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ACTCM diagnosis I

Jason Su - tongue diagnosis

Swollen tooth-marked tongue (2) Qi deficient Dampness
Thin tongue, Red Yin deficient
Thin tongue, Pale Qi & blood deficient
Cracked tongue, red Liver, KI, Ht yin deficient
Cracked tongue, pale Blood deficient
Thorny tongue / strawberry / red bumps heat
Thorny tongue / strawberry / red bumps: TIP tip - HT fire
Thorny tongue / strawberry / red bumps: sides sides - GB/LIV heat
Thorny tongue / strawberry / red bumps: center center - ST heat
Stiff (3) 1. PC heat/phlegm 2. Heat injures body fluids - KI water damaged 3. Internal wind
Deviated tongue liver wind
ulcerated tongue heat
flaccid tongue DEFICIENT
Flaccid tongue - pale blood deficient
Flaccid tongue- red yin deficient
Quivering tongue (2) Blood & qi deficient Internal wind
short tongue (3) damp phlegm severe heat cold accumulation
Playing with tongue internal wind or retardation
Tongue coat Manifestation of ST qi
white coat (2) Exterior condition Cold condition
Yellow coat (2) Hot condition Interior condition
Gray & dry Internal heat
Gray & moist Internal cold
Black coat & dry Severe internal heat
Black coat & moist Severe internal cold
Thick coat Prevents seeing tongue color underneath excess or deficiency - thick is not normal
peeled coat yin deficient
Peeled patches deficiency in areas / organs of peel
Wet & thick coat excess phlegm
Thin wet coat deficient
Greasy coat (3) damp, phlegm, food stagnation
root of tongue
root of tongue - cannot be scraped off ST qi in good condition
No root or easily scraped off ST qi very weak or deficient
Distended veins underneath tongue Blood stasis & phlegm
Full smell heat
No smell cold
Created by: LAC2b