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GK 24


With a synagogue still in existence at Worms, which man who lived 1040-1105, is considered the commentator, par excellence, on the Talmud, with his works still read by Jews today? Rashi
The First Crusade took place in which decade? 1090s (1095-99)
After the successful siege of Jerusalem in 1099, he became the first ruler of the Kingdom of Jerusalem - which Frankish knight, who died the following year, was one of the leaders of the First Crusade? Godfrey of Bouillon
Which Jewish poet, born in Toledo but later exiled from Spain, wrote 'Foundation of the Fear of God'? Ibrahim Ibn Ezra
Which Jewish philosopher (1138-1204) wrote the famous 'Guide for the Perplexed'? Moses Maimonides
In Arabic philosophical tradition, he is known with the honorific "the Second Master", after Aristotle, and an influence on Avicenna, which man (c.872-950) wrote works on alchemy, logic, music, philosophy and physics? Al-Farabi
In which city, whose historic centre is a UNESCO Heritage Site, were both Moses Maimonides and Seneca born? Cordoba
What was the one-word nickname of Moses Maimonides, taken from the initial letters of his full name? Rambam
According to rabbinic literature, what is the name of the possible mythical river beyond which the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel were exiled by the Assyrian king Shalmaneser V; it supposedly dries up every Shabbat? Sambation
Pope Nicholas III, who reigned 1277-80, is portrayed in Dante's Divine Comedy as the chief sinner in the third circle of Hell, for committing which alleged crime? Simony
Hector Campora was briefly President of which nation for 2 months in 1973? Argentina
From which English port did John Cabot sail on his 1497 voyage to the New World? Bristol
What nationality was the explorer Abel Tasman? Dutch
Which English king was nicknamed "The Merry Monarch"? Charles II
Which 20th century British PM's wife had the maiden name Johnston? Norma Major
Which 20th century British PM's wife had the maiden name Moulton? Audrey Callaghan
What name is given to an ornamental braided cord most often worn on uniforms, the term deriving from to the lacing used to fasten plate armour together? Aigullette
What was the real name of Mata Hari? Margaretha" MacLeod
Which famous man had 4 wives, the last being Jiang Qing, from 1939 to 1976? Mao Zedong
In which year was the Paris Commune? 1871
Which Chinese writer wrote 1918's "Diary of a Madman"? Lu Xun
In which year was the Qing Dynasty in China replaced by a republic? 1911
In Bartok's opera 'Bluebeard's Castle' which character enters the castle as Bluebeard's bride? Judith
In Cambridge, what name is given to a student who has completed the third year of the mathematical tripos with first-class honours? Wrangler
Which position was held by Frank W Dyson from 1910 to 1933? Astronomer Royal
Who wrote 1922's "Babbitt"? Sinclair Lewis
Whose first, 1922, experimental novel was "Jacob's Room"? Virginia Woolf
Who wrote "Duino Elegies" in 1922? Rainer Maria Rilke
Sharing its name with a multi-part Shakespeare play, which Pirandello play, first perfomed in 1922, involves a man who believes that he is the titular Holy Roman Emperor? Henry IV
Which man coined the term "The Acquisitive Society" in a 1921 book of that name? RH Tawney
How was Charles-Louis de Secondat better known? Montesquieu
Who said, in 1914, "The lights are going out all over Europe, we will not see them lit again in our lifetime"? Grey (UK foreign sec)
Which Russian tsar was the 'Liberator'? Alexander II
Which Dutch city was the centre of an unsuccessful attempt by British and Polish troops to secure the Rhine bridges from 17–26 September 1944? Arnhem
Sirimavo Bandaranaike, the modern world's first female head of government, took office in Ceylon in which year? 1960
Which British PM was created the 1st Earl of Orford in 1742? Robert Walpole
hat name was given to Hitler's western defensive line? Siegfried Line
Who founded the SAS, in July 1941? David Stirling
Who led the Labour Party as interim leader between John Smith's death and Tony Blair's election to the post? Margaret Beckett
Who was the last UK monarch to be unmarried during their reign? Edward VIII
What was the Conservatives' famous 1974 UK General Election slogan? Who Governs Britain?
The earliest humanoid yet, a homo heidelbergensis, found in the UK was at which West Sussex quarry? Boxgrove
Hitler's armies drove which Greek king into 1941 exile? George II
Edward Batch devised medical treatments in the 1830s mainly using what base material? Flowers
The Southampton Plot was an unsuccessful plot to overthrow which English monarch? Henry V
Who was the only US President between Eisenhower and Clinton who had not served in the Navy? Reagan
Tilbury, a town with a deep-water port, is in which English county? Essex
Which flag is used as a symbol of the Outward Bound movement? Blue Peter
Which ship famously carried Caribbean immigrants to Tilbury in 1948? Windrush
Dean Acheson was Secretary of State under which US President? Truman
Which reptiles, native to New Zealand, are noted for their photoreceptive 'third eye'? Tuatara
Who played Jon Kelly in the series NYPD Blue? David Caruso
Which American television producer and writer developed a number of television series, including Hill Street Blues, L.A. Law, Doogie Howser, M.D. and NYPD Blue? Stephen Bochco
Which American television writer and producer is best known as the creator of the Showtime comedy-drama series Weeds and the Netflix comedy-drama series Orange Is the New Black? Jenji Kohan
Who directed both "Dirty Harry" and John Wayne's final film "The Shootist"? Don Siegel
In the film, what was the surname of Clint Eastwood's character 'Dirty Harry'? Callahan
Who played the original three 'Charlie's Angels' in the TV series? Farrah Fawcett, Jaclyn Smith, Kate Jackson
Who provided Charlie's voice in 'Charlie's Angels' the original TV series? John Forsythe
What is the name of the street where Wallace and Gromit supposedly live? (62) West Wallaby Street
Dying in 2008, who won the Academy Award for Best Director for The English Patient (1996) and also directed Truly, Madly, Deeply and The Talented Mr Ripley? Anthony Minghella
Renaud Lavillenie broke the world record at the pole vault in 2014 in the hometown of Sergei Bubka - which city? Donetsk
An investigation into a tax avoidance scheme where multinationals re-routed profits to overseas bank accounts is known as the ".....Black Hole" after which Atlantic Island territory, where corporate tax is 0%? Bermuda
In the play of the same title by Machiavelli, which potentially deadly herb does Callimaco use to try and obtain his heart's desires? Mandrake
What is the name of the recently revived ethnic religion of Lithuania, building on their ancient practices before conversion to Christianity in 1387? Romuva
Emilie Louise Floge, born in 1874, is most famous for appearing in which artist's paintings? Gustav Klimt
Which type of waist length jacket developed for the U.S. Army during the later stages of WW2, featured a pleated back, adjustable waist band, fly-front buttons, bellows chest pockets, slash side pockets, and shoulder straps, and is named for a President? Eisenhower jacket
Which 17th century French mathematician devised a series of mathematical tables intended to help users avoid complicated calculations - his surname is a French word for 'scale'? Francois-Bertrand Barreme
Sergeant François Bertrand (1823/1824 – 1878), arrested and jailed for necrophilia in 1849 was known as the 'Vampire' of which Parisian area? Montparnasse
Sharing its name with a country, what type of swimming is based on the movements of a dolphin, and has strokes called Lazuri (Free Colchian), Aphkhazuri and Kizikuri? Georgian swimming
Which UNESCO World Heritage Site thermal springs are located to the north of Denizli, Turkey - their name means 'cotton castle'? Pamukkale
What denotes a wildlife park on an OS Map? Stag's head
In which country is Rosario, a river port on the river Parana? Argentina
In which district in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames are the National Archives located? Kew
Which country has a flag that is a red circle on a green background? Bangladesh
How many stars are there on New Zealand's flag? Four
How many stars are there on Australia's flag? Six
On which London thoroughfare would you find Tate Britain? Millbank
Which royal residence is named for the duke who was to become William IV? Clarence House
Which country lies due east of Hawaii? Mexico
Which multi-train rail crash occurred on 22 May 1915 near Gretna Green in Dumfriesshire, Scotland? It resulted in the deaths of over 200 people, and is the worst rail disaster in British history. Quintinshill rail disaster
The Lincolnshire town, Spalding, stands on which river? Welland
On which island would you find the 'Spanish Head', a promontory rising 100m from sea level? Isle of Man
Which island, home of the language Sercquiais, has a parliament entitled the Court of Chief Pleas? Sark
Where is the Hang Seng Stock Exchange? Hong Kong
What is the highest point in Northern Ireland? Slieve Donard
People born in which English county are nicknamed 'Moonrakers'? Wiltshire
The most easternly point in Wales borders which English county? Gloucestershire
Which London underground runs from Cockfosters to Heathrow? Piccadilly
In which English county is Rockingham Castle? Northamptonshire
Which Englishman completed the second circumnavigation of the world in September 1580? Francis Drake
Which branch of Islam ,described as ultra-conservative, is named after an eighteenth-century preacher and activist and is the official, state-sponsored form of Sunni Islam in Saudi Arabia? Wahabiism
Which branch of Islam, believed to have been founded by Ibn Nusayr during the 9th century, is centred in Syria, and follow the Twelver school of Shia Islam but with syncretistic elements? Alawite
Who succeeded Campbell-Bannerman as UK Prime Minister? Asquith
What was the fate of Henry VIII's wife, Catherine Howard? She was beheaded
Who were Fleegle, Droopy, Bingo and Snorky on TV? The Banana Splits
Which bed, in the V&A museum, measures 3.38m long and 3.26m wide (ten by eleven feet) and can 'reputedly accommodate at least four couples'? The Great Bed of Ware
Which female entrepreneur founded Ultimo bras? Michelle Mone
What name was given to the series of civil wars in France between 1648 and 1653? Fronde
In France, what was one of three seats of royal government, the others being Versailles and Fontainebleau? Château de Compiègne
Louis XVI was what relation to Louis XV? Grandson
Between which years was the Seven Years War? 1756-63
Which King of France reigned from 1715-74? Louis XV
Who was nicknamed the "Sea-green incorruptible"? Robespierre
In which year was Britain's 'Glorious Revolution'? 1688
Who wrote 1790's "Reflections On The Revolution In France"? Edmund Burke
When is Bastille Day? 14th July
Lady Bracknell and Mr Worthing appear in which play? The Importance of Being Earnest
This tree-like cactus species is native to the Sonoran Desert in Arizona, Sonora, and the Whipple Mountains and Imperial County areas of California, and its blossom is Arizona's state flower. What is it? Saguaro
Seven Of Nine was a fictional character in which TV series? Star Trek: Voyager
What is the hottest desert in North America? Sonoran Desert
What is the one-word name of the lower house of the Irish parliament? Dail
The Irish writer, editor, critic, poet, artistic painter and nationalist, George William Russell, a writer on mysticism, and a central figure in the group of devotees of theosophy, used what pseudonym? Æ (sometimes written AE or A.E.)
