from this value. 180 degrees
The Thursday before Good Friday, which commemorates the Last Supper, is often given this name, which is thought to come from the Latin for “commandment.” Maundy Thursday
Although fuel concerns & improving American counterattacking forced a withdrawal, Admiral Yamamoto later lamented the cancellation of the third wave of this attack. Name this December 7, 1941 surprise attack on the US Pacific fleet. Pearl Harbor
Over 1,100 men were killed in the sinking of this battleship in Pearl Harbor. A floating memorial over the hull of this ship commemorates those lost during the attack. USS Arizona
Name this concept. It names an 18th century period in which philosophers like Kant, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and David Hume argued for separation of church and state, liberty, and increased reliance on scientific examination of the world Age of Enlightenment
During the Enlightenment, Denis Diderot & French thinkers collaborated on one of these works, which collect human knowledge. While these works are often organized alphabetically, they provide much more detailed information than a simple dictionary. Encyclopedia
Discourse during the Enlightenment in France took place in these gatherings, which were often organized by upperand middle-class women in their homes. Salons
During that writing contest, Mary Shelley told a story that would later become this novel, in which the title medical student creates a living monster out of the body parts of the dead Frankenstein
This principle is often stated as the inability to exactly measure a particle’s position and momentum at the same time. Name this quantum physics principle. It was first introduced by Werner Heisenberg in 1927 Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle
This singer is seen as a “Miley Cyrus impersonator” in a music video for a song that claims that “karma’s not a liar / she keeps receipts.” Another song says has the “eye of the tiger / dancing through the fire.” Name this artist behind "Roar" Katy Perry
During this war, the submarine H.L. Hunley sank twice during testing and once more in a real attack. Name this war in which the Monitor and Merrimack, two ironclads, clashed at Hampton Roads. American Civil War
In an attempt to end the Civil War, Winfield Scott developed this plan to economically “strangle” the South. This plan, commonly depicted in newspapers as a snake, was a massive blockade of every Southern port. Anaconda Plan
A key aspect of the Anaconda Plan was to take complete control of the Mississippi River by seizing this city. David Farragut captured this city without a fight; as a result, historic buildings in its French Quarter survived the war New Orleans
Gods were not the only common subject of classical sculpture; a highly-regarded sculpture by the Greek artist Myron shows a nude athlete bending at an odd angle to perform this title action. Throwing a Discus
Name these heavy, slow-moving masses that can carve sharp ridges called cirques into mountains. Some, but not all, of these masses disappeared at the end of the last ice age Glaciers
The Pali Canon collects the teachings and sayings of this man, who developed the philosophy of the “Middle Way.” Name this man, who founded a namesake Indian religion and achieved enlightenment under the Bodhi tree Gautama Buddha
This symbol appears with pi in the exponent of the e in Euler’s formula. Name this letter that symbolizes the basic unit of imaginary numbers, the square root of negative 1. i
Disney is struggling to find Middle Eastern & Indian actors for this film’s lead roles, a live action remake of a 1992 movie and critics are doubting whether Will Smith can live up to Robin Williams’ original performance as the Genie. Aladdin
Donald Glover and James Earl Jones will play a father and son pair in this Disney remake, slated for 2019. Beyonce is in talks to join this film, both in the cast as Nala and on the soundtrack. The Lion King
To correctly identify metals in a flame test, you can heat a sample with one of these devices, named for a German chemist, that uses a valve to adjust the gas-air mixture for a hotter flame Bunsen Burner
Solutions are often prepared in one of these glass containers with a narrow neck and wide bottom. These containers come in volumetric and Erlenmeyer types. Flasks
This goddess neglected to ask the mistletoe plant not to harm her son, which ultimately led to his death. Name this Norse goddess, the wife of Odin, whose blind son Hodr was tricked into killing her other son with a spear of mistletoe. Frigg(a)
Frigg made everything in the world except mistletoe promise not to harm this god after he had prophetic dreams of his own death. This son of Frigg was killed by his brother, Hodr. Baldr
Name this body system that relies on the circulatory system to transport the hormones secreted by glands like the pituitary, pancreas, and thyroid. Endocrine System
Negative feedback loops are key to this property of the endocrine system in which factors like body temperature, glucose level, and blood pressure are maintained at stable values homeostasis
DACA (Deferred Action Childhood Arrivals) applies to some 800,000 people often known by this term, derived from an acronym from a 2001 bill. To have this title one must have a high school diploma, a clean criminal record, and meet other requirements DREAMERS
Name these Asian people, known for their mounted archers. These people established the Golden Horde in the 13th century. Mongols
In this book, Greta moves in with a family in Stillwater. Greta, her children, & Captain Cook become performers but are eventually released at the North Pole by Admiral Drake. Name this book about a man who takes care of some birds who prefer the cold Mr. Poppers Penguins
Frank Sinatra was nominated for 6 of these awards in 1958. The group Pentatonix won one of these awards in 2015 & 2016 for their a cappella arrangement work. Name these music awards given by the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences. Grammys
This substance is created in the anther & is stuck to the stamen. It can be blown by the wind or carried by insects to reach the pistil, where it will fertilize the plant . Name this substance made of small grains which allow plants to reproduce pollen
Rabbis are seen as masters and teachers of this collection of five Biblical books, including what we know in English as Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy Torah
The Elgin Marbles came from this ancient Greek building. Name this historic temple in Athens, which was mostly destroyed by the Ottoman Empire in 1687. Parthenon
This animated Disney movie from 2000 was set in South America. Name this movie about Kuzco, who is turned into a llama and goes on an adventure with Pacha. The Emperor’s New Groove
This character is upset about how much attention his younger brother Manny gets. Name this main character from Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Greg Heffley
Greg’s best friend in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series is this kid, an only child who often goes on expensive vacations with his family. Rowley Jefferson
At the 2016 Grammys, Lady Gaga performed a tribute to this British singer who had recently died. He collaborated with Queen on the hit song “Under Pressure.” David Bowie
This writer wrote the song “A Boy Named Sue” for Johnny Cash. Name this writer, more famous for children’s poetry like his book Falling Up. Shel Silverstein
In 2 Kings 5, this army commander was told by a girl from Israel that the prophet in Samaria could heal him. This man first rejected Elisha’s directions, but was later persuaded. Name this leper who was made clean by washing 7 times in the Jordan River. Naaman
This term is used in biology to mean the way our bodies take in nutrients through the intestines or the way that chemicals enter through the skin. This term is used to describe what dark colors do to light and heat. Name this scientific term Absoprtion
In this book, the Cloud Men throw hail at the main characters as they are traveling across the Atlantic Ocean. Those characters include James Henry Trotter and Miss Spider. Name this Roald Dahl book about bugs who travel with a boy inside a large fruit James & GiantPeach
This instrument developed from the sackbut. To change the pitch of this instrument, players move part of the instrument to one of 7 positions 3 inches apart. This instrument represents the adults’ voices in Charlie Brown cartoons. Name this instrument Trombone
This place was formerly a U.S. military building called Fort Gibson. About 5,000 people a day passed through this place in New York near the Statue of Liberty, Name this immigration station from the early 20th century. Ellis Island
This person was the only woman to ever serve as the British Prime Minister, and she earned the nickname “The Iron Lady” for her tough negotiation skills with the Soviets. Name this leader of the Conservative Movement in the UK and friend to Ronald Reagan. Margaret Thatcher
This character is burned while trying to distract a dragon with a rock he turned into a dog. Name this student who, alongside Harry Potter, represented Hogwarts in the Triwizard Cup Cedric Diggory
During Goblet of Fire, Cedric is killed by this wizard, a friend of James Potter who becomes a Death Eater and who can transform into a rat. Peter Pettigrew (Wormtail)
This chess piece is allowed to move only along the diagonals of the chess board, meaning it always remains on the same color. Bishop
These animals build nests called drays. Some species can rotate their back paws and go down a tree head-first. The flying type of this animal glides using its skin like a parachute. Name these furry rodents, whose diets mostly consist of nuts & acorns Squirrels
This presidential candidate participated in civil rights demonstrations in Chicago, &won the 2016 New Hampshire primary. He identifies as a democratic socialist. Name this Vermont senator who ran for president in 2016 Bernie Sanders
Rick Riordan has written a book series featuring Norse mythology, starring this character who discovers that he is the son of the Norse god Frey. Magnus Chase
This character gives a lipstick tube that he finds to X-Ray, not realizing that it belonged to Kate Barlow. [Name this character from Holes whose first name is his last name spelled backwards. Stanley Yelnats
The authors Primo Levi and Elie Wiesel wrote about their experiences in this place. Name this concentration camp that Anne Frank’s father survived. Auschwitz
A type of velocity is this one, which occurs when an object is falling so that gravity is the only force acting on it; in other words, the object is in free fall. Terminal Velocity
One type of velocity is known by this name, which describes the velocity needed to leave Earth’s gravitational pull Escape Velocity
During this phase, the majority of the moon is lit up by the Sun, but as the days pass, the amount lit decreases until the third quarter. waning gibbous
Elijah travels to this mountain after fleeing Jezebel. Moses had received the Ten Commandments at this mountain. Mount Horeb
Peter Pettigrew turns into a rat named Scabbers and, for a while, becomes the pet of this other character in the Harry Potter Series Ron Weasley
These animals were sacred to the Egyptian goddess Hathor. Nandi is one of these animals owned by Shiva. One of these animals was made out of gold by the Israelites when Moses went to Mount Sinai. Name this animal, represented in the zodiac by Taurus. cow
Over 2,500 entertainers have stars on this place’s “walk of fame,” along a boulevard sharing this place’s name. A famous sign spelling this place’s name is made up of 45-foot tall white letters. Name this LA neighborhood, home to America’s film industry. Hollywood
This artist created several scenes of the Rouen Cathedral & the London Parliament. He also painted Haystacks & water lilies & launched an artistic movement with his paintings . Name this artist who painted Impression: Sunrise. Claude Monet
Insects molt because they outgrow this structure, which is usually made of chitin . This protective structure is also present in crustaceans and shelled mollusks such as snails and clams. Name this structure that supports an animal from the outside Exoskeleton
This band’s music video for “Night Changes” has scenes in an Italian restaurant. They were created on The X Factor by Simon Cowell. This band’s album Four was the last to include Zayn Malik. Name this British boy band who sang “What Makes You Beautiful.” One Direction
Who was the only U.S. president to have earned a Ph.D.? Woodrow Wilson
Which of the 48 contiguous U.S. states has the fewest people? Wyoming
What’s the fastest swimming marine mammal? Killer Whale
What French port did 200,000 British troops flee on June 4, 1940 during WWII? Dunkirk
What was the nickname of frontierswoman Martha Jane Burk? Calamity Jane
Who was the first U.S. President to hold a televised news conference? Dwight D Eisenhower
Why is the funny bone so called? It is the Humerus
News of this battle prompted the Greek navy to withdraw to Salamis. The Thebans chose to stay & make a last stand against the advance of the 10,000 Immortals. Name this 480 BCb fought the Persians Battle of Thermopylae
This Muslim leader helped end the Third Crusade by allowing Christians free passage to the holy land. Name this sultan, the Kurdish founder of the Ayyubid dynasty, who ruled much of the Middle East until his 1193 death Saladin
This group sang about “reading books of old” about Hercules, Achilles, & Spiderman in one song and described a “Blink 182 song/that we beat to death in Tuscon” Name this EDM-pop duo of “Something Just Like This” and “Closer.” The Chainsmokers
Walter Cronkite described this war as a “stalemate” after the Tet Offensive. Name this war in Southeast Asia, defined by jungle warfare against the communist forces of Ho Chi Minh. Vietnam War
American city in which “West Egg” and “East Egg” are fictional parts of Long Island in the The Great Gatsby New York
Year-long period of chaos between 1793 and 1794 in France in which thousands of people were executed on orders of the Committee of Public Safety Reign of Terror
Russian scientist who published the first periodic table in 1869. Dmitri (Ivanovich) Mendeleev
Synonym for “man-made” that describes Technetium and Plutonium, which cannot be naturally found on Earth. Synthetic
Disease, also known as consumption, that Violetta Valery suffers from in Guiseppe Verdi’s La Traviata. tuberculosis (or TB)
Musician of “Candle in the Wind” who worked with Tim Rice to adapt Verdi's opera Aida into a Broadway musical. Elton John
German agents orchestrated this man’s return from exile via a sealed train ride from Switzerland. Name this first leader of the Soviet Union, a communist who led the Bolsheviks during the chaos of World War I. Vladimir Lenin
To cross from the world of the living to the world of the dead, a soul had to pay a coin to this ferryman, who transported souls across Styx and Acheron. Charon
Once in the Greek underworld, the dead were put before a panel of three judges: Aeacus, Rhadamanthus, and this man, whose wife Pasipha¨e had an affair with a bull. Minos
Souls were prevented from leaving Hades in the Greek underworld by this three-headed dog, who guarded the underworld. He was eventually captured by Heracles during his twelve labors. Cerberus
Anne of Green Gables is by this Canadian author. Lucy Maude “L.M.” Montgomery
In this novel, Joe Gargery apprentices his brother-in-law to a blacksmith before the boy acquires a mysterious benefactor who trains him as a lawyer. Name this Charles Dickens novel where the convict Abel Magwitch gives the protagonist a bright future Great Expectations
Niels Bohr described these entities as concentric paths. Molecular types can be classified as bonding or antibonding, while atomic ones are separated into s, p, d, and f types. Name these models of how electrons “revolve around” a molecule or atom. orbitals
