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TSawyer study guide for unit test

Who doses Tom with water treatments and painkiller? Aunt Polly
Who thanks Tom and Huck for visiting his jail cell? Muff Potter
Who pretends to suffer from and infected Toe? Tom
Who rejects the gift of the brass knob? Becky Thatcher
Who is the new boy from St. Louis? Alfred Temple
Who leaps through the courthouse window? Injun Joe
"It's Tom Sawyer the pirate-the black _______ of the Spanish main!" Avenger
"A certain ________ vanished out of his heart and left not even a memory of herself behind" Amy Lawrence
"Tain't a ________- it's Injun Joe!" Spaniard
"________ had drooped into settled melancholy,and her gray hair had grown almost white." Aunt Polly
" ________ had hoped to see Tom a great lawyer or a great soldier some day." Judge Thatcher
Where do Huck and Tom watch "number two"? tavern
What book is marred with ink? spelling book
Who outfits Tom and Huck with new clothes? Widow Douglas
Whose gratitude makes Tom and Huck feel guilty? Muff Potter
What disease makes Tom and Huck feel very sick? measles
Who uses a Bowie knife to carve the cave door? Injun Joe
How do the boys travel to Jackson Island? raft
What do the boys dig up to eat on the sand bar? Turtle eggs
Who wanted to give Huck a home and get him educated? Widow Douglas
Tom appeared on the sidewalk with a bucket of what to paint the fence? whitewash
Injun Joe vows to: slit the widow's nostrils and notch her ears
On the witness stand tom reveals that He brought a dead cat to the cemetary
To get revenge on Tom Becky flirts with Alfred
To discuss the crime they have witnessed, Tom and Huck flee to the tannery
Tom and Huck plan to visit the cemetary to cure warts
What was Mark Twain's real name? Samuel Clemens
Mark Twain means 2 fathoms
Tom Sawyer is set in St. Petersburg, Missouri
Mark Twain was raised in Hannibal, Missouri
Judge thatcher is based on Mark Twain's father
Aunt Polly is based on Mark Twain's mother
Huck Finn is based on the son of the town drunk
Becky thatcher is based on Mark Twain's sister
Injun Joe is based on an un-named person with a bad reputation
What are the four main stories in the plot? Jackson Island Adveture, Tom and Becky, Tom Huck, and Muff Potter, buried treasure and Injun Joe.
What are the themes of Tom Sawyer? love, racism, evil, innocence of childhood
From what point of view is Tom Sawyer told? third person
What is the climax of the story? the cave situation, finding the gold
The ending of how the story is resolved is called resolution
Mark Twain helped to develop the modern American style of writing
Mark Twain was the first writer to use dialect
The way people speak is called dialect
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