The Archbishop of Dublin at the time of the Norman invasion of Ireland, and patron saint of Dublin, whose heart was stolen in 2002? Laurence O'Toole
Which English painter, born in 1931, was one of the foremost exponents of Op art - her 'Movement in Squares' is one of her most famous works? Bridget Riley
Who was the court painter to Charles V of Spain? Titian
Who was the court painter to Henry VIII? Hans Holbein
In which city was the art movement known as Die Brücke founded in 1905? Dresden
1857 painting "The Gleaners", found in the Musee D'Orsay, was by which realist artist? Jean-François Millet
What was the nickname of Richard de Clare, 2nd Earl of Pembroke, who played a leading role in the Norman invasion of Ireland? Strongbow
Which musical piece was first performed on 13th April 1742 at Neal's New Musick Hall in Dublin? Handel's Messiah
The words "Battle Born" appear on the flag of which US state? Nevada
What was the predominant type of battleship in the early 20th century, named after a 1906 ship in the Navy? Dreadnought
What is the birth surname of Pope Francis I? Bergoglio
Which US state's name means 'snowy' in a major European language? Nevada
On what day is Thanksgiving celebrated? Thursday
On what day is Ascension Day celebrated? Thursday
The UK Budget is traditionally presented on which day of the week? Wednesday
In 1949, who became the first President of Israel? Chaim Weizmann
What was the fourth pottery factory of Josiah Wedgwood, now giving its name to an area of Stoke, and named after an Italian district? Etruria
Nephrite is one of two forms of which mineral? Jade
Which Murakami novel of 2011 quickly became a sensation, with its first printing selling out the day it was released, and reaching sales of one million within a month - it has three point-of-view characters, the first Aomame? 1Q84
In which human bone is the glenoid cavity? Scapula
Born in 1832, which French painter's name appeared in the official title of the first post-Impressionist exhibition, organised by Roger Fry in 1910? Manet
Nyctalopia, or night-blindness, can be caused by a deficiency of which vitamin? Vitamin A/retinol
Which adjective refers to a plant that flowers at night? Nycanthous
Which Shakespeare play includes the lines "Love looks not with the eyes but with the mind/And therefore is winged cupid painted blind"? A Midsummer Night's Dream
Named after an ancient Greek colony, what name is given to a phrase that transgresses the rules of grammar? Solecism
Which Canadian province makes around 70% of the world's maple syrup? Quebec
Amsterdam Island in the Indian Ocean is under the jurisdiction of which country? France
Which painter, born in 1266, has a memorial that reads "That man am I, by whose accomplishment/the painter's art was raised from the dead"? Giotto
The town of Schengen is close to the tri-point of which three countries? Germany, France and Luxembourg
US psychologist Gordon W Allport wrote a 1954 book on "The Nature of..."? Prejudice
Who was appointed Master of the Kings Musick in 1942, and also scored the 1948 film "Oliver Twist"? Sir Arnold Bax
Inspector Bertozzo is a character in which farce, first performed in 1970? Dario Fo's "Accidental Death of an Anarchist"
The opera "The Lighthouse" and the monodrama "Eight Songs for a Mad King" were written by which composer? Peter Maxwell Davies
Who was appointed Master of the Queen's Musick in 2014, the first woman appointed to the position? Judith Weir
Which Russian economist, born in 1892, gives his name to a business cycle of very long duration? Kondratiev
Under what pseudonym did Sylvia Plath write "The Bell Jar"? Victoria Lucas
What is the only country that is a member of both the G20 and the Arab League? Saudi Arabia
Which term in geology is given to the assumption that natural processes and laws currently operating have always operated in the same way in the past, and valid everywhere? Uniformitarianism
Which French departement in Brittany has Nantes as its prefecture? Loire-Atlantique
Associated with Chagall and Matisse, which major city is the prefecture of the Alpes-Maritimes departement? Nice
What two-word name is given to the angle enclosed by the wake of a shipping vessel? Kelvin wedge
Which element was discovered by the Curies in 1898, some months before they discovered radium? Polonium
In a sodium chloride crystal, how many sodium ions surround a chloride ion as nearest neighbour? Six
Chances Peak in the Soufriere Hills is a volcanic peak in which British Overseas Territory? Montserrat
Which Masefield poem begins "Quinquereme of Nineveh from distant Ophir/Rowing home to haven in sunny Palestine"? Cargoes
Which Masefield poem begins "Out into the street I ran uproarious/the devil dancing in me glorious...."? The Everlasting Mercy
Its name derived from Greek for 'grind the teeth', which liquorice-like resin is used in an eponymous alcoholic drink similar to ouzo? Mastic
The cities of Rouen and Le Havre are in which departement? Seine-Maritime
In January 1879, the defence of where from attacking Zulus led to the award of 11 Victoria Crosses? Rorke's Drift
'Operation Gomorrah' was the 1943 Allied bombing of which city? Hamburg
What codename was given to the 1942 Allied invasion of North Africa? Operation Torch
What was the original name of the Victoria and Albert museum, until changed in 1857 - it referred to its location? South Kensington Museum
How many sides did an old threepenny bit have? Twelve
1850's Clayton-Bulwer Treaty concerned the building of what? Panama Canal
Which international organisation was founded in 1957 with the purpose of creating a specialist market for nuclear power in Europe, developing nuclear energy and distributing it to its member states while selling the surplus to non-member states? European Atomic Energy Community (Euratom)
In which month of 1936 was the abdication of Edward VIII? December
Who was created the Earl of Beaconsfield by Queen Victoria? Disraeli
How many groats were there in a guinea? 63
Who was Richard II's father? Edward, the Black Prince (Edward of Woodstock)
Diurnal, semi-diurnal and mixed are different local manifestations of what phenomenon? Tides
What are the three party slogans used in George Orwell's "1984"? War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength
Which European country is known as Yunanistan in Turkish? Greece
J Otto Seibold and Vivian Walsh wrote the book "Olive the Other Reindeer" - what type of animal was Olive? Dog
An architect of the Art Nouveau style whose chief works include the Maison du Peuple and the Hotel Solvay in Brussels? Victor Horta
M103 is an edge-on spiral galaxy near to Beta Ursae Majoris, a 'pointer star' traditionally known by what name? Merak
Alpha Ursae Majoris, the second-brightest star in the constellation of Ursa Major, is also known by what name? Dubhe
Born in 1837, which Dutch physicist gives his name to the bond or forces caused by the interactions of electric dipole moments in atoms and molecules? Johannes van der Waals
What four-letter term describes the tides of smallest range, occurring at intermediate phases of the Moon? Neap
Rize Province is a major tea-growing area in which country? Turkey
Tea accounts for about 20 per cent of the agricultural output of which former Soviet country that produced most of the USSR's tea? Georgia
"In the Beginning: BC 4004" is the first in which series of five plays by GB Shaw? Back to Methuselah
Which GB Shaw play examines the conflict between a Salvation Army officer and her wealthy armaments manufacturer father? Major Barbara
Rupert Graves played Dominic Stone in which 2005 film? V for Vendetta
Which religious reformer wrote the hymn "A Mighty Fortress is Our God"? Martin Luther
Preceding the Victoria Cross by 2 years, which medal was instituted to recognise acts of courage shown by other ranks in the Crimean War? Distinguished Conduct Medal
What is the CGM, instituted by the Royal Navy in 1855? Conspicuous Gallantry Medal
What is the nickname of snowboarder Shaun White? Flying Tomato
Who wrote the 1973 feminist novel "Fear of Flying"? Erica Jong
Matti Nykänen is widely considered to be one of the greatest of all time in which sport? Ski Jumping
Which Ivy League institution was founded in Hanover, New Hampshire, in 1769, one of its original goals being the education of Native Americans? Dartmouth College
Which Ivy League university was founded in 1764 as the college of Rhode Island? Brown University
The provinces of Gilan and Mazandran, both reknowned for tea-growing, are in which country? Iran
Which king revived the Order of the Bath on 18th May 1725? George I
Founded in Ithaca in 1865, which is the youngest Ivy League university? Cornell
How is Schumann's Symphony Number 1 otherwise known? Spring Symphony
Mahler's "Resurrection" symphony is which number symphony? Two
Ronaldsway lies in which Shipping Forecast area, bounded by Malin to the north and Lundy to the south? Irish Sea
The Roman poet Catullus lies in which century? 1st century BCE
About 800 reels of negatives discovered in Blackburn in 1994 were the lost works of which pair of film-makers? Mitchell and Kenyon
Byssinosis is a respiratory disorder most associated with workers inhaling dust particles associated with which crop? Cotton
What two-word term was given to the disease coalworkers' pneumoconiosis because of the visible effects of coal dust on the body? Black lung
In which complex does a woman have a repressed desire to be a man? Diana complex
The ancients called which body of water Pontus Euxinus? Black Sea
A complex in psychology that relates to the impulsive desire of a man to kill his mother is named after which figure in Greek mythology? Orentes
Which complex in psychology did Alfred Adler call 'a compensation in the sense of an enhancement of the self-esteem'? Inferiority complex
Which area of sea stretches from Cape Pasley to Cape Carnot? Great Australian Bight
Which bight occupies the part of the Gulf of Guinea once called the Slave Coast? Bight of Benin
What is the modern name of the shipping forecast area formerly called Heligoland? German Bight
In which city is the triumphal arch known as the Cinquantenaire? Brussels
The Hungarian Puli and Kuvasz are types of which animals? Dog breeds
Which Belgian romantic painter and sculptor's (1806-65) first great work was "Greeks and Trojans fighting for the body of Patroclus"? He died in his studio and his remains were embalmed in accordance with Ancient Egyptian burial rites. Antoine Wiertz
In legislatures, what name is given to a semicircular, or horseshoe-shaped, debating chamber (plenary chamber), where deputies (members) sit to discuss and pass legislation, such as in the European Parliament? Hemicycle
Which ball sport belonging to the boules family, closely related to British bowls and French pétanque is played in Italy and the eastern Adriatic, and takes its name from the Italian for 'bowls'? Bocce
Built between 1866 and 1883 in the eclectic style by the celebrated architect Joseph Poelaert, and then the largest building in the world, what is the largest courthouse in the world? Palais de Justice, Brussels
What is the name of the female equivalent of the Mannequin Pis? Jeanneke Pis
Who (1929-78) popularised the songs "Madeleine", "Ne me quittes pas" and "Bruxelles"? Jacques Brel
"Landscape with the Fall of Icarus" in the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, Brussels is now seen as a copy of a lost authentic painting by who? Pieter Breughel the Elder
Counts Egmont and Hoorn were beheaded in 1568 in which city for defying Spanish rule? Brussels
Which ancient Greek philosopher, born in the current Campania province of Italy, authored the now mainly lost work 'On Nature'? Protagoras
A dodecahedron has twelve equal faces of which shape? Pentagon
With four equal triangular faces, which is the simplest of all the ordinary convex polyhedra and the only one that has fewer than 5 faces? Tetrahedron
What name is given to rule where only property owners may participate in government? Timocracy
What was the name of Aristotle's father? Nicomachus (also the name of his son)
Who was the father of Philip II of Macedon, and thus the grandfather of Alexander the Great? Amyntas
What is the chief town of the island of Euboea in Greece, the site of Aristotle's death in 322BCE? Chalcis
The word 'tragedy' derives from the Greek word for what animal's 'song', perhaps referring to its sacrifice in rituals? Goat
According to certain Ancient Greek sources and especially Aristotle, who was the first person ever to appear on stage as an actor playing a character in a play (instead of speaking as him or herself)? Thespis
At times won by Sophocles, Aeschylus and Euripides, what was the name of the large Athenian festival, the central events of which were the theatrical performances of dramatic tragedies and, from 487 BC, comedies? Dionysia
Which singer was born Egbert Nathaniel Dawkins III in 1970? Aloe Blacc
Wilson Phillips and En Vogue both had US hits in 1990 with which song title? Hold On
Which US rock n roll musician, born 1935, was nicknamed "The Killer"? Jerry Lee Lewis
Which Canadian musician was the mother of Rufus and Martha Wainwright? Kate McGarrigle
Which Scorsese film documented The Band's last concert? The Last Waltz
What was U2's debut album? Boy
Which band had 1965 hits with "For Your Love" and "Heart Full of Soul"? The Yardbirds
Which band had a 1965 UK number 1 with "Mr Tambourine Man"? The Byrds
Who formed the band N.E.R.D. with Chad Hugo and Shay Haley? Pharrell Williams
Which Canadian reggae fusion band had a 2013 UK number 1 with "Rude"? Magic!
