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Consumer Rights

Junior Cycle Business CH9 Consumer

Consumer Person who buys goods and services for their own use
Contract A legal agreement between two or more people
A guarantee/warranty A promise from the manufacturer to repair, refund or replace faulty goods within a given period of time after purchase
Distance selling Sale of goods and services that does not take place in person (Online shopping)
CCPC This agency has the power to investigate businesses that are breaking consumer and competition laws and to enforce those laws.
Merchantable quality Goods should be of reasonable quality, taking into account their intended use and price.
Fit for purpose The goods should be fit for the purpose they were intended. They should do what you bought them for.
As described Goods should match their description
Correspond to sample Goods should match the sample good given.
Barcode Vertical lines that are read by checkout scanners. It helps a shop know when they are out of stock of a particular item
Proof of purchase This shows that a consumer has paid for an item
What is the year for the Sale of Goods and Supply of Services Act 1980, 1980,
What is the year for the Consumer Protection Act 2007
What is the year for CCPC Competition and Consumer Protection Act 2014
Small Claims Court gives consumers a cheap and fast way to settle a dispute legally without the need for a solicitor.
The Consumers Association of Ireland (CAI) this is a voluntary advice and information service for consumers. It campaigns for improved consumer laws.
The Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland (ASAI) promotes good advertising standards in Ireland. Protects consumers from dishonest and illegal marketing of goods/services.
The European Consumer Centre Ireland (ECC) They give Irish consumers free information and advice on 0dealing with retailers and service providers from other EU members
Created by: mcurran