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LC Bus Enterprise

LC Business Unit 2: Enterprise

An entrepreneur is A person who spots an opportunity, uses initiative and takes risk in starting up a new business with the aim of making a profit.
Two characteristics of an entrepreneur Risk taker and Self-motivated
Four skills needed by enterprising people Problem Solver / Time Management / Interpersonal Skills / Decision Making / goals setting
An intrapreneur is an employee working within a business who shows enterprise
Gmail was created by an intrapreneur in Google
What type of risk does an entrepreneur take when setting up a business? Financial and Personal
Two examples of famous entrepreneurs Steve Jobs and Richard Branson
What is meant by the term "entrepreneurship" It involves using your initiative to identify some need and then taking the steps to satisfy that need
Enterprising business people are rewarded by profit
Enterprise is important in the Community because it creates jobs and business for local people
What is the key difference between Intrapreneurs and Entrepreneurs Employees come up with new ideas which may turn into profitable activities for the business.  They are both inventive, creative and innovative, but intrepreneurs do not taking any personal financial risk
Enterprise in the Home Parents converting an attic used for storage into a study for their daughter so that she will have a place to study for her Leaving Cert
Enterprise in School A teacher organising an after-school drama club and putting on an end-of-year play
Enterprise in the Community Neighbours getting together and organising a committee to clean up their area and entering it for the Tidy Towns competition
Entrepreneurship is a way of thinking that involves new ideas
Entrepreneurship is a way of thinking that involves Observing opportunities and needs
Which entrepreneur was the founder of Microsoft? Bill Gates
What is an invention or creation that is brand new? Innovation
Created by: MrFromholz