What is the main international airport serving Madrid in Spain? Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport (Barajas Airport)
What is the world's least-densely populated territory? Greenland
Which major car manufacturer is based in Ingolstadt, Germany? Audi
In which English county is Bolsover? Derbyshire
Which city's name is claimed to mean "meeting place" in Ngunnawal, one of the Indigenous languages spoken in the district by Aboriginal people? Canberra
What was the original home of Audi before the Iron Curtain went up, and the became the centre of Trabant production? Zwickau
In which country are the railways called 'OBB'? Austria
At the beach, what colour flag denotes a clean beach? Blue
At the beach, what colour flag denotes 'no swimming'? Red
What is the official residence of the Israeli PM? Beit Aghion
Who did the New England Patriots defeat at Superbowl LI in 2017? Atlanta Falcons
From the Irish for "little ridge" what name is given to an elongated hill in the shape of an inverted spoon or half-buried egg formed by glacial ice acting on underlying unconsolidated till or ground moraine? Drumlin
Clare Island guards which bay in County Mayo? Clew Bay
Which sea loch in County Down is the largest inlet in the British Isles? Strangford Lough
Likened to railway embankments, what name is given to a long, winding ridge of stratified sand and gravel, examples of which occur in glaciated and formerly glaciated regions of Europe and North America? Esker
Which edible perennial herb in the family Polygonaceae is also called spinach dock and narrow-leaved dock? Sorrel
Which two word term describes organisms that are the first to colonize previously disrupted or damaged ecosystems, beginning a chain of ecological succession that ultimately leads to a more biodiverse steady-state ecosystem? Pioneer species
In plants, what is anemochory? Wind dispersal (of seeds)
Called wingnuts, helicopters or spinning jennies, what is the technical name for plant fruits in which a flattened wing of fibrous, papery tissue develops from the ovary wall, and the wings aid seed dispersal? Samara
Despite its name, the Spruce Goose plane was mainly made of which wood? Birch
Which Afghani land corridor separates Tajikistan from Pakistan? Wakhan Corridor
What are the main three colours on the Afghan flag - it has a white emblem in the middle too? Black, red, green
Cirencester stands on which river? Churn
Which Walter Scott poem features the lines "Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive"? Marmion
In which 19th centurybnovel does a marooned sailor famously dream of toasted cheese? Treasure Island (Ben Gunn)
To which other artist was Diego Rivera twice married? Frida Kahlo
In literature, what is the most famoys work of fictional artist Basil Hallward? Picture of Dorian Gray
In Richard II by Shakespeare, who calls England "this precious stone, set in the silver sea"? John of Gaunt
Named for a Mexican state with a capital at Culiacan Rosales, what is by some counts Mexico's largest drug cartel? Sinaloa Cartel
Who wrote "The Amber Warning" and "The Tristan Betrayal"? Robert Ludlum
In which year did Gericault paint "The Raft of the Medusa"? 1819
Who wrote the 2005 bestseller "The Lighthouse", and died aged 94 in 2014? PD James
Which US author wrote "The Heart is a Lonely Hunter"? Carson McCullers
Which Japanese author wrote "The Sailor Who Fell From Grace With The Sea" but committed seppuku in 1970 after a failed right-wing coup? Yukio Mishima
Which artist wrote "Secret Knowledge: Rediscovering the Lost Techniques of the Old Masters"? David Hockney
Desperate Dan lived in which fictional town? Cactusville
Which classic of Japanese literature was written in the early 11th century by Murasaki Shikubu? The Tale of Genji
Who sculpted "The Spirit of Liverpool Resurgent"? Jacob Epstein
What was the first novel, written in 1964, by Hubert Selby Jr - it caused much controversy because of its frank portrayals of taboo subjects, such as drug use, street violence, gang rape, homosexuality, transvestism and domestic violence? Last Exit To Brooklyn
What job does a darzi perform in Pakistan and India? Tailor
Which son of Charles X of France was at the Paris Opera in 1820 by Louis Pierre Louvel, an anti-royal Bonapartist? Charles Ferdinand, Duke of Berry (Charles, Duc de Berry)
Who was the final King of the French, reigning from 1830 to 1848 as the leader of the Orléanist party? Louis Philippe I
In which year was Prince Andrew, Duke of York, born? 1960
Prior to the Restoration of Charles II, which general led his army south from Scotland towards London, crossing the River Tweed on 2 January 1660, and was instrumental in the return of the monarchy? George Monck
Who was the mother of Mary, Queen of Scots? Mary of Guise
What name is given to the rare phenomenon where a woman conceives then conceives again between two weeks and a month later? Superfoetation
Who led the Cato Street Conspiracy? Arthur Thistlewood
In which year was the Cato Street Conspiracy? 1820
The Cato Street Conspiracy sought to murder the Cabinet and which Prime Minister of the UK? Lord Liverpool
Which infamous spy was born in Ambala, India, on 1st January 1912? Kim Philby
Reigning for 48 years from 530-579, which Sassanid king, considered one of the Empire's greatest, was also called Anushiruwan or "Immortal Soul"? Khosrow I
Which ancient Indian collection of interrelated animal fables in verse and prose, arranged within a frame story, possibly written in the 3rd century BCE, has a name meaning 'Five Devices'? Panchatantra
Which Roman Emperor's reign (284-305) stabilized the empire and marked the end of the Crisis of the Third Century; he also divided the Empire into west and east? Diocletian
Prior to Byzantium, what was the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire from 286 to 330CE? Nicomedia (modern-day Izmit)
Which Roman Emperor moved the capital of the whole Roman Empire from Rome to Byzantium? Constantine the Great
Who played Bellatrix Lestrange in the Harry Potter films? Helena Bonham Carter
Who played the villainous Mexican bandit leader Calvera in "The Magnificent Seven"? Eli Wallach
Which Star Trek movie saw the crew travel back in time to 1980s San Francisco? Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
What is the subtitle of the 1984 film "Star Trek III"? The Search For Spock
Which 2012 film was based on the novel "These Foolish Things" by Deborah Moggach? The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
Who lost the 2002 Wimbledon men's final to Lleyton Hewitt, assisted by all the seeds on his side of the draw being knocked out by the fourth round? David Nalbandian
In which years did Bjorn Borg win five consecutive Wimbledon men's singles titles? 1976 to 1980
Who defeated Jimmy Connors to win the 1975 men's singles title at Wimbledon? Arthur Ashe
Despite a boycott by 81 players, which Czech won the 1973 Wimbledon final, defeating Alex Metreveli 6–1, 9–8, 6–3 in the first final to feature a tie-break? Jan Kodeš
Which former professional tennis player from New Zealand reached the 1983 Wimbledon final as an unseeded player but lost to John McEnroe? Chris Lewis
Which American former professional tennis player reached the 1996 Wimbledon men's singles final as an unseeded player, but lost to Richard Krajicek? MaliVai Washington
Which Australian tennis player reached the finals of the 1998 US Open and the 2003 Wimbledon tournaments, losing to countryman Pat Rafter and Swiss Roger Federer respectively, and was nicknamed "The Scud"? Mark Philippoussis
The NBA Finals are the best of how many games? Seven (first to four wins)
Born in 1934 in Monroe, Louisiana, which man won 11 NBA finals with the Boston Celtics in a 13 year career, still - as of 2017 - a record? Bill Russell
In 2001, who became the first cricket bowler to take 500 Test wickets? Courtney Walsh
Which early plastic was made by reacting phenol (carbolic acid) with formalin (formaldehyde)? Bakelite
For what subject is the Fields Medal awarded? Mathematics
What age restriction is placed on winners of the Fields Medal? They must be under 40
Nevil Maskelyne and Nathaniel Bliss are both former holders of which office? Astronomer Royal
Who was the second president of MENSA, widely known for popularising the geodesic dome? Buckminster Fuller
Although technically the Chairman of the Executive Council, who is numbered the first Irish Taoiseach? WT Cosgrave
Who was Irish Taoiseach from 1997 to 2008? Bertie Ahern
Who became Irish Taoiseach in March 2011? Enda Kenny
What colour of fireworks does barium produce? Green
What two word term describes the principle that vaccinating a large percentage of individuals protects the whole population? Herd Immunity
Under what name did Nick Rhodes and Duran Duran's original singer Stephen Duffy release an album of pre Simon Le Bon material in 1992? The Devils
Philip Larkin claimed, in his poem, Annus Mirabilis, that sex had been invented in 1963, between which two events? Lady Chatterley trial and Beatles first album
Who had a number 1 in seven countries with "Pop Musik" in 1979? M
What was Spandau Ballet's first single that reached number 5 on the UK Singles Chart? To Cut A Long Story Short
Children from Islington Green school sang on which UK number 1, the first of the 1980s? Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2)
What was ABBA's eighth and final studio album, released in 1981? The Visitors
Stewart Copeland was the drummer in which band? The Police
One of the most sampled tunes in music history, most notably in hip hop music, who had a UK number 5 hit with "Good Times" in 1979? Chic
Which band comprised Michael "Wonder Mike" Wright, Henry "Big Bank Hank" Jackson, and Guy "Master Gee" O'Brien? The Sugarhill Gang
Which British rock and pop band (1976-80) featured both Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart before they left Eurythmics? The Tourists
Which Wimbledon Ladies' Champion's father was once jailed for tax irregularities? Steffi Graf
Who did Jess Willard defeat on 5th April 1915 to become World Heavyweight champion? Jack Johnson
Who won her second Wimbledon Ladies Singles title in 2014, defeating Eugenie Bouchard? Petra Kvitova
Who was the youngest ladies' Singles Champion at Wimbledon of the 20th Century? Martina Hingis
What was boxer Jack Dempsey's nickname? Manassa Mauler
In which ancient city was Herodotus born? Halicarnassus
What name is given to a formal public speech, or (in later use) written verse, delivered in high praise of a person or thing? Panegyric
In Ancient Greece, what was a symposium? Drinking party
Often regarded as having laid the foundations for Athenian democracy, who was appointed chief magistrate of Athens in 594? Solon
Which female Greek lyric poet from Lesbos was included in the list of nine lyric poets worthy of study by later Alexandrians? Sappho
What was the name of the 'supergroup' formed by Sparks and Franz Ferdinand? FFS
The NME was originally called 'Musical Express and ________ Weekly' - which instrument replaces the blank? Accordion
Who released the single "Loving The Alien" in 1985? David Bowie
"Pretty Little Angel Eyes" and "Under The Moon In Love", both hits for Showaddywaddy, were originally released in the 1960s by which US doo-wop singer? Curtis Lee
Dusty Springfield, The Bay City Rollers and The Tourists all reached number 4 in the singles chart with which song? I Only Want To Be With You
Tina Weymouth and her husband Chris Frantz were both founder members of which band? Talking Heads
From the Greek for 'seen', what term refers to an ability to vividly recall images from memory after only a few instances of exposure, with high precision for a brief time after exposure, without using a mnemonic device? Eidetic Memory
Which American musical group, named after the surname of its family members, had a UK number 4 in 1985 with "Rhythm Of The Night"? DeBarge
"My Camera Never Lies" was a UK number 1 for which band? Bucks Fizz
What was the name of the dreadful 1984 song by Paul McCartney and the Frog Chorus? We All Stand Together
The Goya painting "The Third of May 1808" was commissioned by which Spanish king? Ferdinand VII
Hokusai reportedly created the painting "Maples Leaves On A River" by dipping the feet of which animal in red paint and letting it run on the paper - the story is probably apocryphal? Chicken
Which Irish-born US artist created the 1820 "Hudson River Portfolio" William Wall
Appearing as a giant serpent, who was the ancient Egyptian deity who embodied chaos (ı͗zft in Egyptian) and was thus the opponent of light and Ma'at (order/truth)? Apep/Apophis
Which American sculptor known for her monumental, monochromatic, wooden wall pieces and outdoor sculptures, was born in present-day Ukraine in 1899, and called herself "the original recycler" owing to her extensive use of discarded objects? Louise Nevelson
The Watts Towers are the work of which Italian-American artist (1879-1965)? Simon Rodia
Which French Romanesque sculptor, whose decoration (about 1120-1135) of the Cathedral of Saint Lazare at Autun, France represents some of the most original work of the period, and is one of the first post-Classical sculptors whose name is known? Gislebertus
Who designed the Virginia State Capitol, closely modelling it on a Roman temple in Nimes? Thomas Jefferson
Who is the subject of the Mona Lisa, the wife of a silk merchant? Lisa Gherardini
