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Katie Chaplin and Emily Goodman

Allows voters to put a proposed law on the ballot for public approval Initiative
Allows citizens to place a recently passed law on the ballot, allowing voters to approve or reject the measure. Referendum
Enables citizens to remove an elected official from office by calling for a special election Recall
This amendment gave voters, rather than state legislatures, the power to directly elect their US senators Seventeenth Amendment
Ban on making, selling, and distributing alcoholic beverages Prohibition Movement
Amendment that prohibited the manufacture, sale, and distribution of alcoholic beverages Eighteenth Amendment
One of the largest organizations of African American women founded in 1896 National Association of Colored Women
A powerful platform to publicize important issues and seek support for his policies Bully Pulpit
Roosevelt's 1904 campaign slogan and the frame work for his entire presidency Square Deal
This prohibited railroads from accepting rebates Elkins Act
Strengthened the ICC giving it the power to set maximum railroad rates Hepburn Act
Required federal inspection of meat shipped across state lines Meat Inspection Act
Allowed the federal government to create irrigation projects to make dry lands productive Newlands Reclamation Act
This amendment granted congress the power to levy taxes based on individual's income Sixteenth Amendment
This Amendment finally gave women full voting rights. Nineteenth Amendment
Created by: katie.emily