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Regulate Qi

TCM - Single Herbs B

Chen Pi / Citrus Reticulata "Aged Tangerine Peel" Regulates Qi (outer peel - LU/SP), Resolves phlegm (inner peel - LU + SP/ST), T= thick, greasy, Often used in tonics to aid digestion, increases potency of drugs/herbs
Zhi Shi / Citrus Aurontium "Immature Citrus fruit" Slt. Cold, Breaks the Qi --> Breaks stagnation (Stronger than Chen Pi), Directs Qi down, transforms phlegm, raises BP, raises Qi,Treats distention w/ pain, bloating, lumps, cysts, tumors, constipation w/ Da Huang
Fo Shou / Citrus Medica Best for Xu patients, softest action of all Reg. Qi, Treats LV, SP, ST = digestive distress, stress aggrevated digestive distress, pain in trunk
Da Fu Pi / Arecca Catechu "Betelnut Husk" "Boat for Bloat" ** acute and XS only, Directs qi down (constip. w/ bloating), reduces damp down, promotes urination, relieves edema
Mu Xiang / Sausserea lappa or Auklandia lappa Middle Jiao SP / ST, unblock stagnation, painful bloating, dispel damp + heat from LV + GB when paired w/ LV/ GB herbs, add to tonifying formulas to increase digestability
Xiang Fu / Cyperus Rotunda "Nutgrass" Treats LV - all LV qi issues + ST ulcers and pain, LV invading ST/ SP, Also GYN pain,menstruation, uterine fibroids, emotional=anger, anxiety, PMS, etc
Regulate Qi Herbs Treat... Are moving + dispersing, Correct Qi Reversal, Eliminate Stagnation, Promote normal flow of qi, ** usually assistant herbs
Regualte Qi Herb Signs + Symptoms Physical+ mental, subclinical, characterized by tension and pain, qi xu or yu, T=Thin, pointy, elongated, purple, red edges or orange edges, P=wiry,tight, hidden
Symptoms of LU qi xu cough, wheezing, dyspnea, SOB
Symptoms of LV qi xu + yu Hypochondriac pain, chest oppression, hernial pain, nodules + cysts, irreg. menses, painful menses, irritability, digest. worse w/ stress, breast distention, fibroids
SP / ST qi yu Fullness, distention, bloating, gas, pain, acid reflux, n+v, hiccups, irreg. bowels, poor appetite
Regualte Qi Herbs are contraindicated for Yin Xu, Blood Xu, Qi Xu
REg. Qi that treat Gastrointestinal (SP/ST/LI) *Chen Pi, Zhi Shi,*Mu Xiang
Reg. Qi that treat Respiratory (LU) Chen Pi, Fo Shou
Reg. Qi that treat GYN/ mood (LV) Xiang Fu, Fo Shou, Mu Xiang (when used w/ LV/GB herbs)
Xie Bai - Allium macrostemon. 1)Opens Yang Qi, disperse stagnation from cold phlegm. Xiong bai- painful obstruction of chest. Angina. Feeling of oppression 2) Moves Qi in lower jiao: diarrhea and dysentery with tenesmus. Burning sensation in the anus, feeling of incomplete evacuation.
Tan Xiang - Santalum album. 1)Regulates qi and harmonizes middle jiao. Abdominal pain due to cold and qi stag 2)moves stagnant qi in chest
Chen Xiang - Aquilaria agallocha. 1) For xu Ming Men fire, Warms body, dispels cold stagnation. Chest and abdominal pain. Extreme coldness of the hands and feet 2) Warms middle jiao.Relieves vomiting Warms KD helps grasp qi, Brings down qi. Helps move cold stagnation. Sexual tonic.
Chuan Lian Zi - Meila toosendan. LV qi stag. Bitter cold properties opens liver to treat hypochondriac pain,insomnia, red face and eyes,W->E,Hernial pain 2) Kills parasites and fungus
Shi Di - Diospyros kaki. Descend qi, stops hiccups. Both hot and cold patterns
Mei Gui Hua - Rosa rugosa. 1)Moves qi, relieves constraint: LV-ST disharmony with stifling sensation in chest 2)Moves qi, disperses blood: irregular menses 3)Relieves depression
Jiu Ceng Ta - Ocimum basilicum. 1)Regulate middle jiao,promote digestion, 2)Invigorate blood, dispel water. Irregular menses, postpartum blood stag 3)Opens channels and collaterals.4) Eliminates toxins, disperses wind. Toothache, eye swelling, pain
Wu Yao - Lindera strychnifolia. 1)Promotes movement of qi, relieves pain and cold accumulation. Disperses cold, for stifling sensation in chest 2)Warms the KD- frequent urination or incontinence due to KD Yang xu or deficiency cold in the BL. Soreness, coldness, and weakness
Qing Pi - Citrus reticulata. 1)Spreads LV Qi, breaks stagnant qi. Pain and distention in chest, breast, hypochondria, hernial pain.2)Dissipates clumps and reduces stagnation of food 3)Dries dampness and phlegm raies BP
Created by: bizziegold