Isabella d'Este (19 May 1474 – 13 February 1539), of the leading women of the Italian Renaissance as a major cultural and political figure, a patron of the arts as well as a leader of fashion, was Marchesa of which Italian town or city? Mantua
Mount Dzherzhinskaya is the highest point in which country? Belarus
Who became the first President of Belarus in 1994, staying in office for over 20 years? Alexander Lukashenko
What name is given to a type of chromatic button accordion developed in Russia in the early 20th century and named after an 11th-century bard? Bayan
What name is used in Russia for the 1941-45 conflict on the Eastern Front, and sometimes WW2 more generally? Great Patriotic War
The last major Soviet operation of World War II in Europe was an 'Offensive' on which capital city from 6 May to 11 May 1945? Prague
Which English avant-garde synthpop group formed in early 1983 had international Top 20 hits with "Kiss" and the instrumental "Peter Gunn", which won a 1986 Grammy Award? Art of Noise
Released on 8 May 1979 by record label Fiction, which band's debut album was "Three Imaginary Boys"? The Cure
Which American saxophonist, keyboard player, songwriter and singer combined jazz and punk, and was born April 20, 1953 as James Siegfried in Milwaukee, Wisconsin? James Chance
Which saxophonist was one of the major innovators of the free jazz movement of the 1960s, a term he invented with the name of his 1961 album? Ornette Coleman
A Pulitzer Prize has been presented since 1998 in which specific field of 'reporting', making it the youngest of the prizes? Explanatory
Who did Harold Wilson succeed as leader of the Labour Party? Hugh Gaitskell
Philippa of Hainault was Queen Consort to which English monarch? Edward III
What is the capital of Pakistan? Islamabad
What is the largest city, by population, in Pakistan? Karachi
In which year did both ITV and BBC begin colour broadcasts? 1969
Which record label famously rejected The Beatles in 1962? Decca
Whose 1962 book was "The Savage Mind"? Claude Levi-Strauss
Who painted 1962's "Station Approach"? LS Lowry
Famous British pools winner Viv Nicholson was a housewife from which Northern city? Castleford
In which town or city is George Formby buried? Warrington
Which river in Northern Italy has two battles named for it: an 1809 battle in the Napoleonic Wars, and the last Austro-Hungarian offensive on the Italian front in WW1? Piave (First and Second Battles of Piave River)
In which country did Austrian writer Stefan Zweig die, in 1942? Brazil
Which English television screenwriter was born Anthony Simpson in Pendlebury in 1936? Tony Warren
Who (1898-1983) played Ena Sharples in Coronation Street)? Violet Carson
Meaning 'ropewalk' which street in Hamburg is the centre of the city's nightlife and red-light district? Reeperbahn
Which 1959 British film based on the novel of the same name by John Braine was seen as the first of the British New Wave, starred Laurence Harvey, and was nominated for 6 Academy Awards? Room At The Top
Which English theatre and film director and producer won an Academy Award for "Tom Jones", directed "Look Back In Anger", "The Entertainer" and "A Taste of Honey", and died of AIDS in 1991? Tony Richardson
The first play by the British dramatist Shelagh Delaney, written when she was 19, set in Salford in North West England in the 1950s, was made into a 1961 British New Wave film? A Taste Of Honey
Which 1962 British drama film directed by John Schlesinger, based on the 1960 novel of the same name by Stan Barstow starred Alan Bates and June Ritchie as two lovers in 1960s Lancashire? A Kind Of Loving
Who played central character Colin Smith in "The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner"? Tom Courtenay
"This Sporting Life" was a 1963 film based on a 1960 book by who? David Storey
Who played Frank Machin in 1963 film "This Sporting Life"? Richard Harris
The 1921 Treaty of Riga settled which conflict? Polish-Soviet War
Which village of 26 houses and 156 inhabitants in Belarus was the site of a 22 March 1943 massacre, where the entire population of the village was murdered by the Schutzmannschaft Battalion 118? Its name is similar to that of another massacre. Khatyn
Named after a forest in Russia, which series of mass executions of Polish nationals were carried out by the NKVD ("People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs", a Soviet secret police organisation) in April and May 1940? Katyn massacre
Which Russian officer in the Red Army of the Soviet Union (1896-1974) later became Chief of General Staff, Deputy Commander-in-Chief, Minister of Defence and a member of the Politburo, but was best known for commanding at the Eastern Front? Georgy Zhukov
In which US state is Three Mile Island, site of a nuclear accident in 1978? Pennsylvania
Which town of 50,000 people in Ukraine became a ghost town after the Chernobyl disaster - the town was the nearest to the plant? Pripyat
Which radioactive element, atomic number 95 was first produced in 1944 by the group of Glenn T. Seaborg from Berkeley, California, at the Metallurgical Laboratory of the University of Chicago, a part of the Manhattan Project? Americium
Which metal is extremely reactive and pyrophoric, reacting with water even at −116 °C, but is the least electronegative element, with a value of 0.79 on the Pauling scale? Caesium
In 1549, which English monarch introduced the first protestant Book of Common Prayer? Edward VI
Who composed 1934's "Rhapsody On A Theme of Paganini"? Rachmaninov
In the Bible, how was David related to Solomon? He was his father
Who was the mother of King Solomon, according to The Bible? Bathsheba
Who had a 1982 UK number one single with "Land Of Make Believe"? Bucks Fizz
Traditionally, how many grape varieties may be used in Chateauneuf-du-Pape? Thirteen (eighteen if different colours are treated as different grapes)
Which Lloyd Webber musical tells the story of an ordinary English girl from Muswell Hill, who journeys to the USA in search of love? Her romantic misadventures begin in New York City, lead her to Hollywood, and eventually take her back to Manhattan. Tell Me On A Sunday
Which class of musical instruments have "F Holes"? Strings
A Brtish "seed cake" is traditionally made with which seeds, the plant also being known as 'Persian cumin'? Caraway
"The Wreckers" and "Bosun's Mate" were operas written by which British female composer? Ethel Smyth
Most catgut commercially available is actually made from which animal's intestines? Sheep
Which animal species, Astrochelys radiate, is found only in Madagascar, and has been known to live to 188 years old? Radiated Tortoise
How is the 3rd Battalion, Royal Regiment of Scotland better known? Black Watch
Which RAF rank is directly above squadron leader in rank? Wing commander
In which 1947 musical does the titular character emigrate to the southern United States (the fictional state of Missitucky) from Ireland with his daughter Sharon, to bury a stolen pot of gold near Fort Knox, in the mistaken belief that it will grow? Finian's Rainbow
Which army grouping comprises two or more divisions? Corps
What name is given to an animal's tail that is able to grasp eg branches? Prehensile
Which animal possesses the largest teeth in the whole animal kingdom? Elephant (tusks are teeth)
From what animal, specifically, does mohair come? Angora Goat
The members of the genus Dasypus that give birth to four monozygotic young (that is, identical quadruplets), are all species of which animal? Armadillo
Which American tap dancer and actor (1878-1949) was nicknamed "Bojangles"? Bill Robinson
Voiced by Dan Stevens, what was the name of the computer in the 1970s series "The Tomorrow People"? TIM
Which UK TV series (1990-96) was based on the US comedy "Who's The Boss"? The Upper Hand
The 2008 film "The Edge of Love" was a biopic of which poet? Dylan Thomas
Which radio comedy about a junior school was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 between March 1985 and November 1998? King Street Junior
What is the top prize awarded at the Venice Film Festival? Golden Lion
Starring in "The Red Badge of Courage" (1951) which soldier-turned-actor was one of the most decorated US soldiers of WW2, receiving every military combat award for valour available from the U.S. Army, as well as French and Belgian awards for heroism? Audie Murphy
Which 5"3 actor, married eight times, was born Joe Yule Jr. on September 23, 1920 in Brooklyn, New York? Mickey Rooney
Which English author, screenwriter and former actress, born 1943 in Liverpool, wrote "Prime Suspect", "Widows" and "Trial & Retribution"? Lynda La Plante
Which actor married Paula Abdul in 1992? Emilio Estevez
Which 1979 American romantic comedy film written, produced, and directed by Blake Edwards, and starring Dudley Moore, famously featured Ravel's "Bolero"? 10
Gillian Lynne performed what role in long-running productions "Cats" and "The Phantom Of Opera"? Choreographer
What is the first name of Michael Caine's character 'Carter' in "Get Carter"? Jack
In "Get Carter" to which city does Michael Caine's titular character travel to avenge his brother's murder? Newcastle
Which actor's last completed film was "The Misfits"? Clark Gable
Which word for a heroic archetype in European adventure literature, and for a film genre, is a compound of two words meaning "to swagger with a drawn sword" and "a small-shield gripped in the fist", dating from the 16th century? Swashbuckler
The final episode of which series, aired on February 28, 1983,got a Nielsen rating of 60.2 and 77 share and according to a New York Times article from 1983, had 125 million viewers? M*A*S*H
Who played the character Cathy Gale in "The Avengers"? Honor Blackman
What was the full name of the character played by David Hasselhoff in "Knight Rider"? Michael Knight
Who played the titular character in the 2008 film "The Hulk"? Ed Norton
Now nearly exhausted, which substance was mined in Nauru and was its main export for most of the post-war period? Phosphate
Kinmen or Quemoy officially Kinmen County, is a group of islands, governed by which country? Taiwan
How many countries does China border with, as of 2017? Fourteen
The Dambovita River runs through which capital city? Bucharest
Which British river is also called the Granta for a small portion of its length? Cam (called the Granta in Cambridge)
Which river flows through Cork? Lee
Which river does the larger of the cities called Frankfurt stand on? Main
The motto of which place is "Conquered By No Enemy"? Gibraltar
Which country will, according to its laws, lose its independence if there is no heir to its throne? Monaco
Which country's national anthem is "Por la razón o la fuerza" (For right or might)? Chile
Which river flows through Canton? Zhujiang
Which country overtook South Africa as the world's leading producer of gold in 2006, and was still by far the biggest producer as of 2016? China
As of 2017, which country is the largest producer of copper in the world, in 2015 producing nearly five times as much as the second-biggest? Chile
What is the largest city in Kazakhstan? Almaty
Hyderabad stands on which river? Indus
Lahore stands on the eastern bank of which river? Ravi
Which country has the highest number of Muslims living there, as of 2017? Indonesia
Which is the smallest country in the Western hemisphere? Grenada
Which capital city stands on the river Rimac? Lima
In which ocean is Wallis and Futuna situated? Pacific
In which US state is Kalamazoo, famed for the Glenn Miller track "(I've Got a Gal In) Kalamazoo"? Michigan
What is Kentucky's nickname? Bluegrass State
What is Iowa's nickname? Hawkeye State
What is Illinois' nickname? Land of Lincoln/Prairie State
What is Hawaii's nickname? Aloha State
What is Kansas's capital? Topeka
What is Indiana's capital? Indianapolis
What is Idaho's capital? Boise
Where is Cape Disappointment? South Georgia
Which cape is at Africa's most southerly mainland point? Cape of Good Hope
At which 1526 were the Magyars inflicted a devastating defeat at the hands of Ottomans under the command of Suleiman the Magnificent? Battle of Mohacs
Who was the last Christian ruler of Constantinople? Constantine XI
Which historic event is known to its victims as Medz Yeghern? Armenian Genocide
The Crusader States included the Kingdom of Jerusalem and which two 'Principalities'? Principality of Antioch, Principality of the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia
Unst, Yell and Mainland are islands in which group? Shetland
In which county are the coalfields of Clipstone and Thoresby? Nottinghamshire
Buchanan is a city in which African country? Liberia
In what year did Constantinople fall to the Ottomans? 1453 (29th May)
The Crusader States included the Kingdom of Jerusalem and which two 'Counties'? County of Edessa, County of Tripoli
Which Ottoman emperor conquered Constantinople and brought the Byzantine Empire to its end? Mehmet II
Who was the last British cyclist to wear the yellow jersey during the Tour de France before Chris Boardman did so in 1994? Tommy Simpson
Kriegspiel is a variant of which game? Chess
Which golfer famously fractured his sternum through sleepwalking in 1993, after tripping on a flowerpot? Sam Torrance
Which nation did Kristin Otto represent at swimming, the first woman to win six gold medals at a single Olympic Games, doing so at the 1988 Seoul Olympic games? East Germany
With his 501 run innings, whose first class record did Brian Lara overhaul in 1994 - he made 499 for Karachi in a match against Bahawalpur before being run out attempting his five hundredth run? Hanif Mohammad