Electric charge is measured in this unit, whose unit abbreviation is a capital C in honor of its namesake. This unit is equal to one ampere per second. coulomb
In a 2015 song, Mike Posner laments an instance of drug use on this Mediterranean island. Name this Balearic island off the coast of Spain, known for its nightlife Ibiza
This Libyan dictator was overthrown during the Arab Spring. This author of the Green Book had ruled Libya for 42 years Muammar Gaddafi (or Qaddafi)
It is the home of a granite structure known as the Ka’aba Name this birth city of Muhammad, the holiest city in Islam. Mecca
Muslims face Mecca while performing their five daily prayers as part of this pillar of Islam salah
During the Hijra, Muhammad traveled to this city to the north of Mecca to escape persecution. Medina
This substance is composed of adenine, guanine, cytosine, and thymine. Name this molecule that provides the genetic instructions for life and whose double helix structure was discovered by Watson and Crick DNA
Carcinogens can cause these events in DNA. The “frameshift” type of these events includes the insertion or deletion of a nucleotide, changing the genetic code Mutations
Richard Nixon was pardoned for various crimes arising from this scandal by Gerald Ford in 1974. Name this scandal that began with a break-in at the namesake hotel, where the Democratic National Committee was headquartered. Watergate
As a result of the Watergate scandal, Nixon became the only President to do this action, doing so shortly after it became clear that he’d probably be impeached resign
About a year before resigning, Nixon gave a speech in which he claimed the “people have got to know whether or not their President is” one of these people, before claiming “I am not” one of these people. crook
Class of arthropods with 8 legs, such as spiders and scorpions. Arachnids
In 2011, NASA reported the discovery of what may be salty water flowing downslope on this planet. That discovery was made using orbital pictures, not data gained by the Curiosity rover Mars
George Washington was forced to leave this city & hold meetings in Germantown due to a 1793 yellow fever outbreak. This city’s Gazette & University were founded by Ben Franklin. The Declaration of Independence was signed in what Pennsylvania city? Philadelphia
This woman never actually cried “let them eat cake” when told of a famine affecting French peasants. Name this queen, who was executed a few months after her husband, Louis XVI, during the French Revolution Marie Antoinette
Two members of this political family were investigated by Kenneth Starr in the Whitewater Scandal. The husband was impeached, but not removed from office, for lying about his affair with Monica Lewinsky. Name this family that includes Bill and Hillary. Clinton
An English mathematician quarreled with Gottfried Leibniz over who invented this branch of mathematics. Leibniz used dy-dx [”d” “y” “d” “x”] notation in explaining derivatives, one of the primary operations of this branch of math. Calculus
A landing at Inchon allowed one side to end the Battle of the Pusan Perimeter in this war. In part because he wanted to use nuclear bombs against the Chinese, Douglas MacArthur was relieved by Harry Truman during this war. Name this war Korean War
Voting for the President and members of Congress takes place in this month, even though the electoral college doesn’t meet until December. November
Only two states do not have a winner-take-all system for allocating their electoral votes for the presidency. Name either. Nebraska and Maine
“If music be the food of love, play on!” Name this type of metrical line, consisting of 10 alternating unstressed and stressed syllables Iambic Pentameter
This “Bard of Avon” used iambic pentameter in most of his works, including a poem that begins “Two households, both alike in dignity/ in fair Verona, where we lay our scene…” that opens his Romeo and Juliet. William Shakespeare
The prologue to Romeo and Juliet, as well as 154 of Shakespeare’s poems, are in this poec form, whose 14 lines are divided into three quatrains and a final rhyming couplet. sonnet
Once known as brimstone, this element is an important component of black gunpowder and fertilizer. Name this element with atomic number 16 and chemical symbol S. Sulphur
South of the states of New South Wales and Victoria is this Australian island-state, named for a Dutch explorer. Tasmania
This god swallowed Halahala poison to save the world, and gained a blue-nted throat in the process. Name this Hindu god, whose powers of death and rebirth complement the maintainer Vishnu and the creator Brahma. Shiva
Twenty American and Soviet tanks had a standoff in October 1961 at this crossing in the Berlin Wall, near where Peter Fechter was shot in 1962 Checkpoint Charlie
This quanty is meant to stay within 1.5 to 2 percent per year. Give this term for the general increase in the price of goods and services in the economy Inflation
The Federal Reserve has 3 Congressionally-required objecves: stabilizing prices, maximizing employment, &controlling these values over the long run. If this rate is less than the inflation rate, the investment’s value will decrease over time. Interest Rates
In this play, John Proctor cries that he is “not worth the dust on the feet of them that hang.” Name this Arthur Miller play, set in 17 the century Salem and written as an allegory of Joseph McCarthy’s hunt for Communists in the government The Crucible
Near the end of the Crucible play, John Proctor refuses to submit his signed confession, shouting “I have given you my soul; leave me [this thing].” my name
This man altered the system to beat the Kobayashi Maru simulation, that tests an officer’s ability under pressure. This man screams “KHAAAN!” in a film that ends with the death of Spock. Name this captain of the USS Enterprise on the series Star Trek. James Tiberius Kirk
Biological examples of this type of chemical are called enzymes. Give this term for a chemical that accelerates a reaction without being consumed in it. Catalyst
Pollination by birds is called: ORNITHOPHILY
Linseed oil comes from what plant? Flax
What is the name given to the process, discovered by Goodyear, of adding sulfur to heated rubber? VULCANIZATION
What is the name for steel alloyed with chromium? STAINLESS STEEL
The branch of medical science which is concerned with the study of disease as it affects a community of people is called: EPIDEMIOLOGY
The study of how people use tools to perform work and how people physically relate to their working environment is called: ERGONOMICS
Occasionally, a bad cold will cause a decrease in a persons hearing ability. What is the name of the tube that becomes blocked to cause this problem? EUSTACHIAN TUBE
The science of weights and measures is called: METROLOGY
The word atom is from a Greek word meaning: INDIVISIBLE
This large bird of prey is related to the eagle. The bird is found on all continents. Three species, the swallow-tailed, white-tailed and the Mississippi are found in North America. What creatures travel in gaggles? Geese
Identify the Earth's largest INVERTEBRATE animal. Giant Squid
Pollination by wind is called: ANEMOPHILY
Name the type of camel that has two humps. BACTRIAN
The art of growing dwarfed trees in small pots, a technique perfected by the Japanese, is known as what? BONSAI
What is made from chicle? CHEWING GUM
The study of poisons is called: TOXICOLOGY
A device used to measure the amount of moisture in the atmosphere is called a: HYGROMETER
Who was known as "The Wizard of Menlo Park"? Thomas Edison
What is meant by the statement that an animal is oviparous? IT LAYS EGGS
Name the tropical American tree which produces the least dense wood known? Balsa
If a scuba diver suffers from the "bends", this means that which gas is being rapidly released from the blood and tissues? NITROGEN
An alloy consisting mainly of tin and lead is called: PEWTER
"Fool's gold" is a common name for this mineral: PYRITE
What science deals with the structure of the universe and its origin? COSMOLOGY
Recent discoveries of ancient cratering near the Yucatan Peninsula support the theory that a meteor or cometary impact may have resulted in mass extinctions of species on Earth about 65 million years ago. During which geologic period was that impact? Cretaceous Period
What common flavoring comes from the long slender fruit of a climbing orchid? Vanilla
In the Tyndall Effect, the intensity of scattered radiation is inversely proportional to the fourth power of the wavelength. Which one of the following colors of light would exhibit the most intense Tyndall scattering? Violet
One trillion is 1 followed by 12 zeros. What is 1 followed by 18 zeros? Quintillion
In the human body, what tendon attaches the gastrocnemius muscle to the calcaneus bone? ACHILLES TENDON
This Congressional Act of 1862 gave Americans free land if they farmed the Great Plains Homestead Act
Name the writing material made from tall water plants of ancient Egypt Papyrus
What type of business transaction has occurred when one corporation ceases to exist by becoming part of another continuing corporation? Merger
What bluish mineral, technically a hydrated phosphate of aluminum and copper, is used in Indian jewelry of the American Southwest? Turquoise
The bassoon, clarinet and flute are part of which instrument group? Woodwind
The nickname “doughboys” was given to American soldiers during which war? WWI
) What kind of front is indicated on a surface weather map by a line from which small triangles are emerging? Cold (front)
Letters are used as symbols which represent numbers in which branch of mathematics? Algebra
This recessive genetic disorder stunts growth and causes sweat to be overtly salty. The disorder causes one's lungs to fill with a thick mucus, causing difficulty breathing and often leading to pneumonia. Cystic Fibrosis
As of 2015, this 8-bar song by Patty and Mildred Hill is no longer under restrictive copyright protection, and can thus be sung as freely in movies and television as it can at your own annual party Happy Birthday
Macau and Hong Kong sit on the delta of a river named for this precious object. They can be farmed from oysters for use as jewelry. Pearl
This devious python in the Jungle Book hypnotizes Bagheera and the bear until they are freed by the “man-cub Kaa
Robert Herrick’s poem “To the Virgins, to Make Much of Time” begins by commanding the young to “gather ye rosebuds while ye may,” and is a classic example of this poetic movement, whose name is Latin for “seize the day.” Carpe Diem
This man was Secretary of State as part of a deal that gave John Q Adams the election of 1824. As Speaker of the House, this man successfully negotiated the Missouri Compromise. Name the Kentucky politician who was defeated in 3 presidential elections Henry Clay
Mozart wrote one of these pieces nicknamed “Coronation,” while J.S. Bach’s masterpiece of this type is in B minor. These pieces usually begin with a Kyrie and end with an Agnus Dei. Name these choral pieces intended to be used at church services. Masses
In this novel, a toxic black smoke and “heat-rays” finally stop, and destructive tripods are halted, when common Earth bacteria prove fatal to extraterrestrials Name this novel by H.G. Wells about a Martian invasion. War of the Worlds
This phenomenon stems from differences in water temperature & on land, causing atmospheric convection in the form of sea breezes. The Himalayan Mts cause this by forcing rain. Name this weather pattern where a reversal of winds brings heavy rain to Asia Monsoons
This leader gave the “History will Absolve Me” speech 6 years before he overthrew Fulgencio Batista. Nikita Khrushchev failed to arm his country during a 1962 Missile Crisis. Name the Communist leader who ruled Cuba for over forty years and died in 2016. Fidel Castro
Sheila Burnford novel that includes the line "This journey took place in a part of Canada which lies in the northeastern part of Ontario." (Starts with I) Incredible Journey
Small county bordered by Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon headed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Starts with I) Israel
North Atlantic Island that is the westernrmost country of Europe (Starts with I) Iceland
Grammatical label for an exclamatory word such as "Hey!" (Starts with I) Interjection
To move to a foreign country as a permanent resident (Starts with I) immigrate
Mythological goddess of the rainbow (Starts with I) Iris
A word meaning "a hanging piece of ice formed from dripping water"(Starts with I) icicle
Word describing the body's acquired resistance to a disease (Starts with I) immune
Acute contagious disease caused by a virus, a killer strain of which claimed many lives in 1918 (Starts with I ) influenza
Indian group Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro conquered in Peru in 1533 Incan
State in which the Carters of the Moon National Monument is located (Starts with I) Idaho
Spanish queen who with her husband Ferdinand sponsored Columbus voyage to America in 15th century Isabella
Singular word whose plural is indices Index
Minnesota Lake that is the source of the Mississippi River (starts with I) Lake Itasca
Law term for exemption from a duty or legal punishment (Starts with I) immunity
Court of the Roman Catholic Church convened in the Middle Ages to suppress heresy (Starts with I) Inquisition
Country whose capital is Tehran Iran
Imaginary north-south line that runs along the 180th meridian in the Pacific Ocean (Starts with I) International Date Line
Country whose capital is Dublin Ireland
US state who name is included in the name of the capital Indianapolis
State whose capital is Boise Idaho
Phrase or expression recognized as a unit in a given language (Starts with I) Idiom
Image of a god used as an object or worship (Starts with I) idol
"Rainbow Coalition" leader who was a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination in 1984 and 1988. (Starts with J) Jesse Jackson
US President who wife Claudia Taylor was known as "Lady Bird" (Starts with J) Johnson
Large Indonesian island or any coffee (Starts with J) Java
Mideast country of King Hussein I with Amman as its capital Jordan
Disease condition of the body characterized by a yellow coloration of the eyes ,urine, and skin (Starts with J) Jaundice
"Steel-Driving Man" who beat a steam drill in digging a hole (Starts with J) John Henry
Country in the West Indies whose capital is Kingston Jamaica
US City in which the Gator Bowl is played (Starts with J) Jacksonville
First Chief Justice of the United States (Starts with J) John Jay
American naval hero known for saying "I have not yet begun to fight" (Starts with J) John Paul Jones
Muslim term for "holy war" (Starts with J) jihad
American general who defeated the British army at the Battle of New Orleans on January 8, 1815. (Starts with J) Andrew Jackson
Nursery rhyme character who build a house in which a cat killed a rat. (Starts with J) Jack Sprat
Middle name of US President William Clinton (Starts with J) Jefferson
National flower of the US adopted in 1986 rose
Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court who succeeded Warren Burger in 1986 (Starts with R) Reinquist
Brazilian city whose name literally means "River of January" Rio de Janeiro
Jewish religious teacher (Starts with r) rabbi
Name this city, whose elected officials included tribunes, quaestors, praetors, and censors. This city’s inhabitants spread out over the Italian peninsula, displacing the Etruscans and Gauls. Rome
Rome’s enemy during the Punic Wars was this Phoenician city-state, originally founded as a colony of Tyre. This city was destroyed at the conclusion of the Third Punic War Carthage
This Carthaginian general during the Second Punic War was defeated by Scipio Africanus at the Battle of Zama Hannibal
Early versions of this device employed filaments of platinum and carbonized bamboo, before tungsten was found to last longer. Name this invention, which consists of a wire filament heated to such a high temperature that the filament glows. Incandescent Light Bulb
