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New JC Cons. Rights

New JC Business Studies Consumer Rights

Merchantable Quality means that goods sold to consumers must be reasonably durable and do what they are supposed to do, even if they are 'sale' items.
Fit for purpose intended means that the goods must do what they are supposed to do.
The Small Claims Procedure Provides an inexpensive & easy way for consumers to resolve disputes without the need to employ a solicitor. Service provided through the District Court Office, claims cannot exceed €2,000, heard by Judge who listens to both sides and makes a decision.
The Competition and consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) A state agency responsible for promoting fair competition and protecting the interests of consumers.
The Financial Services Ombudsman A government appointed advocate that specialises in resolving consumer complaints against banks, insurance companies, credit unions and other financial institutions.
The Consumers' Association of Ireland A private, non-profit organization set up to protect and promote the interests of consumers.
List the four stages a consumer may have to go throught to resolve a complaint about a faulty food. 1. Find the receipt 2. Contact the retailer 3. Put your complaint in writing 4. Small Claims Procedure
What does the Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland (ASAI) do? This organisation promotes fair advertising and promotion. If you object to an advertisement you can make a complaint online. It has no legal power to force businesses to change. It only expresses its disapproval.
What is a Guarantee? A promise by a manufacturer to repair or replace damaged goods free of charge within a stated period of time.
What is a warranty? Is an additional promise (usually an additional cost) by a manufacturer or seller to repair damaged goods within a stated period of time.
Sales of Goods and Supply of Services Act 1980 Sets out the conditions with which goods and services mus t comply: Goods should be; merchantable quality, fit for purpose, as described, same as sample. Suppliers of services should; have necessary skill, provide proper care, use quality parts.
The Consumer Protection Act 2007 Established the Consumer Protection Agency. Protects consumers from misleading claims about goods, services and prices. Prohibits traders from engaging in misleading practices and aggressive practices.
Why do consumer need protection? To ensure that the standards of goods and services available to the public are reasonable and acceptable.
What is redress? relief from wrong or injury - Repair, Replace, Refund
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