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CDC 3S051A Vol 3 URE

CDC 3S051A Volume 3 Customer Support Functions URE Questions

How is a spouse who is unable to visit the MPE notified of a member's SBP election? By the original signed election and a letter sent by the MPE.
If a retiring member has a spouse or family member (children), the election of SBP for the former spouse Allows for coverage of children only if they resulted from the marriage to the former spouse
What is the minimum base amount of SBP coverage a member can designate for a spouse and children without Supplemental Survivor Benefit Plan (SSBP)? $300
Except in cases of short-notice retirements, members who are retiring because they have met the years of service requirement are scheduled for a SBP briefing NLT how many days before retirement. 120
What is the amount of SBP annuity paid to the surviving dependent(s) if a member who is reveiving SBP coverage dies while on active duty? 55% of retirement pay the member would have received if retired on the date of death.
Who is responsible for implementing SBP preretirement counseling? MPE and the commander's support staff.
For AF members in missing status, additional visits or later contacts to the NOK should be conducted at least once every 30 days for the first year and thereafter once every three months as long as the member remains in missing status.
What form does the CAR use when explaining benefits to the NOK and as a checklist to track and document entitlements applied for and received? AF Form 58 CAS (Transmittal)
When must the CAR make initial contact with the PNOK and other persons eligible for benefits or privelages made? PNOK: 24 hours; others, as soon as possible, but such contact is not required within the first 24 hours after being notified of a casualty.
When an ill or injured member is hospitalized overseas and the NOK resides in the CONUS, who assists the member's commander by notifying the NOK and providing medical progress reports? HQ AFPC
Because each casualty notification is different and the reaction of the NOK is unpredictable, at least two other AF members accompany the notification officer to attend to emergency needs that may arise. These individuals are medical and chaplain personnel
When, if ever, can an official death notification be made by telephone instead of being made in person by and AF representative? When the NOK calls inquiring about the member's status before official notification can be completed.
When feasible, casualty notifications are made in person by and AF representative for DUSTWUN
What action must you take within 10 days of a DUSTWUN declaration when the member's absence is not voluntary and the member is still missing? Submit a missing report.
How long does a member remain in DUSTWUN status? Normally not more than 10 days.
The actual manner and cause of death must be confirmed by a supplemental report within one duty day after receiving the death certificate, autopsy report, or accident investigation report.
Which is not generally considered conclusive evidence of death? Positively identified recovered remains.
Who is considered the PNOK when there are two NOK with equal relationships to the member? The older of the two.
What is the appropriate casualty status for an individual when a responsible commander suspects the member may be a casualty, the absence is involuntary, but does not feel sufficient evidence currently exists to make a more definitive determination? DUSTWUN
The NSI casualty status describes a person whose injury may or may not require hospitalization
What is the casualty status of a person who is not present at his or her location due to apparent involuntary reasons and whose location may or may not be known? Missing
When performing casualty assistance duties, you do not release any information to PA when the member does not want the NOK notified.
AF policy requires that all AF personnel fully support the CAP and recognize all of these goals: prompt reporting, accurate accountability, dignified and humane notifications, efficient, thorough, and compassionate assistance to the NOK; except accurate accountability
When a service member with SGLI does not designate a beneficiary and dies within 60 days after the VGLI becomes effective, the benefits are paid according to the prior SGLI designation
When completing an application for VGLI, a service member does all of the following except initialing all blocks and mailing the form ot the VA Insurance Office.
The amount of SGLI coverage a member has upon separation may be replaced by VGLI in an amount equal to or less than the amount of SGLI in effect upon separation
Which individuals are not eligible for VGLI coverage? TSGT on extended active duty in the AF
How is the SGLI form processed? File the original in the member's personnel records, give a copy to the member and a copy is used by the active or reserve components of the uniformed services.
When completing the SGLV 8286, SGLI Election and Certificate, members may specify that proceeds be paid to beneficiaries in lump sum or 36 monthly installments
By law, if a member has no surviving spouse or child, then the SGLI is payable to the member's parents in equal shares or all to the surviving parent.
What advice doo you give a member who is survived by dependents or parents and they desginate some other person or entity as beneficiary? Submit a signed memo indicating that they understand the designation is unusual and that they want the person(s) listed to receive proceeds.
A SGLV 8286, Request for Insurance, is completed and signed by the member and commander or authorized representative with all medical questions answered "no," the form is filled in the individual's UPRG
When a member is confirmed by civil authorities for more than 31 days under a sentence adjudged by a civil court, SGLI coverage is terminated on the 31st day.