This American poet wrote “The Death of the Hired Man” and other poems of rural life, including “Birches” and a poem that claims “good fences make good neighbors.” Robert Frost
This goddess tied Europa to a tree and put Argus’s eyes on the feathers of the peacock, which was sacred to this goddess. She was the daughter of Cronos and Rhea. Name this jealous goddess, the wife of Zeus Hera
Two of these events can combine in the Fujiwhara effect. Name these storm systems with wind speeds of at least 74 miles per hour that develop from tropical storms. Hurricanes
This area of low pressure around which hurricanes form is the quietest area of the storm. It is surrounded by a dense wall eye
This scale measures the strength of hurricane based on windspeed, though it’s been criticized for not considering other factors like storm surge. Saffir-Simpson
This man described “the shot heard round the world” in the poem “Concord Hymn” and wrote essays like “The Over-Soul.” Name this transcendentalist author of the essays “Self-Reliance” and“Nature.” Ralph Waldo Emerson
He wrote about the soldier Rinaldi in the short story " In Our Time". Name this American author, who also included Rinaldi in a novel about English nurse Catherine Barkley caring for American World War I soldier Frederic Henry, in A Farewell to Arms. Ernest Hemingway
In this novel by Ernest Hemingway, the impotent soldier Jake Barnes, Robert Cohn, and Bill Gorton conflict over the affections of Lady Brett Ashley The Sun Also Rises
This god gave birth to four beings from his mind. Legend says this Hindu god was hatched from a golden cosmic egg , and in the Puranas, it is said this god was born from a lotus that emerged out of Vishnu’s navel.Name this four-headed Hindu creator god Brahma
The Church of the Nativity was constructed in this city to commemorate the birthplace of Jesus. Upon arriving in this city for a census, Joseph and Mary were turned away from all of the inns. Bethlehem
Although Bethlehem was Joseph’s childhood home, Jesus grew to adulthood in this Galilean city, the hometown of Mary Nazareth
Jesus spent the first years of his life in Egypt when Joseph and Mary fled from this murderous Roman king. After Jesus was born, the Magi reported his location to this king, who wanted to kill the “King of the Jews.” Herod the Great
In the classic Latin poem Inferno, who is the the poem’s author and narrator, who journeys through nine Circles of Hell? Dante Alighieri
The ancient Roman poet who leads the narrator in Dante's Inferno through Hell Virgil
The woman who later leads the narrator of Dante's Inferno through Heaven Beatrice
Island that makes up the ABC Islands with Bonaire and Curacao Aruba
This is the name of base 16, a popular base in computing because it’s a power of 2 that doesn’t require nearly as many digits to write as binary. Hexadecimal
Roosevelt stated “the only thing we have to fear is...fear itself” during this 1933 speech, in which he outlined how he would respond to the Great Depression. FDR's 1st Inaugural Speech
In addition to his more formal speeches, Roosevelt also gave these more informal radio addresses to the general public. The first of these addresses announced a “bank holiday.” Fireside Chats
In this novel, the “Sons of Adam” and “Daughters of Eve” reward the Beavers and Tumnus in the castle Cair Paravel. Aslan helps the Pevensie children become kings and queens in what first-published novel in C.S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia? The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe
In an eighteenth century addition to the Thousand and One Nights, Scheherazade tells the story of this man, who marries a princess after discovering a djinn in a magical oil lamp in a cave. Aladdin
In some stories, Atlas is the son of Aether and this personification of the Earth, who also gave birth to Uranus. Gaia
With Uranus, Gaia conceived this wife of Cronus, who was considered the mother of the Olympians by the ancient Greeks. Rhea
Name the sculpture that may represent Dante Alighieri. This nude, seated man hunches over with his chin on his fist as he carefully considers the plight of sinners. The Thinker
The Thinker is part of this sculpture group inspired by Dante’s Inferno. This set of sculptures includes depictions of sinners suffering for eternity for their earthly sins. The Gates of Hell
Name this physical constant that is symbolized with a lowercase c. No object can travel faster than this constant in a vacuum, and it remains constant in every reference frame Speed of Light
This physicist pioneered quantum theory by positing that light energy is emitted in discrete packets. A photon’s energy is equal to the frequency times this man’s constant, symbolized “h.” Max Planck
Identify the geographical term defined as distance measured by degrees or time east or west from the prime meridian. longitude
Identify the literary term defined as a comparing of two things without using the words "like" or "as" metaphor
What is the name for the new technology whereby a glass fiber carries as much information as hundreds of copper wires? fiber optics
Valentina Tereshkova became the first woman with this job by piloting Vostok 6. Others include the dog Laika, who died inside Sputnik 2. Yuri Gagarin, the first person in outer space, served as, what Soviet counterpart to US astronauts? cosmonaut
In 2008, Otis McDonald sued Chicago over a ban on these items;Charlton Heston stated that Al Gore could take one from his “cold dead hands.” The Brady Bill requires federal background checks be performed before buying what objects in the 2nd Amendment? guns
A solution of chromate ions has this color, as does the precipitate formed when lead nitrate reacts with potassium iodide. Sodium compounds give off this color in a flame test.Name this color associated with elements like sulfur and gold. Yellow
In this short story by Richard Connell, Sanger Rainsford survives a shipwreck only to hunted like an animal by the sadistic Zaroff. The Most Dangerous Game (accept The Hounds of Zaroff)
Hunting individual humans can be tiring, so this Irish satirist devised a plan to cook and eat the young children of starving Irish families during the potato famine in his essay “A Modest Proposal.” Jonathan Swift
In the Damon Knight short story “To Serve Man,” which was made into a 1962 Twilight Zone episode, the narrator finds out that the title work is not a guide for aliens on how to help humankind, but is instead this type of book Cookbook
This math operation can be expressed as fractional exponents, such as 64 to the 1/3 power. Name this operation symbolized by a checkmark-like symbol that extends over the input. root
If the universe is closed, then all space may contract back into a single point in an event called this, the opposite of the Big Bang. Big Crunch
Though his attempt to synthesize quinine was a failure, William Perkin became a rich and famous chemist anyway. Perkin’s failed experiment resulted in this first synthetic dye. Its name is now synonymous with a pale purple color mauve
James Tallmadge wrote that slavery in this state would exist, but eventually die away.Name this state, the subject of an 1820 compromise that allowed this state to have slavery as long as every new state north and west of it entered as a free state. Missouri
The Missouri Compromise also admitted this free state to the Union, keeping a North/South balance in the Senate. This state had previously been Massachusetts’ territory. Maine
A passing remark in the ruling of this infamous Supreme Court case invalidated the Missouri Compromise. More directly, this 7-2 decision ruled that slaves were not US citizens and could not sue in court. Dred Scott v Sanford
In a song, this singer says, “You held me down, but I got up” before proclaiming that she has the “eye of the tiger / dancing through the fire.” Name this artist behind “Swish Swish” and “Roar.” Katy Perry
The pulla type of this garment was worn in mourning, and the picta was dyed purple to be worn by Emperors. Name this large, woolen garment that was draped and folded over ancient Roman men. togas
This novel’s protagonist joins a pickpocket organization led by Fagin after a run-in with the Artful Dodger. Name this Charles Dickens novel about a title orphan who says “please, sir, I want some more.” Oliver Twist
A student of this branch of math may use Thales’s [thay-lees’s] theorem to construct a tangent line. Name this branch of math studied in Euclid’s Elements, which defines objects like points, lines, and angles. Geometry
The Roosevelt Corollary modified this man’s namesake doctrine, & his goodwill tour of America was described as the “Era of Good Feelings.” Name this 5thPresident of the United States whose namesake doctrine limited European involvement in North America Monroe (James)
Teenagers on the island of T’au in this body of water were studied by Margaret Mead. Thor Heyerdahl’s raft Kon-Tiki crossed this ocean in a test of Polynesian technology. Coming of Age in Samoa studied island residents of what ocean? Pacific Ocean
India and Thailand are the largest exporters of this crop, whose varieties include Japonica, Jasmine, and Basmati. Name this important cereal crop in many Asian cultures that is grown in paddies. rice
The dog Argus recognizes this man, who is held captive by (*) Calypso and tricks Polyphemus, a cyclops, by claiming to be “no one.” Name this title character of a epic poem by Homer, who has a ten-year journey home to Ithaca Odysseus
During this war, the submarine H.L. Hunley sank twice during testing and once more in a real attack. Name this war in which the Monitor and Merrimack, two ironclads, clashed at Hampton Roads. American Civil War
In an attempt to end the Civil War, Winfield Scott developed this plan to economically “strangle” the South. This plan, commonly depicted in newspapers as a snake, was a massive blockade of every Southern port Anaconda Plan
A key aspect of the Anaconda Plan was to take complete control of the Mississippi River by seizing this city. David Farragut captured this city without a fight; as a result, historic buildings in its French Quarter survived the war New Orleans
Gods were not the only common subject of classical sculpture; a highly-regarded sculpture by the Greek artist Myron shows a nude athlete bending at an odd angle to perform this title action throwing a discus
Both the special and general theories of relativity were developed by this physicist, whose multiple breakthroughs in 1905 led to that year being called his Annus Mirabilis Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein’s 1921 Nobel Prize cited his 1905 explanation of the effect in which shining light on metals causes them to emit these subatomic particles. electrons
Name these autonomous, humanoid machines from science fiction, which are governed by “Three Laws” that dictate that these things cannot injure a human or allow a human to come to harm robots
This author’s Three Laws of Robotics appear in his short story collection I, Robot. This prolific author also wrote the Foundation series. Isaac Asimov
This robot from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy does not follow Asimov’s Three Laws very well, possibly because of his extreme depression, which causes a bridge on Squornshellous Zeta to destroy itself and take an entire crowd of people with it Marvin the Paranoid Android Robot
Centuries ago, Adam’s Bridge was a land connection linking Sri Lanka to this subcontinent, now the second-most populous country in the world. India Indian subcontinent)
The distinctive pyramidal peak of the Matterhorn resulted from many of these objects moving simultaneously. Name these heavy, slow-moving masses that can carve sharp ridges called cirques into mountains. Some disappeared at the end of the last ice age. glaciers
The Pali Canon collects the teachings and sayings of this man, who developed the philosophy of the “Middle Way.”Name this man, who founded a namesake Indian religion and achieved enlightenment under the Bodhi tree Gautama Buddha or Siddhartha Gautama
Some passages of the Pali Canon are memorized and recited as a form of this spiritual practice, which is often done to promote relaxation. The Buddha achieved enlightenment by doing this under the Bodhi tree meditation
This symbol appears with pi in the exponent of the e in Euler’s formula. Name this letter that symbolizes the basic unit of imaginary numbers, the square root of negative 1. i
Peter the Great ruled as Tsar of this country, which he led into the Great Northern War with Sweden Russia
Among Peter’s the Great's methods of Westernizing his people was placing a tax on this fashion choice. The tax was unpopular, as many men felt that this fashion choice was a religious duty. wearing a beard
This man is rumored to have stabbed his father with a pair of scissors. Name this character who hides trinkets in a tree outside his house and who carries Jem home after he is attacked. Arthur Boo Radley
To correctly identify metals in a flame test, you can heat a sample with one of these devices, named for a German chemist, that uses a valve to adjust the gas-air mixture for a hotter flame. Bunsen Burner
The protagonist of this work is described as a “prince of yesterday” and a “fools’ pope.” Name this Victor Hugo novel about Quasimodo, the title deformed bell-ringer of a Paris cathedral. Hunchback of Notre Dame
Homeostatic regulation of this process is controlled by melatonin produced by the pineal gland, setting circadian rhythms. This process goes through REM and non-REM phases over the course of, optimally, eight hours per night Sleep Cycle
The frequency of this action increased during the Obama administration to roughly 400,000 people per year. Name this process of expelling foreign nationals, commonly illegal immigrants, from a country. deportation
A woman and man are shrouded in this material in Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss, which is covered in this material’s decorative “leaf” form. Name this precious metal that can best be hammered into a thin, decorative sheet when its purity is roughly 22 karats gold leaf
In a novel by this author, Roger Chillingworth changes his name while pursuing his wife, who has been marked with the title shameful symbol. Hester Prynne was created by what author of Twice-Told Tales and The Scarlet Letter? Nathaniel Hawthorne
This man appointed Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court & passed the Affordable Care Act, & ran with the slogan “Yes We Can” to defeat John McCain in the 2008 presidential election. Name this first African-American president of the US Barack Obama
In this book, Professor Charity Burbage is killed by a snake. Characters discover the secret identity of R.A.B after receiving help from the elf, Kreacher. Horcruxes must be destroyed in order to kill Voldemort. Name this 7th book by JK Rowling Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows
This composers 3rd symphony was originally composed to honor Napoleon, is titled “Eroica.” He depicted “fate knocking at the door” in the beginning “G-G-G-E flat” of his 5th symphony, & his 9th symphony is a setting of Friedrich Schiller’s “Ode to Joy.” Ludwig von Beethoven
An opposite of this concept, determinism, says that there is a single, unavoidable course of events. Name this philosophical concept that holds people can make choices about their future actions. Free will
For two months of this battle, soldiers defended Pavlov’s House against Friedrich Paulus’s Sixth Army, who eventually surrendered to Georgy Zhukov. Name this lengthy World War II siege of a Russian city named for the Soviet premier. Battle of Stalingrad
Robert Goddard realized the third law of motion would allow these devices to operate in a vacuum. Wernher von Braun studied these devices. Solid or liquid propellants power what projectiles that include the German V-2 and NASA’s Saturn V? Rockets
