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Software Vocabulary

Software instructions used by a computer to operate its hardware of perform tasks such as word pro processing. Anything you cannot touch is software. It can be stored electronically
Operating Software allows your computer to run, it operates your computer
Program or Application Software designed to do a specific task for the user
Spyware A kind of software that lets strangers snoop around on your computer and steal your personal information, or spy on what you do when you’re online, can record/remember passwords or credit card numbers as you type it in
Virus Software that was written to harm your computer (malware or Trojan horse)
Shareware Free of charge-for a trial purpose, but author would like you to pay small fee for program
Freeware Software is copyrighted by the author, but allows people to use the software free of charge, but not sell it
Public Domain Software not copyright, free for anyone to use
Multimedia Using a variety of different kinds of media (text, graphics, video, animation, music) into a presentation
Operating Software Examples Windows, Vista, Mac OS
Program or Application Software Examples Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Games, WORD, PowerPoint
Input a device that can be used to insert data into a computer
Output data that is transferred out of a computer
Input Device Examples Joystick, Keyboard, Card Reader, Digital Camera, Mouse, Scanner, Microphone, Webcam
Output Device Examples CD Writer, Monitor, Printer, Speaker
Random Access Memory (RAM) • Working memory of your computer that depends on electrical power of your machine. • Amount of memory that you have available (4 GB). • The more programs you have open, the more RAM you are using and your computer will run slower
Read Only Memory (ROM) • You can’t access this memory • Permanent memory built into your computer • Examples: Operating Systems (Windows, Vista, Mac OS), CD’s, Software Programs, DVDs
Is it true that I can get a virus or spyware from anything that I download from the Internet? Yes, that is true. You can even be hacked, get a virus or spyware by clicking on videos in Facebook or other social network sites.
Created by: Ms. B.