In which city do the football team Real Sociedad play? San Sebastian
What name is given to the form of textile-making using knotting rather than weaving or knitting? Macramé
Which was the last year of the 20th century in which West Ham won the FA Cup? 1980
Where is the Australian Rules Football Grand Final traditionally played? Melbourne Cricket Ground
Which England cricket captain (1932-2000) was nicknamed 'kipper'? Colin Cowdrey
Which former middleweight boxing champion was nicknamed "The Paddington Express"? Terry Downes
In which year were there scheduled to be Olympics in Tokyo, only for the Olympics themselves to be cancelled? 1940
Which football team has the motto "Audere et Facere"? Tottenham Hotspur
What is a basho, in sport? A sumo wrestling tournament
In which sport can a "16 yard hit" be awarded? Hockey
The Shea Stadium was home to which baseball team from 1964 to 2008? New York Mets
Ridden by Ruby Walsh and trained by Willie Mullins, and owned by a man who once owned Blackpool Tower, which horse won the 2005 Grand National? Hedgehunter
What type of score is worth three points exactly in American Football? Field Goal
At which stadium have both Sale Sharks and Salford Red Devils played since 2012? AJ Bell Stadium
The Worrell, Weekes and Walcott (or 3Ws) Stand and the Garfield Sobers Pavilion are located at which sporting venue? (Kensington) Oval
Which political economist's most famous work, Progress and Poverty (1879), sold millions of copies worldwide, probably more than any other American book before that time? Henry George
Whose works on nonviolent resistance, such as "The Kingdom of God Is Within You", were to have a profound impact on such pivotal 20th-century figures as Mohandas Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., and James Bevel? Leo Tolstoy
Vera Brittain's daughter, born 1930, was which politician? Shirley Williams
Who was head boy of Frank Richards' fictional Greyfriars School? Harry Wharton
Goethe was nicknamed the "Sage of..." which town or city, where he died aged 82? Weimar
James Harding edited which newspaper from 2007 to 2012? The Times
Sometimes called the circum-Pacific belt, what name is commonly given to the major area in the basin of the Pacific Ocean where a large number of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur? Ring of Fire
For what was Konrad Jujau sent to jail in August 1984? Forging the Hitler Diaries
What is the famous opening line of "All's Well That Ends Well"? "In delivering my son from me, I bury a second husband"
Who painted "The Surrender of Breda" in the 17th Century? Velazquez
What nationality was Vitus Bering? Danish
Freddie Demuth (1851−1929) is believed to be which man's son by his housekeeper? Karl Marx
His name now famous via a chainstore in the UK, who was First Lord of the Admiralty (1887-91) under the Marquess of Salisbury? WH Smith
Which Russian tsar was assassinated on 13th March 1881? Alexander II
Who succeeded James Polk as US President in 1849? Zachary Taylor
In which year did Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor, die? 1986
Who was UN secretary-general from 1972 to 1981? Kurt Waldheim
Who was the Chancellor of West Germany from 1969 to 1974? Willy Brandt
Who was the mother of Edward of Woodstock, the Black Prince? Philippa of Hainault
In which year did Yuri Gagarin become the first man in space? 1961
Which 45 year old writer separated from his wife when he fell in love with 18 year old Ellen Ternan? Charles Dickens
Eugen Weidmann was the last man to suffer which fate? Public guillotining in France
A 'woman in black' leaves a single red rose every year on the grave of which actor who died in 1926? Rudolph Valentino
The first ever 'Grand Prix' was held outside which city on 26 and 27 June 1906? Le Mans
Which Ottoman admiral of the fleet's naval victories secured Ottoman dominance over the Mediterranean during the mid 16th century, from the Battle of Preveza in 1538 until the Battle of Lepanto in 1571? Hayreddin Barbarossa
Marking perhaps the high point of Ottoman power in the Mediterranean Sea, which May 1560 battle saw Ottomans under Piyale Pasha's command overwhelm a large joint Christian Alliance fleet composed chiefly of Spanish, Papal, Maltese and Neapolitan forces? Battle of Djerba
The island of Djerba is part of which modern-day country? Tunisia
Who served as the military governor of the Eastern Region of Nigeria in 1966 and the leader of the breakaway Republic of Biafra from 1967 to 1970? Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu
What was the capital of the breakaway Republic of Biafra from 1967 to 1970? Enugu
Bernard Kouchner, from 2007 until 2010, he was the French Minister of Foreign and European Affairs in the Fillon government under president Nicolas Sarkozy, founded which charity in 1971? Médecins Sans Frontières
Which Russian Soviet poet, playwright, artist, and actor was a prominent figure of the Russian Futurist movement wrote poems such as A Cloud in Trousers (1915) and Backbone Flute (1916) and the plays The Bedbug (1929) and The Bathhouse (1929)? Vladimir Mayakovsky
Which movement's manifesto was "A Slap in the Face of Public Taste" (1913)? Futurism
Which German Emperor abdicated in November 1918, and fled to exile in the Netherlands? Kaiser Wilhelm II
The Natural History and Antiquities of Selborne, or just The Natural History of Selborne is a book by which English naturalist and ornithologist (1720-93)? Gilbert White
The Emperor Fountain, once the world's highest fountain, is in the grounds of which stately home? Chatsworth House
Which plant fungal disease is caused by many different species of fungi in the order Erysiphales, with Podosphaera xanthii (a.k.a. Sphaerotheca fuliginea) being the most commonly reported cause? Powdery Mildew
Named after an English reverend (1701-61) which describes the probability of an event, based on prior knowledge of conditions that might be related to the event? Bayes' theorem
Which term, coined by the Belgian botanist Charles Morren around 1849, refers to the study of periodic plant and animal life cycle events and how these are influenced by seasonal and interannual variations in climate? Phenology
Which famous, large, colourless diamond was found near Guntur in Andhra Pradesh, India, possibly in the 13th century? Koh-i-Noor
Which famous diamond was cut from the Tavernier Blue? Hope Diamond
The name of which 9000-year old archaeological site translates as "forked mound"? Çatalhöyük
In Germanic mythology, who is the wife of Odin (or Woden)? Frig
According to the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, "Hengest & Æsc fought against Britons in the place which is called ________ and there slew 4000 men, and the Britons abandoned Kent and with great fear fled to London" - what replaces the blank? Crecganford
German for "pit house" what name is given to buildings that are partly dug into the ground, and covered by a roof, that were common in England early Anglo-Saxon times? Grubenhaus (pl: grubenhauser)
In medieval homes, what five-word term referred to a room generally situated on an upper storey, designed as the family's private living and sleeping quarters, and located above the Great Hall? Solar
What name is given to the scientific counting of tree rings to determine age? Dendrochronology
What was the purpose of the medieval room known as a 'tiring chamber'? Putting clothes on ("attiring")
In which English county is Hardwick Hall? Derbyshire
Holdenby House is a historic country house in which English county - it is traditionally pronounced 'Holmby'? Northamptonshire
George Villiers, 1st Duke of Buckingham, was reputed to be the lover of, and was certainly a favourite of, which English monarch? James I
In the Baroque era, what name was given to a usually celebratory or eulogistic dramatic cantata for two or more singers and orchestra, performed outdoors in the evening by artificial light? Serenata/serenade
Tapioca is derived from which part of the cassava plant? Roots
Which singer's first professional pop group were the 1960s band "Bluesology"? Elton John
Which English blues singer (d. 2005) enjoyed pop success in the UK where "Let the Heartaches Begin" reached No. 1 in 1967 and in Australia where his duet with Kathi McDonald "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'" reached number two in 1980? Long John Baldry
Who married German recording engineer Renate Blauel on 14 February 1984, in Darling Point, Sydney, with speculation that the marriage was a cover for his homosexuality? Elton John
A musical composition with its roots in the art of improvisation, which term was first applied to music during the 16th century, with examples including Mozart's K397 and K475 and Schubert's "Wanderer"? Fantasia
Which rank in the Anglican church, with holders usually styled The Venerable instead of the usual clerical style of The Reverend, lies directly below bishop? Archdeacon
Which titular duo of a children's television series first broadcast by BBC TV in 1957 had the theme tune "We Belong Together"? Pinky and Perky
Which band had hits with "Lost Without Your Love", "The Guitar Man" and "Everything I Own"? Bread
Fredrick Heath, a singer killed in an accident near Bury in 1966, performed under what name? Johnny Kidd
What nationality was band leader and composer James Last? German
"The First Cut Is the Deepest" was written by which singer? Cat Stevens
Pangu, a hairy giant who hatched from an egg, is part of which country's mythology? China
"Mood Indigo" and "I Got It Bad" were compositions by which jazz musician? Duke Ellington
In myth, of where was Agamemnon king? Mycenae
Who was the second wife of Jacob in the Bible? Rachel
Who was the Roman goddess of wisdom and strategic warfare? Minerva
Who was the first US President to be inaugurated by a woman? Lyndon B Johnson
Who made his directorial film debut with Easy Rider (1969)? Dennis Hopper
A flail is an agricultural tool used for what purpose? Threshing
Which English merchant and politician of the late medieval period was elected mayor of London on 13 October 1397, and financed Greyfriars library and the rebuilding of the Guildhall? Richard "Dick" Whittington
The 1900 death in a rail accident near Mississippi of which American railroader while trying to stop his train and save the lives of his passengers made who a hero; he was immortalized in a popular ballad sung by his friend Wallace Saunders? Casey Jones
In 1993, who became the first female US Attorney-General? Janet Reno
Fenians are named after the legend of which mythical hunter-warrior of Irish mythology? Fionn mac Cumhaill (Finn MacCool)
Which word entered the English language during the Irish "Land War" and derives eponymously from a captain,, the land agent of an absentee landlord, who was subject to social ostracism organized by the Irish Land League in 1880? Boycott
What was the name used by the splinter group of the Irish Republican Brotherhood who were responsible for the assassination of Lord Cavendish in Phoenix Park in 1882? (Irish National) Invincibles
Which Irish nationalist politician and one of the most powerful figures in the British House of Commons in the 1880s (1846-91) helped convert Gladstone into supporting Irish home rule? Charles Stewart Parnell
Who was the last prime minister to head his full administration from the House of Lords? Robert Gascoyne-Cecil, 3rd Marquess of Salisbury
In which year was General Gordon killed in Khartoum? 1885
What was the first name of the Scottish mountain chronicler after whom "Munros" are named? Hugh
In which town or city was John Bunyan born? Bedford
Who wrote 1977 novel "The Thorn Birds"? Colleen McCullough
Who created the character of The Saint, later played on TV by Roger Moore? Leslie Charteris
Whose first published novel was 1871's "Desperate Remedies"? Thomas Hardy
In which county is the town of Dunstable located? Bedfordshire
Which Ancient Greek dramatist was born on Salamis Island around 480 BC, and according to an almost certainly inaccurate story, lived in a cave there? Euripides
Who wrote the 'Twilight' series of novels about teens and vampires? Stephanie Meyer
What is the name of the pub or tavern mentioned in the song "Pop Goes The Weasel"? The Eagle
Dirk Pitt is a recurring fictional character in whose books? Clive Cussler
Nick Stone,an ex-military man who previously worked for the SAS, British Intelligence, and an American agency, is a recurring fictional character in whose books? Andy McNab
Who wrote the lines "Every woman adores a fascist/The boot in the face, the brute"? Sylvia Plath
Robert Smirke (1 October 1780 – 18 April 1867) was an architect perhaps best known for designing the main block and façade of which London building? British Museum
What title did Vera Brittain give to her first autobiographical volume? Testament of Youth
What was the pen name of Elizabeth Comber, born Rosalie Matilda Kuanghu Chou, the author of "A Many-Splendored Thing"? Han Suyin
What fictional name did Thomas Hardy give to Dorchester in his novels? Casterbridge
The source of some of the possibly apocryphal stories about Washington, including the tale of the cherry tree, who wrote "The Life and Memorable Acts of George Washington"? Mason Weems
Which ancient Roman author wrote "The Lives of the Caesars"? Suetonius
Which actress's daughter wrote the scathing memoir "Mommie Dearest" in 1978? Joan Crawford
About which jazz musician did Dorothy Baker write the book "Young Man With A Horn"? Bix Beiderbecke
"Salad Days" was which actor's 1988 autobiography? Douglas Fairbanks Jr.