In Jainism, the arihat achieve this goal at death. The Eightfold Path is a guide for reaching this state, which frees a person from dukkha and samsara. Name this goal of Buddhism, a state of enlightenment which ends the karmic cycle of reincarnation. Nirvana
A musical work with this number includes a setting of Friedrich Schiller’s poem “Ode to Joy.” In four-four time, two whole notes and a quarter note tied together will last this many beats. Give this number of Beethoven’s final symphony. 9
August Spies was executed in this city for his role in the Haymarket Square bombing. In 1871, Mrs O’Leary’s cow legendarily started a “Great” fire in, what largest city of Illinois? Chicago
Undercooked beef may be contaminated with this prokaryote that can divide every 20 minutes in a Petri dish. Name this Gram-negative, rod-shaped species that is normally found in the human large intestine, the most important bacterial model organism. E Coli
Lines from this poet’s works are commonly translated as “should old acquaintance be forgot / and never brought to mind?” and “the best-laid plans of mice and men / oft go awry.” Name this Scottish poet who wrote “Auld Lang Syne” and “To a Mouse.” Robert Burns
Morgan Spurlock relied on this company for 30 days as part of his 2004 documentary Super Size Me. In 2017, this company hosted a giveaway for their 1998 special, Szechuan sauce. Name this fast food chain that sells Big Macs under the “golden arches.” Mc Donalds
For circles, this concept is called circumference. Name this geometric quantity, the total length of the path around a shape. Perimeter
An orange sits on a windowsill in the left side of this painting as well as a pair of wooden shoes, a small dog , and a woman in a long, green dress. Name this painting of an Italian merchant and his new bride, created by Jan Van Eyck. The Arnolfini Wedding
This god and Zephyrus both fell in love with Hyacinth, who was accidentally killed by this god. This god pursued the nymph Daphne, and received his lyre from Hermes. Name this Greek god of light and music, the twin brother of Artemis. Apollo
In 2009, this city’s CN Tower lost its title as tallest tower in the world. This city, often nicknamed “the Six,” lies on the northwest shore of a Great Lake named for its Canadian province. Name this most populous city in Ontario and all of Canada. Toronto
In HG Wells novel The Time Machine, the Traveller brings back 2 of these objects to prove his story. Elizabeth Barrett Browning wrote that her beloved “has brought me many” of these things “plucked from the garden". Name this colorful part of a plant. Flowers
In 1992, 63 people died during the Rodney King race riots in this city, and looting was particularly bad in this city’s Koreatown neighborhood. Los Angeles
Algorithms for performing this operation include “Bubble,” which checks pairs of adjacent elements and swaps if necessary. Name this computational task that is usually done to create ascending or descending lists out of randomly listed numbers sorting
This mathematical term describes an arrangement of all the elements of a set. This term is often contrasted with combination, a similar concept that ignores the order of a set permutation
Name the Spanish artist, who painted La maja desnuda, La maja vestida, and The Third of May, 1808 Goya
This is the colorful collective name for the fourteen paintings Goya created on the walls of the Quinta del Sordo, so called because of the very dark colors that dominate these paintings Black Paintings
In one of Goya’s Black Paintings, this Roman counterpart of the Titan Cronus is shown Devouring His Son, gnawing on the left arm of a bloodied and headless body. Saturn
In this work, Elie Wiesel recounts how he was deported from a ghetto in Sighet and his eventual arrival at Auschwitz. Wiesel’s loss of faith is shown in this work when he states god is “hanging here on the gallows.” Night
This writer wrote of falling in love with Peter van Pels while hiding in an annex in Amsterdam. Unfortunately, this young girl’s namesake diary had to be published posthumously as she did not survive her time at Bergen-Belsen. Anne Frank
This man recruited Castor, Pollux, Heracles, Atalanta, and other heroes to accompany him on a difficult quest set by this man’s uncle, Pelias. Name this Greek hero, who led the Argonauts on a quest for the golden fleece Jason
Pelias sent Jason after the golden fleece after Jason arrived in Iolcus wearing only one of these pieces of clothing. An oracle had warned Pelias that he would be threatened by a man wearing only one of these strappy pieces of footwear sandals
After Jason returned with the golden fleece, this woman helped him claim Pelias’s throne by tricking Pelias’s daughters into killing him. When Jason tried to marry Glauce, this sorceress killed Glauce and the sons she had with Jason in revenge Medea
Dr Hastie Lanyon dies of shock after witnessing the transformation of this novel’s protagonist. Name this novel, in which the respectable first title character creates a potion that transforms him into the ruthless second title character Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde were created by this Scottish author, who also created the character David Balfour in "Kidnapped". Robert Louis Stevenson
The photograph Pillars of Creation shows stars being formed within the “Eagle” one of these bodies. Name these interstellar clouds of dust and gas. They may be planetary, like the Cat’s Eye, or supernova remnants, like the Crab nebulae
Astronomers seeking stellar nurseries often search for this type of radiation, found between UV rays and gamma rays on the EM spectrum. X Ray
Martin Luther’s break from the Catholic Church began this period of religious history, in which Protestants tried to change the workings of the church. Protestant Reformation
This current President of France defeated Marine le Pen in the 2017 elections. Emmanuel Macron
The struggle of this novel’s central family is paralleled by an old turtle attempting to cross a road. Name this John Steinbeck novel about the Joad family’s westward-trek to California. This novel’s title refers to the hardship the Joads will face. The Grapes of Wrath
The losing side in this battle was led by a brother of Tecumseh known as “the Prophet,” . Name this 1811 battle. 29 years later, the winning general capitalized on his victory at this battle by using it in a campaign slogan Battle of Tippecanoe
When Elizabeth saw this figure, her baby jumped in her womb, foretelling John the Baptist’s relationship with this immaculately-conceived woman’s son. name this biblical woman, who traveled to Bethlehem with Joseph and gave birth to Jesus. Mary
A personal feud led the first head of this organization to (*) wiretap John F Kennedy’s house. Name this governmental agency, once led by J. Edgar Hoover, that is the primary law enforcement agency of the US. FBI
The order “don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes” was given during this battle, which was fought outside Boston. Name this early Revolutionary War battle that, despite its name, was fought mostly on Breed’s Hill The Battle of Bunker Hill
This landmass formed when Laurasia and Gondwana collided, and was first proposed by Alfred Wegener as a result of continental drift. The global ocean Panthalassa surrounded what most-recent supercontinent that broke up 200 million years ago? Pangaea
Name this novel by Miguel de Cervantes about an imaginative man who convinces himself he is a knight and rides out to seek adventure on an old farmhorse Don Quijote of La Mancha
Give these two terms. Music written in one style is often described as bright or cheery, while the other is often described as dark or sad. Major and Minor
A minor third can also be described as this type of third, because it is one note lower than the major third. Notes may be described by this term if lowered by half a step, or by “sharp” if raised half a step. flat
This man’s presidency lasted less than 900 days, the shortest term for any US president who didn’t die in office. Name this Republican politician, who lost his only Presidential election to Jimmy Carter. Gerald Ford
Andy Serkis plays the mysterious Supreme Leader Snoke in this franchise now owned by Disney Star Wars
Aphrodite was also the lover of this extraordinarily beautiful mortal man, and became so distraught at this man’s death during a hunt that she caused anemone flowers to bloom where his blood fell. Adonis
According to legend, Abraham Lincoln called this author the “little woman who started the big war,” because she exposed the horrors of slavery in Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Harriet Beecher Stowe
Athens and Sparta feuded in this series of 5th century BCE wars. This conflict ended with Athens’ navy getting destroyed at Aegospotami and Sparta installing the Thirty Tyrants to control Athens. Peloponnesian War(s)
Name the Judeo-Christian patriarch whose wives, Leah and Rachel, escalated a war of child production by offering this man their handmaids Zilpah and Bilhah, making this man the father of twelve sons, including Judah and Joseph. Jacob
A member of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show was this Lakota chief who, with Crazy Horse, defeated General Custer at the Battle of Little Bighorn. Sitting Bull
During the American Revolution, soldiers in the British army were known as “lobsters” and as this colorful term, based on their uniforms. redcoats
This mythical figure was the sister of Stheno and Euryale, and became the mother of Chrysaor and Pegasus after her death. Name this snake-haired Gorgon woman, whose gaze turned all who saw her into stone. Medusa
To predict the results of a trihybrid cross, one of these diagrams would need 64 individual boxes.Name this diagram used to determine the genotypes of offspring produced by parents with known alleles. Punnett squares
If a breeding experiment results in 75% of the offspring showing the dominant phenotype, it is likely both parents have this genotype containing both a dominant and recessive allele. heterozygous
Name this 1800's politician who fought in the Texas War for Independence and died at the Alamo. This figure became known later as the “King of the Wild Frontier.” Davy Crockett
Name these insects that perform a waggle dance to communicate to each other where food sources are located relative to their honeycombs. honeybees
What is the primary oxygen-carrying protein found in red blood cells HEMOGLOBIN
What is the general name for the rising and falling of sea levels in response to the forces exerted by the Moon and Sun? TIDES
What is the name of the rock that makes up most of the ocean floor and volcanic ocean islands? BASALT
What are the 2 main factors causing the metamorphism of rocks? HEAT AND PRESSURE
What is the name for any segment with one endpoint at the center of a circle and the other endpoint on the circle? RADIUS
In what organelle of a plant cell does photosynthesis occur? CHLOROPLAST
What is the name for the biochemical process that converts grape juice into wine or soy beans into soy sauce? FERMENTATION
What is the common name for the antiseptic, found in many homes, that decomposes into water and oxygen? HYDROGEN PEROXIDE
What is the scientific name for the white of a cooked egg? ALBUMEN
What term is generally used for biological catalysts? ENZYMES
Every triangle has how many vertices? 3
Wayne Morse was one senator to oppose a law, named after this body of water that granted LBJ the power to deploy American troops in Southeast Asia. The Turner Joy & the Maddox were attacked by torpedo boats in what gulf off the coast of North Vietnam? Gulf of Tonkin
The top platform of these structures were believed to bridge heaven and earth and were the site of priestly rituals. For the point, identify these terraced Mesopotamian temples, often cited as precursors to Egyptian pyramids. ziggurats
William Lloyd Garrison gave a religious nickname to this woman, who never ran her “train off the track” or “lost a passenger.” Name this woman, nicknamed Moses, who assisted dozens of slaves as a conductor on the Underground Railroad. Harriet Tubman
This man became paralyzed after he was shot by Arthur Bremer, when he tried to run for president. In 1963, this man declared his support for segregation “now,” “tomorrow,” and “forever.” Name this former Alabama governor. George C Wallace
Fictional examples of these people named BJ Hunnicut and Hawkeye Pierce worked in the 4077th during the Korean War in the T.V. show M*A*S*H. Name these professionals who work “without Borders” in warzones to heal the wounded. doctors
Name the actress who starred as Julia Child in Julie and Julia, as well as The Devil Wears Prada, Mamma Mia, The Iron Lady, Kramer vs Kramer, The Post, and is a three time Oscar Winner for Best Actress. Meryl Streep
The Greensboro sit-in began at a one of these businesses sponsors New York City’s annual Thanksgiving Day Parade. Frank Woolworth and Marshall Field founded, for the point, what type of business such as Sears and Macy’s? Department Stores
Violators of their policy are blocked from holding government jobs. This policy has increased sex-selective abortion & a massive gender imbalance, due to a cultural bias in favor of having sons. Name this policy meant to control the population of China. One Child Policy
Along with Teddy Wilson she produced hits like “Easy Living” “If You Were Mine,” & "What Little Moonlight Can Do" Name this American jazz musician, nicknamed “Lady Day,” who popularized the anti-lynching protest song “Strange Fruit.” Billie Holiday
The Gregg and Furman cases determined the standards of this amendment for Georgia laws concerning people on Death Row. Name this amendment that prohibits excessive bail, as well as “cruel and unusual punishment.” 8th amendment
3 princesses of this city committed suicide after seeing an infant in a box being guarded by serpents. Poseidon offered a horse to this city, who instead voted to accept an olive tree from a goddess of wisdom. Name this Greek city home of the Acropolis Athens
This city’s police chief, Bull Connor, turned firehoses & dogs against child protesters in May 1963. It's 16th Street Baptist Church was bombed by white supremacists. Name this Alabama city from whose jail MLK wrote a letter advocating nonviolence. Birmingham
After winning a design contest with his “giant saucer” plan, John Graham designed this building for the 1962 World’s Fair. Mt. Rainier & the Cascade Mts. are visible from the 520 ft high observation deck of what tower, the tallest building in Seattle? Space Needle
The Bozeman Trail connected Wyoming to this state, where the 7th Cavalry was destroyed in 1876 by a Native American coalition that included Sitting Bull & Crazy Horse. Name this state where the Battle of Little Bighorn was fought near Billings Montana
Name the author of Rights of Man who proposed an American Magna Carta in his 1776 pamphlet, Common Sense. Thomas Paine
Displays at this event included“human village” of African peoples. Buffalo Bill convinced Annie Oakley to join his Wild West Show here.. The Eiffel Tower was built to serve as an entrance for what 19th-century international exhibition held in Paris. Worlds Fair 1889
A minute of silence was observed before this piece was played four days after 9/11, and this B-flat minor piece was played on-air during the announcements of FDR and JFK’s deaths. Name this slow, somber composition by Samuel Barber. Adagio for Strings
Both he and the headless horseman were in love with Katrina, in the story THE LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW by Washington Irving. Name this character Ichabod Crane
What sport has a trophy called the Stanley Cup? Hockey
What sport has a trophy called The America's Cup? Yacht Racing
Money paid for support of spouse after a divorce is called? Alimony
The oldest living thing in the U.S. is named for a Civil War general. It is located in Sequoia National Park. What is its name? General Sherman Big Tree
A group of similar cells is called a tissue. What do scientists call a group of similar tissues? organ
October 4, 1957, was the day the Space Age started with the launching of a Russian spacecraft. What was it called? Sputnik
