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ch.12 - HST Final

Which is the correct order? testis, epididymis, vas deferens, prostate, urethra
Sperm travel to the urethra by way of the vas deferens
Once sperm are ejaculated, they live about 1-3 days
Enlargement of the prostate (not cancerous) that commonly occurs in men over 50 years is termed benign prostatic hypertrophy
An inflammation of the testes that follows an injury or a viral infection is orchitis
Failure of the testes to descend is called cryptorchidism
The inability to achieve or maintain an erection is impotence
Bacteria are usually involved in which? prostatitis
Testicular cancer is most prevelant in which age group of men? 15-35 years old
Which is the correct order? ovary, fallopian tube, uterus, vagina
The presence of which of the following hormones indicates a positive pregnancy test? chorionic gonadotropic hormone
Pain during sexual intercourse is termed dispareunia
Fallopian tube inflammation is which? salpingitis
The Pap smear screens for which? carcinoma of the cervix
The condition in which the tissue lining of the uterus becomes embedded elsewhere is called endometriosis
Inflammation of the areola, accompanied by crust formation, is also known as Paget's disease of the breast
An ectopic pregnancy all of these
Convulsions and death resulting from pregnancy-induced hypertension is termed eclampsia
The infectious organism implicated in toxic shock syndrome is staph aureus
One of the most serious consequences of STDs in women is sterility
One of the most common causes of pelvic inflammatory disease is chlamydia
The observable sign of primary syphilis is/are a chancre
Which is a viral disease? genital herpes
Which can be transmitted from mother to newborn via the birth canal? all of these
When performing a BSE (breast self exam), it is best to use: the finger pads of the 3 middle fingers
chapter 13
Most of the endocrine glands of the body are controlled by the hypothalamus
A disease of excessive growth hormone in an adult is termed acromegaly
Which hormones control the functions of the ovaries and testes? FSH and LH
The function of adenocorticotropin (ACTH) hormone is to control the production and release of hormones from the adrenal cortex
The hormone that reduces the loss of sodium and water by the kidneys is aldosterone
Diabetes insipidus is caused by a lower than normal output of which hormone? antidiuretic hormone
The hormone that controls metabolic rate is thyroxine
Which of the following is a symptom or sign of myxedema? all of these
Congenital thyroid deficiency is known as cretinism
Enlargement of the thyroid gland is goiter
Congenital thyroid deficiency is known as all of these
Which is caused by hyperthyroidism? Graves' disease
The hormone that raises blood calcium levels is parathyroid hormone
What is the effect of glucagon? raises blood sugar
Disease of the pancreas is a cause of diabetes mellitus
Identify the type of diabetes that most often affects obese people past age 40 and can be controlled by diet. type II, or NIDDM
Which of the following is a warning sign of diabetes mellitus? all of these
A diabetic injected an overdose of insulin and became comatose. He is in insulin shock and should be treated with glucose
The function of the adrenal medulla is secretion of epinephrine
Hyperadrenalism includes all of the following diseases EXCEPT Addison's disease
The lipid coat that surrounds sensory and motor neurons is called myelin
The fluid-filled spaces within the brain that are continuous with the spinal cord are also known as the ventricles
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