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brain for bio drugs

brain for biology of drugs

CNS = brain + ______ ____ spinal cord
Cerebral cortex thinking, control, attention, organization of complex information
Which part of the diencephalons is the relay center that integrates sensory info? thalamus
Which part of the limbic system is associated with memory? hippocampus
2 parts of the basal ganglia substantia nigra and nucleus accumbens
Substantia _____ is part of the basal ganglia that uses ________ to process motor movements nigra, dopamine
The substantia nigra - _______ _________ pathway is also known as the _________ pathway nucleus accumbens, pleasure
Brain stem associated with basic body functions such as breathing, blood pressure, sleeping, waking
Significance of drugs affecting the brain stem? the brainstem is involved in vital body functions such as breathing!
T or F: most drugs overdoses affect the brain stem True
What is the fatal blood alcohol level (BAL) and why? 0.40 BAL = death by respiratory arrest (brain stem)
Cerebellum where repetitive tasks are hard wired so you don’t have to think about them
Effect of alcohol on the cerebellum impaired walking, impaired speech, etc.
Blood-brain barrier protective barrier that restricts the movement of chemicals and microorganisms from the bloodstream into the brain
Which molecules pass the blood-brain barrier more easily: lipo-phillic or lipo-phobic? Lipo-phillic
Lipo-phillic fat-loving aka non-polar aka hydro-phobic
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