Medical term that describes massive bleeding. Hemorrhaging
Lord Kelvin was the British physicist who devised the absolute temperature scale. What scientist developed the Centigrade scale? Celsius
If you were offered your choice of a Bartlett, Bosque, or Anjou, what is it you would be choosing? Pears
The noun "altar" means the raised platform where religious sacrifices were made. What does the verb "alter" mean? to change
Its chemical formula is FeS(2). Technically, it's called iron sulfide, or iron pyrites. It is shiny yellow; it occurs abundantly as a native ore. In popular terms, what is it called? Fool Gold
She was chained to a rock to be devoured by a sea monster, but was rescued by Perseus. Daughter of Cassiopeia, she was placed among the stars after her death. What is her name? Andromeda
Many kings named Edward have ruled England. Which one abdicated his throne in favor of marriage to the American woman Mrs. Allis Warfield Simpson? Edward VIII
Botany is the branch of science dealing with the study of plants. What branch of science involves the study of fossils? Paleontology
Only one of our fifty states was an independent country, recognized by the United States, before it became a state. Name it. Texas
This word describes the code of honor of the knights during the Middle Ages. Blameless behavior, courtesy, and respect for women are among the elements of the code. What word am I looking for? Chivalry
Every complete sentence must contain a subject and this part, containing the verb. Name it. predicate
Proliferate means to spread rapidly. What does prognosticate mean? To predict or foretell
This word has two meanings. As a verb, it means to shudder or tremble. As a noun, it names the container in which an archer carries his arrows. What is the word? quiver
What musical instrument did the famous Benny Goodman play? clarinet
A federal judge ruled that which NFL team could keep its trademark name and logos because a group of activists didn’t provide enough evidence that the team’s moniker insulted a substantial number of Native Americans? Washington Redskins
The setting for J.R. Tolkien's LORD OF THE RINGS. Middle Earth
In what month is the earth closest to the sun? January
Cartoon character famous for “Here I come to save the day.” MIghty Mouse
What does valour (valor)mean? Courage or bravery
The atomic number of hydrogen is one; helium is 2. What chemical element possesses the atomic number 3? Lithium
If a passage of music is marked "pp," what does it mean? Pianissimo, or "play very softly"
Petrology is the study of what? rocks
Into which river was Achilles dipped by his mother Venus? Styx
What crop is a special target of the boll weevil? Cotton
In poetry, what do we call the repetition of initial consonant sounds? Alliteration
He captured 132 Germans by himself and also an important machine gun post. He was honored as the greatest American hero of the First World War. Later, he became a minister. Who was he? Alvin C. York
The first declaration of war leading to the First World War was made on July 28, 1914. Who declared war on whom? Austria-Hungary on Serbia
During what battle was our National Anthem composed? Battle of Fort McHenry
In a standard basketball court, the rim of the basket is elevated how many feet above the court? 10
What does M stand for in Roman numerals? 1,000
What famous landmark was re-erected at Lake Havasu City, Arizona? London Bridge
Geology Term: An open place for the extraction of stone. quarry
What great American said, "With malice toward none, with charity for all"? Abraham Lincoln
What gas makes up about 78% of the earth's atmosphere? Nitrogen
If you have ever been to the national capital building in Washington, D.C., you have probably stood in the circular hall under the massive central dome. What is this interior space called? Rotunda
The male partner of a doe is a buck. What is the male partner of a duck? drake
"All persons held as slaves within any state or designated part of a state the people whereof shall then be in rebellion against the United States, shall be then, thenceforth, and forever free." This was issued on September 22, 1862, by Abe Lincoln. Emancipation Proclamation
What is the main vegetable ingredient of a coleslaw salad? Cabbage
"Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord," are the opening words of what familiar song? BATTLE HYMN OF THE REPUBLIC
The reign of Augustus began a 200-year period of peace in Rome. During the two centuries, commerce flourished and the standard of living got better. Historians use a Latin phrase to describe this period. What is it? Pax Romana
As a singing cowboy, he appeared in nearly 100 motion pictures, and his recording of RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER has sold more than 12 million copies. He owned six radio stations, two television stations, and the California Angels. Name him Gene Autrey
The quest of this object is the subject of such masterpieces as Wagner's opera PARSIFAL, Tennyson's poem IDYLLS OF THE KING, and Malory's book about the death of King Arthur. In medieval legend, it was the cup used by Jesus Christ at the Last Supper. Holy Grail
Where do relief pitchers warm up? Bull Pen
In football, a punter may aim to kick the ball out of bounds within the 10 yard line, an area known as what? Coffin Corner
How many tablespoons are in a cup? 16
How many yards is a team penalized for being offside in football? 5 yards
What is a piece of turf knocked into the air in golf called? a divot
The U.S. had no women soldiers in its Army until what war? WW 2
Which month was named after the man who said, "The die is cast. I have crossed the Rubicon"? July (Julius Caesar)
. What NBA star withdrew his debut rap CD after league commissioner David Stern called it “coarse, offensive, and anti-social”? Allen Iverson
Right after the Civil War, many northern politicians went South to take advantage of the confusion left after the war. What were these scoundrels called? Carpetbaggers
How many colors are there in a monochrome painting? 1
This baseball championship is played annually at Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Little League
A statue by Edvard Ericksen at the water's edge in Copenhagen harbor depicts the heroine of one of Hans Christian Andersen's stories Little Mermaid
The friends Porthos, Athos, and Aramis, are better known by what collective name? Three Musketeers
Dill pickles are made from what vegetable? Cucumbers
A sports arena built by the Emperor Titus year A.D. 80 still stands despite centuries of pillage and earthquakes. Name this tourist attraction and the European city where it's located. Colosseum in Rome
An odometer measures car mileage. What does an anemometer do? wind speed
Castor and Pollux are the names of two stars in what constellation? Gemini
What did Benjamin Franklin invent because he got tired of having to carry two pairs of glasses with him--one for close-up and the other for distance? Bifocals
As stated in the popular proverb, what does haste make? waste
Biologists have a word for the offspring of two animals or plants of different species which are crossbred. What is the word? hybrid
Booker T. Washington was the first black to receive an honorary degree from what Ivy League school? Harvard
This branch of engineering deals primarily with the design, construction, and maintenance of public works such as highways, bridges, and waterways. What is this discipline called? Civil Engineering
Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen received the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1901. Roentgen is chiefly remembered for the discovery of what? X Rays
A race of monsters in Greek mythology had the chest, arms, and head of a man, and the belly and legs of a horse. Members of this race were called what? Centaurs
What does the verb rejuvenate mean? To make new
What war did Billy Yank and Johnny Reb fight? Civil War
The first and last letters of our alphabet are A and Z. What are the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet? Alpha and omega
A triangle with all three sides congruent is called an equilateral triangle. What do we call a triangle with no sides congruent? Scalene
To rid their nation of the monarchy during the Reign of Terror, French revolutionaries used what popular mode of execution? Guillotine
In 1922, an English archeologist named Howard Carter and his patron Lord Carnarvon discovered one of the richest finds in history. What did these two men find? The Tomb of King Tutankhamen
When a person gives false testimony under oath in a court of law, it's called what? Perjury
This animal is found at the beginning of an encyclopedia Aardvark
This bird sings its name at dusk Whippoorwill
Taco Bell had to pay an additional $11.8 million in interest to two Michigan men who successfully sued the fast-food chain for stealing their idea of an ad campaign featuring a talking what? Chihuahua
A state of lawlessness or political disorder within a country--in short, the lack of any governmental authority--is called what? anarchy
In arithmetic, what do we call the quantity from which another quantity is subtracted? Minuend
Name the song sung by Jiminy Cricket in Walt Disney's PINOCCHIO WHEN YOU WISH UPON A STAR
According to the Bible, what was man made from? dust
The study of man is called Anthropology
What rodent has no tail? Guinea Pig
"Oui" in French means? yes
What do we call it when the President chooses to not sign a bill into law? veto
Which of our founding father's has the largest signature on the Declaration of Independence? John Hancock
What term refers to a person who wanted to see slavery ended? abolitionist
These units were discovered by Robert Hooke in a slice of cork in 1665. They have many parts, including membranes, mitochondria, and nuclei. Identify these basic building blocks of life. cell
What is the name of Elvis Presley's mansion in Memphis Tennessee? Graceland
Which boxer lost part of his ear to the teeth of Mike Tyson in 1997 in a televised fight? Evander HOlyfield
What's the name of the bird that cartoon cat Sylvester chases in vain? Tweety Pie
The Ten Commandments are found in which two books of the Bible? Exodus and Deuteronomy
In the Bible Cain built a city named after his son. What is the name? Enoch
In the Bible John the Baptist lived on wild honey and what? locusts
In the Old Testament whose name means Gods with us? Emmanuel
What is the last book of the Bible? Revelations
What is the largest moon of Jupiter called? Ganymede
An onomastician studies what? Names
What is the Latin word for the North Star? Polaris
Who said "necessity is the mother of invention" ? Ovid (Ancient Greece)
What did J Edgar Hoover bar people from walking on? His Shadow
Every fifteen minutes cockroaches do what? Fart
At the age of 15, Jack Andraka won an Intel Award for a noninvasive method of early detection for the pancreatic form of this disease Cancer
Zero players were elected into this sport's Cooperstown Hall of Fame in 2013 baseball
This king's "wisdom excelled the wisdom of all the children of the east country, and all the wisdom of Egypt" King Solomon
Hey! Ouch! Ugh! Are all what parts of speech? Interjections
This brand is known for its 501 Original Fit jeans Levi
It's the most widely spoken first language in Israel Hebrew
Chapter 1 of this classic is entitled "Down the Rabbit-hole" Alice in Wonderland
In Literature, After "Madeline" went to the hospital, "all the little girls cried, 'boohoo', we want to have our" this "out, too!" Appendixes
From the back cover of this book: "In the ruins of a place once known as North America lies the nation of Panem" The Hunger Games
If you have to wear a school uniform, it might include this short-sleeve collared shirt named for an equine sport polo
This sport uses a ball that was once made from pig stomach; bathing caps are needed too water polo
In 2013 Queen Beatrix of this country abdicated in favor of her son, Prince Willem-Alexander The Netherlands
Sweet! In books by Judy Blume, Farley Drexel Hatcher is better known by this nickname Fudge
Following a plane crash in the wilderness, Brian Robeson doesn't "bury" this title tool but uses it to survive hatchet
Brothers is the brother store of this clothing store for tween girls whose name means "equitableness" Justice
He wove the Book of Revelation into his final Narnia book, "The Last Battle" C.S. Lewis
Extracting a pencil to cure "Writer's Cramp" in the patient in this game might require the nerves of a surgeon "Operation"
We hope the Gingerbread People avoid the Molasses Swamp & make it to the Lollipop Woods in this board game "Candy Land"
"Here comes" this pint-sized beauty pageant sensation aka Alana Thompson in this TV Show. Toddlers and Tiaras
SpongeBob & Squidward work at this restaurant The Krusty Krab
No roads lead into this state capital of Alaska Juneau
On "Phineas and Ferb," a lone platypus stands up against the evil plans of this doctor Dr. Doofenshcmitz
Vocabulary: To punish a sports player for an infraction penalize
In the classic Milton Bradley game, a battleship is 4 squares & this is the biggest vessel, taking up 5 Naval Carrier
The weapons in this game have included a rope, a lead pipe, a knife, a wrench, a revolver & a candlestick "Clue"
This game in which little men are lined up on rods in rows is also called table soccer "Foosball"
Literally or figuratively, it's what you wave when you surrender White Flag
Under FIFA rules a soccer player receives this for a first serious foul; a second means ejection Yellow card
Ryan Seacrest interviews celebs arriving at the Oscars "live from" this colorful place Red Carpet
The second to last book in Lemony Snicket's "A Series of Unfortunate Events": "The ____ Peril" Penultimate
The largest peninsula on earth is mostly made up of this Middle Eastern country Saudi Arabia
277 miles long & often 1 mile deep, it's the largest gorge in the U.S. of A. Grand Canypn
Chris Van Allsburg's "The ____ Express" Polar
The Nile is longer, but in terms of volume, this is the world's largest river Amazon
The 3 little kittens cried when they lost these Their Mittens
Peter Piper picked a peck of these Pickleed Peppers
Get your kicks (& punches) learning Shotokan, a Japanese system of this martial art Karate
This art of decorative handwriting is from the Greek for "beautiful writing" Calligraphy
Daniel Rutherford discovered this gas that makes up most of the atmosphere & called it "noxious air" Nitrogen
It was stolen by Tom, Tom, the piper's son pig
It's a helpful list of terms & definitions at the back of some textbooks glossary
This cat from the "Shrek" movies got his own film Puss in Boots
Hydrogen has an atomic number of 1; this light gas, 2 Helium
Appropriately, the name of this first book of the Bible means "origin" or "beginning" Genesis
A more original pole dance? This West Indies dance uses a progressively lowered bar Limbo
"Scaramouche, Scaramouche, will you do" this lively South American dance in triple time? Fandango
Also a haircut style, it's the R&B-based state dance of South Carolina Shag
This term for ancient arenas like the Colosseum comes from Greek words meaning "viewing on both sides" Ampitheater
A breed of horse & a breed of dog are named for these Scottish islands Shetland
Vocab: "Fruitless", or "showing excessive pride in one's appearance" Vain
In 2013 Charles Krauthammer wrote "In Defense of" the use of these controversial aircraft Drones
$600 27 After eating the cake that had "Eat me" spelled out in currants, she said, "Curiouser and curiouser!" Alice
Vocab: "Aseptic", or "incapable of producing offspring sterile
Distance from the equator measured in degrees latitude
A phrase meaning a 180 in your situation, or a film with Jeremy Irons & Glenn Close as Claus & Sunny von Bulow Reversal of Fortune
Applesauce & sour cream are 2 traditional accompaniments to these potato pancakes Latkes
A "kid" who lets himself in after school because his parents are working is known by this compound word. latchkey