Minnesota Fats was a multiple champion in which sport? Pool
What was the real first name of basketball player Magic Johnson? Earvin
Which US magazine for the African-American market was founded by John H. Johnson and has published continuously since the autumn of 1945? Ebony
Which golfer, the last prior to Tiger Woods achieving the same feat in 2000, won both the Open and US Open in the same year, 1982? Tom Watson
"Duel in the Sun" is the name of the 18th hole on which golf course, where Tom Watson missed a putt in 2009 to become the oldest ever Open winner? Turnberry
The 1922 FA Cup Final, the last before the opening of Wembley Stadium, was held at which ground? Stamford Bridge
In the 1922 FA Cup Final, what unique record - likely to stand forever - was set by Preston goalkeeper James Mitchell? Only player to wear spectacles in an FA Cup Final
At which modern Olympic Games did women's events first appear? 1928 Amsterdam
Which US city has held the Summer Olympic games twice? Los Angeles (1932, 1984)
Hosting the US Open 5 times, most recently in 2006, in which US state is Winged Foot Golf Club? New York
In which city is the Dome of the Rock? Jerusalem
What was was the imperial capital of the Parthian Empire and the Sasanian Empire? Ctesiphon
Which dynasty replaced the Umaayad caliphate? Abbasid
The ancient Silk Road city of Merv is in which present day country? Turkmenistan
The second of four major caliphates, which was the first non-patriarchal (ie not based on the Prophet's descendants) Ummayad
What term collectively refers to the first four caliphs after Muhammad's death? Rashidun Caliphate
In what year was the Hejira? 622AD
In Islamic tradition, what is the significance of the Kaaba (Qa'aba)? Built by Abraham and first house built for worship of Allah
In Islam, the direction facing the ka'aba from any point in the world is termed what? Kibla
In which city was the prophet Muhammad born? Mecca
Growing out of a merger between the Sun and Times, in which US city is the Sun-Times newspaper published? Chicago
Which Scottish town is home to Comhairle nan Eilean Siar (the Western Isles Council)? Stornoway (Lewis)
Who was the Democratic U.S. presidential candidate in 1928, defeated in a landslide by Herbert Hoover? Al Smith
Members of which Royal family reigned as Dukes, Electors and Kings of Bavaria from 1180 to 1918? Wittelsbach
In West Side Story, which of the two gangs is of Puerto Rican ancestry? Sharks
Who wrote the music to musical West Side Story? Leonard Bernstein
Who conceived and choreographed the musical West Side Story? Jerome Robbins
Which American baseball player, widely considered to be one of the greatest catchers in the history of the game, played for the Brooklyn Dodgers in the 1940s and 1950s but was paralysed in a car crash on January 28th 1958? Roy Campanella
In which US state is West Point Military Academy located? New York
At which university did Governor George Wallace attempt to block the passage of the first black students, Vivian Malone, nd George Hood, admitted in 1963? University of Alabama
In which area did William Zeckendorf, an inspiration to Donald Trump, make his fortune? Real Estate
From the Latin for body, what name is given to a square white linen cloth used to place the chalice on in a Catholic mass? Corporal
In Catholic services, what name is given to a small plate, usually made of silver or gold, used to hold Eucharistic bread which is to be consecrated? Paten (or diskos)
Which Christian saint is best known for the account of his using his military sword to cut his cloak in two, to give half to a beggar clad only in rags in the depth of winter? St Martin
The Bank of China Tower, Hong Kong and a glass-and-steel pyramid for the Musée du Louvre in Paris are among the best-known works of which architect? I.M. Pei
In church services, what name is given to a metal censer suspended from chains, in which incense is burned during worship services? Thurible
In 1425 which artist was employed in Lille as court painter to Philip the Good, Duke of Burgundy, until 1429, before moving to Bruges, where he lived until his death? Jan Van Eyck
Galla Placidia was mother of which 5th century Emperor, who reigned 425-455? Valentinian III
In which Italian region is the city of Ravenna located? Emilia-Romagna
What name, from Greek, is given to the Christian version of the symbolic subject of the empty throne found in the art of the ancient world, whose meaning has changed over the centuries? Hetoimasia
What is the second-largest city in New York State? Buffalo
Walbury Hill is the highest point of which English county? Berkshire
Which river flows through the city of Heidelberg? Neckar
Wilmington is the largest city by population in which US state? Delaware
Which airline is the flag carrier of the UAE? Etihad
In which British city would you find Elton Square, the Laing Art Gallery and Bessie Surtees' House? Newcastle-upon-Tyne
The RHS garden Hyde Hall is in which English county? Essex
Padstow lies on the west bank of the estuary of which river in Cornwall? River Camel
What is the capital of the Maldives? Malé
The National Trust garden Hidcote Manor is in which English county? Gloucestershire
The Abbey House Museum, Temple Newsham House and the Core (formerly the Headrow Centre) are all in which English city? Leeds
How many time zones are there in Canada? Six
Which nation's highest point is Mafadi? South Africa
Brunei is surrounded by which Malaysian state? Sarawak
What name is given to the district that comprises the eastern part of Brunei, an exclave separated from the rest of Brunei by Malaysia and Brunei Bay? Temburong
Astana is the capital of which nation? Kazakhstan
In which US state is the 'Valley of the Ten Thousand Smokes'? Alaska
Famed for nature, what is the name of the natural region located south of Arles, France, between the Mediterranean Sea and the two arms of the Rhône River delta? Camargue
The Quorn Fox Hunt is mainly based in which English county? Leicestershire
What name is given to the British Army's initial officer training centre, actually located in the town of Camberley? Sandhurst
What was the first name of 19th century cookery book author, Mrs Beeton? Isabella
What was the title of the famous book of recipes and advice for wives published in 1859 by Mrs Beeton? The Book of Household Management
How old was cookery author Mrs Beeton when she died? 28
Which famous American built the plantation, just outside Charlottesville, Virginia, of Monticello? Thomas Jefferson
Worcester pearmain and Beauty of Bath are varieties of which fruit? Apple
Sarah Churchill, Duchess of Marlborough (1660-1744) was renowned for her close friendship with which monarch? Queen Anne
According to sources, which British monarch had, by age 40, a stomach that was nearly four foot in girth? George IV
The great chef Auguste Escoffier worked at which hotel from 1890-98? Savoy, London
In which year did the Irish potato famine begin? 1845
Which compound is also called borax? Sodium borate (sodium tetraborate, or disodium tetraborate)
Used by Guglielmo Marconi during his work on radio waves, in which English county is the South Foreland lighthouse? Kent
Thomas Edison was nicknamed "The Wizard of ______ Park" - which name replaces the blank? Menlo
How many yards is a furlong in horse racing? 220 yards
Give a year in the life of agricultural pioneer Jethro Tull. 1674-1741
What was invented in 1700 by Jethro Tull that helped revolutionise farming? Seed drill
An old imperial bushel consisted of how many imperial gallons? Eight
Bruce Campbell, the second cousin of James Boswell, helped to create which breed of dairy cattle? Ayrshire
Which English architect and dramatist is perhaps best known as the designer of Blenheim Palace and Castle Howard? John Vanbrugh
The Fair Penitent (1703) and The Tragedy of Jane Shore (1714) were plays by which man, Poet laureate from 1715 until his death three years later? Nicholas Rowe
Also known as a gliding vowel, what name is given to a combination of two adjacent vowel sounds within the same syllable? Diphthong
In the Bible, what was the original name of St Peter? Simon
Who was the father of Jesus' disciples James and John? Zebedee
In which gospel does Jesus tell his disciple "Thou art Peter, and on this rock I will build my church", the basis for the papacy? Matthew
Pope 440-461, who was the first Bishop of Rome (later called Pope) to be buried in St Peter's? Leo I/Leo the Great
Traditionally called the last Roman Emperor, who ruled the Western Roman Empire from 31 October AD 475 until 4 September AD 476? Romulus Augustulus
Which Visigothic King of Hispania and Septimania's reign (587-601CE) marked a climactic shift in history, with the king's renunciation of Arianism in favour of Catholicism in 587? Reccared (Reccared I)
A significant Christian convert in 496CE, who was the first king of the Franks to unite all of the Frankish tribes under one ruler, and founded the Merovingian Dynasty? Clovis I
Some 4km from the Vatican, what is the cathedral church of Rome, Italy and therefore houses the cathedra, or ecclesiastical seat, of the Roman Pontiff (Pope)? Archbasilica of St John Lateran
Considered the first Church reformer, as he lived before Luther, Calvin, and Zwingli, which Czech priest was burned at the stake in 1415 for heresy against the doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church, including those on ecclesiology and the Eucharist? Jan Hus
Which 1414-18 Catholic council council ended the Western Schism, by deposing or accepting the resignation of the remaining papal claimants and electing Pope Martin V? Council of Constance
Which French city of around 120,000 people was, in the Middle Ages, the Merovingian capital of the Austrasia kingdom? Metz
In which year did both Augustine, later first Archbishop of Canterbury, arrive on the English coast, and Columba die on the island of Iona? 597CE
King of Kent from about 589 until his death, who was converted to Christianity by Augustine, and granted Augustine land at Canterbury to found his church and establish the still-extant archbishopric? Æthelberht/Ethelbert
The Four original "Doctors of the Church" comprised Gregory the Great, St Jerome and two others. Name either. St Ambrose, St Augustine (of Hippo)
In 882, who was the first Pope to be assassinated? John VIII
The Battle of Garigliano was fought in 915 between Christian forces and who - the Christians won? Saracens
Which dissolute yet hugely influential Roman noblewoman who was the alleged mistress of Pope Sergius III was given the unprecedented titles senatrix ("senatoress") and patricia of Rome by Pope John X. John XIII was her nephew. Marozia
What name, from 'rule by prostitutes' is given to a period in the history of the Papacy during the 10th century, beginning with the installation of Pope Sergius III in 904 and lasting for sixty years until the death of Pope John XII in 964? Pornocracy
Called the Black or the Pious, who was crowned Holy Roman Emperor by Pope Clement II in Rome (1046), seven years after the death of his father, Conrad II? Henry III
The word 'cardinal' derives from the Latin 'cardo', meaning what? Hinge
Which pianist (1925-2000) was born Trevor Stanford? Russ Conway
Which comic's (1917-92) career was described by fellow comedian Barry Cryer as "a series of comebacks"? Frankie Howerd
Who composed six "Haydn Quartets" in 1785, dedicated to the composer Joseph Haydn? Mozart
Which vegetable is the basis for 'soubise' sauce? Onion
Which type of soft sponge cake, that shares its name with a town in Bavaria, was named for Prince Albert? Coburg cake
What was the only George Harrison composed song that was recorded by Frank Sinatra? Something
Which cleric (1478-1535) was canonised in 1935? Thomas More
Who shares composing credits with Oscar Hammerstein for Broadway musical "Carmen Jones", having written most of the music? Bizet
Who was the Greek goddess of vengeance and retribution? Nemesis
What is the name of the sequel to the "Phantom of the Opera", also by Andrew Lloyd Webber Love Never Dies
Which fruit flavours Triple Sec, a variety of Curaçao liqueur? Orange
Crème de cassis, a liqueur, is made from which fruit? Blackcurrants
Which K is cotton underwear that Sikhs must wear? Kachera
Which K is a sword that Sikhs carry? Kirpan
Who wrote the 1905 opera "The Merry Widow"? Franz Lehar
Who wrote the 1909 opera "The Golden Cockerel"? Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov
Jack Teagarden and Kid Ory are both associated with which musical instrument? Trombone
Pablo Casais and Paul Tortelier were both associated with which musical instrument? Cello
What food item gave rise to the expression "humble pie"? Umbles - deer entrails
Wonderful, Paper-shell and Spanish Ruby are all types of which fruit? Pomegranate
The seven pillars of wisdom are referenced in which book of the Bible? Proverbs
How is trichloromethane better known? Chloroform
What type of furniture is a "davenport"? Writing desk
Which guitarist left the Jeff Beck group in 1967, along with Rod Stewart, to join The Faces? Ronnie Wood
Which nursery rhyme featured in the first ever phonograph recording, made by Thomas Edison? Mary Had A Little Lamb
St John Ambulance trainees aged 7 to 10 are called what? Badgers
Which named train ran from London to Hereford via Oxford and Worcester from 1957 to 1965? Cathedrals Express
What is the name of the British named express passenger train operated by East Midlands Trains between Sheffield and London St Pancras; the name was first used in 1947? Master Cutler
What is the UK's largest native freshwater fish? Pike
Also called a spear-thrower, and predating bows and arrows, what Aztec word is used for a tool that uses leverage to achieve greater velocity in dart-throwing, and includes a bearing surface which allows the user to store energy during the throw? Atlatl
Which Oscar winning actor's last film was 1981's Ragtime? James Cagney
Which actress was born Minnie Higginbotham in 1928? Kathy Staff
Which actor was born Volodymyr Palahniuk in 1919? Jack Palance
Although he never divorced his wife Louise, Spencer Tracy lived with which Oscar-winning actress until his death in 1967? Katherine Hepburn
John Hannah and John Thompson played barristers in which Manchester-set TV series? New Street Law
Although lagging far behind China and India, which country has the third largest population in the world? USA
What is the world's smallest republic, with a territory of just 21 square km? Nauru
Phnom Penh lies on which major river? Mekong
Ferrara is the second largest city that which river flows through? Po (largest is Turin)
Shanghai lies on the southern estuary of which major river? Yangtze
Prague stands on which river? Vltava
Which is the only South American nation to have both Atlantic and Pacific shores? Colombia
Talleyrand famously said of which country "it has 32 religions and only one sauce"? USA
What are the three official languages of Belgium? Dutch, French, German
Korea is divided into North and South by which numbered parallel? 38th
