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absolute cell reference cell reference that dose not adjust too the new cell location when copied or moved
active cell a selected worksheet cell that is ready for data entry
aligment the position of data within a cell
ascending value cell reference re age or text that acts as an operand in a function formal
sutosum a function that automatically adds the values in the cells directly above or to the left of the active cell
average returns the drawer of its arguments
cell the space formed nu the intersection
cell reference a unique identifier for a cell which is form by combining the cells column letter and row number
chart/graph a graphic representation of vales and their relationships pie line column bar scattered
colmun a vertical group of cells in a worksheet identified by letters
column chart a chart that uses bars of varying height to illustrate values in a worksheet
count returns the number of cells in a range that contains numbers
descending sort order arranging text or numbers form a to z largest to smallest or latest to earliest
fill to copy a cells contents and or formatting into an adjacent cell or range
format arranging the shape size type and general makeup of a cell of group of cells
formula formula an equation that calculates a new value using currently on a worksheet
freeze keeps selected rows or columns visible on the screen as the rest of the worksheet scrolls
function a rewritten formula that makes it easy to perform common calculations
lable alphanumeric text that will not be used in calculations
line chart a chart that uses points connected by a line to illustrate values in a worksheet
max returns the largest value in a set of values
min returns the smallest value in a st of values
mixed cell references a cell reference that contains both relative and absolute references
operand a number or cell reference used in a formula
operate a syllable that indicates what mathematical operation to perform on the operand
order of operation the mathematical rules used for calculation the value of a formal
pie chart a chart that shows the relationship of a part to a whole
range selected group of cells on a worksheet identified by the cell in the upper left corner and the cell in the lower right corner separated by a colon
relative cell reference cell reference that adjust ti a new location when copied or moved
row a horizontal group of cells in a worksheet identified by numbers
sort to arrange a list of numbers in ascending or descending order
spreadsheep a grid of rows and columns contain number text and formulas used to perform calculations
sum adds all the numbers in a range of cells
balue numeric characters that can be used in a calculation
what if analysis process of changing values in cells to see how those changes affect the outcome of formulas in the worksheet
workbook a collection of related worksheets
worksheet the work space made up of columns ad rows were data is enters to crest and electronic speedsheet
Created by: kacey.buie