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Herbs 3

Herbs 3: Disperse Wind Heat

What is the proper way to cook Bo He? Add it last 5 minutes
What is the function of Bo he? soothe liver qi, benifit the throat, promote eruption
Which of the following herb is best for external contraction of wind heat with cough with phlegm and sore throuat? Niu bang zi
What is the fx of Niu bang zi? encourage the rashes out, disinhibit the throat, and moisten the intestines
Which herb disperse wind heat and stop convulsions? Chan Tui
Which herb can dispel wind, stop tremor and brighten the eyes? Chan Tui
Which herb disperse exterior pathogens adn also extinguish internally stirring wind? Chan Tui
Which herb can disperse wind heat and clear liver heat causing redness and pain in the eyes? Sany Ye, Ju Hua, Bo He
Which of the following herb clears the liver and brightens the eyes? Sang Ye
Which kind of Ju hua is best for clearing heat and detoxifying? Ye Ju Hua
The fx of Man jing zi? Dispel Wind heat clear head and eyes
Which herb can relieve exteriro and also relieve irritability> Dan Dou chi
Which one does not brighten the eyes mu zei, sang ye, Ju hua, and sheng maA: Sheng ma
Which herb remove screens from the eyes Mu zei
Which herb can raise yang and is to be used to treat dysentery caused by d-H and diarrhea caused by sp def? Ge Gen
Which exterior relieving herb can relieve various types of diarrhea? ge gen
Which herb can be used to tx an external contraction of w-cold with absence of sweating but stiff neck? Ge Gen
Which herb is good for Shao yang disorders Chai hu
Which channels does chai hu enter? PC SJ GB LV
Which of the followig herb is best for clearing heat? Chai hu
what is the contraindication of chai hu? Yin def w/ Lv yang rising
common fx of ge gen and chai hu? Raise yang qi
chai hu and sheng ma both... relieve exterior, raise yang qi
which exterior resolver is most often used in clinical practice to soothe the lv qi for emotional disturbance? chai hu
what is the function of chai hu? soothe the liver
when used to upbear yang, chai hu is usually prescribed? in a smaller dose that usual
which of the following herbs does not bleong to diaphoretics that is acrid and cool? Chai hu, ge gen, zi su ye, bo he
which of the following herbs dispels wind clears heat and resolves toxins? Sheng ma and niu bang zi
Which herb can be used to tx an external contraction of wind cold with absence of sweating but stiff neck ge gen and ma huang
which herb como is best for dispelling wind heat clear livr heat and brightedn the eyes snag ye and ju hua
Created by: Ksellati