Which country, that became independent on 6th December 1917, has around 60,000 lakes? Finland
What name is given to the Indonesian portion of the island of Borneo? Kalimantan
What is the largest city on the island of Sumatra? Medan
What is the largest city on the island of Sulawesi? Makassar
Ogaden is an area disputed between which two nations? Ethiopia and Somalia (administered by Ethiopia)
Which US state, formerly the "Land of Opportunity", now calls itself "The Natural State"? Arkansas
Which American author, educator, lawyer, diplomat, songwriter, and civil rights activist wrote "The Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man" and led the NAACP from 1920? He died in a 1938 car accident when his wife drove their car into a train. James Weldon Johnson
Named for the three sons of Comte Bégouen who discovered it in 1914, which prehistoric cave art site in Montesquieu-Avantès, France is famed for its composite "Sorcerer" image of various animals with prominent antlers? Trois-Freres
Who wrote 1942's "Evolution: The Modern Synthesis", was the first director UNESCO, and co-founded the WWF? Julian Huxley
What type of early man is named for a rock shelter in the hamlet of Les Eyzies in the commune of Les Eyzies-de-Tayac-Sireuil in southwestern France, where the first specimen was found? Cro-Magnon
The character Shigyalov features in the dystopian novel "The Possessed" by who? Dostoyevsky
"Red Cavalry" and "Odessa Tales" are works by which Russian short story author, shot by the KGB in 1940? Isaac Babel
In genetics, what is an ESS? Evolutionary Stable Strategy
Whose 1975 work "Sociobiology: The New Synthesis" aimed to show the extent to which social behaviour is governed by genes? Edward O Wilson
In which nation is Virunga National Park (Parc National des Virungas), a habitat for mountain gorillas? Democratic Republic of Congo
What is New Zealand's third largest city by population? Christchurch
Which English sculptor and poet, author of "My Beautiful Lady" was a founder member of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood? Thomas Woolner
Best known for his portrayal of Māori dignitaries, which New Zealand artist (1870-1947) spoke fluent Maori? His paintings command high prices and are valued by contemporary Maori for accurate depictions of their ancestors. Charles Goldie
The Pe'a is the popular name of the traditional male tatau (tattoo) of which nation? Samoa
Tony Fomison was a prominent artist from which country? New Zealand
The New Zealand $100 bill features which scientist? Ernest Rutherford
Often used as an informal term for the currency itself, what is depicted, along with a silver fern, on the reverse of a New Zealand $1 coin? Kiwi
Hagley Park is a very large park lying to the west of which Antipodean city? Christchurch
What is the Dacrycarpus dacrydioides or kahikatea, endemic to New Zealand? Tree
Reaching up to 3.6m in height which nine species (in six genera) of flightless birds endemic to New Zealand became extinct due to Maori overhunting in around the 14th or 15th centuries? Moa
Newgrange, Knowth and Dowth passage graves are all in which county of Ireland? Meath
The northernmost point of Northern Ireland is on which island? Rathlin
The 'Cattle Raid of Cooley' is part of which cycle, one of the four great cycles of Irish mythology, and set around or before the 1st century CE? Ulster Cycle
Possibly mythical, which figure of the late 4th/early 5th centuries, if real, was a prehistoric Irish king, the ancestor of the Uí Néill family that dominated Ireland from the 6th to the 10th century? Niall of the Nine Hostages
Who (A.D. 408–431; died c. A.D. 457/461) was the first Bishop of the Christians of Ireland, preceding Saint Patrick? Palladius
What name is given to the Early Medieval alphabet used to write the early Irish language from the 1st to the 9th centuries? Ogham
The King of Deira from 664 until 670, and then King of Northumbria from 670 until his death in 685, who led the first known English incursion into Ireland in 684CE? Ecgfrith (of Northumbria)
The easternmost point of the province of Leinster, which island off County Dublin was site of the first recorded Viking raid on Ireland in 795CE? Lambay Island
Which King of Leinster in Ireland solicited help from King Henry II of England to regain his throne in 1167? His daughter Aoife married Richard de Clare "strongbow". Diarmait Mac Murchada (Dermot MacMorrow)
Which English King was the first Lord of Ireland and thus the first to rule the island directly when he was eventually crowned King of England? John
Which tissue in a tree provides partially undifferentiated cells for plant growth on both its inside and outside? Cambium
The basic function of which plant transport tissue, woody in trees, is to transport water from roots to shoots and leaves? Xylem
In trees the innermost bark layer, which living tissue in vascular plants transports the soluble organic compounds made during photosynthesis (known as photosynthate), in particular the sugar sucrose, to parts of the plant where needed? Phloem
What name is given to a leaf with several different colours in it? Variegated
In botany, what name is given to a pore, found in the epidermis of leaves, stems, and other organs, that facilitates gas exchange? Stoma
What is the botanical name for the stalk of a leaf, attaching the blade to the stem? Petiole
What name is given to the shedding of various parts of an organism, such as a plant dropping a leaf, or an animal losing its tail to escape a predator? Abscission
Which group of seed-producing plants that includes conifers and gingko biloba, has a name that means "naked seed"? Gymnosperm
With a name meaning "seed casing" or "enclosed seed", which group of plants includes all flowering plants? Angiosperm
How is the Maidenhair tree better known? Gingko biloba
Which catchphrase is associated with Arnold Schwarzenegger's title character from the 1991 science fiction thriller film "Terminator 2: Judgment Day", and first featured in that film in an exchange with John Connor? Hasta la vista, baby
Port Louis is the capital of which nation? Mauritius
Which is the largest of the Mascarene Islands? Reunion (the others are Mauritius and Rodrigues)
Nadsat, used in Anthony Burgess's "A Clockwork Orange" is an artificial language based on which real-life language? Russian
Which cartoon character takes his name from a nonsense lyric in Frank Sinatra's "Strangers in the Night"? Scooby-Doo
The Ides of March corresponds to what date in our calendar? March 15th
How old was Eva Peron when she died? 33
According to Islam, what is the name of the daughter of an Egyptian king who, after being gifted to the patriarch and prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) as a bride, become the mother of Ishmael? Hagar
In which city was US Presidential candidate Robert F Kennedy shot and fatally wounded on June 5th 1968? Los Angeles
In June 2017, Travis Kalanick, the founder and CEO of which company stood down amid pressure from investors over allegations of sexual harassment, gender discrimination and corporate misconduct within his company? Uber
Which American singer-songwriter is best known for her 1975 single "Lovin' You", which reached Number 2 in the UK? Minnie Riperton
Which figure in history after the feast celebrating his marriage to the German princess Ildico? Attila the Hun
The Great Wall (also called Coma Wall), one of the largest known superstructures in the observable universe, is an example of which massive, thread-like formations, with a typical length of 50 to 80 megaparsecs h−1? Galaxy filaments
Which massive supervolcanic eruption estimated at VEI 8 that occurred 69,000 to 77,000 years ago apparently killed most humans alive at the time? Toba
The oldest and best known of the circular enclosures associated with the Central European Neolithic and possibly one of the oldest Solar observatories in the world, which Neolithic structure in Saxony-Anhalt opened for visits in 2005? Goseck Circle
Discovered in 1999 and termed "one of the most important archaeological finds of the twentieth century" which bronze item found in Saxony-Anhalt is the world's earliest depiction of the cosmos? Nebra sun disc
First made in 13th century Italy, and later in Spain and Portugal, with later 15th and 16th century charts noted for their accuracy what name is given to navigational maps based on compass directions and estimated distances observed by the pilots at sea? Portolan charts
Which nation won the men's Olympic ice hockey in 1994 and 2006, and the World Championships in 1998, 2006, 2013 and 2017? Sweden
Playing for Yorkshire either side of his spell there, which county did Darren Gough represent at county cricket level from 2004 to 2006? Essex
In which year did Roger Bannister run the first sub four minute mile? 1954
Who trained the famous horse Red Rum? Ginger McCain
Whose record of 133 Test Cricket appearances for England did Alastair Cook overhaul in 2016? Alec Stewart
What does 'WD' signify on a netball bib? Wing Defence
Which former rugby union hooker, born 1962 in Birmingham, was nicknamed 'pitbull'? Brian Moore
Doggett's Coat and Badge is a prestigious prize awarded in which sport? Rowing
Edgbaston cricket ground is in which British city? Birmingham
Who was British National Hunt champion jockey every year from 1986 to 1992? Peter Scudamore
Who won the men's Olympic gold in the 1500m event in 1980 and 1984? Sebastian Coe
Who was British National Hunt champion jockey in 2015-6 and 2016-7, following Tony McCoy's retirement? Richard Johnson
If a jockey is called 'Mr' on a horse racing entry card, what does that traditionally signify? They are Amateur
All modern Thoroughbred horses can trace their pedigrees to how many stallions originally imported into England in the 17th century and 18th century (and to a larger number of foundation mares of mostly English breeding)? Three
Which sport's name can be translated as "The way of trampling by hand" or "The art of hand and foot fighting"? Taekwondo
For which major sporting prize is the Wanamaker Trophy awarded? US PGA Championship (golf)
Who became the most capped player in the history of the France national football team with 142 appearances between 1994 and 2008? Lilian Thuram
How many Grand Slam singles titles were won by tennis player Virginia Wade? Three (Aus Open 1972; US Open 1968; Wimbledon 1977)
In pool, what does the term 'scratch' mean? Pocketing the cue ball
What was decathlete Daley Thompson's real first name? Francis
At which bridge over the Thames does the University Boat Race traditionally start? Putney
Which cricket cup ran from 1972 to 2002, was won a record four times by Lancashire, and was superseded by the Twenty20 Cup? Benson & Hedges Cup
Who was the first (and as of 2017 only) winner of the Ladies' singles Championship at Wimbledon, doing so in 1994? Conchita Martinez
Which major bank was founded when the two founders of American Express formed it to provide express and banking services to California in 1852? Wells Fargo
Which global company, one of the largest networking companies in the world, was founded in December 1984 by Leonard Bosack, who was in charge of the Stanford University computer science department's computers, and his wife Sandy Lerner? Cisco (Systems)
Jack Ma, in 2017 the richest person in Asia, founded which internet site and, later, conglomerate group in 1999? Alibaba.com
In Manet's painting "A Bar At The Folies-Bergere", which brand and early logo appears on a bottle at the bottom-right of the painting? Bass beer
What is manufactured by the British company Drumond Park? Board games
Which Canadian-based not-for-profit, pro-environment organization founded in 1989 by Kalle Lasn and Bill Schmalz in Vancouver has launched numerous international campaigns, including Buy Nothing Day, TV Turnoff Week and Occupy Wall Street? Adbusters
Whose 1977 novel The Serial: A Year in the Life of Marin County satirized the trendy lifestyles of the affluent residents of Marin County, California, just north of San Francisco? Cyra McFadden
Less Than Zero is the 1985 debut novel of which writer, released while he was 21 and still a student at Bennington College? Bret Easton Ellis
Which artist's works include, in 2014, a genuine Han dynasty vase with the Coca-Cola logo brushed on in red acrylic paint? Ai Wei Wei
What name is given to Google's online search engine that charts frequencies of any set of comma-delimited search strings - it can search for a single word or a phrase, including misspellings or gibberish? Ngram viewer
The TV show Grey's Anatomy is set in which US city? Seattle
Miga, Quatchi and Sumi were the mascots of which city's Winter Olympics? Vancouver
Who shared the 1909 Nobel Prize for Physics with Guglielmo Marconi for his role in developing wireless telegraph? Karl Ferdinand Braun
First awarded in 1976, what is the national film award of France? César Award
Named after a place in New Hampshire, what name was given to the system of monetary management that established the US dollar as the global currency in the mid 20th-century? Bretton Woods System
Named because his father idolised Vladimir Lenin, Lenin Voltaire Moreno Garces became president of which country in May 2017? Ecuador
The watch manufacturer Montblanc originated in which country? Germany
Chris Cornell was lead singer of which band from 1984 to his death in 2017? Soundgarden
Which Norwegian marathon runner, the first woman to run a marathon in under two and a half hours, won nine New York marathons between 1978 and 1988? Grete Waltz
At 2,850m, what is the highest official capital city in the world? Quito
On the London underground, what is the colour of the Metropolitan Line? Purple
Which amendment of the US constitution repealed prohibition in 1933? 21st
Who wrote the opera's A Village Romeo and Juliet and The Magic Fountain? Frederick Delius
If you ordered a side dish of Kumbhi in an Indian restaurant what would you be eating? Mushrooms
What aid to farmers did William Merchland invent in 1889? Milking machine
Roman legions were divided into 10 units called what? Cohorts
Which of Henry VIII's wives outlived the rest? Anne of Cleves
What was the fate of Henry VIII's third wife Jane Seymour? Died after childbirth
To which brother of Henry VIII was Catherine of Aragon initially betrothed, before he died? Arthur
The English speaking part of Pembrokeshire beyond the Landsker Line goes by what name? Little England beyond Wales
Which pretender to Henry VII's throne was assisted by John de la Pole, Earl of Lincoln, but was later pardoned and allowed to work in the King's kitchens? Lambert Simnel
Which pretender to Henry VII's throne pretended to be Richard, Duke of York? Perkin Warbeck
From which son of Edward III was Henry VII of England ultimately descended? John of Gaunt
The eruption of which volcano possibly caused a disastrous summer in 1816? Mount Tambora
Between which years did Elizabeth I reign? 1558-1603
Who wrote the play 'The Sunshine Boys'? Neil Simon
