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DT Jing-River Points

Daoist Traditions Jing River Points and their Energetics

Lung, Arm Taiyin LU-8 JingQu - Channel Gutter- Wheezing, dyspnea, chronic LU heat, reoccuring sore throat/sinusitus, Horary
Large Intestine, Arm Yangming LI-5 YangXi - Yang Stream- 4 Bigs, calmShen, DH rash, lumbar pain (w/LI3), dryness, dyspnea, Fire Point
Stomach, Leg Yangming ST-41 JieXi - Stream Divide- ST Fire(Fu or Mai), Swellings, Bring Heat/Wind down from Head, Calm Spirit/Disposition, Fire point, Mother/Tonifying point
Spleen, Leg Taiyin SP-5 ShangQiu - Shang Mound, Mound of Commerce- DAMPNESS, Bi, Metal point, Child, Sedation
Jing-River Points which are proximal to Source points LU8, LI5, ST41, SI5, LIV4
Heart, Arm Shaoyin HE-4 LingDao - Spirit/Soul Pathway- Breath(being in the moment, consciousness, knowing what we are given, witness w/o judgement, self-destructive tendency), Restless Zang(KI expresses fear to the HE), Rheumatism, Latent Heat, Metal point
Small Intestine, Arm Taiyang SI-5 YangGu - Yang Valley- Toothache from both Jaws, Painful Hemmerhoids, Heat/Swellings; JY- Palpatations, Moxa if the abdomin is cold w/cramps; Fire point, Horary point
Bladder, Leg Taiyang BL-60 KunLun - KunLun Mountain- Leads down excess, Promotes Labor, Strengthen Fertility/Pregnancy, Moves the menses, Chronic Deficient Lower Back Pain, KI xu; JY - for helping dying people surrender; Fire, Heavenly Star, Control point
Kidney, Leg Shaoyin KI-7 FuLiu - Returning Current- Regulates Water Passages, Regulates Sweating, Drains Damp(DH), Strengthen Back; JY- regulates sweat from wei qi xu, astringes loss of fluids; Metal, Mother, Tonification
Jing-River Points which are proximal to Luo points HE4, SP5, PC5, SJ6
Pericardium, Arm Jueyin PC-5 JianShi - Intermediate Messenger, The Intermediary; Alternate GuiLu - Transforms Phlegm in HE(shen, chestpain, plumpit, malaria, LIV invades SP, fire/febrile, fright), rebellious qi(LU, voice, coughing up blood, ST), Regulates Menses; Metal point
Sanjiao, Arm Shaoyang SJ-6 WeiGuan- Outer Pass- Clears Heat in 3 Jiaos, Benefits Chest/Lateral Costal, Moves Stool(w/ST25), Red Skin rashes(Urticaria, Shingles), Voice; JY- Blockage of Ren Mai; Jing-River, Fire point, Horary
GallBladder, Leg Shaoyang GB-38 YangFu - Yang Assistance- Harmonizes ShaoYang(unilateral H/A due to LIV Stasis and Fire, Malaria, bitter taste), Lumbar(sensation of sitting in water(dai mai), pain of small hammer hitting lower back; JY- malaria; Child, Sedation Point
Liver, Leg Jueyin LIV-4 ZhongFeng - Middle Seal- Regulate LIV qi, Regulates Menses(LIV Blood stagnation); JY- strong effect on MJ, moxa during later stages of illness, treats leakages, excessive sexual desire from heat; Metal point, Control
Jing-River Points which have no Sequential pattern KI7, BL60, GB38
Jing-River Point Energetics according to the Ling Shu Voice changes, Sinews(yinMai), Bones(yinMai),Throat congestion, Season of Late Summer
Jing-River Point Energetics according to the Nan Jing Dyspnea, Cough, SOB, Alt. hot/cold, Fall, Dry
Jing-River Point Energetics according to TCM Sinews, Bones
Jing-River Yin Channel Element Metal
Jing-River Yang Channel Element Fire
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