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Lewis 1st Semester

Review of 1st Semester

un chat a cat
fache angry
pousse pushes
une poubelle a trashcan
un singe a monkey
est is
en plastique plastic
un poulet chicken
un fantome a ghost
Il nage He swims
l'homme the man
Il veut He wants
Il vole He flies
Il dit He says
Il marche He walks
Il danse He dances
Il court He runs
un canard a duck
Il y a There is
tombe falls
à to
Il saute He jumps
ouvert open
oui yes
non no
merci thank you
Il pleure He cries
et and
ferme closed
Il gratte He scrathes
riche rich
un magasin a store
Je veux I want
des jouets toys
Il regarde He looks at
Bonjour Hello
une vache a cow
Au revoir goodbye
Il ecoute He listens
un parc a park
Je suis desole I'm sorry
Madame Ma'am
Monsieur (43) Sir
King Cake Eaten on January 6th, Kings' Day
16 Age French teens can get their driver's license
Asterix et Obelix a popular French cartoons
baguette a popular French bread
Ice skating rink in an unusual place on the first platform of the Eiffel Tower
un croissant a flakey French pastry
une crepe a very think pancake
Created by: faystonfrench