A body such as Venus that moves in the opposite direction of other members of the solar system has this kind of motion retrograde
Traditionally, the shirt named for this British sport has broad stripes in 2 colors, a white collar & rubber buttons rugby
The Youngers get a $10,000 insurance check & leave their apartment to move into the all-white Clybourne Park neighborhood is the plot of what play by Lorraine Hansberry A Raisin in the Sun
Alec Baldwin asks, "What's in your wallet?" in ads for this company Capital One
The negotiator (William Shatner) has a secret daughter (Kaley Cuoco) in ads for this discount travel site Priceline
Flo, of the dark hair & red lipstick, wants drivers to try Snapshot from this insurance company Progressive
Though its name harks back to medieval times, this genre of mystery & terror thrived from 1790 to 1820 Gothic Novel
Rephrase this cliche: "Color a metropolis crimson" Paint the town red
Rephrase this cliche: "Maintain one's digits folded" (for luck) Keep your fingers crossed
Created in 1953, a 487-square-mile demilitarized zone separates this Asian country from its southern neighbor North Korea
The English Channel & the Strait of Dover connect this body of water with the Atlantic Ocean The North Sea
George R.R. Martin's "Song of Ice and Fire" series includes "A Storm of Swords" & "A Dance with" these creatures dragons
Navy SEAL & expert marksman Chris Kyle called his autobiography "American" this type of shooter sniper
Number of feet in a statute mile 5,280
For co-founding Farm Aid, this Country Music Hall of Fame member is in the Agricultural Hall of Fame too Willie Nelson
The contributions of J. Sterling Morton include this tree-planting holiday first observed on April 10, 1872 Arbor Day
Vocab: To send out military troops in readiness for combat deploy
Mix ginger ale & grenadine & garnish with fruit & you get the alcohol-free cocktail named for this child star Shirley Temple
The band Nirvana is part of this Pacific Northwest school of rock grunge
With both a hard & a soft G, this word means to eat gluttonously gorge
In 'Finding Nemo', what is Nemo's dad's name? Marlin
Vocab: The word clandestine is synonymous with the word.... secrete
Ascorbic Acid is another name for which Vitamin? Vitamin C
The kart-racing game in the movie 'Wreck-It Ralph' is called Sugar Rush
The word 'coconut' comes from a 16th century Portuguese word 'cocos' meaning .....? (a) angry face (b) weeping face (c) grinnning face grinning face
A dried plum is properly known as a .....? prune
With reference to 1960s slang words, if a teenager called you a 'hawk' in the 1960s what would they be accusing you of? war supporter
In October 2014, at the age of 17, she became the first teenager to win a Nobel Peace Prize for her work to allow girls to get education in Palestine. Malala Yousafzai
Your 'rotator cuff' is a group of muscles and tendons found in your .....? shoulder
A coloured handkerchief worn around the head or neck is also called a bandana
Background performers in a movie are called ... extras
Word that stars with F meaning extremely hungry famished
A reference book containing lists of synonyms is called a thesaurus
A nickname for a female fox (Starts with v) vixen
What is the term for a person running for public office? candidate
A group of bees is a swarm and a group of gnats is a horde. What Is a group of ants? colony
Consider the line, "Which is the witch who wished the wicked wish?" What is the phrase for any such a group of words difficult to articulate rapidly? tongue twister
Name this hit games from Pop-cap. The objective of this Pop-cap game is to swap one of the titular objects with an adjacent one to form a horizontal or vertical chain of three or more, possibly causing a cascade. Bejeweled
After his brother is killed in a mugging, Jake Sully is brought into the titular program to convince the natives to leave their home. The highest grossing film ever, this is what 2009 James Cameron film? Avatar
He sends his father back in time to save his mother. This is what leader of the human resistance in the Terminator series? John Connner
This mountain range is home to Pike’s Peak and Banff National Park. Name this mountain range that runs from British Columbia to New Mexico. Rocky Mountains
Ohm’s law states that the voltage between two points in a circuit is proportional to this quantity. Give this quantity that measures the flow of electric charge which is often symbolized “I.” current
Name this process of inducing an altered mental state, in which the subjects demonstrate increased conscious attachment, heightened memory, and increased susceptibility to suggestion hypnosis
One of this project’s longtime benefactors was Leland Stanford. Name this major network that was completed at Promontory Point, Utah. Its construction was aided in part by a mass influx of Cantonese immigrant workers First Transcontinental Railroad
These uncountable nouns imitate the sound that they denote. Examples include words like “bang,” “tick,” and “buzz.” onomatopoeia
The Massacre of Martin’s Hundred in Virginia occurred near this first permanent English settlement in America that suffered during the Starving Time. Jamestown
Lake Okeechobee borders the northern part of this area. Thousands of invasive Burmese pythons have been captured here. Name this area in South Florida which contains millions of acres of protected marshes and wetlands. Florida Everglades
This candy bar consists of multilayered wafers covered in milk chocolate. It is believed by some that the onset of the Second World War brought about its easily shareable shape. Kit Kat
This Nestle candy is made of chocolate nougat, peanuts, and caramel. Despite popular belief, its name comes from Grover Cleveland’s daughter rather than the name of a famous Yankee slugger Babe Ruth
Composed of chocolate, caramel, and rolled in crisped rice, this candy bar was named after a series of game shows. Its slogan is “That’s Rich!” 100,000 Bar
This Greek deity, was sometimes called “Khthonios” because of his possible origin as a god of the underworld. In some stories he conducts dead souls to Erebus when he’s not busy delivering messages Hermes
This epic poem is one of the oldest works written in Old English; it follows the titular Geatish hero who comes to the aid of Hrothgar, King of the Danes Beowulf
This god’s carriage is pulled by two goats that are eaten and resurrected each time. He will kill Jörmungandr and take nine steps before dying from its venom. Thor
In a wire loop in a magnetic field, this quantity =the strength of the field X the dipole moment X the sine of the angle between them. Symbolized tau, this is the vector acting on an extended object; it is a force exerted on an axis of rotation torque
This figure once cheated in a sledding race by causing her opponent, Poli’ahu, to almost fall into a stream of lava. Believed to reside in the Kilauea volcano. Name this goddess of fire and creator of the Hawaiian islands. Pele
This woman got started in her field thanks to her correspondence with Louis Leakey. Most of her work was done at Gombe River National Park. Name this English primatologist, most notable for studying chimpanzees. Jane Goodall
Sometimes the lead actress also play the character Odile, the daughter of the enchanter Baron von Rothbart. Featuring a love affair with Prince Siegfried. Name this Tchaikovsky ballet that depicts Odette being cursed into becoming the title animal. Swan Lake
Unlike hail, this is a water droplet that freezes after hitting a cold layer of air. Despite an older definition, it is not simply a mix of rain and snow. sleet
This precipitation comes in the form of icy pellets, which are kept in a cloud until it becomes too heavy to hold. The largest precipitate of this type was 8 inches in diameter. hail
William D. Mitchell ordered the eviction of this group. Name this group of World War I veterans who marched on Washington for the immediate payment of money promised to them in 1924 by the Federal Government. Bonus Army
This figure is a common trickster in Native American folklore and was believed to control the rain in Navajo mythology. In one story, this figure forces humanity to move into the “fifth world” when he angers Water Buffalo coyote
This African trickster spirit was said to have acquired all the world’s stories from the Sky God by capturing several animals. This figure was also said to have hidden away the world’s knowledge in a clay pot. Anansi
A solo for this instrument plays at the very start of The Godfather, & this instrument introduces the theme in the Superman score. In 2001: A Space Odyssey, this instrument plays a rising motif. Name this brass instrument related to the cornet trumpet
This rapper declares “all my friends are dead, push me to the edge,” on Luv is Rage 2. This rapper exclaims “Yeah!” to begin his guest verse on the song “Bad and Boujee” by Migos. Name this rapper of smash hits like “Money Longer” and “XO Tour Llif3.” Lil Uzi Vert [or Symere Woods]
This concept is opposed by the prospect of determinism. Arthur Schopenhauer notably wrote on work entitled The World as this concept and Representation. Name this philosophical concept, the ability for an individual to make decisions of their own volition free will
This play features the line “some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon ‘em,” as well as the marriage of Duke Orsino. Set in Illyria. Name this Shakespeare play featuring the twins Sebastian and Viola. Twelfth Night
This mountain’s Kibo crest is a volcanic peak which is said to have destroyed a Maasai village. This mountain’s namesake National Park is near the city of Mochi and the border with Kenya. Name this tallest mountain in Africa. Mount Kilimanjaro
An aerial campaign over this city led to the destruction of Kaiser Wilhelm Church. This city was the site of a blockade and subsequent airlift known as Operation Vittles. Name this city that was divided by a namesake wall during the Cold War Berlin
In this novel, the narrator repeats the saying: “I yam what I am,” Tod Clifton is later shot by the police & Dr. Bledsoe expels the narrator from the school. The narrator ends up living underground with 1,369 light bulbs. Name this book by Ralph Ellison. The Invisible Man
Cicero’s head & hands were sent to this leader after Cicero attacked him in writing & this man was defeated at the Battle of Actium. . Name this member of the Second Triumvirate who committed suicide to avoid capture by Octavian. Marc Antony
Pharaohs were thought to be physical avatars of this deity, who also fathered the gods responsible for guarding canopic jars. The wedjat symbolizes this husband of Hathor. Name this falcon headed deity who defeated Set to avenge his father, Osiris. Horus
This city is home to the Ace Chemicals building. Roman Sionis leads a crime syndicate in this city dominated by the Maroni and Falcone crime families.This is what fictional New Jersey town famously patrolled by Batman? Gotham
Prokofiev's Peter & the Wolf opens with a duck arguing with an animal represented by this instrument. Ravel’s Bolero opens with this solo instrument. Prince Tamino receives the power to turn sorrow into joy with a magical one of these woodwinds. flute
The Analects are the collected teachings of what Chinese scholar who notably founded a namesake school of thought centering on logic, education, and Chinese cultural traditions. Confucius
This creature was confused when Ortygia was covered with waves to fulfill a prophecy that a woman could only give birth where the sun did not shine. Name this dragon oracle who was killed by a four-day-old Apollo Python
Python attempted to prevent Apollo’s birth by stalking this mother of Apollo and Artemis. Leto
After a “fire hose” spouted lava into the ocean in 2017 from this volcano, it began in 2018 to erupt on a large scale, with rifts opening up all across its island. Mt. Kilauea (Hawaii)
In 2018, archaeologists found the remains of a man who escaped the destruction in this city only to be crushed by a boulder. Name this Roman city whose remains were preserved after it was covered by ash from the eruption of Mount Vesuvius & Herculaneum/ Pompeii
One of the prominent primary sources for the destruction of Pompeii is a letter by this man, who described watching the eruption from a distance and told of the death of his uncle, a general who tried to rescue citizens. Pliny the Younger
Arianism stands in contrast to this orthodox doctrine of God, which states that the Godhead is composed of three equal, eternal, and distinct hypostases or “persons,” sharing one unified “ousia” or “essence.” The Trinity
The Works Progress Administration was part of this much broader FDR program fighting the Great Depression. New Deal
This object was believed by the pre-Islamic Arabs to be the “right hand” of the god al-Rahman. It is currently kissed in the Istilam ritual as part of the hajj. The Black Stone (Kaaba)
This man is warned by David of Doncaster not to go to an archery contest. Name this folk hero who robbed from the rich and gave to the poor Robin Hood
How many electrons does a hydrogen atom have? One
In the X-Men film franchise, Halle Berry played the role of which character? Storm
Girl with a Pearl Earring is an oil painting by which Dutch Golden Age painter? Johannes Vermeer
What is Mickey Mouse's dogs name? Pluto
Which famous American musician was fatally shot by his father on April 1, 1984 and had hits with "Let's Get it On" , "Whats Going On, and "Heard it Through the Grapevine". Marvin Gaye
Who is the only athlete ever to play in a Super Bowl and a World Series? Deion Sanders
The "Lone Star" state is which states slogan? Texas
Released in 1992, what is the best selling soundtrack album of all time from singer Whitney Houston? The Bodyguard
What did the crocodile swallow in Peter Pan? (alarm clock)
Where is the smallest bone in the body? ear
What does the roman numeral C represent? 100
What nationality was Frederic Chopin? Polish
What’s the best known artificial international language? esperanto
Who lived at 221B, Baker Street, London? Sherlock Holmes
How many dots are there on a pair of dice? 42
How many squares are there on a chess board? 64
What language has the most words? English
Who sang, “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas”? Bing Crosby
What was the name of the pandemic which killed over 1% of the world’s population in 1918? Spanish Flu
What was the name of Charles Lindbergh’s plane in which he completed the first non-stop solo trans-Atlantic flight? Spirit of St Louis (achieved in 1927)
The Wars of the Roses (1455-85) were fought between which two houses of England? York and Lancaster
Which German city endured the worst bombing of World War Two in February 1945 Dresden
What Russian cleric was poisoned, shot and finally drowned on December 30, 1916? Rasputin
The energy of the Universe is constant; it can neither be created or destroyed but only transferred and transformed. What scientific law is this? Law of Conservation of Energy
What does the Scoville Heat Unit Scale measure? Heat of Chiles
The hollow woody tissue in plants that carries water and minerals from the roots to throughout the entire plant is called the... xylem
In the Lion King, where does Mufasa and his family live? Pride Rock
What was the name of the whale in Pinocchio? Monstro
What actor was the first to receive a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor for providing a voice in a Disney Full Length Feature Animation? Robin Williams for the voice of the genie in Aladdin
Which Disney movie was the first to be nominated for an Oscar? Beauty and the Beast
Which two Disney princesses featured red hair? Ariel and Meridia
Which was the first rollercoaster to be built at Disney World? Space Mountain
What is a Geiger Counter used to detect? radiation
Which type of dog has breeds called Scottish, Welsh and Irish? terrier
In the film Babe, what type of animal was Babe? pig
According to the old proverb, to which European capital city do all roads lead? Rome
Which sign of the zodiac is represented by the ram? Aries
