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JuliusCaesarAct 1-3

What does Flavius want to pluck from Caesar's wing? feather
What adjective describes Brutus honorable
What strange storm did rome expirience fire storm
what is cassius gonna do is caesar is crowned king kill himself
how many times was caesar offered the crown 3
why does caesar want antony to touch calpurnia during the race to cure infertility
what is unusual about the cows behavior its out at noon
how many times was caesar stabbed 33
who is supposed to get caesar to the capitol decius
what kind of disease is rumored that caesar has epilepsy
who is the last person caesar speaks to before dying brutus
who is brutus's wife portia
who is caesars wife calpurnia
why are the plebians in their best clothes at the beginning of the play to welcome caesar, lupercal
according to marullus what is wrong with ceasars triumph no tribute or prisoners
how does antony reply to when caesar reminds him to touch calpurnia does it without questioning
what does ceasar say about the soothesayer hes a dreamer
what does cassius want brutus to do kill caesar
what does brutus fear most caesar becoming king
what happened to caesar in the tiber river he almost drowned
who offered caesar the crown antony
what happened after caesar refused the crown he had a seizure
what crime did flavius and marullus commit treason
what does cassius say worries him about casca he gossips
what day does the ides of march occur march 15th
what does brutus think antony will do when caesar is dead kill himself
what causes calpurnia to tell caesar not to leave home her dreams
what way out of going to the capitol does calpurnia offer caesar he was sick, she was scared
what is metullus role in the plot distact caesar, get his attention
who stabs caesar first casca
who stabs caesar last brutus
at the end of act II who is waiting 21 mile out side rome to help antony octavius
who else did they consider killing along with caesar antony
list omens from act I earthquakes, raining fire, men on fire, lion at the capitol, owls hooting midday, dead walking the streets
who is responsible for the anonymous letters to brutus cassius
why is lucius unable to recognize the men with cassius their faces are covered
why do the conspirators want cicero to join them his old age and wisdom
what do the augurers find when they examine the sacrafice it has no heart
who knows about the conspiracy and plans to warn caesar artimudoras
how much money did caesar leave each of the citizens of rome 75 drachmas
who does the mob kill in the streets cinna the poet
why does brutus think he can get cassius legarius to join the plot he owes him a favor
what realtion is cassius to brutus brother-in-law
what does brutus refuse to do after they shake hands swear an oath
what function does lucius serve in act II servant, messenger
when caesar falls in the marketplace what does casca do to keep from recieving bad air covers his mouth
what role does trebnius play in the plot get antony out of the way
Created by: a.snell