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Computer Repair Ch 5

Disassembly & Power

Certified W-USB A Wireless USB
ATA Advanced Technology Attachment
Charging USB port Port providing power to charge & run unpowered attached device, ie. flash drive.
Coaxial Type of cabling used in video connections - copper core, insulated & shielded from EMO
PCI Peripheral Component Interconnect. (older 32 & 64 bit, 66 MHz local bus standard found in computers)
UEFI Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (replaced traditional BIOS, has boot manager instead of controlling boot processor - allows for graphic interface, use of mouse, and antivirus, before O.S. loads)
IDE Integrated Drive Electronics (interface that evolved into the ATA standard that supports internal storage devices)
PCI Peripheral Component Interconnect
PCIe Peripheral Component Interconnect Express
Form Factor The shape and size (height, width, depth) of M/B, adapters, memory chips, power supplies, etc. (form factor must fit case)
ESD Electrostatic Discharge (cumulative effects of ESD weaken or destroy electronic components)
EMI Electromagnetic Interference (electronic noise created by electrical devices)
Dual-voltage A type of power supply that can be used with 120 or 240-volt electrical systems.
Dual-rail power supply Power supply that has two +12-volt lines available.
Current Measure, in amps, of electrons running through a circuit.
CPU Throttling Adjusting speed of CPU, also called 'dynamic frequency scaling'. This slows down computer when possible to use less energy & conserve battery.
Continuity An electrocal resistance measurement to see if a wire is good or broken.
CMOS Complimentary Metal Oxide Semiconductor - special type of memory on a M/B in which setup configuration is saved.
Capacitor electrical component that can hold a charge.
Blackout Total loss of AC power
Brownout Loss of AC power due to overloaded circuits
Auto-Switching Type of power supply that monitors incoming voltage from wall outlet & switches itself accordingly
ATX Advanced Technology Extended - a form factor for M/B, cases & Power Supplies.
ATX power supply form factor Shape and size of a power supply that is designed to fit & function with an ATX M/B and ATX case.
ATA standard Advanced Technology Attachment - The original IDE interface that supported two drives (3 types: SATA & PATA)
Anti-static wrist strap Strap connecting the technician to computer that equalizes the voltage potential between the two to prevent electrostatic discharge (ESD)
Amps Ampers, measurement of electrical current.
ACPI Advanced Configuration & Power Interface. Technology that allows M/B & O.S. to control power needs and operation modes of various devices.
AC circuit tester Device that checks a wall outlets wiring.
24-pin main power Main ATX M/B power connector
20-pin main power Older M/B power connector.
15-pin SATA power Internal SATA power connector
8-pin PCIe Video card power connector sometimes labeled as a 6 + 2, meaning it can be used with a 6-pin or 8-pin connector.
8-pin 12v CPU power connector used with ATX 12V v1 power supply
6-pin PCIe Power connector for PCIe video adapter
Ohms Measure of resistance, amount of opposition to current in a electrical circuit.
MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet or Safety Data Sheet - contains information about cleaning solutions.
MOV Metal Oxide Varistor - electronic component in surge protectors protects computer or device plugged into the strip preventing extra voltage from passing to outlets.
4-pin 12V Power connector for CPU that is sometimes labeled AUX
3-pin Used to monitor fan speed.
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