What is the name of the fairy in Peter Pan? Tinkerbell
What is the name of the city where the cartoon family The Simpsons live? Springfield
Which colorful and much sung-about Christmas character was invented by American ad writer Robert L. May in 1939? Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
Which Christmas word means "turning of the sun"? Yuletide
In Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, which was the first ghost to visit Ebeneezer Scrooge? Jacob Marley
Which American Football team won the first two Super Bowls (in 1967 and 1968)? Green Bay Packers
Which Jamaican sprinter won gold medals at the 100m, 200m and 4 x 100m relay at three consecutive Olympic Games from 2008 - 2016? Usain Bolt
Which NFL team has won the most Super Bowls? Pittsburgh Steelers (6)
Which of the apostles doubted Jesus' resurrection until he saw him for himself? Thomas
How many plagues did God inflict upon Egypt? 10
The Israelites wandered in the wilderness for how many years? 40
According to the Book of Exodus, what is kept in the Ark of the Covenant? 10 Commandments
In Greek mythology, this creature with 100 eyes was killed by Hermes on order of Zeus in order to free Io. Argus
In what country would you find the ancient temple Angkor Wat? Cambodia
What was the name of the Lone Ranger's horse that he saved from an enraged bufaflo? Silver
Who is credited with inventing the first mechanical computer? Charles Babbage
Who is the Canadian pop singer known for the song "Call Me Maybe"? Carly Rae Jeppson
What does CD-ROM stand for? Compact Disk Read Only Memory
Who played the title character in the TV series Hannah Montana Miley Cyrus
Each of the Rubik's Cube's faces is covered with how many stickers? 9
The Roman numeral L stands for? 50
People who suffer from ithis disorder have their natural “fight or flight” response harmed. It results from a significant occurrence in their life. What is this mental condition, originally diagnosed among war veterans known by the acronym PTSD? Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
It has been one of the leading companies since 1997, 5 years after the death of its founder, the wealthiest man in the world in the 1980s. What is this company that has a museum in Bentonville, Arkansas & has more than 2.2 million employees worldwide? Walmart
Less than 3 minutes long, this piece starts out quietly, then gradually increases in volume and tempo as a troll chases Peer Gynt. What is the title of this most-often-performed piece by Edvard Grieg. In the Hall of the Mountain King
In Latin, words representing this part of speech must agree in number, case, and gender with the words they modify. They may have comparative and superlative forms. What is this part of speech that often expresses some characteristic of a noun? Adjectives
Congressman . Ambassador to the United Nations. Chairman of the Republican National Committee . Director of the CIA. US President from 1989-1993. What oil millionaire fits this description? George H.W . Bush
The body needs ions of this alkaline earth metal to transmit nerve impulses, to contract muscles, and to coagulate blood. What is this element, whose carbonate and phosphate are the major constituents of human bones? Calcium
London in 1851; Paris in 1889; Chicago in 1893; Buffalo in 1901; St. Louis in 1904; Chicago again in 1933-34; New York in 1939-40; Seattle in 1962; etc These were the sites and dates of what international exposition? World's Fair
Unwanted termination of a computer program caused by software or hardware failure is called what? Crash
In 1917, what did President Wilson say "must be made safe for democracy"? The World
Name the longest war ever fought by the U.S. Vietnam War
] An unfinished monument to this Lakota chief lies near Mount Rushmore. This man was imprisoned at Fort Robinson after having led the forces that defeated Custer at the Battle of Little Bighorn Crazy Horse
This site contains a chamber called the Hall of Records that contains 16 porcelain enamel panels depicting the history of this site. Name this South Dakota monument that contains the heads of 4 US presidents carved into a mountain in the Black Hills Mount Rushmore National Memorial
The “Infernal Galop” from Jacques Offenbach’s Orphée aux enfers has become the standard music for this French dance that involves many high leg kicks. can-can
Samuel Slater memorized designs of British textile mills and brought the designs to the US, causing him to be nicknamed “Slater the Traitor.” Name this period in British history, which saw the increased use of steam power for mechanical production. Industrial Revolution
] Palm Sunday, the last Sunday of Lent, commemorates Jesus’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem, during which he was welcomed by people shouting out this Hebrew word, sometimes translated as “Save now!” Hosanna
Lent lasts for this number of days, commemorating how Jesus fasted for this number of days in the wilderness while being tempted by Satan. 40 Days
When this hurricane hit Rockport, it became the first major hurricane to make landfall in the US since Hurricane Wilma in 2005. Name this major hurricane that struck the Gulf Coast of Texas in late August 2017, leading to flooding in Houston. Hurricane Harvey
This archeological site contains a temple called El Castillo, dedicated to the god Kukulcán, which has 365 steps ( number of days in the year.) Name this archeological site in the Yucatan peninsula, which was excavated by American Edward Thompson Chichén Itzá
] During the Civil War, this Union naval officer gave the order “Damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead!” at the 1864 Battle of Mobile Bay after having captured New Orleans from the Confederacy in 1862. David Glasgow Farragut
These waterfalls, which collectively have the highest flow rate in the world, can be found on the Canada–United States border. These waterfalls can be viewed from boat tours on the Maid of the Mist. Niagara Falls
What is it called when a soccer player scores two goals in a game of soccer? a brace
Originating in Germany, the Danube River empties into what sea? Black Sea
A wombat is a marsupial native to what country? Austraila
What was the name of the coffee shop in the sitcom Friends? Central Perk
The former Filipino first lady was known for her very large collection of what? shoes
What Catholic prayer lends its name to a very long forward pass thrown with time running out in American football? Hail Mary
On the popular social website Reddit, what does AMA stand for? Ask Me Anything
A “sounder” is the term used to refer to a group of what type of animal? pigs or swine
What do the letters CPU stand for when referring to the “brains” of a computer? Central Processing Unit
MMA is the acronym for what full-contact combat sport? Mixed Martial Arts
Officially opened in 1869, what artificial waterway connects the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea? Suez Canal
On which popular website do users send tweets? Twitter
Established in the 1920s, what historic double-digit highway connected Chicago and Los Angeles? Route 66
The Punisher is a fictional character appearing in comic books published by which company? Marvel
The song “Eye of the Tiger” by the band Survivor was the theme song for what movie released in 1982? Rocky III
At the premiere of Handel’s Messiah, King George I is said to have done this action during the Hallelujah Chorus. This action is now done traditionally by the audience during any playing of the chorus. standing
Ancient Carthaginians and the Greek city-states led by Syracuse fought for control over this island from 600-250 BC. Name this Mediterranean island whose major cities include Palermo and Messina that was granted autonomy in a 1946 referendum. Sicily
This type of low-lying geological feature is built by long, fluid lava flows. Sheets of these flows dry and stack, creating these features known for the duration of their eruptions. Shield volcano
This Israeli-American violinist was diagnosed with polio at age 4, forcing him to walk with crutches and sit while playing. He played at Barack Obama’s 2009 inauguration Itzhak Perlman
In this comic strip, the main character works in Silicon Valley & features an engineer interacting with an incompetently run office. A principle named after this comic strip is that companies will promote the least-competent employees doing less damage. Dilbert
This second most commonly spoken language in Kenya after Swahili and is an official language there, as well as in neighboring Tanzania and Uganda English
This organization participated in alcohol distribution during the Prohibition era. This criminal organization, also known as La Cosa Nostra, was dramatized in “The Godfather” and “Goodfellas”. The Mafia
This program’s official name was the Space Transportation System. Name thislow-Earth orbital devices that was reusable. The prototype used in atmospheric testing, which was not capable of spaceflight, was named the Enterprise, and a total of 6 were built Space Shuttle
This Christian sect, notable for its role in founding Pennsylvania, teaches non-violence. Colleges founded by members of this sect have a tradition of conscientious objectors Quakers or Society of Friends
This largest freshwater lake by volume can be found in Russia. It is also the world’s deepest, at over a mile deep. Lake Baikal
This Russian jeweler, possibly inspired by the Ukrainian tradition of Easter egg decorating, created ornately decorated eggs for Tsars Alexander III and Nicholas II Peter Fabergé
This is a hypersensitivity to something in the environment, the results of which can include sneezing, hives, or anaphylaxis allergy
This city-state’s militaristic society held a class of slaves called helots. It was a frequent adversary of Athens. Sparta
Althought not Catholic tradition, JFK chose to undergo this process. The products of this practice are frequently scattered in at sea, or placed in an urn. Japan’s most popular alternative to burial is what practice of burning the body to ashes? cremation
His most famous action was depicted in a painting by John Trumbull. Name this American smuggler and patriot, the President of the Second Continental Congress who penned the largest and first signature on the Declaration of Independence John Hancock
It can be calculated as the product of its namesake coefficient and the normal force. Coming in static and kinetic varieties is what force that appears between two sliding surfaces? friction
This artist’s Coloring Book was the first streaming-only album to be nominated for a Grammy Award. Name this Chicago native who broke out with his 10 Days and Acid Rap mixtapes. Chance the Rapper
The Abrahamic religions believe in a God with this quality of being able to do anything. Omnipotence
This author of Women Who Work: Rewriting the Rules of Success had scarves recalled because they did not meet federal flammability standards. She converted to Judaism before her wedding to Jared Kushner. Name this daughter of the President of the US Ivanka Trump
One of this character’s prized possessions is a tape playing “Hello, Dolly!”He gets struck by lightning holding an umbrella & forces his companion Hal to stay behind as he is taken to the Axiom. Who is the trash-compacting robot, star of a Pixar film? WALL E
The double type of this instrument enables the player to switch between the F division and the B-flat division. It is played with the right hand inside the bell, and pitch can be changed by altering its position. Name this instrument not from France. French Horn
This Greek goddess is portrayed carrying grain in Classical Greek art. Hades burst from the ground and abducted this goddess whom had been gathering flowers at the time. Persephone
Hermes came to try to take Persephone back from the underworld, but because she had eaten this food while she was there, Persephone would be required to spend a third of the year in the underworld with Hades. Pomegranate
Frida Kahlo, as well as her husband Diego Rivera, was from this country. She painted “Four Inhabitants” of the country which include a skeleton symbolic of The Day of the Dead. Mexico
This element, the most basic, is the starting point of all nuclear fusion in stars hydrogen
This often green crystal comes from Superman’s home planet, and exposure to it can cause him to lose his powers. kryptonite
This mineral, often called the “living crystal”, was found on the planet Ilum and was used to power lightsabers. They were also stolen from Jedha for use in the Death Star in Star Wars. kyber
This oldest law enforcement agency in the U.S. operates the Witness Protection Program and serves federal arrest warrants. U.S. Marshals Service
When in Mecca, salah involves praying facing this black granite structure which contains a meteorite which Muslims believe was placed there by Abraham and Ishmael Kaaba Stone
This instrument is frequently doubled on by players of the lowest standard woodwind instrument. It is pitched exactly an octave lower than its standard counterpart, and one of its more famous uses is in Paul Dukas’s “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.” Contrabassoon
The trio section of “Stars and Stripes Forever” contains an obbligato solo for this instrument. This instrument’s Italian name is “ottavino,” a reference to its high range, and are often doubled on by flute players piccolo
] China recently ended this population control policy which was implemented in 1979 due to concern about the risk of overpopulation, despite declining birth rates at the time One Child Policy
In order to consolidate power under Meiji rule, remnants of this class of people were unable to act as the policing force of Japan and were eventually abolished. Samurai
This clef is seen on the upper staff of the grand staff used for keyboard instruments. The spiral of this clef centers on the second line of the staff, and is primarily used for higher pitched instruments. Treble Clef or G Clef
They can be found holding a Light Ball in the Trophy Garden, and they are native to the Viridian Forest. The most famous member of this species rescues its partner from a flock of Spearow. Accompanying Ash Ketchum is what Electric Mouse Pokémon? Pikachu
The Zero Mile Post can be found in this city, which in 1836 became the end of the Western & Atlantic Railroad. John Pemberton established the Coca-Cola company in this city, which hosted the 1996 Summer Olympics. Name this capital of Georgia. Atlanta
The name "United States of America" first officially used in what document? Declaration of Independence
In 1938, the British prime minister returned from Germany with a paper signed by Hitler. Name this British leader who declared this document meant "peace for our time." Neville Chamberlain
What movement began on the evening of October 31, 1517 when Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the door of the Wittenberg church? Protestant Reformation
What river became the southern boundary of Texas according to the terms of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo? A. Gila B. Pecos C. Orinoco D. Colorado E. Rio Grande Rio Grande
These are chapters from what European document? the guarantee of the independence of the English Church limiting the king's right to scutage the guarantee of habeas corpus the guarantee of due process of the law Magna Carta
Which document was a foundation of the women's rights movement? A. Wilmot Proviso B. Atlantic Charter C. Ostend Manifesto D. Declaration of Rights E. Seneca Falls Declaration Seneca Falls Declaration
What document was signed in 1787? A. the Bill of Rights B. the Monroe Doctrine C. the Treaty of Ghent D. the U.S. Constitution E. the Declaration of Independence US Constitution
What five-letter slang term can have these meanings? -a spoon -a new and important news item -a single portion of ice cream scoop
What is the last word in this motto of the New York Times? All the news that's fit to ... print
What type of article in a newspaper sets forth the position or opinion of the paper upon some subject? editorial