If a member desires SGLI coverage in teh amount of $80,000, how do you determine the permium cost? Each $10,000 increments cost 80 cents, therefore 8*.80=$6.40
By law, all members on active duty, active duty for training or inactive duty for training and Ready Reserves are automatically insured for the maximum coverage of $250,000 until they make a valid election to reduce or decline coverage
Full-time SGLI is authorized for all members on active duty for members on active duty training under a call or order that specifies a period of 31 days or more
What is the first action you take if you forget you DEERS password? Call the DRAC for a temporary password
What option from the file menu in RAPIDS expands to include beneficiary and family options? Open a family
What is the restricton on changning your RAPIDS password as often as you desire? You can change a password only once within a 24-hour period.
What is required to sign on the RAPIDS? DEERS logon ID and password.
The RAPIDS provides a network of microcomputers linking the MPE to the DEERS database to provide on-line additions, retieval, and update of family member information to the DEERS database.
If an administrative or judicial action that authorized the MPE to destroy an ID card and reissue a temporary card is not resolved within 90 calendar days from the start of t he action, the MPE may reissue cards for an additional 90 days if necessary
According to special procedure for parole and excess leave, the MPE retrieves ID cards from the member and family member when the member's discharge is executed.
When, if ever, does the MPE destroy a DD Form 1172 and documentation? One year after the card expires
When a family member's expired ID card cannot be retrieved voluntarily by letter from the sponsor, unit commander, or MPE, the MPE reports the circumstances to the chief of security forces or military police of the military installation nearest the unauthorized family member's address.
After the VO gives the original DD Form 1172 to the applicant and distributes the remaining as necessary, they advise the applicant that the DD Form 1172 is valid for how many days? 90
HOw do you verify eligibilty for an ID for members who are retired with pay? Retirement order or DD form 214
What can you use to verify ID card eligibility if you cannot access the DEERS? A previous DD Form 1172
Customer support is responsible for verifying a member's eligibility for an ID card for determining which benefits and privelages the ID card entitles and eligible member
When couples PCS to the same or adjacent locations and reside jointly, what does the MPE include in the Remarks section on the PCS orders regardless of the assignment action reason? Assignment is to join spouse
Who should an AF member contact to change a join spouse assignment intent after selection for a join spouse assignment? MPE
What is the tour length restriction if a member without dependents joins a spouse who is serving an unaccompanied tour overseas? The member must serve the accompanied tour length.
Which statements is true if a member proceeds on a voluntary assignment from a join spouse assignment? The member cannot later join the spouse unless they are eligible under some other assignment program.
If a couple is overseas and they do not have the same overseas DEROS and they desire to be reassigned at the same time, then the one with the earliest DEROS must extend
After updating the join spouse assignment code, how does customer support dispose of the AF Form 1048? File the AF Form 1048 in the members UPRG
When an AF member marries en route to a PCS and the member and new spouse are assigned to different locations, the individuals must immediately report to the nearest AF installation and apply for a join spouse assignment.
An AF member selected for an assignment and married to a member of another US military service must complete a letter application and the individual must include a statement from the member's spouse indicating he or she wants the join spouse assingment
Members are eligible to apply for a join spouse assignment if they are on extended active duty and meet all PCS eligibility requirements
The AFBCMR acts for the Secretary of the AF and its decision is final except when it involves an appointment or promotion requiring confirmation by the Senate.
When requesting corretion to military records, who is responsible for gathering sufficient evidence of probable material error or injustice? Applicant.
Within what time frame must the individual submit a request for corrections to military records to the AFBCMR? Within 3 years after the error or injustice was discovered.
what form does an individual use to request correction to military record? DD Form 149.
The MPE transferring the UPRG must account for records transferred using AF Form 330, Records Transmittal/Request
When processing a discharge and immediate reenlistment, the customer support sectin screens the UPRG and removes which documents and forwards them to HQ AFPC with the reenlistment documents? Promotion orders (except for current grade), waiver documents from previous enlistment, and enlistment orders.
Customer support screens the UPRG, removes obsolete documents for a personnel at a GSU, places documents in an envelope, and mails them to the member in conjuction with a records review
When conducting a record review, customer support screens the UPRG and removes obsolete documents and gives them to the member
An IDRL is automatically produced on the anniversary date of the member's DAS
Who must maintain and ensure records are corrected as needed for the UPRG? UPRG custodian
Who is in charge of the record function at each MPE where the AF Form 10, UPRG is maintained? UPRG custodian.
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