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programming series of commands given to computer
function set of statements that perform a task or return a value
statement instructions to be executed by a web browser
Javascript programming language to allow interactive websites
interactivity communication between user and computer program or web browser content
sequence a series of statements which are executed one by one from top to bottom
code block statements grouped together inside curly braces { }
keyword reserved by a programming language for its own use
literal fixed value
variables named memory locations for storing values
comments used to explain code
single-line comments indicated by two forward slashes //
multi-line comments indicated by starting with /* and ending with */
argument literal or variables sent to a function
documentation dictionary for programming
parameters names listed in function definition
RGB Red Green Blue - primary colors of light spectrum
assignment process of storing a value in a memory location
assignment operator =
lv (left value) storage location
rv (right value) literal, variable, or expression
declaration process of telling computer the name of a variable
syntax rules that must be followed for a program to run
conventions rules that should be followed in a program
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