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Network +

CompTIA Netowrk + Exam

What layer of OSI model do Routers operate at? IP? Layer (3) Network
802.5 defines what? Token Ring
10Base2 uses what type of cable and how long? RG-58 185 m
What OSI layer does HTTP, FTP, and POP3 operate at? (7) Application
Maximum number of PC's on 10BaseT network? 1024
"RIP" used with what type of routing? Dynamic
Command to view TCP/IP settings on Windows NT? IPCONFIG
SC & ST are what type of connectors? Fiber
Layer 2 of the OSI Model? Data Link
Layer 4 of the OSI Model? Transport
Layer 3 of the OSI Model? Network
Layer 5 of the OSI Model? Session
Layer 6 of the OSI Model? Presentation
WHat standard does 802.11 define? wireless
Layer 7 of the OSI Model? Application
Layer 1 of the OSI Model? Physical
What layer does a NIC, Switch, & ARP Protocol operat at? (2) Data Link
what does the 802.2 standard define? LLC (Logical Link Control)
what does the 802.3 standard define? Etherneet
To make a hardware loopback plug what pins are crossed? 1+3 & 2+6
Bridges operate at what layer? Data Link
AARP? AppleTalk Address Resolution
Topology of 10Base2 BUS
What layer of the OSI model does packet filtering operate? Network & Transport
What maps multiple private addresses to single public IP address? NAT (Network Address Translation)
Length of 1000BASE-SX? Multimode Fiber, 550 Meters
Usual use of 1000Base-CX Copper connections within wiring closets, max length of 25 Meters
A pus-style connector that uses fiber SC Connector
number of pairs of wire in a 10Base-T 2
LMHOSTS file contains what? NetBIOS to IP Address Mapping
NIC operates at what layer of OSI Model? PHYSICAL n Data LINK
Signals are placed on a cable at what layer? Physical
SMTP or SNMP used to monitor network traffic? SNMP
Device that can translater between dissimilar network protocols? Gateway
SAP stands for? Service Advertising Protocol
To Achieve speeds of 100Mps requires what type of cableing? Cat5
WHich Layer is responsible for dividing data into frams so it can be sent across the network? Transport
Used for security authentication and encryption inside private netwrok? PPTP (Point to Point Tunneling Protocol)
FDDI use what to prevent collisions ? Token Passing
ICMP uses what port? sadsdafsdf
A SC connector is a _____ style connector. PUSH
1000Base-SX uses single or multimode fiber? multimode
NIC, Switch, Bridge operate at what layer? Data Link
Class B addresses rang from? -
NTP uses what port? 123
Telnet uses what port? 23
WINS resolves ____ to IP addresses NetBIOS
POP3 uses what port? 110
What character is used to start a comment line in a HOSTS file? #
Created by: k31th