How many theses did Martin Luther famously nail to the door of the All Saints' Church in Wittenberg, Saxony? 95
With how many 'Articles of Religion' in a 1571 document did Elizabeth I establish Anglicanism? 39
Which cartographer (c.1540 – c.1610) produced the first county maps of England and Wales? Christopher Saxton
Which town's violent 1370 sacking (although recently disputed) tarnished Edward the Black Prince's image? Limoges
In Greek myth, which goddess, in the form of a dove, laid the primal egg? Eurynome
In Greek myth, which race were the first offspring of Gaia and Uranus? Cyclops
Ourea were the ancient primordial Greek personifications of what natural feature? Mountains
In Greek myth, which Titaness did Zeus meet that gave him the potion that caused Cronos to vomit up his siblings? Metis
In Greek myth, which five Gods did Cronos vomit up when Zeus gave him a potion? Poseidon, Hades, Hera, Hestia, Demeter
Which Greek God's magical helmet made the wearer invisible? Hades
What does 'MS' in a ship's name stand for? Motor ship
Ciconiidae is the name for which family of birds? Storks
Which ship, of 154,407 gross tonnes, was launched by Royal Caribbean International in April 2006, making it the then largest passenger ship ever built? Freedom Of The Seas
Which blood group is a universal recipient? AB
Jacques Clement assassinated which French king? Henry III
Which Pope was canonised at the same time as John Paul II? John XXIII
Give a year in the life of Paolo Veronese, born Paolo Caliari. 1528-88
Which French uprising occurred from 1648-53? The Fronde
Who was US President on 1st January 1900? William McKinley
Who was the only British PM to date whose first language was not English? David Lloyd George
Which war did the Treaty of Utrecht bring to a close? War of the Spanish Succession
In which war was the 'Great Locomotive Chase'? US civil war
Which number Shostakovich symphony is the 'Leningrad'? Seventh
Kahlua, the liqueur, originated in which country? Mexico
Involving looking for low-frequency transmitters in usually woody terrain, which sport is ARDF short for? Amateur radio direction finding
Prevalent in Oxfordshire especially, in which traditional game do players throw sticks or battens at a model of an old woman's head? Aunt Sally
Which Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics, and music is known for its quick and complex maneouvres, predominantly using power, speed, and leverage across a wide variety of kicks, spins and techniques? Capoeira
With comparisons made to pole dancing, in which traditional Indian sport does a gymnast perform aerial yoga postures and wrestling grips in concert with a vertical stationary or hanging wooden pole? Mallakhamba
In which variant of croquet does one, unsurprisingly given the name, kick the ball through hoops? Toequet
What is the official sport of Eton school? Eton field game
The origins of which sport or event apparently lie in the failed rescue attempts to save Qu Yuan, who committed suicide by drowning in 278CE? Dragon Boat Racing
Which 2004 sports comedy film was subtitled "A True Underdog Story"? Dodgeball
Schwingen is a form of wrestling native to which country? Switzerland
Which American variant of croquet played on a hard, smooth surface in the shape of an octagon, was an Olympic sport in the 1904 Summer Games, replacing croquet from the previous games? Roque
Who is the famous mother of actress Rachael Stirling? Diana Rigg
In which 1999 children's book does the character Marigold Wistward appear? The Illustrated Mum (Jacqueline Wilson)
In which alphabet would you find letters called shin, dhal and jim? Arabic
In which country did the 1798 battle of Vinegar Hill take place? Ireland
On the day John F Kennedy was shot, (22 November 1963) two famous British authors died - name both? CS Lewis, Aldous Huxley
Aston Merrygold was a member of which boy band? JLS
The city of Lewiston is the furthest inland seaport on the west coast of America. In which state is it located? Idaho
In which war did the 1777 battle of Brandywine take place? US War of Independence
Which fortified wine can be 'fino' or 'Oloroso'? Sherry
Who wrote 1955 folk song 'Where Have All The Flowers Gone'? Pete Seeger
Discovered by Robert Broom and John T. Robinson on April 18, 1947, what is the popular nickname for the most complete skull of an Australopithecus Africanus ever found in South Africa? Mrs Ples
The Second Boer War occurred between which two years? 1899-1902
Meaning 'place of gold', which province, containing Johannesburg and Pretoria, was formed from part of the old Transvaal Province after South Africa's first all-race elections on 27 April 1994? Gauteng
In which city did Mahatma Gandhi work as a lawyer in from 1903 to 1914? Johannesburg
Which English architect is remembered as the dominant force in South African architecture for two decades, and a major designer of some of New Delhi's most notable government structures? The Union Buildings in Pretoria and Delhi's Parliament are his. Herbert Baker
What is the Afrikaans and Dutch word (also used in South African English) for an enclosure for cattle or other livestock, located within an African settlement or village roughly circular in form? Kraal
The 2003 Cricket World Cup final was held at which stadium in Johannesburg? Wanderers Stadium
Which quarterback led the Giants to victory in Super Bowls XLII and XLVI, defeating the New England Patriots in both games, and named Most Valuable Player in each Super Bowl? Eli Manning
In which country is the Cullinan Diamond mine, where several of the biggest ever diamonds have been found? South Africa
Who was the Prime Minister of South Africa from 1919 to 1924 and again from 1939 to 1948? Jan Smuts
What type of bird is the kererū (Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae) is a bird endemic to New Zealand? Pigeon
Bob's Peak rises directly behind which town in New Zealand, nicknamed "Screamstown", as it is the adventure capital of the country? Queenstown
The largest town in North Otago, in the South Island of New Zealand, and the main town in the Waitaki District, which place is known as "The Whitestone City"? Oamaru
"Faces In The Water" and "Owls Do Cry" were works by which New Zealand author, born Nene Janet Paterson Clutha? Janet Frame
Which English scholar, clergy, poet and teacher from York, Northumbria became a leading scholar and teacher at the Carolingian court, where he remained a figure in the 780s and '90s and was made Abbot of Tours in 796? Alcuin of York
Complete the title of Mark Twain's novel: "A Connecticut Yankee In..."? King Arthur's Court
Who wrote "Corridors of Power", the ninth novel in a series? CP Snow (Strangers and Brothers)
Which character leaves Edmond Dantes a fortune by giving him the location of hidden treasure in "The Count of Monte Cristo"? Abbe Faria
Who wrote "The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady", posthumously published in 1977? Edith Holden
Who wrote "The Coral Island" (1858)? RM Ballantyne
Porfiry Petrovich is a character in which 1866 novel? Crime and Punishment
Who wrote "Cranford" in 1853? Elizabeth Gaskell
Who wrote "Cry The Beloved Country"in 1948? Alan Paton
How is 26-year-old former high school basketball player Harry Angstrom better known in a novel series? Rabbit
Antipholus of Ephesus and Antipholus of Syracuse, twin brothers, appear in which Shakespeare play? The Comedy of Errors
Topsy, a young slave girl from which the phrase "growed like Topsy", appears in which 1852 novel? Uncle Tom's Cabin
Miss Trunchbull appears in which Roald Dahl novel? Matilda
In Aesop's fables, who removed a thorn from a lion's paw? Androcles
Which character in all of Shakespeare's plays has the most lines? Hamlet
Which character in a Dickens novel is famous for asserting his faith that "something will turn up"? Mr Micawber (David Copperfield)
In which city was Monica Seles stabbed in April 1993? Hamburg
Which male tennis player Grand Slam singles champion became world number one, when he won the title at the 2003 US Open, defeating Juan Carlos Ferrero in the final? It ended up being his only Grand Slam win. Andy Roddick
At which club did footballer Dave Mackay end his career in 1971-72? Swindon Town
David Lloyd, the cricketer known as 'Bumble', played semi-professionally for which football team, his hometown club? Accrington Stanley
What is the distance between two cricket wickets? 22 Yards (1 chain)
Which UK racecourse is also called Prestbury Park? Racecourse
What does the acronym "CTO" mean in philately? Cancelled to Order
Which game was devised in 1979 by Scott Abbott and Chris Haney? Trivial Pursuit
Who, in 1969, was the last British woman to win the Wimbledon ladies' singles title before Virginia Wade? Ann Jones
Which British tennis player won the 1961 Wimbledon ladies' singles title? Angela Mortimer
Washington DC stands on which river? Potomac
Which country in Latin America has a national flag that is different on both sides? Paraguay
What has been the flag flown by British Merchant ships since 1707? Red Ensign
Which US aviator was, in 1929, the first man to fly to the South Pole - he also claimed to have reached the North Pole, but this has been disputed? Richard Byrd
In which year did Roald Amundsen become the first man to reach the South Pole? 1911
Who sailed around the southernmost tip of Africa in 1488, reaching the Indian Ocean from the Atlantic, the first European known to have done so? Bartholomeu Dias (Bartholomew Diaz)
Near Cap Blanc (which isn't the most northerly point) in which country is Ras ben Sakka, the most northerly point on the African mainland? Tunisia
On the Cap Vert peninsula of Senegal, what is the westernmost point on the continent of Africa? Pointe des Almadies
Warsaw and Krakow lie on which river? Vistula
The Paghman Gardens are a popular spot in which capital city? Kabul
Who wrote the novel 'Gone With The Wind' in 1936? Margaret Mitchell
At which battle, named for a major city and fought during the American Civil War on July 22, 1864, did Union forces commanded by William Tecumseh Sherman overwhelm and defeat Confederate forces defending the city under John Bell Hood? Battle of Atlanta
Which artist, famed for her cut-paper tableaus of old Southern American life that explore racial themes, wrote 2007's "After the Deluge" about Hurricane Katrina? Kara Walker
The novels Meridian (1976) and The Third Life of Grange Copeland (1970) are works by which novelist, more famous for a 1982 book? Alice Walker (The Color Purple)
What did the 'L' stand for in the name of Wizard of Oz author L Frank Baum? Lyman
"Memorial to 418 Palestinian Villages Destroyed, Depopulated, and Occupied by Israel in 1948" (2001) and "Where We Come From" (2001-03) are works by which Palestinian artist, born in Bethlehem in 1972? Emily Jacir
Described as the "grandmother of performance art", which Belgrade born woman rose to fame in the 1970s with performances called 'Rhythms' where she leapt into flames, or allowed the audience to inflict pain or pleasure on her as they saw fit? Marina Abramović
Which modern US artist's works include "Drawing Restraint", "The Cremaster Cycle" and "River of Fundament"? Matthew Barney
By what name is the Venezuelan electronic producer, songwriter, mixing engineer and DJ Alejandro Ghersi better known? His first three albums all received critical praise. Arca
In which city was Harry Houdini born? Budapest
To within 5 either way, how many chemical elements were known when Dmitri Mendeleev devised the periodic table? 62
Which English physicist, contributed to physics by justifying from physical laws the chemical concept of the atomic number - he was shot and killed during the Battle of Gallipoli on 10 August 1915? Henry Moseley
Chemical elements that exist in two or more different forms, in the same physical state, are known by what name, from the Greek for 'other matter'? Allotrope
Who discovered hydrogen in 1766? Henry Cavendish
The Haber-Bosch process is used to manufacture what commercially? Ammonia
What name is given to the process of water movement through a plant and its evaporation from aerial parts, such as leaves, stems and flowers? Transpiration
Which chemical elements is used in the cooling of superconducting magnets in MRI scanners? Helium
Which American human-rated expendable rocket used by NASA between 1967 and 1973, was developed to support the Apollo program for human exploration of the Moon and was later used to launch Skylab, the first American space station? Saturn V
What is the lightest metal of all, and the least dense solid element? Lithium
Successfully isolated in 1828 by Louis-Nicolas Vauquelin which element, a rare, silvery-white metal, is toxic to humans and causes inflammation of the lungs - early makers of fluorescent lamps suffered from it? Beryllium
By what name was the film star Tula Elsie Finklea is better known? Cyd Charisse
What nickname, still used in the name of a dessert, was given to the original Dutch settlers of New York? Knickerbockers
Which Briton was European Footballer of the Year in 1978? Kevin Keegan
Who is the youngest of the Bennet sisters in Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice? Lydia
Who was UK Chancellor of the Exchequer from March 1974 until May 1979? Denis Healey
How is Leslie Heseltine (born 12 October 1953) better known in the world of UK entertainment? Les Dennis
George Washington, Theodore Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln and who else appear on Mount Rushmore? Thomas Jefferson
Which brewery started producing 8.5% 'Skullsplitter' ale in 2001? Orkney
What was kept in the Ark of the Covenant? Tablets of Ten Commandments
Barsac wine comes from which country? France
Which entertainer was born Anthony Fitzgerald, 25 April 1943, in Conisborough, Yorkshire? Tony Christie
What name is given to a smaller and simpler rectangular form of the harpsichord having only one string per note? It was popular in Europe during the late Renaissance and early baroque period and is first mentioned in the 1460 "Tractatus de musica"? Virginal
How was the Fiat Ritmo (1978-88) car model rebadged for English-speaking markets - it was advertised as being "hand built by robots"? Fiat Strada
Which company used the slogan "Think Different" from 1997 to 2002? Apple
What is the usual collective term for a group of goldfinches? A charm
Which animals are known by the collective noun of an "unkindness"? Ravens
Which company manufactured the 'Rascal' minivan from 1986 to 1993? Bedford or Vauxhall (it was badged as Bedford first, then later as a Vauxhall)
In which sport did Benjamin Spock win a Gold Medal at the 1924 Paris Olympics? Rowing (men's eights)
Reigning from just 1908 until the abolition of his country's monarchy in 1910, who then lived in London until his 1932 death? Manuel II of Portugal
What name is given to a piece of furniture traditionally used to collect items such as clothing and household linen, by unmarried young women in anticipation of married life? Hope Chest (accept glory box, or dowry chest)
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