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EMSCharlotte Doyle

Charlotte Doyle EMS Chapters 1-12

What did Charlotte's cabin look like? so small she couldn't stand up in it, dirty and had roaches.
What did Charlotte join at the end of Part I? The crew.
Where was Charlotte born? In the USA
Who was Ewing? A young blond Scot.
What did Charlotte see in the top cargo? two heads
Who was the stowaway? Cranick
Who thought Charlotte should board the Seahawk? Mr. Grummage
Why did Charlotte's father feel Charlotte could travel alone? She would travel with companions, the captain had a good reputation, and her father's firm owned the ship.
What did Charlotte's father want her to keep daily? her journal.
Who was Hollybrass? The first mate.
How many masts did the Seahawk have? Two
Who said "Mr. Cranick is no more." ? Zachariah
Where did Charlotte see the round robin and pistol? forecastle
Who is a well dressed "gentleman"? Captain Jaggery
Who gave Charlotte the knife? Zachariah
What does Charlotte see when she is looking for Ewing's needle? a pistol
Who does Charlotte talk to when she is in the forecastle? Fisk
What is the forecastle? The area on the ship where the crew sleep and keep their things?
What do they sleep in while in the forecastle? a hammock
Created by: hahnk