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CCR Midterm

What are binary numbers? series of 0's and 1's
True or false, you should make sure the power is off before disconnecting the cables from the drives in your computer. true
Is the hard drive a software device or a hardware device Hardware Device
What does the acronym CD-ROM stand for compact disk with read only memory
What does the acronym PCI stand for? Peripheral component interconnect
The ribbon cables can be described as flat cables connected to pins on the motherboard and attach to the motherboard and to the various drives
What is a bit? Smallest amount of data
What is a byte? 8 bits
What is a molex connector Company name of the product
What type of cable is used for networking computers together CAT5
What is the central processing unit (CPU) of the computer classified as? the brain of the computer
What does the acronym RAM stand for? Random access memory
What type of memory is RAM? Temporary memory
What type of memory is ROM? Read only memory
What type of wire did we build during our wiring lab? Unshielded twisted pair wire
What was the name of the connector we put on the ends of the CAT5 wire? RJ-45
How many color combinations of wires are in the CAT5 wire? 4
How many types of CAT5 cable are there? 2, unshielded twisted pair and shielded twisted pair
What was the condition of the pairs of wires when we cut back the jacket? Twisted
If you turn on your computer and the monitor does not go on, what should you do? Reboot first and troubleshoot
What can cause a computer to run slowly? Spyware and malware
What shape represents the internet? The cloud
What does the icloud do? Secures our data by encrypting it when it is sent over the Internet
To defrag a computer means to? Ensure that data is arranged in the bast possible order
Before beginning to troubleshoot your computer, what should you do? Reboot
What is the name of the main board of the computer? Motherboard
What is the central processing unit considered? Brain of the computer
What is the basic rule of the CCR class? If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
What is the POST to the computer? It is the power on self-test.
What is a bit? Smallest amount of data
What is a byte? 8 bits
How would you define a computer monitor? Computer display device
What is considered an important goal of good PC maintenance? To end up without any spare parts
The abbreviation PC stands for what? Personal computer
The abbreviation OS stands for what? Operating system
What converts the wall outlet electricity to the lower voltages used by the computer? The power supply
What device allows your computer to talk to other computers over a telephone line? The modem
Computer input devices mouse, keyboard
Memory that forgets everything when the computer is turned off? RAM
The job of the motherboard is? Holds all the circuits and components together
When saving directly to your computer where are you saving? to the hard drive
What allows you to display graphics on your computer? The video card
What does the operating system do for the computer? Runs the programs
The BIOS (basic input/output system) is responsible for what in the computer? Waking up the computer
Hardware Physical parts of the computer
Software Programs
Static charge static electricity
System unit the computer itself
Motherboard circuit board, main board, system board
Hard drive Main memory storage (hardware device)
Cold boot first startup of the computer
Warm boot Control-alt-delete
CPU Central processing unit
Monitor Display device
Keyboard Peripheral device (input device)
Mouse peripheral device (input device)
Peripherals devices that attach on the outside of the computer
ZIF socket Zero insertion force
RAM Random access memory
Ribbon cables flat cables that transfer data
Power supply gives power to the computer
Molex connectors connectors at the end of the power supply
PCI slots Peripheral Component Interconnects
Operating system runs programs for the computer
Rails the silver bars on the back of the computer that holds the cards in place and the dust out
SATA cables the round cables used to attach drives etc. in the computer
ROM Read only memory
Modem used to connect to communicate through the telephone lines
PC Personal computer
Explain how hardware and software are both needed for a computer to work One is used for keeping the computer together and typically has extra peripherals that go along with it and can be touched, the other can't be touched but is also required because it allows for programs on the computer to work.
What happens when you add too much RAM to a computer? The computer would not boot
Created by: Hellvalley