In what part of a newspaper would these headings be found? Help Wanted Motorcycles for Sale Homes for Rent Classifieds
What American newsman closed his broadcasts with this line? And that's the way it is. A. Mike Wallace B. David Brinkley C. Horace Greeley D. Walter Cronkite E. Howard K. Smith Walter Cronkite
In the early twentieth century, a group of journalists emerged who were committed to exposing the social, economic, and political ills of industrial life. In 1906, President Theodore Roosevelt gave them what nickname? muckrakers
What is the name for an article printed in a newspaper that withdraws or takes back statements that were previously published by that paper? retractions
The freelance photographers who dogged Princess Diana right up until the moment of her tragic accident in Paris are the ... A. Anasazi B. Pavarotti C. paparazzi D. manicotti E. vermicelli paparazzi
"Buckaroo" is a corruption of what Spanish term for cowboy? vaquero
"Atom" was derived from a Greek word that means ... A. tiny B. change C. clinging D. flammable E. indivisible indivisible
Given Roman technology, "plumbing" must come from the Latin for what metal? Lead
Based on his early experiments with inoculating people for smallpox, Edward Jenner coined the word "vaccination" from vacca, the Latin word for what kind of mammal cow
The name for what land form is derived from Latin words which mean "almost an island"? peninsula
Both czar and Kaiser were derived from the name of what Roman leader? Julius Caesar
Cerebral anoxia means that what substance is not being adequately supplied to the brain? oxygen
Cerebral anoxia means that what substance is not being adequately supplied to the brain? Peter Pan
A stray dog moves in with a family in the Texas hill country in the 1860s in what novel by Fred Gipson? Old Yeller
Who wrote these books? The First Four Years These Happy Golden Years The Long Winter Little Town on the Prairie Laura Ingalls Wilder
The old queen put something on the bedstead. Then she took twenty mattresses and piled them on top, and then twenty feather beds were placed on top of the mattresses, atop which the princess was to sleep. What was put on the bedstead? pea
A fictional spider named Charlotte spun the word "TERRIFIC" into her web in an attempt to save her friend from the slaughterhouse. Her friend was ... A. Porky B. Wilbur C. Horace D. Eeyore E. Francis Wilbur
What kind of triangle has three unequal sides? A. skew B. scalene C. isoceles D. congruent E. equilateral scalene
Circumference is to circle as ---- is to polygon. perimeter
What common toy could be described in these words? a quadrilateral with two pairs of equal adjacent sides, and consequently one pair of equal angles, with diagonals intersecting at right angles kite
The most frequent score in a set of scores is the ... A. mode B. mean C. datum D. median E. average mode
Euclid referred to what when he said this? In the same plane they will never intersect or meet, no matter how far they are extended. parallel lines
All of the thousands of materials on Earth are made up of 92 building blocks of matter called ... elements
The only known substance which naturally exists in all three states on Earth is ... water
It is an electrically neutral and highly ionized gas composed of ions and electrons and neutral particles. It is called the fourth state of matter and is estimated to constitute 99% of the universe. Name it. plasma
The density of an object refers to a relation between the mass of the object and its ... volume
As instructed by her religious visions, this peasant girl went to Charles VII and obtained an army to free France from its English domination. She was ... A. Esmeralda B. Joan of Arc C. Madame Defarge D. Marie Antoinette E. Catherine de Medici Joan of Arc
The murder of a public figure is called .. assassination
The legal definition of the term "assault" is the threat to use force. What legal term refers to the actual use of force? battery
Stephen found a checkbook on the sidewalk and decided to sign the owner's name to one of those checks in payment for a stereo. That signing made him guilty of what crime? forgery
Which country is in both Asia Minor and Europe? A. Iran B. Egypt C. Latvia D. Turkey E. Thailand Turkey
To what emotional state was Shakespeare referring when Iago says this in "Othello"? It is the green-ey'd monster which doth mock the meat it feeds on. jealousy
During the Second World War, Americans were restricted in terms of the amount of gasoline, sugar, meat and other supplies they could buy. Such control of people's purchases during wartime is called ... rationing
Trichinosis is most frequently linked with what insufficiently cooked meat? pork
Mrs. Crocker prepared a lovely meal from the stomach lining of cows. This variety meat is ... A. veal B. tripe C. hominy D. chitterlings E. sweetbreads tripe
Reminiscent of canned, chopped, pressed meat, unsolicited commercial E-mail messages are called ... spam
What Tibetan animal furnishes milk, butter, meat, hides, wool, and dung for fuel? yak
What command is issued to a team of sled dogs to begin pulling or move faster? mush
The adult can weigh up to 200 pounds. Name this largest of all dog breeds. St Bernard
A mature female horse is called a ... mare
What sensual sow said this? My beauty is my curse! Miss Piggy
The fundamental classification system for rocks is based on ... A. their colors B. their densities C. their geologic ages D. the way they were formed E. the way they were exposed the way that they are formed
Brimstone is another name for ... A. sulfur B. copper C. uranium D. mercury E. platinum sulphur
Which of the three categories of rock is most evident as you gaze at the Grand Canyon? sedimentary
Which rock can be struck against steel to produce a spark? A. lava B. flint C. shale D. obsidian E. limestone flint
Which rock forms in layers? A. lava B. shale C. granite D. obsidian E. conglomerate shale
All the igneous rocks on the Earth's surface were once a molten material called ... magma
In the geologic past, conditions were favorable for large-scale accumulation of plant remains, plus elements of the area & burial of the organic matter under thick layers of inorganic sediments. The heat & pressure converted this material into... coal, oil, gas
Fossils are practically never found in which two categories of rock? igneous and metamorphic
Pyroclastic debris is ... A. at the base of cliffs B. deposited by winds C. ejected by volcanoes D. formed along beaches E. a product of organic decay ejected by volcanoes
Rock formed well beneath the Earth's surface can be exposed through uplift or ... A. erosion B. oxidation C. corrosion D. compaction E. crystallization erosion
Limestone typically metamorphoses into ... A. slate B. basalt C. gneiss D. marble E. quartzite marble
All rock samples from the Moon belong to which of the three categories of rock? igneous
Clouds are composed of ... A. ozone B. nitrogen C. water vapor D. hydrogen vapor E. carbon dioxide water vapor
What month is supposed to come in like a lion and go out like a lamb? March
Two basic factors in a climate are ... A. altitude and latitude B. plant and animal life C. longitude and altitude D. wind speed and humidity E. precipitation and temperature precipitation and temperature
About 78 percent of the atmosphere is nitrogen and 21 percent is oxygen. Most of the remaining one percent of the atmosphere is ... A. neon B. argon C. xenon D. helium E. hydrogen argon
What type of precipitation is formed when sulfur dioxide from coal-burning power plants combines with water vapor in the atmosphere? acid rain
If the Earth's axis were straight up and down instead of tilted, ... A. Earth would be uninhabitable B. the seasons would not change C. there would be no night or day D. Earth would be covered with ice E. all Earth's water would evaporate the seasons would not change
What natural atmospheric phenomenon can heat surrounding air as much as four times hotter than the surface of the Sun? lightening
What kind of precipitation is composed of regular hexagons? snow
The three basic hydrologic components of the global water balance include evaporation, runoff, and ... precipitation
What causes thunder? A. clouds cracking B. lightning impacting the ground C. air particles slamming together D. lightning exceeding the speed of light E. expanding gases along the path of the lightning expanding gases along the path of the lightning
Which color of light in the visible spectrum is scattered to the greatest extent in the sky? blue
At what latitude is precipitation most abundant? A. 0 degrees B. 30 degrees C. 50 degrees D. 70 degrees E. 90 degrees 0 Degrees (Equator)
What colorless gas is a major constituent of photochemical smog at the Earth's surface but is beneficial in the stratosphere by absorbing most of the Sun's ultraviolet radiation? ozone
Which mammal is herbivorous? A. gnu B. seal C. bobcat D. polar bear E. sperm whale gnu
Which mammals have prehensile tails? A. shrews B. beavers C. monkeys D. antelope E. porpoises monkees
The name for this animal comes from Greek words meaning "river horse," but actually it is more closely related to pigs. It is the world's second-biggest land animal and spends a great deal of time in the water, eating vegetation. Name this creature. hippo
Two fundamental characteristics of mammals are mammary glands and ... A. hair B. a cerebrum C. cranial nerves D. a bony skeleton E. endocrine glands hair
Which is the largest whale? A. blue whale B. pilot whale C. killer whale D. beluga whale E. humpback whale blue whale
In which location could you see a manatee? A. Central Plains B. Arizona deserts C. Florida estuaries D. Rocky Mountain taiga E. Pacific Northwest coastlands Florida estuaries
Who was buried in the Valley of the Kings? A. Pericles B. Louis XIV C. Julius Caesar D. Tutankhamen E. Genghis Khan King Tut
In the face of mutinies and strikes, he abdicated in March of 1917, thus ending the thousand-year-old Russian monarchy. Name this czar. Nicholas II
There are six wrestlers in a tournament, each of whom must wrestle every other just one time. How many matches must be played? 15
What unit of measurement is used to compare the intensities of different sounds? decibels
The higher the pitch of a sound, the ---- its wavelength. shorter
The mistake is often made of saying that bats can fly in the dark because they have a built-in radar system. But radar depends on radio waves rather than sound waves. Bats actually have what kind of built-in system? sonar
A jet flying at supersonic speeds over your house sets up a shock wave. This shock wave is popularly known as a ... sonic boom
Immediately after leaving the Mississippi River, the Lewis and Clark expedition followed what river to the west? Missouri River
The term "domestic violence" refers to violence that occurs ... A. at home B. in times of peace C. in the United States D. in a particular city E. without premeditation at home
Name the body of citizens chosen to determine certain questions of fact in criminal or civil proceedings. jury
A law that has been repealed has been ... A. vetoed B. annulled C. sent to committee D. passed by Congress E. voided by the Supreme Court anulled
The final decision of the jury in a court of law is called the ... verdict
Which outcome is most desirable from the perspective of a person charged with a crime in court? A. parole B. acquittal C. annulment D. conviction E. guilt by insanity acquittal
A lawyer's protest to a judge regarding a statement or question by the opposing attorney is called an ... objection
What infraction consists of a refusal to obey the rules, orders, and process of the courts of law? contempt of court
What two-syllable term means "to take into custody" or "to apprehend?" arrest
Who would be a likely defendant in a proceeding called a court martial? A. a juvenile B. a military officer C. a state legislator D. a savings and loan teller E. a person with foreign citizenship military officer
What adjective reminiscent of a form of capital punishment describes a jury that is unable to reach a decision? hung
Mort painted graffiti on the walls of several office complexes, turned over their garbage cans, and broke several windows. Such wanton and malicious damage to another's property is called .. vandalism
A person who has taken an alias has ... A. assumed a new identity B. stolen negotiable bonds C. changed his citizenship D. kidnapped a young person E. received stolen merchandise assumed a new identity
Don was ordered by the court to give his estranged spouse $2000 per month after their divorce. What is the 4-syllable name for such a payment? alimony
A guilty verdict requires that the guilt of the defendant be established beyond ... A. suspicion B. any question C. reasonable doubt D. moderate disbelief E. sufficient reservation reasonable doubt
The sheriff of Ottawa County, Ohio would have no legal authority to arrest a trespasser in Blaine County, Idaho because Idaho is outside of his ... A. realm B. suburb C. precinct D. jurisdiction E. accommodation jurisdiction
She was the daughter of Chief Powhatan who saved the founder of the Jamestown Colony from death. Name her. Pocahontas
Members of what American Indian tribe were effectively used during World War II to transmit secret messages in their native language? Navajo
Fearing the Ghost Dance ritual might inspire an uprising, the U.S. cavalry slaughtered nearly 200 members of what tribe in 1890 at Wounded Knee? A. Hopi B. Sioux C. Apache D. Mohawk E. Seminole Sioux
What is the general name for the landform common to these countries? Korea Malaysia Italy Denmark peninsulas
What is always present in the immediate vicinity of an estuary? A. fiord B. peninsula C. river mouth D. lateral moraine E. mountain range river mouth
What compound word may refer to any of these areas? swamp, peatland, slough, marsh, muskeg, bog, fens, pothole, mire wtland
Geologists believe that, during the last ice age, the Bering Strait was the site of a(n) ... A. delta B. land bridge C. barrier reef D. immense atoll E. continental shelf land bridge
Which landform may consist almost entirely of calcium carbonate skeletons? A. reefs B. dikes C. deltas D. cirques E. calderas reefs
The term was derived from a Choctaw word for "river," and means swampy backwaters of a river or lake. Name these areas common along the U.S. Gulf coast and lowland areas near the Mississippi River. bayous
Fiords abound in the ... A. Great Plains B. Gulf of Mexico C. Rocky Mountains D. Alaska Panhandle E. Caribbean Islands Alaska
In the year 1500, what product did Jacques Nicot introduce for the first time into France? tobacco
In December, 1860, an event occurred which lead eventually to the Civil War: what was the first state to secede from the Union? South Carolina
May 14 is a national holiday in France, celebrated in honor of which woman? Joan of Arc
What is the name for the form of government controlled by a privileged, hereditary ruling class, generally resented by the middle and lower class. aristocracy
What movie studio uses a roaring lion as its visual logo? MGM
What is the name for the science or study of plants? Botany
Finish the phrase with 3 words: "Hell hath no fury like ... " a woman scorned
Identify the 1992 best-selling self-help book with a heavenly name, written by John Gray. Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus
Which 19th century personality said, "You can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but you can't fool all the people all the time." Abraham Lincoln
The mental and physical exercise known as yoga evolves from what religion? Hinduism
What does DVD stand for? Digital Virtual Disc
What is the name of the kingdom where the 2013 animated movie Frozen is set? Arendelle
What was John F Kennedy's middle name? Fitgerald
What is the most spoken language in the world? Chinese
Which fruit is the most popular and most consumed in the world? bananas
Which is the biggest spider in the world? tarantula
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